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Magic Tiger Show & Free Stay!!

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I am the most unbelievable nut case ever lived for freebies. Today I confirmed 2 Apartments at Genting View Resort (each apartment has 3 bedroom with twin beds, kitchen, living & balcony) and also I confirmed 18 PS1 seats worth rm150 each to watch the above Magic Tiger Show! (ok I know it's a lion and the show is called Dreamz, but I have accustomed myself to nick naming it to magic tiger show). I believe rich people have a disadvantage to enjoy freebies therefore a lot of them rejected my advances (sound like I want to sodomy them) and friends that is poor like moi (earning below rm2k) is dropping their activities/work/family birthday to join me at GENTING! why? because:

It's super peak season now in Genting and all accomodations starts from RM200 onwards! but Miu has connection to get time-sharing units and manage to book 2 apartments that can fit a kampung (possible!). Free stay don't ask for high class presidential suite ok! & it is not haunted! I've stayed there many times!

ok I've just found out from my bf that "tiger show" has another meaning & I've been goin around spreading this word like a walking billboard advertisement. For the blur & curious apparently tiger show means, girls stripping show or naked girl girl or something *u get the picture* Well thanks to XXXXXXX I am going to watch magic tiger show with 18 people! and it's FREEE FREEE FREEE! hoi.. it's PS1 seats man which means front and center view of stage! (it also cost rm150 each ticket! this is the best ticket seating! unless ur VIP lah that one don't say lah)

3. Merdeka Party
Ok what I have in mind is having a pot luck @ merdeka themed party when we reach our apartment! and then we're going to have a merdeka contest! We will paint each other's faces to the Merdeka theme and the best artist will win something! I can't say what, it's suppose to sound MYSTERIOUS & WORTH A LOT. OF COZ WE WILL TAKE PICTURES!!!

sounds like a good plan?


  1. indeed do sound like good plan. but may be i'll have to go earlier, during the weekdays :(

    have a good fun and do take loads of pix and share.


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