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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • Free Clarin's Latest Shaping Facial Lift Sample


    (you'll get a e-voucher in your email to print out n redeem)

    Shu Uemura Trial Kits for New Members

    the awesome trial kits rm35-rm50

    With every purchase of a skincare, new members are entitle to purchase a trial kit ranging from rm35-rm50. The trial kits are great! especially the rm35 ones which comes with a 50ml cleansing oil of your choice (whitening/anti-aging/etc) and a 30g uv base mousse (the latest generation!). Starting tomorrow 1st August, 2010, customers can head over to Shu Uemura boutiques (not departmental stores) to purchase a skincare product and this pwp kit. Remember only with a purchase of a skincare product, then u can purchase this kit.

    there's skincare kits too rm40-rm45
    (deepsea water or whitening)

    If I do get anything, I would get the uv base kit and the 3pc kit which is the same but has an additional face architect liquid foundation 15ml for rm50. There's only 1 shade for this face architect which the SA says is the most popular shade that suits medium fair.

    Olay Youthfulness and Stardom! Vote for Ann Nasir!


    Olay Youthfulness & Stardom Contest

    who will be the top 3?

    Vote for Ann Nasir *OLAY 02 send to 36660*!!!

    My reader Ann Nasir is one of the participants of the Olay Youthfulness and Stardom contest! I was suppose to blog about this last week but T_T totally forgot about it until I saw her Facebook update! tomorrow is the last day for voting (the commercial is in tv and at Olay's FB) and it's only 0.15cents to vote for her. Beep Boop Beep (pressing handphone buttons) OLAY 02 (send to 36660). I hope she gets into top 3! she's so pretty!!!! Ann good luck and all the best!

    F Cup Cookies from Sasa Malaysia


    F Cup Cookie?! who buys this? (guilty me)

    Anyone heard of F-Cup cookie? it's taking the world by storm! BBC & a popular taiwan talk show covered the F-Cup review (you can even find the videos in youtube). I first heard about it, well I didn't hear about it, I saw it in Sasa Malaysia while window shopping. It has been on my mind for a few months. The name itself is catchy F CUP (I know only A B C D cup, but F cup?). What's F-Cup? it's actually cookies that u take twice a day (morning & evening) with lots of water. Eating this cookie, you'll have fuller/bigger boobs! (that's what the product says) and also helps u in slimming! (serious shiat?)

    comes in 3 flavors: chocolate, soy milk and latest berry

    Well I needed to slim down a bit and if eating this cookie can up my cup size, I'm going to give it a try. I bought it from Sasa One Utama, when they put up a promotion for F Cup Cookies. Buy a box of 30pcs and you'll get a free mini box (4pcs) and a Sasa gift (it's a portable measuring tape! how convenient n gona need it too for this). Besides that with every purchase of rm80 above at Sasa One Utama you'll get double stamps! (Sasa member card). Only in Sasa One Utama (old wing) I was told.

    hot selling product in Japan, Taiwan & Singapore

    a box 30pcs RM168 from Sasa Malaysia

    Before buying, I was asking a lot of questions on how it taste like? I don't like chocolate so that's out of the question. Soy Milk? why no vanilla? and Berry? will it taste like medicine? I was really worried coz this is expensive! The SA told me she tried Berry n it tasted okay and that Berry is their latest flavor which is lower in calorie and higher in vitamin c. She added that the Berry cookie was also slightly different, crunchier than the two other flavors.

    F Cup Cookie (Berry) biscuit

    So yeah I bought Berry flavor and tried it on the spot after paying (tried my free box berry flavor). True enough, it's not overly "berry-ish" or medicine type berry. It has a berry flavor in a thick biscuit which will expand after eating with lots of water (makes u feel full). It also helped me to go "toilet" more though. Shy to say.

    Anyway, cut short, u may wonder how can a cookie promote your breasts to be fuller/bigger? also u may wonder what other benefits can u get from eating this cookie? well here's some info from the brochure that you might want to know about F Cup Cookies and the "boob" enhancing ingredient:

    Effects of F Cup Cookies:
    - Larger, Fuller, Firmer Breasts
    -Improved Circulation Healthier Menstruation Relief of Menopausal Symptoms
    -Increased Vaginal Secretion Healthier Hair and Skin
    -Reduced Stress Look Younger Yet another natural breast enhancement innovation from Japan.

    As the name implies, F-cup Cookies will help you achieve larger breasts while you relax and enjoy a tasty, low calorie cookie. Each F-cup Cook¡e contains 50mg of the herbal breast enhancer Pueraria Mirifica. Pueraria Mirifica is the same safe and effective, natural breast-enhancing ingredient found in B2UP Body Make Gum (Bust Up Gum). F-cup Cookies Breast Enhancement Cookies with Pueraria Mirifica


    The herb Pueraria Mirifica (grown and used in Thailand for over 100 years) is rich in isoflavones, providing female hormone-like effects and significant breast enhancement for 90% of all women.

    This magic herb contains chemicals called phytoestrogens - natural compounds which mimic the effects of the female sex hormone estrogen. The isoflavone content of Pueraria Mirifica is about 40 times greater than soybeans. Since isoflavone is similar in molecular structure to hormones produced in the body, it is absorbed gently.

    I'm in Love with Tresor in Love

    how's my photo? I had a Lancome makover & hair styling!

    Help! I'm lost in the city of love and I need your votes to get me back home (or I'll be permanently marrying someone there n stay in Paris and start blogging about perfumes and wine) hahahaha!!! anyway yes your resident shopaholic Miu has joined the Tresor in Love photo contest and if you would like to vote for her photo pls follow the simple 2 step guide here!

    Step 1. Like the Lancome Malaysia Fan Page

    Step 2. Like my photo here (click click)

    and you're done! let's see if I get back safely!

    FEMMECITY Here I Come!

    click on the poster for larger read

    Maybelline Hello Kitty Mascara!


    guess who's got a Hello Kitty Mascara?

    When I first saw this in Watsons, I just had to get it. I didn't even bother reading what the mascara do or will do! why?! argh look at it? We are talking about Hello Kitty here! the last time I got Hello Kitty cosmetics it costs me a bomb! seriously I think the product will just sell because of the Hello Kitty appeal! Hello Kitty fans will grab it like mad. Who can resist that sweet face and cute bow? It's only RM36.90 and if you're not a fan, the power of the volume xpress cat eyes mascara (waterproof) will also blow u away! it says HYPERCURL!
    • 5 x more volume, 75degrees curl (even without eyelash curler)
    • 18 hours curl
    • feline lash comb technology
    • instant va-va-voom volume
    • a trend setter
    Available exclusively now at all Watsons outlets nationwide, LIMITED EDITION available for a LIMITED TIME ONLY - Volum' Express Hypercurl Cat Eyes Hello Kitty is priced at RM36.90. Buy yours now to get into the Hello Kitty mania! Also don't forget to join the Maybelline NY Facebook coz there's a contest for this and you might win prizes! (don't forget share with me ahahha).

    will this Hello Kitty mascara be out of stock?
    (we have to fight of the Hello Kitty fans first!)

    Estee Lauder's Beautiful Pose Contest Winner


    many thanks to my fans & readers I won the contest

    Last month, I put myself to the ultimate test. Camwhore with greenery and win something. Sounds easy? it's actually super hard. With so many contests going on in Facebook, I decided to enter myself into the Beautiful Pose by Beautiful Earth Estee Lauder (FB) contest. Each week the highest voted photo will win prizes from Estee Lauder worth RM1k. There's 4 weeks in total. I participated in week 2, got 200 over votes from my readers & friends. I still lost but I didn't give up. I submitted a second photo (the wining photo u see above) and my readers voted me again. BUT THIS TIME I won! yes! *screams* I am week 3 winner! never give up I tell you! if u believe in something, go for it! I believe my photo had what it takes to win, so I kept entering the contest. Now I am the proud owner of the prize below which I collected last Friday from Estee Lauder Companies!

    my prize from winning the Beautiful Pose contest
    (Origins Hair Set, Bobbi Brown Palette)

    Clinique Star Favorites Limited Edition Set
    (anyone know how much is this set?)

    Estee Lauder 2009 Xmas Set "Good as Gold" RM260
    and eyeshadow & lip liner

    Brasil Dream here I come!

    It's still a dream to me. Having all these gifts, it's like Christmas now in July. I am so happy and I am admiring them everyday in my room like someone who gone mental. I guess these are the feelings from winning something that you really want and can't believe in getting. Thank you my dear readers and thank you Estee Lauder for organizing such an amazing contest.

    SaSa Malaysia Blogger's Tea Party

    Sasa Malaysia's Paint the Town Pink Tea Party
    for bloggers and fans

    We all know Sasa Malaysia right? well never in my life would I be expecting them to throw a tea party for bloggers and their facebook/twitter fans! being in facebook is so exciting now, I can't believe I missed so much fun last year! (only started this year). Anyway I do hope I get to go to their blogger's tea party session. I missed out Hada Labo's and I am so sad! well I was away in Genting too. Another reason why I'm so pulled by Sasa is the tea party's theme/name called "Paint the Town Pink!" as you all know, I love pink hehe. Check out Sasa's facebook shout out below and don't forget to join in the fun! who knows we might get invited!


    Paint the town PINK(!) at our first ever bloggers' tea session! Nope, not gonna sell you anything, and not gonna launch anything, we just wanna get to know you better! Other than our invited blogger guests, we're also opening up TEN invites to the tea party for our fans on FB and also followers on Twitter. Interested?

    Friday, August 6, 2010 at 2:30pm
    Delicious @Marc Residence, KL

    Well, if you've been blogging for at least a year and if you're interested in beauty and health, then sure, send us a message (from www.facebook.com/sasamsia) with the following info:

    Name on FB:
    Blog URL:
    Blogging since:

    Yea, that's it! Application closes 2010.07.29 (Thu) @23:59 (msia time, of course^^) We will announce the lucky winners for the TEN INVITES on friday (2010.07.30), good luck!

    Beautiful Earth Contest by Estee Lauder

    Last Friday, I went to collect my prize from Estee Lauder Companies at Mid Valley (which I won last month).Few days before I have been guessing what my prize would be (thinks). I thought it would be cosmetics from Estee Lauder (the brand itself) and in my heart I hope that it would be other brands too (so longing to try Origins). I took a deep breath and met Penny (person in charge) at their office. She gave me my prize with a smile. My heart was beating faster this time. I carry my prize out and while in the escalator, I peep into my prize bag and saw Good Skin Labs! *joy jumps*. Ever since I went to the Good Skin Labs workshop, I have been hoping in my heart that one day I would get to try them at home. True enough, a dual eye cream for day & night said hello to me.

    Oddly, I wonder why there's a Origins wooden spoon in my prize too. I have been thinking a lot about it! To find out more about Beautiful Earth by Estee Lauder click here.

    Erina's Question


    Hai Miu,

    I'm Erina. I read your blog and hope to get some advise from you. It's about the Estee Lauder Warehouse Sales. I know you went last year. So, here are my questions:

    1) What time should I start queing up? Is it really true that ppl started at 4am???
    Yes! I was there 3am last year. The timing depends on what you want to shop in this sale. Even people going after 12noon still could buy Mac Nail Polish and cosmetics. There's plenty of cosmetics around even after noon.

    2) Do they let ppl in the hall at one go?
    Oh no. They u can see blood everywhere in the hall (joking). They let people in batches as the hall cannot fit everyone at one go.

    3) Any tips on how to shop there?
    Wear comfortable & light clothes, don't wear skirts. Wear pants with zip/button pockets so u can keep your handphone n purse safely. Don't carry bags/big bags, it'll make you hard to move around n shop. Don't wear heels, you might step on someone (I kena) or suffer from pain standing so long. All this will ease your shopping experience and not make you emo on sale day.

    On what to shop, you gotta know what u want before going or end up buying everything coz everything is tempting and affordable (sales). Please check for manufacturing dates (old or new?), packaging contents (broken/spill/missing/etc). Please don't buy mascara in sales, problematic.


    Marche Member's Chocolate Workshop

    Hi Tammy,

    To all those who has just signed up for the newsletter, we would like to introduce to you, "Fresh Talk with Marche", a series of workshops designed with the sole purpose to educate our guests on selected topics (either food or non-food). It will be hosted by Marche @ The Curve with special assistance from our panel of suppliers.

    These workshops will be opened to Marche Card members only.

    Our first "Fresh Talk" workshop of the year - Wine Talk and then follow by Cheese Talk were very successful, earning rave reviews particularly on the product tasting sessions. We are pleased to announce that our 3rd Fresh Talk series - CHOCOLATE TALK will take place on 1st August 2010.

    The workshop will be conducted by Chef Steven A/L R. Selvamuthu, Pastry Chef / Product Trainer from Pastry Pro. He had attended advance chocolate making courses in Switzerland and Italy; and with 25 years experience in patisserie product, he will share with us on:

    1. The effects of chocolate on our overall health
    2. How the best chocolate is being made
    3. Show us how to differentiate the different types of chocolate
    4. Premium chocolate versus normal chocolate
    4. How to use chocolate in our food and beverages
    5. Product tasting session

    CHOCOLATE TALK is FREE to attend. The only limitation is that we can only accept 40 members and their guests. Due to availability of seats, each Marche Card member is only allow to bring a guest to the workshop. So, please RSVP with us as soon as you can. Call us now at 03-77278461.

    CHOCOLATE TALK is scheduled to start at 3pm SHARP on 1st August 2010(Sunday) at Marche Curve (Brasserie seating).

    Don't miss it!

    RSVP now at 03-77278461.

    Marche Restaurant, G87, Ground Floor, The Curve, Mutiara Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Selangor 47800, Malaysia



    defrost wings defrost! (looks at the clock)

    sea monkeys don't miss me!

    Plusizekitten is away at Genting this weekend! she's marinating BBQ lamb chops & chicken wings as she types this (omg). Have fun everyone! have a fabulous weekend :) my sea monkeys say bye bye!

    InTrend Magazine August Borders Promotion


    Buy August issue InTrend from Borders
    free ketampokok 25gram hand cream

    Source: spotted at Borders, Curve, Mutiara Damansara on Monday,2010.

    Estee Lauder Companies Staff Sale 14/8/10

    14 August 2010

    This is what the shopaholics in Klang Valley has been waiting for! the Estee Lauder Companies Staff Sales. I knew about this from a bird few months ago, but the cat is out of the bag and there's so many emails and text to me asking how to get the invites. Fear not, this is the secret. Since there's too many calls to EL office to reserve for the invites, it's now only by first come first serve basis to collect the invites at EL office. Those who had reserved earlier via telephone calls to EL office, you're SAFE. This sounds like a American Idol now.

    Estee Lauder Warehouse Sales

    ** Required Invitation Card for Entry
    Please ask Estee Lauder counter **

    Brands Offered
    Estee Lauder
    Bobbi Brown
    Tommy Hilfiger
    Donna Karan

    8am to 3pm
    (While stocks last)

    The Grand Ballroom
    Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur
    Corner of Jalan Sultan Ismail & Jalan Ampang
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Cash, Visa, Master
    Bags, Handbags and Pouches are strictly now allowed
    There will be NO BAG Area
    Items sold cannot be returned nor exchanged at counter
    Invitation Card is required for admittance and will be collected at entrance
    All purchases are limited to not more than 3 units of each items, and not exceeding RM2000
    All customers are requested to Cash Out at the cashiers area asap

    This card is given out FREE by invitation only.
    Not for Sale!

    Body Bar's Badger Balm


    what's BADGER BALM? shocked face

    Yeah I didn't know the existence of Badger Balm until Buaya Wing told me about it. She's suffering from sleepless nights for as long as I know her. Each time I see her face, she looks tired as hell. I wonder what's going on in her life! she can still drag herself to work even with a couple of hours of sleep only. When I got invited to Nuffnang's Singapore Bloggers Award event to see the star studded blogger's event (it was a sponsored 3D2N stay which was awesome, I still can't believe I was invited!) I brought Buaya Wing with me as my "date". We slept in the same hotel room at Link Hotel. We tour around Singapore ourselves with what little money we had and hunted down this sleeping balm called "Badger Balm".

    the famous sleeping balm

    It was kinda weird that we spend most of our "shopping time" hunting Badger Balm down in pharmacies, Watsons, Guardian etc. The sales lady didn't even know what we're talking about! "Badger Balm, do you have BADGER balm?" we said? The lady answered "What is Badger Balm?". Yeah I had a hard time trying to explain the balm is not made out of badger. "Sleeping Balm, Sleeping Balm" Buaya Wing says.

    Made of USDA Certified Organic ingredients with no chemicals, synthetics, GMO's, parabens, toxic preservatives or any of the other bad stuffs. Rub a little on the temples, nose, neck or skin above superficial arterial points before you sleep and it'll help you calm down and sleep.

    The sales lady look weirdly back at us. I can't blame her, she's a mature lady and here we are a bunch of girls asking for Musang Balm. "Sorry miss, no Badger Balm, we have Tiger Balm" she says. Err.. no thx Auntie. Still we ended up with no Badger Balm in Singapore. We asked all possible stores that might carry them even in Sephora. I guess we were looking in the wrong place or the balms are sold out.

    Badger Balm also carries other beneficial balms
    (so happy that we can get them here now)

    Body Bar, Malaysia which also sells other stuffs
    (like Cuisine Soaps!)

    Back in Malaysia and after a good few months, I come across Badger Balm in Body Bar shop (natural/organic beauty products) and guess what the thing that we were trying to hunt down in Singapore is finally being sold in Malaysia! I bought one Badger Sleep Balm RM32.80 and I have been using it to help me sleep, which it definitely did. I been waking up to a good night's rest with the aid of aromatherapy in a balm. Besides just rubbing it on my temples, I also leave it open beside my bed so I can have the calming scent throughout the night. Something that you should experience on your own to see if it helps with your sleepy nights as it did to mine (I have been sleeping late since I started blogging sigh, panda eyes).

    My Badger Sleep Balm looks like this

    A Calming Sleep Enhancer.

    Now USDA Certified Organic!

    A dreamy night balm rich with precious oils to calm, encourage, cheer and relax poetic badgers and other restless wanderers. Just rub a little balm under nose, on lips, on temples or other pulse points. Or use the oil for after-bath moisturizing or soothing massage. The aroma does the work. Rosemary is the traditional herb for clear thinking, confidence, and memory. Bergamot is mentally uplifting. Ginger is strengthening and confidence-inducing. Balsam Fir is refreshing, like a walk in the woods. Lavender is the traditional sleep herb; fresh and relaxing. But Sleep Balm doesn't make you sleepy! It helps quiet your thoughts, then you fall asleep naturally.

    Ingredients: *Extra Virgin Olive Oil, *Golden Yellow Beeswax, *Castor Oil, and Essential Oils of *Bergamot, *Ginger, *Rosemary, *Lavender & *Balsam Fir.

    * = Certified Organic

    Badger Balm now is available at Bodybar, all natural & organic skincare chain. You can find them at Sunway Piramid (03-5637 8966), Pavilion KL (03-2145 5866) and Tropicana City Mall (03-7727 8966





    Redeem a FREE PAIR of MOVEI TICKETS by presenting this ad at ANY Cathay Cineplex Box Office!* We've got 7,500 tickets to give away! Valid for all shows - ONLY FOR TODAY!

    terms & conditions:-
    • only original ad cut outs will be valid for this promotion.
    • each ad cut -out is valid for one redemption comprising 2 admissions tickets only.
    • free tickets on Mon, 19 July are valid for said date only and cannot be use for advance bookings.
    • free tickets on Mon 19 July are not redeemable via phone/online bookings.
    • for the free tickets giveaway on Mon 19 July, seats are available strictly on first come first serve basis at the respective cineplex box office while admission tickets are available Phone/Online bookings & inquiries will also not be available for this day only.
    • Redemption for free tickets are limited to 1 ad cut out per patron only comprising 2 admission tickets.
    PG 23 of Star Two Section

    Hada Labo AHA/BHA Cleanser Review


    yes mdm! it's time to wash my face again

    Ever since I got my Hada Labo AHA/BHA Cleanser (the EGGQuisite cleanser) I've been having my daily after lunch face cleansing ritual in my office bathroom. Yes seriously, I keep a cleanser there coz sometimes it just gets so hot, you'll need to wash up again to feel fresh again. Which is why I like travel size skincare/cosmetic of my favourite brands a lot, coz I can use them in my office after washing.

    One Drop Locks an Ocean

    I can tell that a lot of people are fascinated with Hada Labo skincare. Few reasons: it's from Japan the land of flawlessly fair kawaii women, that it contains the advance hydrating ingredient Hyaluronic Acid which has the ability to form a moisture locking film to give long lasting hydration to the skin or another reason which I myself like, the simplistic design of the packaging which is like a combination of harmonious colors and space like all Japanese products are like.

    velvety texture cream foam

    Anyway today I will review the AHA/BHA Cleanser from Hada Labo. Inspired by the smoothness and delicateness of an unshelled egg, this "eggquisite" cleanser contains Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) and Beta Hydroxy Acid to give clarity, brightness and promote skin cell renewal by preventing dead skin cell buildup. The gentle cleanser lathers into a fine, velety foam to prevent blemishes and polishes away dullness for a renewed skin everyday.

    I really like the whipped cream texture

    click on the image for larger read

    follow the guideline above for washing your face

    Besides promoting egg shell smooth skin (from removing and renewing skin cells on your face via the AHA/BHA ingredients) the light velvet cream texture of the cleanser also smells like egg whites that's whipped many times. AHA/BHA is also a helpful exfoliant for skin lightening which explains the egg shell smooth skin emphasis on this product. For those wishing to lighten/brighten their face should try this cleanser out.

    wash with lukewarm water

    Directions: Use twice a day, squeeze sufficient amount onto palm, lather with water, massage in circular motions, rinse with lukewarm water then continue with toner & moisturizer. Most importantly after your skincare regime is to use SUNBLOCK! especially after AHA/BHA ingredient products! Please do not rub/massage hard on your face skin ever! especially for sensitive skin people. Just gently massage or use a soft sponge like me.

    see any difference? my face is brighter after washing

    I love this cleanser! eggy skin here I come!

    I can say I'm truly liking this egg cleanser! the smell softens my heart and the texture is eggquisite. The ingredients helps in lightening my skin (brown spots/pigmentation) and I do hope to see them being lighten after many washes. I'll use my IDI Italy 1858 skincare cleansing milk which I really like to remove my make up while this cleanser can help me freshen and brighten up in the office during the day.

    Hada Labo AHA/BHA Cleanser has the following benefits:
    • gently exfoliates and removes impurities, dirts & oil trapped within pores.
    • polishes away dullness & refines skin's texture for visibly clear, smooth & radiant skin.
    • skin ph balance. Low on irritation.
    • free of fragrances, mineral oil, alcohol & colorant.
    going to use my sample! register here for one

    pat pat onto my cheeks first (my no.1 dry spot)

    After cleansing, I use my Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Lotion sample as my skin's dead cells has been clear away, this will soften and moisturized my face for the day. It's a watery lotion which is a bit sticky at first when apply. Just gently tap your face with it so that the lotion is absorbed. Containing what I mentioned earlier, the Super Hyaluronic Acid, this will lock moisture in your skin. I'm not sure if acne/oily skin is suitable to use this as I have dry skin so it works just fine for me.

    My Hada Labo in my office
    AHA/BHA Cleanser RM17.90(50g) RM31.90(130g)
    Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Lotion RM40.90 (170ml)

    I like Hada Labo's brand philosophy of emphasizing simplicity in its skincare process (Perfect X Simple), removing all unnecessary additives, colorant, fragrance and mineral oil that will burden the skin. Only the finest, purest and highly effective ingredients that are beneficial to the skin would be retain to ensure the maximum effectiveness. For more information regarding Hada Labo check out their website here or facebook fanpage here. They have sampling activities, price and product guide in there.

    Rimmel's Stay Glossy Up To 6 Hours Of Girly Fun


    pump up the volume pls Mr. DJ, this gloss is here to STAY!

    I have the honored to review the Rimmel's Stay Glossy lip gloss from Rimmel London Malaysia Facebook recently and I thought why not make it fun? I mean reviews shouldn't be boring and how many people have already known what a lip gloss can do besides giving you that added glossy smacking kissable lips when you go out? Well you can give it a bit of STYLE! swipe it on for some glamor, swipe it on for some girly fun, swipe it on for attention and let it shine for hours!

    up to 6 hours of shine with Rimmel Stay Glossy

    At times like this I wish I have a DSLR camera to snap high definition picture of my "Cindy Crawford" lips and mole. I take it that's my best accessory to match with a dazzling and glamorous lip gloss color! Pink or sweet pink has always been my favorite kind of color too. The packaging looks cool with the silver metal cap that fastens the gloss in place. Its fluffy applicator smooths on my lips easily, glazing it like peanut butter to toast. One of the many reasons why I prefer lip gloss to lipstick haha.

    girls just want to have fun~

    To sum up this is a pretty gloss that's neither overly oily, greasy or sticky. My lips definitely felt softer (moisturized) after application and the gloss stays for more than the usual 2 hours of average gloss I use before re-applying. I'm not sure if it could stay for up to 6 hours as I had a bit of snacking and drinking while partying at a friend's birthday. With face painting from Stacey (talented make up artist cum face painter), all I needed was a touch of glam to make me shine even without make up. Yes if you don't have make up on, a lip gloss that's glossy and shiny will be your quickie instant lift me up :)

    checking the mirror before I go out tonight

    snap pictures first! I'm a Geisha tonight (not quite)

    love the color on this Stay Glossy lip gloss!
    it's called DARE TO STAY (code 330)

    Thanks to Rimmel London Malaysia for my quick shine getaway for a girl's night out! Here's a big kiss *MUAKS* and I hope (the kiss mark) it stays up to 6 hours! My dear readers do check out their facebook page and blog site to find out more about Rimmel London Malaysia cosmetic products and to join whatever fun activities they organize!

    Quick Facts

    New Stay Glossy Lipgloss features advanced Shine Extend™ technology for up to six hours of fabulously polished perfection. Its lip-loving formula pampers lips with a caring complex of cotton and silk for increased lips moisturisation. The innovative Soft Extend™ applicator is designed for ultimate speed and accuracy, defining your dream lips in a flash. Style! Shape! Shine! Available in 8 vibrant shades, at the recommended retail price of RM 27.90

    Available starting July 2010, at all Watson’s Personal Care Store, Guardian Pharmacy, Aeon Wellness, Parkson (Pavilion, 1 Utama, Sunway Pyramid, Klang Parade, Gurney Plaza, Terminal One Shopping Plaza, Square One Shopping Mall)
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