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  • Hada Labo AHA/BHA Cleanser Review


    yes mdm! it's time to wash my face again

    Ever since I got my Hada Labo AHA/BHA Cleanser (the EGGQuisite cleanser) I've been having my daily after lunch face cleansing ritual in my office bathroom. Yes seriously, I keep a cleanser there coz sometimes it just gets so hot, you'll need to wash up again to feel fresh again. Which is why I like travel size skincare/cosmetic of my favourite brands a lot, coz I can use them in my office after washing.

    One Drop Locks an Ocean

    I can tell that a lot of people are fascinated with Hada Labo skincare. Few reasons: it's from Japan the land of flawlessly fair kawaii women, that it contains the advance hydrating ingredient Hyaluronic Acid which has the ability to form a moisture locking film to give long lasting hydration to the skin or another reason which I myself like, the simplistic design of the packaging which is like a combination of harmonious colors and space like all Japanese products are like.

    velvety texture cream foam

    Anyway today I will review the AHA/BHA Cleanser from Hada Labo. Inspired by the smoothness and delicateness of an unshelled egg, this "eggquisite" cleanser contains Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) and Beta Hydroxy Acid to give clarity, brightness and promote skin cell renewal by preventing dead skin cell buildup. The gentle cleanser lathers into a fine, velety foam to prevent blemishes and polishes away dullness for a renewed skin everyday.

    I really like the whipped cream texture

    click on the image for larger read

    follow the guideline above for washing your face

    Besides promoting egg shell smooth skin (from removing and renewing skin cells on your face via the AHA/BHA ingredients) the light velvet cream texture of the cleanser also smells like egg whites that's whipped many times. AHA/BHA is also a helpful exfoliant for skin lightening which explains the egg shell smooth skin emphasis on this product. For those wishing to lighten/brighten their face should try this cleanser out.

    wash with lukewarm water

    Directions: Use twice a day, squeeze sufficient amount onto palm, lather with water, massage in circular motions, rinse with lukewarm water then continue with toner & moisturizer. Most importantly after your skincare regime is to use SUNBLOCK! especially after AHA/BHA ingredient products! Please do not rub/massage hard on your face skin ever! especially for sensitive skin people. Just gently massage or use a soft sponge like me.

    see any difference? my face is brighter after washing

    I love this cleanser! eggy skin here I come!

    I can say I'm truly liking this egg cleanser! the smell softens my heart and the texture is eggquisite. The ingredients helps in lightening my skin (brown spots/pigmentation) and I do hope to see them being lighten after many washes. I'll use my IDI Italy 1858 skincare cleansing milk which I really like to remove my make up while this cleanser can help me freshen and brighten up in the office during the day.

    Hada Labo AHA/BHA Cleanser has the following benefits:
    • gently exfoliates and removes impurities, dirts & oil trapped within pores.
    • polishes away dullness & refines skin's texture for visibly clear, smooth & radiant skin.
    • skin ph balance. Low on irritation.
    • free of fragrances, mineral oil, alcohol & colorant.
    going to use my sample! register here for one

    pat pat onto my cheeks first (my no.1 dry spot)

    After cleansing, I use my Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Lotion sample as my skin's dead cells has been clear away, this will soften and moisturized my face for the day. It's a watery lotion which is a bit sticky at first when apply. Just gently tap your face with it so that the lotion is absorbed. Containing what I mentioned earlier, the Super Hyaluronic Acid, this will lock moisture in your skin. I'm not sure if acne/oily skin is suitable to use this as I have dry skin so it works just fine for me.

    My Hada Labo in my office
    AHA/BHA Cleanser RM17.90(50g) RM31.90(130g)
    Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Lotion RM40.90 (170ml)

    I like Hada Labo's brand philosophy of emphasizing simplicity in its skincare process (Perfect X Simple), removing all unnecessary additives, colorant, fragrance and mineral oil that will burden the skin. Only the finest, purest and highly effective ingredients that are beneficial to the skin would be retain to ensure the maximum effectiveness. For more information regarding Hada Labo check out their website here or facebook fanpage here. They have sampling activities, price and product guide in there.


    1. oohh...i'll try that soon enuf, when i get to go to town.

      my skin is quite oily. i'll tell u how it goes when i get to try it.

    2. hi there.. would really love to try this but i have alot of facewash halfway through. :C wondering if i were to use it once a day at night, would i still be able to see the effect.. do u stick to the instructions and use it twice daily? :)

    3. xc: i have sensitive skin so i dun follow the instructions to use twice daily. I use once everyday is sufficient :D

    4. aha/bha wash really can treat pimple???

    5. hmm for the aha/bha cleanser need to use sponge ? Or can i use it as normal way ?

    6. Hi sorry girls for the late reply >_<!!!

      Simonne: u can use your palms and gently wash ^__^ np..

      Xiiaoapple: if u suffer from oily or clogged up pores u can use, but if u have reddish or inflamed pimple already, try not to use as it will irritate your pimple :(

    7. I have sensitive skin so I follow the instructions to use it twice daily or sometimes during winter, once a day is sufficient.
      Ruby Coleman


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