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  • Storing Your Samples


    ways to store your samples after opening

    Two days ago I was in Ikea and I saw this bag of clips (for storing food etc) at the Ikea Cafe (the one on Lower Ground opposite the cashiers). It gave me an idea to clip on my samples as I can't finish the whole sachet within one application. A bag of Ikea clips cost rm12++ and there's 20 small clips and 10 big clips in it. The smaller clips can clip the edge of your sample and the bigger one can clip the entire top part of it. The clips pretty tight so don't worry about it being flimsy. Samples oxides fast when it's open and left open. You will need to store it properly or the cream/liquid will turn brown or not as effective anymore after being expose to air and bacteria for some time.

    A more non-cost way is just to fold your samples (the top) and put in the fridge. Well rm12++ for 30 clips is great for me coz it's air tight clips.


    1. I think this is really a great tip by you! I've always been thinking how to store my samples. This is a good one! *two thumbs up*!

    2. Ooo...not bad. I usually decant though. Can buy clips to share too. Otherwise too many.

    3. Gypsy: yeah i been doing the fold n put in fridge thing for some time but needed something tight to grip it. These ikea clips makes it handy! especially for traveling.

    4. Abby: yeah i have too many now lol........ who wants to share hahaha

    5. nice tips for storing the samples..
      normally i store my samples by pouring in a small container =)

    6. Pinky: wah so rajin leh.. i dun have much containers :(

    7. hahah lavender.. have to spend money buy clips punya leh

    8. whoa! good sharing. Thanks Miu. b(^^,)d should have a trip in ikea asap. =)

    9. thank u Hannah Orange :D and Ikea havin sales now also

    10. haha...i usually use those clips for my junk food n biscuit!!
      now i can keep the samples in more hygiene way


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