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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • My Keto Weight Loss Journey


    10 kg difference - see it in the jeans!

    I've been meaning to put a post on how I lost a total of 23kg from the time I was heaviest 83kg (2018) until the best numbers I have ever seen in a long time on the scale - 60kg (2019). It started with cutting down on sugary drinks and increasing more wellness activity until the day I started keto. In the past, I have successfully lost 10kg and 7kg on two separate occasions in 20 days. You can read about it here 2014 10kg lost and 2013 7kg lost.

    I guess what’s a better time to share about my weight loss journey (by turning keto) than now? @ reason is because I could’ve died if I didn’t. This pic here is a difference of 5 months before and after. Yeap I was serious, because it’s serious. . . My years of enjoying the good life, eating & drinking whatever I want anytime of the day was just a heart attack waiting to happen. I didn’t take care of myself well on top of the stress I have. . . I know it’s hard to realise all this does affect us, to realise every food and drink u put into your mouth does and will affect you either now or to come. You think you’re young so it won’t happen to you. This is just “old ppl” sickness and I’m good for now. It won’t happen to me. Yes that’s what I thought and perhaps that’s the denial everyone is on. . . Ever since my doctor told me I could die, I have regretted not taking care of my health. It’s still not too late now, and even more so for everyone regardless of age. . . This is the era of diabetes, hypertension, kidney failure, stroke and heart attacks. The food we eat needs to be scrutinised just like the ingredients you check on your beauty products. Hidden sugar, carbs and high calorie food is this generations silent killer. You can say “it’s my life” I do what I want but u know that’s just you not wanting to allow yourself the chance to live a better and healthier life. . . It’s been 6 months since I quit smoking, quit coca cola, and reduced refine sugar, carbs and process food. I’ve never felt better, more energetic, more focus, and feel healthier than before. I’ve lost nearly 20kg the first 3 months on keto, and maintaining this for the next 3 months. It’s not easy. . . The struggle is real, the change is hard bcoz “they” (the F&B industry) has paint a pic that it’s normal to eat, drink and be merry. You’ll only realise this when it’s too late. Early screening / detection is the prevention. Your second chance before it happens. . . . #dontstentinmyway @ihealmedical
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    By now you know I have tried almost everything related to weight loss and shared most of the reviews on my blog. Of course, it always yoyos back and that's not because the program failed or the bounce backs are worst. The answer is simple, it's because I went back to my old ways.

    Let's be honest, no weight loss program will help if we don't change the way we consume our food. You can't blame it on the programs when you're back to indulging yourself on carbs and sugar. It's not easy staying off that delicious path because we live in the best food region of the world Asia where food is abundance - fried, grilled, steam or bake.

    Our love for sugar and carbs in this generation is the real evil.

    But of course, it's hard to say no. We have been conditioned to think it's normal to consume a large amount of refined sugar and carbs in our diet. From being brainwash to eating breakfast, three meals to five meals a day to having desserts after every meal. Are those normal? According to Dr. Jason Fung from the Obesity Code and The Diabetes Code, no that's not normal.

    Highly recommended reading if you want to change the way you eat.

    this pic was taken during my Sabah trip to celebrate Baby G's birthday
    and while there, I met up with local beauty blogger Myra
    I looked like a stuffed turkey here

    The food conspiracy is all over the internet. From sugar to carbs to fast food and milk. Google to read. The plague these days are bubble milk or boba craze which has gotten us into a frenzy and self-denial of why shouldn't we indulge in such pleasures of life when it's widely advertised. The Ministry of Health isn't putting a stop on it, so why should we?

    I know it's easy to deny yourself the path to good health, I myself am under denial most of the time. It is when I learned I could've died from the very food I eat that I started taking my weight seriously (I am still struggling with temptations).

    the Keto eating guide
    going wholefoods is easy and better for health

    It was the day I quit the loves of my life - sugar, carbs, and late-night eating. Too late because my body has already suffered from it. I have been feeling less of myself in the past 2 years with health issues such as inflammation, lack of energy, weak immune system (so I get sick easily), my period was irregular (so I thought I was pre-menopausing), yeast infections, skin infections and so on.

    Tired of the issues, I went to see the doctor and after a blood check, my doctor told me I could've died. I don't want to share the details because I am not ready but I want to say it woke me up and I made the decision to change.

    The first step was to lose all that toxic weight. The second was to change the way I eat. The third was to increase activity even though I hated exercising so much.

    there are many versions of Keto online
    (it's healthy fats and not bad fats that u should eat)

    I scour the internet to find how I could do that. I found Dr. Jason Fung and read his books. I learned about the benefits of intermittent fasting from him and staying on a low-carb, whole foods diet. Then I found out about Keto from Thomas DeLaure dub the Keto guru on youtube.

    watch this to get started on what's Keto

    There are many versions of Keto on the net, but I find Thomas's the most accurate about Keto. I highly recommend watching his videos to understand what's Keto and also intermittent fasting. His videos can sometimes be too much because he doesn't want to miss the science of why. It can get boring, yes but it is helpful.

    What is Keto Diet?

    The keto diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet. It lowers blood sugar and insulin levels, and shifts the body’s metabolism away from carbs and towards fat and ketones. - Healthline.com

    keto food list to refer

    I started the Keto diet on 11th March 2019. I did not document nor take photographs to track my weight loss journey because I didn't know it would affect me that much. All I wanted is to feel better, be healthier and lose all that toxic weight.

    The first month, I lost 10kg
    The second month, about 5kg
    The third month about another 3kg

    I have a few pictures to show of my keto weight loss journey and how I have evolved from being on a low-carb diet. The first three months I was quite serious about losing a chunk of toxic weight. It was also the easiest and hardest for me to do. Easiest being I was serious because, at that time, I was really unhealthy and facing issues. Hardest was because I went cold turkey on day 1 and decided to take a risk to subject my body to an extreme change, I was weak for the first week and slept early for that period of time (by 9pm).

    The second week I became keto-adapted (fat adapted) and it was easier to be on intermittent fasting which I started to experiment on 16:8 and then 18:6 and then became OMAD (one meal a day). The third month, if I remember correctly I started extended fasting (June) for 3 days straight with just water and coffee. It was then that I reach my goal weight of 60kg.

    use this guide the next time u go out grocery shopping

    I had turned to whole foods for the first month and only allowing myself chicken breasts as a luxury at that time. I ate a lot of green leafy vegetables, cook soup and meal prep at home. I ate my dinner early (like 5 - 6pm) and then going to massage at night to help detox or improve my lymphatic flow. I drink lots of water every day. Now I have started to enjoy black coffee and ice americanos during lunchtime when I'm fasting.

    It's not hard just google keto foods and look at the articles and images even recipes that you can find. Just follow. It's always leafy vegs, lean meat proteins such as chicken breasts, any kind of berries (I take strawberries and kiwi).

    The trick is to just avoid refined sugar (sugary drinks, desserts, etc) and refined carbs (rice, noodles, pasta, bread, potatoes, etc). That will help you lose toxic weight fast. It will also help with water retention as carbs retain water and make you bloated and tired all the time. Sugar is addictive so cut it down (will be tough) try to drink lemon water which helps!

    By nearly 3 months, I decided to allow myself the luxury of eating hot pot because Yee Ming wanted to eat Haidilao at Sunway Pyramid. It was at that time, I started to relax and allow myself more variety and luxury of dining out. On weekdays I would maintain my salads with protein and weekends I would keto cheat with hot pot (protein with vegs) or Korean bbq (bbq protein with vegs).

    These items had become my must-haves during this weight loss journey. Just click on the links to go to the shop. If you're new to iHerb do use my link bcoz I would get 10% reward to deduct my purchases. This helps me to continue buying my stuff!
    1. Carb Blockers
      Which I order from iHerb (US website) which gives really good pricing on supplements, health products etc. I buy Irwin's Natural Carb Blocker. They're made from white kidney beans which helps to stop the enzymes that break down complex carb into simple carbs for the body to absorb and turn into glucose.
    2. Atkins Chocolate (Keto friendly)
      I also buy my Atkins chocolate from here (low carb, zero - low sugar). I would recommend the peanut butter cups, caramel chew nut, and caramel chocolate nut bar.
    3. Zero Calorie Rice/Noodle/Kuey teow)
      Shirataki or "Miracle Noodles" that's made of glucomannan fiber (konjac plant root). Go shopee to buy. These help to supplement your craving for carbs because they're soluble fiber and helps make you feel and satisfy your craving for noodles or rice. Because it's 97% water, it's best eaten wet/soup which gives u a near likeness of what you're missing out in real carbs.

      The kuey teow is definitely a pho-substitute if you're ordering Super Saigon just opt out for noodles and use konjac kuew teow instead.

      For the konjac rice, they are beautiful with soups instead of fry as rice. They can't beat real rice because they don't have that starchy body. They're more like rubbery Japanese rice.
    4. Probiotics
      Helps to improve your gut health and digestion. We don't think much of it but it does help because if your stomach good bacteria is good, it helps to break down food and clear rubbish out.
    5. Biotin
      If you're going low carb/keto, I would advise you to start taking biotin so you don't lose your hair in the process.
    6. Vitamin B / Supplements
      Make sure you're getting your minerals and vitamins for your body. Extreme changes in diet or a cut down from usual dietary habits may affect your body. You'll lack certain nutrients normally found so vitamins help. Get multi-vits from anywhere.
    7. Milk Thistle
      If you've a fatty liver or a prone to it after a blood work check. You can get Milk Thistle to help. Just read about it, it's recommended by doctors to start taking milk thistles and probiotics for health.
    8. Fish Oil
      For better heart health, lowering triglycerides level (bad fat/cholesterol). 
    9. Braggs Amino Acids (soy sauce replacement)
      Soy sauce is high in sodium, swapping it for amino acids or coconut amino acids can help lower the sodium intake greatly. It makes a great marinade as well. If you love coriander, garlic, chili and soy sauce like me, make your own sauce at home to eat with your keto meals. iHerb has coconut amino acids in original, teriyaki and garlic. 
    10. Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar
      There are many sources on ACV being a powerful support for lowering blood sugar level, aiding in weight loss and etc. Google to read. I dislike the smell but many keto gurus swear by it.  I try not to take this while on fasting because it makes me hungry instead of helping me to be full. 

    There are many keto supplements that you can take. I would recommend doing some reading on what you need and don't need as it's also depending on what you're eating e.g if you don't like salmon, avocados, do take fish oil. Magnesium? It's from our leafy greens, nuts, avocados. These help as well to counter keto flu. Read five keto supplements or google to find out about keto supplements here.

    What's Keto Flu? It's carb flu. This happens when you start keto somewhat like a carb withdrawal symptom. It's flu-like symptoms. I experience this after a week on keto. I had flu, cough, etc. I counter with an increase of fluids (water) and taking magnesium and potassium-rich food/supplements. It will soon pass don't worry!

    it's all about research and preparation. If you don't understand what's keto, you will be confused about what to eat.

    My Keto Weight Loss Journey
    (I only started to notice the changes after a month)

    the first time I realize I looked different

    I started feeling better and more energy

    a dress that I couldn't fit in suddenly I could wear it!
    (10 years I kept this dress hoping one day I could wear it)

    people started noticing I was getting better

    the time I could fit into UK8 size jeans! OMG

    started enjoying life again but still monitoring my food

    finally, reach my goal weight 60kg after 3 months
    (but I look too haggard & have loose skin)

     started exercising more by walking a lot

    went to Penang to celebrate & cheated for 5 days
    (fell ill on the last day so I have become carb-sensitive)

    hair loss affecting me at this point

    started gaining 3kg-5kg to look better
    (also bcoz hair loss is scary)

    28th Sept at Butterfly Coachella party tagbooth
    maintaining my weight between 63kg - 65kg right now

    Soon I was receiving messages from friends and family about my weight loss. My auntie was a particular concern as she texted me that I was already at a good weight and shouldn't lose anymore. She cautions me against looking haggard which I will not hide, yes I did look haggard at one point now from losing 18kg in 3 months.

    I also started losing my hair because I did not take biotin or Vitamin B supplements which those on Ketogenic diet would need. So this is one lesson I learned and I lost a lot of hair at this point for 2 months. It scared me. I would run my hair with my fingers and hair would just come off.

    My doctor advised me to start taking in more protein and supplements such as Biotin so I did. Now my hair loss is under control after a month on Biotin and antioxidant supplements.

    going healthy is expensive

    Now going Keto for the first 3 months is good or every now and then. Maintaining it would be even better if you can. Not everyone can be on Keto long because you'll soon get bored of the limitation in variety unless you're creative and innovative on your meal preps. Going Keto or any kind of healthy diet is also expensive so here's a Keto budget food guide you can refer to. If you can make your own salads at home, grill, bake, steam your proteins, buy whole foods, cook soups or broths, stay away from delicious but unhealthy hawker food, fast food and processed food (which is cheap yes.. but seriously not good for your health) is the best.

    I could go on and on but I would recommend if you're interested in starting Keto, you need to:

    1. Have the right mindset so you can reach your goal easily.
    2. Go wholefoods (means more natural clean food like vegetables, fruits, nuts).
    3. Avoid carbs - rice, noodles, pasta, bread, pizza, kuey teow
    4. Drink lots of water
    5. Drink lemon water, coffee and green tea
    6. Take vitamin supplements and biotin
    7. Take probiotics
    8. Take carb blockers if you're keto-cheating
    9. Dark chocolate to satisfy your cravings
    10. Walk every day if possible whenever, wherever.

    I hope my basic tips help, please watch Thomas Delauer and read Dr. Jason Fung's Obesity Code (Can buy from shopee for RM1 e-book).

    P.S: I am still struggling to lose weight. It's not easy to stay away from yummy food in Malaysia. I wish everyone the best in losing toxic weight and feeling better and becoming healthier. Looking better after losing weight is a bonus from all this! GAMBATE!

    Follow me on Instagram @hellotammylim as I share about my weight loss & keto journey. There are highlights on my bio to refer to my Keto tips!

    Launch of US HighBush Blueberries Season In Malaysia


    US Highbush Blueberries are in season now till the end of September
    Did you know that Blueberries are one of the most nutritious, low calorie and health beneficial superfoods on the planet?! Yes, it's true these little blue antioxidant-rich fruits are highly recommended by Doctors, Nutritionists and Scientists in reducing your risk of developing chronic diseases.

    Only 80 calories per cup & Virtually no fat!
    Blueberries might be small in size but definitely prove that great things come in small packages! These sweet and hugely popular berries are packed full of nutrients and are known to fend off heart disease, cancer and brain ageing. The US Highbush Blueberry Council recently launched "The Little Blue Champion" campaign @Village Grocer MYTown Shopping Mall KL, celebrating the amazing health properties and benefits of these little health powerhouses.

    From Left to Right: Miss Ong Siang Mun - Area Manager, Village Grocer, Mr Bill Verzani - Agriculture Attache US Department of Agriculture, Foreign Agriculture Service, Madam Phorthip Poolprasert - US Highbush Blueberries Council, Mrs Retna Malar - US Highbush Blueberries Representative, displaying the blueberries at the launch of Little Blue Champion Campaign at Village Grocer, MYTown Cheras. 

    I will share with you all 10 proven health benefits of including blueberries as part of a balanced diet:
    1. Low in Calories but High in Nutrients
    2. King of Antioxidant Foods   
    3. Reduce DNA Damage, helping protect against Ageing and Cancer
    4. Protect Cholesterol in your Blood from becoming Damaged
    5. Lowers Blood Pressure
    6. Prevent Heart Disease
    7. Help maintain Brain Function and Improve Memory
    8. Anti-Diabetes Effects 
    9. Fight Urinary Tract Infections
    10. Reduce Muscle Damage after Strenuous Exercise

    Native to North America, blueberries flourish from April to late September. The good news is that they are conveniently available frozen, all year round. Frozen blueberries available in retail are frozen straight from the farm, with all the nutrients, freshness and flavour locked in. They can be kept in the freezer for at least 10 months and is a healthy option, whether you're grabbing a quick snack, a topping for oatmeal in the morning or making a smoothie at home.

    Present at the launch, Mr Bill Verzani, the Agriculture AttachΓ© at USDA-Foreign Agricultural Service said US Highbush Blueberries are cultivated by around 2,500 farmers in farms where climates are perfect for the best blueberries. "The US is the world's largest producer of blueberries and we work hard to produce the best quality cultivated blueberries which are shipped fresh to the rest of the world." He added that the world is witnessing a renaissance in the enjoyment of blueberries thanks to its powerful health benefits and its versatility in recipes.

    Ms Phornthip Poolprasert, Regional Marketing Representative of the US Highbush Blueberry Council for SE Asia believes Highbush Blueberries are the best in the world. She gave some tips on choosing the best and freshest blueberries at the supermarket. "Look out for the silvery sheen that's known as bloom. The more bloom, the fresher the blueberry," she advised.

    Linora Low presenting her 2 easy healthy recipes 
    Blueberry Milk & Cauliflower Blueberry Muffins 
    During the launch, I got to meet Malaysian fitness icon and health advocate, Linora Low. She shared 2 easy recipes - Blueberry Milk and Cauliflower Blueberry Muffin. She is a big fan of Blueberries, as she leads a healthy active lifestyle with a packed schedule and says, "They're a great snack that keeps you feeling full & satiated, reduces inflammation and lowers blood pressure. They also contain only 80 calories per cup, virtually no fat and are low in sodium."

    She recommended getting kids as young as toddlers to start snacking on blueberries to benefit from its ability to improve cognitive abilities. "This is a creative way to get your kids to drink their milk every day and can be prepared quickly with fresh or frozen blueberries," she added.

    Blueberry Milk quick and easy to make perfect for a healthy drink on the go

    Blueberry Flavored Milk Recipe

    2 cup of blueberries (fresh or frozen)
    1-2 cups of full-fat milk/almond milk/coconut milk
    2 tablespoons of honey
    1 teaspoon of chia seeds

    Add everything to a blender and press go! Serve with fresh blueberries.

    Baking Cauliflower Blueberry Muffins are a
    healthy & fun way to get the kids involved

    Cauliflower Blueberry Muffin RecipeFor 10 Muffins

    1/4 cup of blueberries fresh or frozen
    1 1/2 cups unsweetened applesauce -
    100g (weighed) raw cauliflower florets
    3 eggs
    1 1/2 cups almond flour
    1 teaspoon of baking powder
    4 tablespoons PB butter
    1/3 cup coconut sugar
    2 teaspoons cinnamon
    2 tablespoons chia seeds


    1. Set oven to 350F. - 180C
    2. Place all the ingredients EXCEPT the blueberries in food processor or blender. Blend until smooth. 
    3. Lay out the baking muffin cups. Lightly spray with olive oil or cooking spray / brush olive oil on the cups, then evenly divide the batter. 
    4. Place the desired amount of blueberries into each muffin cup - can be about 4-5 blueberries, depending on how big your cups are. If you feel like you want more blueberries you can garnish more on top, but bear in mind it'll make the muffins moister. 
    5. Then bake in the oven for 20 – 22 minutes, or until the center is cooked through and a toothpick comes out clean.

    Tastes delicious and super healthy somore

    Blueberry Tarts, Blueberry Tiramasu & Blueberry Granola Bars - more examples of the versatility of blueberries
    US Highbush Blueberries are now available at all your local major Supermarkets nationwide till the end of September so now is the time to stock up before the season ends. Remember you can also freeze them for 10 months so no need to worry about them expiring anytime soon!

    For more info, please visit US Highbush Blueberry
    Website: www.blueberrycoucil.org/Facebook: www.facebook.com/usblueberries/Instagram: @ushighbushblueberries

    My Printcious Review


    did you notice something different about our last workshop?

    As a Mamasan and party planner for my community, one of the essentials that I needed to have was to get a bunting so my community members can spot us from afar. Well, it's also because it makes the whole party or event more professional looking? I feel that's just pretentious to say but it's true, a bunting of your logo makes it more official and double as exposure for your brand (in my case, my community).

    Jessica Tan Hilton Social Media Manager
    Victor Goh Gentleman's Code (media)

    I've been printing the usual A2 foamboards but my friend Yee Ming scolded me about getting a proper bunting (yeah sigh). Several reasons why I didn't for the past 6 years was because I stayed in a studio apartment that's very tiny. The moment I walked in, I could already see my bedroom (that's how small it is). It's very cozy, I love it but I don't have much storage space or space to put things.

    For this reason alone I am grateful because that helped me a lot in stopping me from buying unnecessary items as I wouldn't have space for it. Think minimalist living Marie Kondo.

    The second reason was that I rather spend on other things my community needs like paying for our domain name, hosting and covering expenses involved in the upkeep and activities of the community.

    YAS it's our beautiful community buntings!
    (thanks to Yih Ying and Tiffany to be our bunting models)

    But thanks to Printcious, I could finally have two buntings made so I could bring them to community parties, events, workshops, and gatherings to display! The moment I received them from the delivery guy, I was like "OMG FINALLY". The moment Yee Ming (who scolded me about not getting proper buntings) set up the bunting (while I was busy running around making sure everything else is in order) we were both standing there admiring how beautiful it was.

    Hari ini dalam sejarah you know.

    two types of buntings available

    On Printcious, there were two types of buntings you could choose from. The Roll Ups RM250 and the Tripod Stands RM145. I wanted to get the roll-ups but the budget I have is enough for two tripod stand buntings. I should've bought the roll ups because the tripod stands are kinda long and because I don't drive, that's can be a bit tough to work with.

    once you select the service you need you can start designing it
    The tripod stand bunting is easy to handle and to set up. With our good quality of photo printing, the tripod stand bunting will be able to attract prospective customer to your booth. You just pull it out when you need it and insert the bunting will do. Tripod stand bunting is ideal for in-store promotions, reception areas, outdoor function and so on.

    Size: 60cm x 150cm
    Printing Side: 1-sided
    Material Type: 180 gsm Photo PVC Paper

    Including stand.

    My Review:
    It's my first time putting an order here so I could say it's really easy to use and I'm no genius here. I registered a new account, started selecting the service I needed which is the tripod stand and then I needed to design my bunting on the page itself just by uploading the visual! Was fun and I did this in just under an hour (rushing to put in an order so I could get the delivery fast). I paid RM10 for the shipping fee.

    The website says delivery is in 2 - 4 working days but I got mine after two weeks of waiting. I thought it would be Photo PVC paper but the material felt like tarpaulin (hmmm) and it was shedding at the sides as well. I had to trim the sides off so it would look presentable.

    Overall, easy to set up like what the description said. I would try the roll ups next time to see if that is more portable than tripod stands.

    Easy Steps To Create Your Own Gift
    choose - upload - add or edit - place order

    DIY Personalised Gifts & Photo Gift Ideas

    Obviously, Printcious doesn't just print buntings, they're actually a gift printing customization for like birthday gifts, wedding gifts, corporate gifts and even for photo booth rental. The name Printcious is actually too cute, I can't even. I see many friends print those couple cushions from here you know!

    P.S: For first-time customers, you get like huge savings off your first Printcious order! You can save 40% off + Free Shipping above orders RM60. The prices would reflect on each product you see on the page. Look out for the best-sellers and weekly special promos to get started.

    They also have like special check-out add on promotions where you can get a custom t-shirt printed for a dam good deal.

    For more info, check out Printcious website and Printcious FB!

    1st Mall in Malaysia To Go CASHLESS!


    Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng and 1Utama director Datuk Teo Chiang Kok
    launch the 1Pay E-Wallet on Friday

    1 Utama, the World's 7th Largest and Malaysia's Largest shopping mall, has once again become a pioneer, as the 1st Mall in Malaysia to become CASHLESS! Yesterday, Malaysia Minister of Finance, Y.B Tuan Lim Guang Eng officially opened the launch a new exciting development called 1PAY E-WALLET and ONESHOP.COM.MY - 1Utama's official E-Commerce platform.

    The 1PAY E-WALLET is an enhancement of its existing ONECARD Privileges loyalty program.

    It's essentially a ONECARD digital wallet that allows members to make electronic transactions for purchases at 1PAY participating outlets, while instantly earning UPoints for all 1PAY payment transactions.

    the 1st mall in Malaysia to go CASHLESS!

    Shopping is now made much easier and more flexible with 1PAY, as you can pay for purchases by scanning a QR code via the 1Utama's Mobile App at 1PAY outlets. Every 1PAY E-WALLET stores Cash balance of up to a maximum of RM1,500 at any one time. Other FEATURES include options to:
    • Link debit/credit cards/bank accounts into E-WALLET
    • Top-Up E-WALLET
    • Receive & Transfer Money to other E-WALLET users
    • E-Voucher Rewards
    Besides 1Utama, 1PAY can be used at other popular participating outlets in the wider Bandar Utama area, such as One World Hotel, Centrepoint and The Club, according to 1Utama's Director Tan Sri Teo Chiang Kok. He further stated that "Currently there are 25,000 1PAY users and it's our target to achieve 50% of our ONECARD membership base to use 1PAY by December 2020". Since 1PAY's rollout in March 2019, 30% of 1Utama's retailers have signed up for 1PAY and the mall hopes to achieve 80-90% of participation by December 2020.

    View this post on Instagram

    Congratulations to @1utama my fave mall πŸŽ‰ The 1st (and biggest) mall in Malaysia to go seriously CASHLESS today with the launching of 1Pay E-Wallet & One Shop officiated by Y.B Tuan Lim Guan Eng, finance minister of Malaysia. In conjunction with the exciting launch, here are the great deals u should not miss out! . πŸ”₯ Download 1 Utama’s mobile app, login with your ONECARD & Activate 1Pay E-wallet then tap “Promotions” to play the 1Pay Capsule Machine to win goodies this 13-16 Sept at LG Oval & Highstreet . πŸ”₯ Sign-up ONECARD to get RM5/10 cashback into 1PAY E-Wallet . πŸ”₯ TOP UP min RM50 1PAY E-Wallet & get RM5 cashback . πŸ”₯ You can also selfie at the cool tetris theme pop up photobooth this weekend while u play, win great prizes, redeem attractive rewards, and shop for gifts, hot deals and more here! πŸŽ‰ . πŸ”₯ There’s even a spend & win to get a massage cushion, Kipling bag, travel luggage’s and DYSON hairdryer 😱 . . #1utama #1payewallet #oneshop #onecard
    A post shared by Plusizekitten @ Tammy Lim (@hellotammylim) on

    Officiating at the launch yesterday, YB Tuan Lim Guang Eng said in his speech that 1PAY and ONESHOP services are in line with the nation's 10-year plan of migrating Malaysia into E-Payments and becoming a cashless society, with the support of a strong domestic retail industry. "We hope to see more retailers embrace this shift so more Malaysians can enjoy an easy, secure and reliable payment method besides cash transactions".

    love selfies? There's one right here that's trending!

     download the app & start playing the capsule to redeem prizes!

    you can also sign up for a ONECARD to start getting cashbacks


    1PAY E-Wallet & ONESHOP.COM.MY @ 13 - 16 Sept
    LG Oval & Highstreet, 1 Utama New Wing


    daily specials & happy hours

    fantastic deals to celebrate this joyous occasion

    The Launch of 1PAY E-WALLET and ONESHOP can be found @ LG Oval & Highstreet, 1Utama Shopping Mall from 13-16th SEPT so hurry go down check it out, have fun with all the family, get registered and be in with the chance to win some great prizes, hot happy hour deals with big discounts available!

    more info visit 1 Utama Facebook

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