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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • KK Super Mart 24 hr Convenience Store Opens Its 1st Concept Store in Malaysia!


    KK Super Mart, Malaysia's very own homegrown 24 hr Convenience store has just opened its 1st new exciting Concept Store in the country right here in KL! I was invited to attend the media launch yesterday in Bukit Bintang opposite Low Yat Plaza, where I was given a guided tour by Founder & Executive Chairman of KK Group of Companies Datuk Seri Dr. KK Chai and sampled some of the food and drinks that are on offer.

    So what is the KK Concept Store and what makes it so unique and special?

    As well as serving over 9,000 daily essential products as it already sells across its 400 outlets throughout the country, the KK Concept Store will also be offering over 100 food choices of ready-to-eat and fresh food at a price that is value for money. There's also a wide variety to cater to every customer and as it's 24 hr, you can go anytime when you feel your belly rumbling or been out partying all night in Changkat til the wee hours of the morning! It's also the 1st homegrown ready-to-eat and fresh food concept store to be opened in the country and all the food sold is truly Malaysian, so you're helping to support the local economy too! 

    To celebrate they're having a soft launch promo starting today 20th til 22nd July where you can buy 1 free 1 on food served at B Café. 20% off on all Bento sets from 23rd July til 11th Aug. The range includes Premium Sate Sauce with Kangkung, Asam Pedas Oden (with a Japanese twist), Hainanese Chicken Chop, Chicken Rendang Bento Rice, Pao, and Siew Mai. For dessert lovers, there is even Gelateria Musang King (Premium Quality Durian flavoured ice-cream to you and me)

    We were very fortunate to be able to visit the store during a media preview yesterday afternoon and got to try the wide variety of food and drink choices on offer. Tammy has made a tour video (check it out above). 

    On the ground floor as soon as you walk in through the entrance, you're greeted with a detailed and brightly coloured menu display board and counter. You can expect to find a Sandwich & Salad bar, where customers who prefer healthier meal options can personalise their meal with a range of fresh ingredients. Japanese cuisine favorite the Oden is served in 3 types of flavoured broths: Asam Pedas, Mala and Clear Soup. There is also a wide variety of bakery items, such as buns, cakes, cookies and muffins which are sold 24/7. Look out for QQ Jelly and Red Beans as toppings served in freshly made milk tea, as the KK Concept Store could be the next trending BB tea spot to hang out. Ordering is easy just approach 1 of the friendly assistants behind the counter and give them your order, pay with cash/cc or even with Touch n Go, then wait for your order to be collected. For all you dessert lovers out there, you can try a range of yummy ice-cream flavours such as chocolate, strawberry, mango, and the popular Musang King and frozen yoghurt with over 15 toppings to choose from.

    Malaysia's 1st homegrown ready-to-eat fresh food store 

    Instagrammable B Café 

    Customers can take away or dine upstairs on the 1000 square feet dining area B Café with many instagrammable sections. For working adults, homemakers, tourists, students, etc anyone who wants to grab a coffee or a meal and enjoy it here.

    There's even a pair of massage chairs for those who's been walking around the city and need a break.

    This KK Concept Store situated in the heart of Bukit Bintang makes a strategic place for both locals and tourists alike to replenish their energy and continue on with their activities.

    It's still a convenience store with over 9000 daily essential items that locals need, open 24 hours daily. Price is very competitive and value for money compared to 7-11 and Family Mart.

    Grazing table styled by Malaysia's top food influencer Eunice Martin Lim

    I had the chance to sample the food from downstairs where it was styled by Malaysia's winner of top food influencer award, Eunice Martin Lim in a grazing table style. A grazing table is technically a buffet-style decorative table that tends to include bread, dips, raw vegetables, fresh or dried fruits, nuts, olives, and pickles, but they can also foods such as bite-sized sandwiches, as long as it can be picked up by a hand once it hits a plate. 

    Amongst the food that I tried, I enjoyed the Panini's and Croissants filled with both tuna and egg salad most of all, being a big bread and pastry lover. I would definitely recommend you try them they're very tasty and filling. For all you dessert lovers, there was a variety of options from yummy cupcakes, buns, and muffins to puddings. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to try the Musang King flavored ice-cream but I'm already eyeing this up on my next visit, which I think will be one of the many highlights of this store.

    Many thanks to KK Super Mart for inviting us to the media launch of their brand new exciting concept store. Congratulations on the opening and we will drop by this weekend to take advantage of the buy 1 free 1 with our friends!

    KK Concept Store (Opposite Plaza Low Yat)
    No. 54 Jalan Bulan off Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
    Opening hours: 24 hr

    IG:  https://www.instagram.com/kksupermart/

    THE FACE SHOP Yehwadam Hwansaenggo Ultimate Anti-Aging Skincare


    ultimate premium anti-aging skincare

    I have been using THE FACE SHOP's Yehwadam series (fairly happy with it) until I was introduced to their latest anti-aging line the Yehwadam Hwansaenggo. With just 3 weeks of usage, my skin has never been softer, plump and revitalized. It is the best Yehwadam range in my opinion and for many good reasons (prepare for a long post). But to be fair, I have my likes and dislikes in which I will share from a consumer's point of view.

    Before I go on, I just want to properly introduce what's Yehwadam.

    Yehwadam is THE FACE SHOP's signature line of natural oriental medicine-based skincare inspired by the stories of beautiful Korean women and their beauty regime secrets. An anti-aging line that focuses on harnessing the healing power of traditional Korean ingredients such as herbs, plants, and flowers through age-old methods passed down from one generation to another.

    The name itself is loosely translated into "The story of herbs, plants, and flowers".

    Ye = herbs and plants
    Hwa = flowers
    Dam = story

    There is about 5 Yehwadan range (if I'm not mistaken) catered to different stages in a women's life. Depending on which range, the prices could go up from averagely above RM100.

    An early anti-aging skincare line that brings out skin’s innate healthy glow.

    Heaven-Grade Ginseng Regenerating
    An anti-aging skincare line that improves overall skin health from the inside out.

    An ultimate premium anti-aging skincare line that restores balance and vitality of skin to combat signs of aging.

    Pure Brightening
    An anti-aging skincare line that brightens skin while providing moisture.

    Revitalizing Moisturizing
    Yehwadam Revitalizing Moisturizing line is a traditional herbal moisturizing line that restores dehydrated skin with continuous long-lasting fresh moisture with its fresh flower water formula.

    Korean Actress Seo Hyun Jin

    skincare for ages 35 and above

    So Yehwadam Hwansaenggo is the "Ultimate Anti-aging" in the range. An all-powerful, all-in-one premium anti-aging skincare line that promises to restore balance, resilience, and vitality back to your skin. It is, in short, an anti-aging line that effectively brightens and improves skin resilience (anti-wrinkle). Formulated with two secret formulas:

    Cheon-hye-myeong-ui-dan Complex
    The unique combination of 12 pristine Korean traditional herbs:
    1. Wild Ginseng: anti-aging + enhances skin’s moisture level
    2. Sanghwang Mushroom: excellent antioxidant effects + rich  in amino acids
    3. Lingshi Mushroom: antioxidant, inhibits tyrosinase activity + collagenase activity, strengthens skin elasticity
    4. Rhodiola Sacra: nourishment, potent healing powers, detoxifies, + revitalizes skin
    5. Hasuoh: considered as the elixir of eternal life
    6. Poria Cocos: circulation, prevents premature aging, protects skin from UV rays + whitening effects
    7. Snow Lotus: " known as the greatest treasure in Tibet" brightening + anti-aging effects
    8. Rehmannia Glutinosa Root: improves blood circulation & complexion
    9. Angelica Gigas Root: prevent aging, minimizes the appearance of dark spots + promotes skin health
    10. Trichosanthes Kirilowii: smoothes, brightens the skin while removing wrinkles
    11. Goji Berry: strengthens skin boosts energy to reduce aging + improve radiance
    12. Safflower: As expensive as gold, powerful anti-aging ingredient that is said to cure hundreds of diseases.
    Bo-yoon-dan Complex
    Two ultra-vitalizing ingredients deliver deep nourishment into the skin:
    1. White truffle: Like edible diamonds buried underground. Vitality boosting benefits activating body's Qi
    2. Deer Antler: Restorative effects, strengthens the bones, nourishes the blood + boosts energy

    the secret to looking youthful

    "Heavenly Qi" to improve your skin

    THE FACE SHOP explains that in Oriental medicine, it is believed that our aging process starts at 35 and by 42, aging accelerates. You'll start seeing facial aging, hair loss, and gray hair. According to the Huangdi Neijing, an ancient traditional medicine record, this is due to the loss of our "Heavenly Qi".

    P.S: I experienced all three symptoms, noticeably after hitting 35. I have been trying all sorts of youth potions to stay looking effortless "youthful" and basic skincare no longer interest me (sad to say). Instead, I now find myself believing in timelines beauty secrets, crystals, aromatherapy, and healing sounds. Call me crazy.

    What is Heavenly Qi?
    It means the body's precious essential fluid (born with) but as we age, "Heavenly Qi" production starts to decline affecting our body's function (aging process). Wrinkles, lack of firmness, sagging, dehydration, and fullness are the signs of aging.

    Yehwadam Hwansaenggo has five products in total

    did you know purple is color used in royalty?

    Let's talk about the packaging (my favorite part!). I do love all of Yehwadam's skincare range packaging. Each range has it's signature colors to identify the purpose. The revitalizing line is a pinky-peach color which I felt was like the signs of a girl blooming (youth). The Heaven-grade has a timeliness gold to it, just like the heaven gates. The whitening range is obviously pearly white while the revitalizing moisturizing range in hues of blue (standard "hydration" color ).

    The Hwansaenggo is a combination of gold with purple amber gradient. I am guessing to be ultimate, one has to go above normal, and the color of purple has long been associated with royalty, power and wealth for centuries.

    As if that's not extra, at the top of each bottle, is an emboss traditional Korean flower symbol topped with a ruby red crystal.

    Tell me this isn't extra, extra, extra rich.

    P.S: It may feel plastic to the touch but the packaging's made with high-quality acrylic. 

    the view from the top

    hello creamy gold goodness

    let's get pumping shall we?

    product sequence for day & nighttime routine
    How To Use:
    After your double cleansing, gently apply the toner using a cotton pad across the entire face evenly. Pat lightly for better absorption. Lightly tap a dot or two under your eye and massage gently around your eye area. This follows by the serum, massage lightly and concentrating on target areas for spot treating. Your emulsion follows next, then finish with the face cream.

    Each step must be done gently to avoid tugging your skin. Pat lightly for better absorption. Usually, I give a few secs after each step. This helps to even out and let the product sit before another is applied on top of it.

    Day Time Routine:
    Toner >> Eye Cream >> Serum >> Emulsion >> Face Cream

    Night Time Routine:
    Toner >> Serum >> Emulsion >> Eye Cream >> Face Cream

    Yehwadam Hwansaenggo Ultimate Rejuvenating Toner

    Let's start with my favorite which is the toner. It's a golden-hued toner that creates a healthy oil-and-water balance on the skin, leaving a protective film with Lecithin and Bio-polymers. Hyaluronic Acid and Panthenol further promotes moisture retention, while scenting the skin with the fresh fragrance of infused Ginseng leaves and flowers.

    My review:
    This instantly softens and even out my skin which I super love! It just feels baby soft. I can't stressed how much I adore this toner. It's a must-try IMHO. The scent of ginseng is strong in this one and if you're a ginseng lover like me, this is definitely for you!

    160ml | RM181

    Yehwadam Hwansaenggo Ultimate Rejuvenating Serum

    This ultra-concentrated, translucent golden essence glides on like silk, delivering intense moisture and anti-aging benefits to the complexion. Ceramides and Phosphatides provide a firming effect, while naturally-derived Polysaacharides skin deep into the skin for a plumper appearance.

    My review:
    This is unlike any other serum I have used. Usually, serums are watery but here we have one that's balm-gel like. When I dispense it, it's thick but upon application, it melts like butter and glides away turning into a lightweight watery texture. This serum is pretty good and gives that double plump effect after using the toner. It would've been my favorite if not because it felt a bit sticky even after hours of application.

    45ml | RM300

    Yehwadam Hwansaenggo Ultimate Rejuvenating Emulsion

    This gives the skin an instant golden glow with its super smoothing emulsion, infused with nourishing olive and brightening gold pearls! Panthenol and nutmeg deliver and lock in moisture while preventing inflammation.

    My review:
    This emulsion is a slippery good of liquid gold! It's hydrating, watery oil-like, and leaves a glow to the skin after application. I stared hard at it and saw fine shiny gold particles shimmering back at me. That's must be the gold pearls. For me, it's good on its own as a daytime moisturizer because it's super nourishing!

    140ml | RM181

    Yehwadam Hwansaenggo Ultimate Rejuvenating Eye Cream

    Formulated with pristine traditional herbs, this balm-type eye cream reduces fine lines, dark circles, and puffiness. Features a mild formula that is kind to the eye contour and free from harmful preservatives, colorants, and alcohol.

    My review:
    I don't think I've ever used an RM300 eye cream before. It's also quite big for one at 25ml. The tub looks just like the face cream only smaller. Even the butterfly gold balm is alike. I use this sparingly with a couple of dots under my eye. I worry if it would be too rich on the eye zone. I don't have wrinkles or concern for it, so I can't comment much here.

    25ml | RM300

    Yehwadam Hwansaenggo Ultimate Rejuvenating Cream

    Rich and balm-like, the cream wraps around skin like a cocoon, renewing its youthful radiance. Ceramides minimize the appearance of deep wrinkles, while the Elastic Emulsifying Technology acts like an invisible rubber band for visibly lifted facial contours.

    My review:
    I love the buttery smooth creaminess of this. It feels like I'm buttering my face for a toast. It's very rich I must warn you, but I love spot applying this on my cheeks as they're always patchy and dry so the richness helps! This is very identical to the eye cream even the packaging that I sometimes mistook it for the eye cream. The difference is the eye cream is smaller in size.

    50ml | RM340

    Yehwadam Hwansaenggo Ultimate Rejuvenating Cream Set

    The face cream is currently sold on Zalora as a special gift set (while stocks last). After it will just be the cream for the same price of RM340. If you purchase this, it will come in a beautiful matching traditional Korean pattern flower box that's sturdy and premium in its looks and feel. Inside, a perfect assembly of the full-size cream with a spatula and three travel size Hwansaenggo skincare products @ toner 32ml, Emulsion 32ml, and Serum 10ml. 

    the travel-size skincare that comes with the cream

    what a beautiful gift set it makes!

    My body and skin went through a change ever since I started on the Keto diet. Sometimes it's dry, sometimes it's sensitive but overall, before I get my nutrients balance, my skin has been on a roller coaster ride and this has helped in nourishing it at night.

    I love the ginseng infused scent in all of the products here, in particularly the dual-action toner that balances the oil-and-water in the skin. Overall, I am impressed with the Yehwadam Hwansaenggo range because I felt for the ingredients, technology and price point, it can easily match the other ginseng contender in the market (you know which one, the one starts with S). I would recommend this for dry and dehydrated skin types, mature skin and sensitive skin (I've sensitive skin and didn't feel any sting!).

    However because the products are nutrient-rich,  it may leave your skin sticky to the touch especially after layering. This is great if you have dehydrated or mature skin because your skin will lap it all up. Rich products like this make a wonderful night time routine where the richness seeps into your skin for all the goodness it can give and you wake up with wonderful supply deeply nourished skin in the morning.

    I would then wash it away just like a sleeping mask, and go only with toner and emulsion as a daytime routine for that hydration + glow. If I feel patchy, I will spot reapply with the serum. I wish there was also a lip balm to go with it, it will definitely be a nice touch to see an anti-aging lip balm complimenting the anti-aging skincare's nourishing power.

    what do you think of the Yehwadam Hwansaenggo range?

    The Yehwadam Hwanseanggo Ultimate Rejuvenating line is available online at Zalora Malaysia and selected stores near you. Members receive a 10% discount (while promotion lasts). For more info on this please visit THE FACE SHOP FB IG Website.

    Midvalley, 1 Utama, Cheras Selatan, Pavilion, Sunway Pyramid, Aeon Melaka, ioi City Mall, Sunway Velocity.The Spring Kuching, Bintang Megamall, KK Times Square, Vivacity Megamall, Wisma Sanyan.Gurney Penang, Queensbay penang, Sg Petani, Kinta City, Aeon Mall Bukit Mertajam. Bukit Indah Johor, City Square Aeon Tebrau City & Paradigm JB Mall.

    Terminating Your Unifi Subscription


    enough is enough Unifi

    If like me, you're [insert all kinds of curses here] about Unifi, you may be considering other greener options to get your money's worth. After a long decade being a customer to TM from dialing, to streamyx to unifi, I've literally given up on donating my money to them on a monthly basis.

    I say donating because they don't value their long-time customer, in fact, they swindle them. 

    I'm currently paying what the market offers for 300 - 500 Mbps unlimited.  

    How much do I get? 10Mbps. In fact, this was an upgrade from 5Mbps plan.

    It's not even competitive, and I did give Unifi many chances to secure my confidence. I emailed them inquiring about the unfair plan charges vs the current offers. I've put up with bad connectivity for many years, often hauling abusive words to their social media team on Twitter (btw they're doing a good job, just their company isn't).

    No solutions were given to my case and I was really hoping it would all be solved with the free Turbo upgrade in which, while I receive the email about this, in the end, I had to inquire about the status myself from a friend working there (bcoz TM just don't care) to find out I wasn't qualified for Turbo as my building can only take max 30Mbps (not fiber).

    I read and inquire from the Damansara Perdana community page, many are on TIME RM99 for 100Mbps plan and they said the connection has been good and stable, best decision ever made.

    I hesitate because I'm not one to jump the ship just because of prices. I've been loyal till an extend and I guess it's time to make the change. I don't know if it's for the better as I am not a demanding person (you can see that I stayed with TM for the longest time ever for this kind of service).

    procedure to terminate your Unifi account

    Now how to terminate your Unifi subscription?

    Don't waste your time contacting them on LiveChat unless you want some answers answered. It takes forever for someone to get to you. I was waiting for an hour-long on my mobile, Q number 6 only.

    login to your unifi account online to request for termination

    Step 1: You would need to request to terminate the service 30 days prior to your actual termination date. You can submit your request to terminate the service via TM’s digital channels such as:

    • Unifi portal at unifi.com.my
    • Email at help@tm.com.my
    • TMpoint (take note, LiveChat says this is not available anymore)
    TM points would not accept termination application anymore. Everything is done online. There are also no quick locations that would attend to your termination request despite your previous contract not stating that termination notice has to be 30days. From June 2019, all termination requests can only be done with a 30-days notice.

    pay all your outstanding bills
    (if not you can't request for termination)

    Step 2: We will provide your pre-final bill indicating your outstanding balance. Upon payment settlement, we will proceed with termination order on day 31 from your termination notice.

    Step 3: For Unifi account, you will receive an SMS when your order is completed. Then you will need to drop the BTU (equipment) at TMpoint fast lane within 7 days from the termination order date to avoid the BTU (equipment) penalty charge.

    You will only need to return the modem. Anything else (I clarified with LiveChat) do not need to return. BUT then again, maybe it depends on your account plan so do ask still to make sure. Doing a double trip or getting your termination notice cancel is going to be a pain.

    what happens next?

    After successfully submitting a termination request, you'll receive this pop-up alerting you of the steps. Once you confirm, you'll see a service termination window. It helps to check if you have any contractual months balance as you'll need to pay penalty fees for that.

    so I don't have any balance months 

    which one should I pick?

    the final step

    After the hassle-free online termination process, I needed to agree to the termination conditions and click confirm, then wait for someone to call me within 7 working days for verification. I am dumbfounded by the RM500 penalty fee for a (basic, and rubbish modem) in which should be yours as you've paid quite a subscription fee to be contracted for 24 months.

    Oh well that's it and I hope I can finally have better speed and connectivity at home.

    Launch Of Northwest Cherries Into The Malaysian Fruit Market


    Northwest Cherries varieties on display
    Last week I attended the 'Cheers To Cherries' campaign by Northwest Cherries in Kepong Mall. With an emphasis on healthy eating in partnership with Tesco and Malaysian fitness guru Kevin Zahri, the campaign aims to inspire health-conscious Malaysians to cherry on for a healthier fitness lifestyle. 

    Did you know that cherries are ranked as the most health-protective food thanks to its unrivaled health benefits? Yes, this superfood fruit is a nutritional rock-star for those watching their weight, health or just leading an active lifestyle. One cup, or about 21 cherries, contains less than 100 calories with a low GI ranking. One of the best-kept secrets of cherries is its anti-inflammatory properties, which aid muscle recovery and reduce muscle soreness after a workout.

    Now is the time to buy these highly sought after new season NorthWest Cherries, fresh off the orchards in the North-western states of USA. Over 2,500 growers work tirelessly to bring the world the sweetest, juiciest, plumpest cherries ripened on the trees. The US is currently the second-largest cherry exporter in the world and one of the leading exporters of cherries to Malaysia. 

    According to Mr. Abdul Ghani Wahab, Agriculture Specialist, US Dept of Agriculture who was present to officially launch the new season, Northwest Cherries are grown on fertile soil with a climate that is ideal for great quality cherries. There are 11 varieties and he believes that Northwest Cherries are the most delicious cherries in the world! 

    Launching Northwest Cherries 'Cheers to Cherries' campaign
    Kevin Zahri posing with Cherries Oat Jar
    Kevin Zahri, affectionately known as Cikgu Fitness Malaysia is a certified trainer and nutritionist with many years of experience and extensive knowledge on fitness and health. He has been very involved with the fitness scene in Malaysia, having published books, as well as writing for various fitness and lifestyle magazines. He is also the founder of Malaysia's largest weight loss movement called 'Jom Kurus' and he kicked off the campaign with an exciting sweat session demonstrating a few types of trending CrossFit workouts to get the heart pumping and muscles working. Kevin stressed the fact that part of staying healthy is not just in the work-outs and active lifestyle but also in keeping your body nourished.

    During the launch, he demonstrated Cherries Oat Jar which is a great post-workout snack. 

    5 health benefits of Cherries :
    1. Fat-free
    2. Source of Vitamin C
    3. Natural Anti-Inflammatory
    4. Good Source of Potassium
    5. Source of Melatin

    Consuming sweet cherries may prevent, reduce risks and modify the severity of some critical diseases such as :
    • Alzheimer's
    • Cardiovascular Disease & Hypertension
    • Diabetes 
    • Cancer
    • Anti-Inflammatory
    • Gout
    Kevin Zahri demonstrating how to do partner squats with Julien Andre (Fresh Produce Director of Tesco)
    The Fresh Produce Director of Tesco, Julien Andre shared how excited consumers get when the cherries are in season. "Cherries have an amazing consumer appeal as they are juicy, sweet and easy to snack on. More and more people are starting to gain awareness of cherries as a superfood and its now a much sought-after fruit. We're glad to be able to offer the freshest fruits from Northwest Cherries at Tesco stores this season."

    Fresh Northwest Cherries now on sale
    Northwest Cherries will be in season till the end of August this year, so remember to stock up the next time you roam the aisles of your local supermarket.

    For more info:
    Website - www.nwcherries.com

    New Zealand Luv'ya Ambrosia Apples Take On A Unique Malaysian Twist

    L-R Chef Wan, Brendan Osborn (General Manager, Sales & Marketing of Healthland Fruit)
    & Hanry Chan Huan Yih (General Manager, Lifestyle & Grocery, GCH Retail) 
    When most people think of apples as an ingredient in cooking, they view them as traditionally being associated with desserts and primarily in Western cuisine. So, I was interested in exploring all the different ways they can be used in traditional Asian cuisine when I was recently invited to Luv'ya Ambrosia Apple's event in Giant Supermarket, Kota Damansara.

    This Raya festive season, Heartland Group through their 'Ambroi Ambrosia' campaign, is inviting consumers to broaden their culinary horizons by showcasing the many interesting and delicious ways that Ambrosia Apples can be incorporated into classic Malaysian dishes. 

    Discovered in British Columbia, Canada and now cultivated in New Zealand, Ambrosia apples are renowned for their sweet honeyed flavour, fine crisp texture and juicy tender flesh. They can be recognised by their trademark smooth skin with its bright iridescent pink blush tone and pleasing aroma. 

    Speeches by Brendan Osborn & Hanry Chan Huan Yih
    "We like to think of them as a gift from the heavens, as the word ''Ambrosia'' itself means 'food and drink of the Gods' in greek,'' according to Brendan Osborn, General Manager of Heartland Fruit. He also further stated that Nelson, an idyllic city situated in New Zealand's South Island along the eastern shores of Tasman Bay, where these apples are grown, has the perfect environment for growing the finest, juiciest and most flavoursome apples. 

    Indeed, Nelson has been the centre for apple growing in New Zealand since 1913 with over 40% of all New Zealand apples being grown in the area. 

    Helping to launch the Amboi Ambrosia campaign in true Malaysian style, was iconic and world-renowned Malaysian culinary cikgu, Chef Wan, who demonstrated 3 mouth-watering traditional Malaysian dishes with an Ambrosia twist. These included Ambrosia Grilled Calamari Salad, Tom Yum Pumpkin Soup with Ambrosia Apples and Ambrosia Apple Chutney. All these fusion dishes were prepared and cooked using Ambroi Apples to showcase the versatility of the fruit. 

    Chef Wan at work
    Working his magic
    Chef Wan said, "I've always enjoyed the succulent taste of Ambrosia Apples and I was excited at this opportunity to try my hand at infusing some of our nation's signature dishes with these scrumptious apples. I am glad to say that it worked a treat! The dishes turned out amazingly and were further heightened by the apples. It certainly got me saying - Amboi!"

    Taste Test moment of truth
    I can say after trying a sample of all the dishes cooked by Chef Wan, that the fusion of Ambrosia Apples works exceedingly well and indeed elevates the dishes to a new inspired level of sedapness. My favourite is the Tom Yum Pumpkin Soup with Ambosia Apples. The contrast of the spicyness of the Tom Yum, and the sweetness of the Pumpkin together with the Ambrosia Apples is simply inspired, works perfectly and a match made in culinary heaven. 

    Chef Wan's 3 Ambrosia Apples inspired dishes
    Other Apples in the Luv'ya range include old favourites such as Royal Gala, Fuji and Braeburn. Try mix and matching to create variety and a different kind of sweet apple flavour to your dishes.  

    Ambrosia Apples and all of the above varieties can be found at GCH Retail Malaysia outlets including Giant Hypermarkets, Cold Storage and Jason's Food Hall, as well as other major retailers.

    Included below are the recipes for the 3 dishes cooked by Chef Wan :

    Ambrosia Grilled Calamari Salad


    3 New Zealand Luv'ya Ambrosia Apple, sliced into thin strips
    400 gm Calamari, grilled or pan fried
    ¼ Young Papaya, cut into strips
    A handful of Fresh Mint Leaves
    A handful of Coriander Leaves, chopped
    3 tbsp Palm Sugar
    2 tbsp Fish Sauce
    2 Limes, juiced

    For Chilli Garlic Paste (pound together)
    3 Red Chillies
    3 Cili Padi
    3 Garlic

    1. In a bowl, add palm sugar, chilli garlic paste, fish sauce and lime juice. Mix well.
    2. Then, add in the New Zealand Luv'ya Ambrosia Apple, calamari, papaya, mint leaves and coriander leaves. Toss until well mixed and ready to serve.

    Tom Yum Pumpkin Soup with Ambrosia Apple


    2 New Zealand Luv'ya Ambrosia Apple, diced
    4 tbsp Butter
    1 Onion, diced
    500 gm Pumpkin, diced
    3 tbsp Tom Yum Paste
    170 gm Canned Tuna
    250 ml Coconut Milk
    2.5 L Chicken Stock
    2 cm Ginger, crushed
    1 Lemongrass, crushed
    A handful of Coriander Leaves, chopped
    Salt and Sugar, to taste

    For Garnish
    ½ Ambrosia Apple, diced
    50 gm Salted Fish, diced and crispy-fried
    4 tbsp Coconut Milk
    1 tsp Chilli Oil

    1. In a pot, melt butter over medium heat and fry the onion and pumpkin until soft.
    2. Then add in the New Zealand Luv'ya Ambrosia Apple, tom yum paste, canned tuna, coconut milk, chicken stock ginger and lemongrass. Stir and let simmer for 15 minutes.
    3. Next, remove the ginger and lemongrass, add in the coriander leaves and stir. Transfer the soup into a blender and blend to a fine consistency.
    4. In a separate pot, pour in the blended soup and let it simmer. Season with salt and sugar.
    5. Serve the soup with diced New Zealand Luv'ya Ambrosia Apple, diced crispy fried salted fish, coconut milk and chilli oil.

    Ambrosia Apple Chutney


    5 New Zealand Luv'ya Ambrosia Apple, diced
    3 tbsp Butter
    1 Onion, finely chopped
    6 Garlic Cloves, minced
    4 cm Ginger, minced
    2 Cinnamon Sticks
    4 Cloves
    2 tsp Turmeric Powder
    1 tbsp Curry Powder
    1 cup Yellow Raisins, soaked in hot water
    A handful of Coriander Leaves
    2 Green Chillies, chopped
    6 Dates, pitted and chopped
    ¼ cup Cider Vinegar
    1 cup Sugar
    Salt, to taste

    1. In a pot, melt butter over medium heat and sauté the onion, garlic and ginger for 3 minutes.
    2. Add in the cinnamon sticks, cloves, turmeric powder and curry powder. Continue frying for a few minutes before adding in the New Zealand Luv'ya Ambrosia Apple, raisins, coriander leaves, green chillies, dates, cider vinegar and sugar. Season with salt and cook for a few minutes before turning off the heat.
    3. Let the cooked chutney to cool down before storing it.

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