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  • Terminating Your Unifi Subscription


    enough is enough Unifi

    If like me, you're [insert all kinds of curses here] about Unifi, you may be considering other greener options to get your money's worth. After a long decade being a customer to TM from dialing, to streamyx to unifi, I've literally given up on donating my money to them on a monthly basis.

    I say donating because they don't value their long-time customer, in fact, they swindle them. 

    I'm currently paying what the market offers for 300 - 500 Mbps unlimited.  

    How much do I get? 10Mbps. In fact, this was an upgrade from 5Mbps plan.

    It's not even competitive, and I did give Unifi many chances to secure my confidence. I emailed them inquiring about the unfair plan charges vs the current offers. I've put up with bad connectivity for many years, often hauling abusive words to their social media team on Twitter (btw they're doing a good job, just their company isn't).

    No solutions were given to my case and I was really hoping it would all be solved with the free Turbo upgrade in which, while I receive the email about this, in the end, I had to inquire about the status myself from a friend working there (bcoz TM just don't care) to find out I wasn't qualified for Turbo as my building can only take max 30Mbps (not fiber).

    I read and inquire from the Damansara Perdana community page, many are on TIME RM99 for 100Mbps plan and they said the connection has been good and stable, best decision ever made.

    I hesitate because I'm not one to jump the ship just because of prices. I've been loyal till an extend and I guess it's time to make the change. I don't know if it's for the better as I am not a demanding person (you can see that I stayed with TM for the longest time ever for this kind of service).

    procedure to terminate your Unifi account

    Now how to terminate your Unifi subscription?

    Don't waste your time contacting them on LiveChat unless you want some answers answered. It takes forever for someone to get to you. I was waiting for an hour-long on my mobile, Q number 6 only.

    login to your unifi account online to request for termination

    Step 1: You would need to request to terminate the service 30 days prior to your actual termination date. You can submit your request to terminate the service via TM’s digital channels such as:

    • Unifi portal at unifi.com.my
    • Email at help@tm.com.my
    • TMpoint (take note, LiveChat says this is not available anymore)
    TM points would not accept termination application anymore. Everything is done online. There are also no quick locations that would attend to your termination request despite your previous contract not stating that termination notice has to be 30days. From June 2019, all termination requests can only be done with a 30-days notice.

    pay all your outstanding bills
    (if not you can't request for termination)

    Step 2: We will provide your pre-final bill indicating your outstanding balance. Upon payment settlement, we will proceed with termination order on day 31 from your termination notice.

    Step 3: For Unifi account, you will receive an SMS when your order is completed. Then you will need to drop the BTU (equipment) at TMpoint fast lane within 7 days from the termination order date to avoid the BTU (equipment) penalty charge.

    You will only need to return the modem. Anything else (I clarified with LiveChat) do not need to return. BUT then again, maybe it depends on your account plan so do ask still to make sure. Doing a double trip or getting your termination notice cancel is going to be a pain.

    what happens next?

    After successfully submitting a termination request, you'll receive this pop-up alerting you of the steps. Once you confirm, you'll see a service termination window. It helps to check if you have any contractual months balance as you'll need to pay penalty fees for that.

    so I don't have any balance months 

    which one should I pick?

    the final step

    After the hassle-free online termination process, I needed to agree to the termination conditions and click confirm, then wait for someone to call me within 7 working days for verification. I am dumbfounded by the RM500 penalty fee for a (basic, and rubbish modem) in which should be yours as you've paid quite a subscription fee to be contracted for 24 months.

    Oh well that's it and I hope I can finally have better speed and connectivity at home.

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