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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • BAD SERVICE at Fireman Steamboat & BBQ Restaurant


    I'll be writing a formal complaint to address the unprofessional conduct of their manager Mr. Lee where I reserved & confirmed 4 tatami tables for 20pax (with specific instructions that the first table next to fire stage = as my VIP table) for my blog birthday dinner at Jaya One, Petaling Jaya a week ago, only to find out upon arriving that he instructed his supervisor to give me only two tables and also gave away my VIP table to other customers.

    When he didn't take me seriously on the phone, I became really angry. We were not friends to begin with so don't try to use "friendship" to bugger your way out of this problem which you did not apologized at all but instead defended and maintain that it was your restaurant procedures to change & reduce table quantity after CONFIRMING RESERVATION with your customer who had actually paid for 20pax table initially.

    By saying according to your restaurant procedures, 8pax can fit a table is utter nonsense (is your so big?! it looked fit for 6 pax only!) when I have already CONFIRM & RESERVED 4 TABLES with you. Does it even matter how many pax is seated when I have confirmed & reserved the tables? Even if I informed Mr. Lee a day before that only 16 guests will be coming, it is still ETHICAL to call me if you want to CUT ME DOWN TO 2 TABLES. Please do not challenge me to say that you were not "cutting my table to two" because according to your "restaurant procedures" 2 tables can fit 16 guests. I do not give a dam what your think when it is WHAT I THINK that matters. IF YOU HAD CALLED ME TO INFORMED ME MY TABLES WOULD BE REDUCE FROM 4 TO 2 TABLES, IT WOULD HAVE BEEN NICER THAN ME FINDING OUT WHEN MY GUESTS ARRIVED. Wouldn't that be normal procedures???

    Mr. Lee argued with me I can fit 8pax in this table
    (and let my guests squeeze together & fight for food is it?)

    how is 20pax for 4 table reservation become 2 tables, after I inform u only 16 pax coming? only 4 pax reduced, so u cut 2 tables away? is this even logical???

    Not only did I lose my temper and argue my way out to get 3 tables for my guests, I was not apologized too and belittle for losing my temper WHICH IF HE DID NOT HAVE CHANGE MY RESERVATION WITHOUT INFORMING/ASKING FOR MY CONSENT, I would not have lost my temper and challenge him on procedural conduct.

    You're dam fortunate as my guests do not know what happened. They were finally seated comfortably after you gave in to giving me 3 tables for them. They enjoyed my birthday event with the things I planed out for them. Food was OK and the fireman show was EXCELLENT. However you COULD HAVE RUIN MY DAY AND MY BIRTHDAY EVENT and actually YOU HAVE ALREADY RUIN MY MOOD AND I COULD NOT ENJOY MY DINNER AT ALL.

    Your restaurant is not even the best steamboat & bbq restaurant around and yet I had purposely made it the place for my blog birthday event inviting bloggers & friends to come review your service/food. AND YET, you dare to shock me with such conduct. Which customer in the right mind will reserve any event/group dinners in your restaurant with the way you handle my reservation? I hope you buckle up & take this incident seriously!

    When I am serious, I'm dead serious. Anyone trying to insult me in this post is only clearly not understand the situation that I was put in. I will report any insults, harassment to the POLICE if I HAVE TO.

    I shall be editing this post when I have cool down. This matter is pissing me off until today. I WILL NOT GO BACK TO FIREMAN STEAMBOAT & BBQ EVER AGAIN AFTER THIS INCIDENT.

    Sneak Peak: Clarins Power To Try Workshop


    Power To Try Workshop

    Clarins Headquarter

    The Training Centre

    the refreshments (even a candy corner!)

    the goodie bags

    my goodie bag

    cute samples in pouch
    (2 more gifts to be collect from Clarins Counter after this weekend!)

    Clarins samples & 50% off facial

    HydraQuench Cream Mask *new*

    info cd for bloggers!

    To those who participated for this workshop exclusively for my blog readers let me know your feedback! I got a lot of sms saying it was great! Also to bloggers who attended this workshop, kindly blog and let me have your link pls. I wasn't in the session 2, so I'd like to know how it went too.

    Goodie Bag

    My review on this workshop will be up in a few days time after I get some rest, been running around too much & attending events plus shopping.

    Women's Weekly Nippon Paint Makeover

    Nippon Paint Makeover Contest
    (Women's Weekly Magazine Aug Issue)

    I hope my bedroom gets selected in the Women's Weekly Magazine Nippon Paint Makeover Contest so it can get a makeover too!. I moved in end of last year and this condo gave me so much problems, up till now my bedroom is still not fully furnish. It's now in a color of cream white? with gold curtains. I can't even have a good night's sleep in this room which is freaking huge and white. I like dark rooms, it's cozy! but this room is just too bright during the day, and the sun wakes me up every morning into a white room. I find it very depressing. I wish to have more colors that will made me feel like stepping into a Spa/Zen/Urban place and I could just fall asleep soundly and wake up feeling like a urbanized princess.

    Please I hope my bedroom gets a makeover! it's making me depressed! arghhh..

    Anna Sui Base Make-up Promo

    sample the latest Base Make-up & get a pouch if you buy!

    From 10th August to 30th September only, take home an additional pouch* when you purchase any Base Make-up product from any Anna Sui cosmetic counter, worth RM80 and above.
    *while stocks last.

    Buaya Wing

    Recommend Anna Sui to a friend and instantly take home a travel size Anna Sui Super Mascara DX Waterproof and enjoy a make-over* for you and your friend, when your friend purchase any Anna Sui Base make-up product worth RM80 and above.
    *Make-over is by appointment only.

    Latest Anna Sui Moisture Rich Foundation Powder

    Yesterday I brought Buaya Wing to Anna Sui Parkson 1utama and she bought RM160++ got a evening bag and I got a travel size mascara! both of us got makeovers too, to be done next time lah, no important. I highly recommend DIDI (long hair cool guy), the SA at Anna Sui Parkson 1utama. He's so friendly & generous!

    free Anna Sui pouch with any purchase of Base Make Up
    (choose from a variety of pouches, while stock last)

    However Anna Sui KLCC where I purchased RM400++ from didn't tell me that I am entitled to a free autumn colors makeover from the RM400 GWP. I only found out after Von told me about it and I took another look at their GWP poster and yes its true. I should have a makeover & nobody told me to book for it! What's more depressing is I brought Von to the Anna Sui Mini Make Up Workshop and she as my friend, purchase RM400++ too! and both of us should be getting makeovers and I should get a travel size mascara which again nobody give me. WHY why WHY?! both of us spend rm800 and don't even want to inform us about a small mascara & makeovers? Von went to ask few days ago and guess what, the mascara out of stock already so end of story? I don't even mind a replacement of other samples. got my mascara finally yesterday from Vi Vi!!!

    What bothers me is they don't bother to inform customers what they could or are entitle to after purchase. Is it my fault that my travel size mascara is out of stock NOW or theirs for not even taking the courtesy to give me THEN after I brought a friend to purchase RM400++???

    Malaysian Retailer Mentality - No Ask No Get. Too Bad Life goes on.

    I believe Harim, Vina & Wan experienced some really awful services & didn't even get their Lomo Camera from their Mini Make up workshop which left they really upset over the whole thing! They don't even know its out of stock? according to the promotion for the make up session, it says for the first 50 imcc member. If they didn't make it to the list, they should be informed of it. Now Vina is swearing off Anna Sui. Poor girl.

    L'occitane's Member Sales!

    Loccitane Member Sales 27-30/8/09

    Alexis called me up today to borrow my Loccitane member card, she sounded excited and panic at the same time. I said okay so when u want to come take it from me? she said "now?" I was like "Wuuut?". So she hunted me down at Beautilicious Warehouse Sales just to kidnap my member card away. Now she's back & telling me all about it! argh!! I NEED TO GO CHECK IT OUT TOO!!!

    Fireman Steamboat & BBQ


    Last Saturday, I got invited to Fireman Steamboat & BBQ, thanks to Mr. Lee the manager & Edwin from Everyday.com. I brought my bf & his gang to eat since my voucher is expiring soon & my own gang is being quarantine/sick/etc. FYI there's 2 branches, one in The Curve and another at Jaya One, PJ. I choose Jaya One for obvious reasons which I will explain later on in this review.

    When I arrived for my dinner reservation, Mr. Lee seated me at the tatami table (I love tatami tables!). There's 2 floors but I prefer ground floor because of the tatami table, ambiance & of course the special surprise which I will reveal soon.

    At the table, there was a big electric steamboat & bbq griller in the middle. This reminded me of BBQ Plaza at 1utama. On observing the steamboat plate, it seems to be wider than BBQ Plaza's steamboat plate. Instead of Lard to greease the plate, Fireman uses chicken skin/fat? (if i'm not wrong).

    The sauces & cordiments reminds me of BBQ Plaza too

    Mr. Lee then suprises me with complimentary jugs of Caring Herbal Tea. It looks weird, with lotus roots and stuffs. I hesitate to drink it but I tried anyway because everyone started saying it's nice! SO YES I drank this weird drink and OMG it's really nice! taste like herbal tea (like mata kucing drink). It's refreshing & cooling! just nice for a steamboat bbq dinner. I ordered 2 more jugs to satisfy my guests! definitely a must try here!

    order checklist

    The Menu is a eat-all-u-can selection of meat, seafood, vegetables & desserts. There's no PORK! but it's not certified Halal either. Choose from a selection of chicken, beef, lamb, prawns, steamboat balls, noodles etc. You will be given a checklist where u can check what you'd like to try and how many quantity.

    there's no PORK!

    diggin in

    not much choice but u can eat all u want!


    Here comes the surprise! Fireman is not called Fireman for fun yea! they actually have a FIREMAN to perform fire stunts! it was my first time watching a fire show! At 9pm, a man walked and stood at the stage and music blast on. Everyone stopped eating & turn to look. I was excited and went to the front to watch the live show!

    This is the main reason why I choose to dine at the Fireman Steamboat & BBQ branch in Jaya One! for the fire performance! Currently this is the only branch licensed to do so. It was pretty cool watching him do his fire stunts!

    fat burning? no it's fire belly art!

    The most exciting part of the show was towards the end where the fireman started to put the fire into his mouth and even strike a pose! I seriously wish they would make him do more performances for the ladies! we'll be screaming our skirts off if he did an exotic fire dance for us!

    My verdict? It's a simple steamboat & bbq restaurant, no pork but you have a selection of meats, seafood & vegetables to choose from. I do wish they have more varieties added into the menu since they're not serving pork anymore. The ambiance is alright, I hope their air flow system and air cooling system will be upgraded because the night I went was full house so a lot of steam made the place very hot. That would be perfect. The fireman show is an added bonus for this branch! Live Fire Perfomance while enjoying your BBQ Steamboat? I have no complains!

    my blog birthday steamboat & bbq dinner!
    (strictly by invitation only)

    Which is why I'm booking 4 tatami tables tomorrow for my Blog Birthday Steamboat & Barbeque Dinner for my blogger friends. I hope you girls (and guys) will enjoy this session with me ^_^ in celebration of my blog which is already 1 year old. Please note that this is on RSVP basis only and it's not certified HALAL yet. I apologized to all Muslim readers who were invited but couldn't come after I got a confirmation from Mr. Lee saying it's not certified Halal (but Samak has been done and it's Pork Free).

    buaya wing gave me a present today for my blog bday!!!
    thanks Buaya Wing! LOVE IT!!! XOXO

    Kindly note that there will be a seating arrangement with your names on the table.
    Also please note that drinks will not be free in this buffet but I have ordered a jug of caring herbal tea for each table tomorrow.

    Jaya One is situated in the heart of old PJ, making it easy to get to. We are only 15 minutes away from major highways like, LDP, Sprint, Kerinchi and Federal. And parking is cheap and abundant here at Jaya One.

    click on image for larger view

    For enquiries or reservation, please call Fireman BBQ Sdn. Bhd.

    43-LG2, Block C, Jaya One,
    No. 72A, Jalan Universiti,
    46200 Petaling Jaya
    Tel: 03-7955 6818
    Business hours: 11am to 10pm, daily (Jaya One)

    The Curve
    (Near Paddington Pancakes)
    Business hours:
    11am to 10pm (Sun to Thur)
    11am to 1am (Fri & Sat) (The Curve)
    Tel: 03-7722 1268

    Beautilicious Warehouse Sales

    Beautilicious Warehouse Sales

    Candy took me to Beautilicious Warehouse sales today (last day) during my lunch time. Thanks Candy :D I wouldn't have gone if it wasn't for you kekeke! bye bye cash sob sob!!! I was supposed to go Anna Sui Parkson Member Day sale during my lunch hour but I got sidetracked to Beautilicious at Kuchai Lama! I just came back and pictures will be up soon! Enjoy!

    Beautilicious Office
    (there's a black candelier too!)

    attention: only cash sales

    instant eyeshadow rm5
    cheek cake blusher rm7
    selected lipgloss rm9
    eyeshadow pan rm7

    somehow all the beauty shops now have candelier!
    (I'm seriously wanting a candelier too under my make up table)

    the display area where u can swatch/test out colors

    Alysa, Victoria & Dessert Bar rm35
    (dessert bar is latest palette i think)

    I bought dessert bar palette for rm35
    (swatched colors)

    The Retro Kit RM30 (N/P RM59.90)
    Quick Liquid Eyes Kit RM40 (N/P RM66.90)

    Sweet Baby Doll Kit RM30 (N/P Rm59.90)
    Eye Opener Kit RM30 (N/P RM59.90)

    Twinkling Star Kit RM30 (N/P RM66.90)
    Smoke Gets in your Eye Kit RM30 (N/P RM59.90)

    Jelly Beans Lip Palette RM30 (N/P RM66.90)

    Volumelicious Mascara RM21 (N/P RM29.50)
    Cheek Cakes Blusher RM7 (N/P RM15.90)
    Dream Holiday Kit at 30% off (N/P RM79.90)

    instant eyeshadow RM5 (N/P RM12.90)

    single brushes RM7 (N/P RM15.90)

    Glossy Jams Lipgloss rm13 each (N/P RM25.90)
    Maxi Pie Pan Case Rm10 (N/P RM25.90)
    Mini Pie Pan Case Rm7 (N/P RM15.90)

    Glossy Jams Lip Gloss RM13

    deffective corner for lip stuffs at special price

    Pie Pan E/S Refills RM7

    Pie Pan Eyeshadows RM7 (N/P RM15.90)

    puff up scouffle 2 way cake rm40 (NP RM59.90)
    2 way cake refill rm28 (N/P RM39.90)

    deffective products from rm20 onwards
    (bruised/scratched/missing parts)

    Arch It Right Kit RM30 *star product*
    (I bought at rm30 defect price)

    brush set rm35 (N/P RM49.90)
    the magic wand liquid eyeliner rm21

    6 piece Pink Brush Set
    face/blusher brush
    eyeshadow/concealer brush
    eyeshadow sponge applicator
    eyebrow brush & comb
    angled brush
    lip brush

    I know this brand existed in Malaysia for some time but I never try them before though I have been always lurking around their booth in Watsons checking out the instant eye shadows, tempted but don't know how to use? will it be easy? Since this warehouse sales came out, I thought it will be a good time to try Beautilicious Cosmetics and that instant eye shadow. Also been leeming for their Dessert Bar after seeing the palettes being featured in local magazines. Finally bought it today.

    brush set rm35, eyeliner rm21, instant eye shadow rm5

    arch it right kit rm30

    jelly bean rm30

    dessert bar rm35

    My 1st Beautilicious Haul:-
    1. Brush Set RM35 x 6
    2. Dessert Bar Palette RM35
    3. Instant Eye Shadow RM5
    4. Magic Liquid Eyeliner RM21
    5. Jelly Bean Lip Gloss Palette RM30
    6. Arch It Right (defective palette) RM30
    Total Damage: RM286

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