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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • Yogood Glow Cereal Bar Giveaway Results


    thank you for joining my giveaway!

    Congratulations to the 9 winners who has given their comments on why they would like to try YoGood Glow Cereal Bar!. Please do email me your name, contact & mailing address to tammylci@gmail.com by this Friday so I can post them out to you. Each winner will be receiving 2 boxes of YoGood Glow Cereal Bar in Cranberry Peach and Blueberry Pomegranate.

    Shokubutsu's Spa Day Out

    Shokubutsu's Spa Day Out - Your Private Moment & Ultimate Pampering
    (winners of the contest)

    Today I would like to share about the time I went to Shokubutsu's Spa Day Out also known as "Manjakan Dirimu Bersama Shokubutsu". Through a contest held in several magazines such as MIDI, Keluarga and Seri Dewi Keluarga, 8 lucky readers won the right to be transported to an oasis of pampering at the infamous Vila Manja, Kuala Lumpur. I was invited as one of the blogger to experience the day with the Shokubutsu winners. My Butterfly Project friends Innanie, Cik Lily Putih and Sabrina was there too so it makes the day even better!.

    Plusizekitten X Cremorlab Giveaway


    Cremorlab, the cult Korean skincare product

    While being bedridden in Kuala Lumpur, I decided to unbox a parcel from MUSE by Watson. It's been boring spending time by myself while I see my friends going places and enjoying themselves outside. The weather is mightily hot and I find myself sweating buckets and bathing up to three times a day. So imagine to my delight when I find Cremorlab products along with a Cremorlab booklet featuring all their product explanation. Now I already fallen in love with Cremorlab because of it's chic packaging but finding out that they're made from a unique ingredient is what makes it all the difference.


    - Acovado Oil 3ml
    - Rose Floral Water 28ml
    - Rose Extraordinary Water 25ml
    - Mini Plumping Radiant Cream 10ml
    - Radiant Pulpe Serum 2ml x 2
    - Organic Cotton Pouch

    - Nigella Oil 3ml
    - Orange Blossom Extraordinary Water 25ml
    - Orange Blossom Floral Water 28ml
    - Mini Rose Milky Cleansing Oil 35ml
    - Radiant Pulpe Serum 2ml x 2
    - Organic Cotton Pouch
    - Rose Hip Oil 3ml
    - Rose Floral Water 28ml
    - Rose Extraordinary Water 25ml
    - Mini Plumping Radiant Cream 10ml
    - Radiant Pulpe Serum 2ml x 2
    - Organic Cotton Pouch

    - Argan Oil 3ml
    - Orange Blossom Extraordinary Water 25ml
    - Orange Blossom Floral Water 28ml
    - Mini Rose Milky Cleansing Oil 35ml
    - Radiant Pulpe Serum 2ml x 2
    - Organic Cotton Pouch

    - Nectar Bright Mask 15ml
    - Orange Blossom Floral Water 28ml
    - Narcissus Extraordinary Water 25ml
    - Rose Hip Oil 3ml
    - Nectar Bright Cream 2ml
    - Nectar Bright Essence 2ml
    - Nectar Bright Eye Contour Serum 2ml

    I just couldn't resist not sharing about Melvita's Organic Starter Kit and they're only RM59 each (originally RM90-100). and you get free shipping from Melvita. Melvita is becoming one of my favorite skincare brands that uses organic ingredients and flower power in their products. I love particularly using the floral water and their latest skincare range Pulpe de Rose. You can sign up for sample kit and a chance to win grand prizes worth RM149!. You can visit http://www.melvita.com.my to purchase a kit before it gets sold out!.

    the Pulpe De Rose sample kit & contest

    post signature

    GiftBlob: Send A Gift Via Mobile To Surprise Friends!


    the modern way to surprise your love ones today

    Have you heard of this mobile app that you can use to send gifts to surprise your friends, family or even your special someone just by making a few clicks?. Introducing GiftBlob one of the unique mobile apps in Malaysia currently providing gifting services that allows users to send gifts without having to leave home. If you're busy, outstation, working or looking to surprise someone's birthday in a unique way then why not try GiftBlob?. It don't have to be birthdays, it can be a simple thank you or a message to brighten up someone's day. 

    Now you can send surprises such as a slice of cake, coffee, gift or anything you can find on the app from these gift categories Coffee & Cake, Momento, His & Hers, Surprise, Fashion and Pamper. AND The best thing about GiftBlob? It's free to use! Just download from google play store or apple store by searching for GiftBlob.

    Yuen Medicare Trading / Tit Tar / Chinese Physician / TCM



    It has been nearly two months since I sprained my knee at an "event". What happened?. Well I was dancing and then my knee suddenly "pop". It felt like it was out of my control and detached from my hip. I didn't feel any pain *surprised* and my fiance told me it could be that it was so painful, my body was in shock and my brain stop me from sensing. Without feeling any pain, I didn't know what was going on. This was my first time and I was scared. I was wheel chair bound throughout the day and finally friends sent me to Universiti Hospital's Emergency & Trauma Ward. I did start to feel pain at this time and I still could not walk. After 6 hours, 3 doctors, an X-ray and an intravenous pain killer (injected via a cannula on my hand) the doctors couldn't tell what was wrong and sent me home with pain killers. Not even a bandage was given. They say come back after 5 days if I still experience pain so I could be referred to a sports injury department for MRI checking.

    Too Cool For School Now At The Curve

     too cool for school has moved to The Curve

    For those of you who didn't know Too Cool From School, the hip and happening Korean cosmetic beauty brand that opened it's first flagship store in Jalan Telawi, Bangsar has moved it's operations into shopping malls starting with The Curve, Mutiara Damansara. You can find the shop conveniently located around the concourse 1st floor after coming up from the escalator. They offer a wide range of beauty products from cosmetics, body to skincare.

    F&N Fun Flavors To Help Spread The Cheer!


    the F&N Fun Box arrives!

    A giant F&N Oren soft drink landed on my doorsteps last week just in time to cheer my mood up. When I open the can, which was actually made of cardboard that flips open revealing 6 colorful fruity F&N soft drinks all sleeping nicely in their own nest. F&N Fun Flavours were Outrageous Orange, Cool Ice Cream Soda, Smashing Strawberry, Groovy Grape, Flashy Fruitade and Zesty Zappel. I probably tasted one or two flavors of these drinks but never all so I was curious to try all of them :D but guess which one is my favorite flavor of all? Ice Cream Soda :)

    Congratulations! New Zealand Natural Giveaway Winners


    New Zealand Natural Giveaway Winners Results

    Without further ado, here are the 5 lucky winners who managed to vow my ice cold heart for one (1) yummy large ice-cream at New Zealand Natural! Please e-mail me or fb pm me your mailing details so I can snail mail your yummy voucher to your mail box. All I need is your name, contact and address by 27th June, 2014 (else I'll eat your prize). Thank you for taking part in my ice-cream giveaway *blows kisses*.

    Little Wonton Cafe Taman Tun Dr Ismail

    Banana Peanut Butter

    Bolognese Charcoal Noodle

    It's surprising that in the dark as I lay by myself, I could see the beauty of the world through Facebook. Having to be prison break bed for almost two months now, Facebook has been my been my source of entertainment and sometimes, hope. Just today, my favorite quirky cafe, Little Wonton Cafe updated photographs of their food, being styled in such a way it looks so natural, so kampung and yet so delightfully tasteful. When I say kampung, I meant the arrangement of the food, that block of wood, the way the light shines in... it's like you're creating a fusion of gastronomic delights in a soulful forest. Here's more photographs and at the bottom, I showed where it was all created. Right in Little Wonton.

    SHOPPING WONDERLAND in klia2 – What’s In Your Bag?


    Oh boy oh boy!!! SCREAMS

    Readers you got to join this contest I found out called the klia2 – What’s In Your Bag? Giveaway. It's part of the klia2 launching so they've organize a SHOPPING SPREE contest where you're given RM5,000.00 to buy anything you want on http://whatsinyourbag.my/en which is basically like a virtual klia shopping hub with a lot of retail shops (duty free or not) from f&b, lifestyle, fashion and electronics. The best part of of winning this contest? Your RM5,000 worth of shopping goods in your cart comes true *heart attack*. Even more fantastic is that on the day of the launch, a lucky winner will be picked and announced to win a RM25,000 shopping spree at klia2 *pengsan*.

    There will be a winner a day for 15 days starting 9th June right up till 23rd June. Here's the low down on how you can join the Giveaway and cross your fingers, your shopping cart worth RM5,000 of products you check out will be the lucky cart to come true!.

    Limited Edition Havaianas Collectible Summer Kit


    check out my Gil Elgren pin-up girl illustration towel

    This comes as a late post but it's never too late to start Summer showing off my new pairs of Havaianas Summer Kit which I never opened till today. While moving house, I accidentally kept it up out of sight above my wardrobe. Now that it's Summer, well I know it's Summer all year long in Malaysia but it's nice to get ready for Summer fun, thinking about staycations, holiday getaways, sandy beaches, wait how about holding hands with the person you love the most while the sun goes down? That's just how I envision my Summer *love*.

    New Zealand Natural Giveaway


    you can taste New Zealand in every bite 

    My friends have a hard time believing I don't eat chocolate, take coffee, bread, cakes or any kind of pastries. It's just now my thing. The only sugary obsession I have is only for ice-cream with brownies or waffles or bananas!, Just bring me for ice-cream and I will be happy *beams*. This month it's all about ice-cream with me, maybe that because it makes me happy. I try not to eat ice-cream because I am already a cute round kitty so if I do, I'll likely go for really good ice-cream that's worth the gobble down.

    Kiehl's X Butterfly Project Fun In The Sun Bloggers Event


    the latest project by The Butterfly Project Community

    Another awesome event to share about my journey with the Butterfly Project Beauty & Lifestyle Bloggers Community. This Sunday Kiehl's is throwing an exclusive event for the community called "Fun In The Sun" at 1 Utama's Secret Garden which is a place I have not been up before even though I have wander around the mall for so long *embarrassed* but I knew about it :) and proposed to Kiehl's to do their event up there just to go see it MUAHHAHAHHAH ops.

    Learn & Have Fun With The New Magnolia Gotcha Safari


    new Gotcha Safari in interesting flavors
    and learning about safari animals

    Magnolia dropped a box of their latest Magnolia Gotcha Safari at my home last month and when I opened it up, I found cute safari animals printed on the wrappers. The Gotcha Safari is the first ice cream concept of its kind that features animal prints on its ice cream and educational information on its packs. Consumers get to learn about the animal habitat and its characteristics, which is printed on the pack. The Gotcha Safari is available for sale in individual sticks of RM1.50 each and also in a variety pack of four with two Zebra and two Tiger variants in each pack, at RM5.80/pack.

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