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  • Shokubutsu's Spa Day Out


    Shokubutsu's Spa Day Out - Your Private Moment & Ultimate Pampering
    (winners of the contest)

    Today I would like to share about the time I went to Shokubutsu's Spa Day Out also known as "Manjakan Dirimu Bersama Shokubutsu". Through a contest held in several magazines such as MIDI, Keluarga and Seri Dewi Keluarga, 8 lucky readers won the right to be transported to an oasis of pampering at the infamous Vila Manja, Kuala Lumpur. I was invited as one of the blogger to experience the day with the Shokubutsu winners. My Butterfly Project friends Innanie, Cik Lily Putih and Sabrina was there too so it makes the day even better!.

    Manjakan Diri Bersama Shokubutsu contest (Nov 2013)

    the spa day out is held at Vila Manja, KL

    welcome to Shokubutsu's Spa Day Out!

    introducing the World Famous Bathing Series Spa Shower Cream

    Now I would have joined this contest too because the winners will get a spa pampering package worth RM599 each and Shokubutsu hampers to bring back home from the World Famous Bathing Series Spa Shower Cream which comes in three variants - Balinese, Onsen and Oriental. They're retailed for 220ml (RM 6.50)  650ml (RM 14.90) and refill pack 500ml (RM 7.95). 

    Shokubutsu's World Famous Bathing Series Spa Shower Cream

    Balinese Escape - Power of Lulur Renewal 
    ‘Mandi Lulur' signifies the beauty secrets in the richness of Balinese bathing tradition. Lulur is an aromatic blend of herbs, flowers, seed and grain or fruits helps to keep skin moisturised and softened thus skin is glowingly renewed.

    Onsen Therapy - Power of Mineral Revitalization
    Japanese Onsen Therapy is an ancient tradition believed to have natural healing power. The naturally hot and mineral rich water that seeps through volcanic rocks also helps to revitalize beautiful skin.

    Oriental Charm - Power of Herbal Restoration 
    Oriental bathing tradition is made rich by the usage of blended herbs to soothe body heat. Such herbs especially the Wolfberry is useful with belief to promote and restore skin health and delay.

    P.S: Do you know what Shokubutsu in Japanese means? Let me tell you :) it means plant(s).

    a glimpse of an escape

    lounging area

    lounging area

    massage rooms

    What did the winners enjoyed from their winnings? A luxury spa pampering session from head to toe starting with a full body scrub using coffee beans, a serene rain shower followed by a warm hot stone back massage and aromatherapy massage. Sounds fantastic right?

    I got the Balinese Escape :D off to massage!
    (and showered with Balinese Escape variant as well)

    During my rain shower, I reached out for Balinese Escape since I felt that we we all in Bali at the moment. Shokubutsu had place all three variants of the World Famous Bathing Series Spa Shower Cream at the shower area for us to use. The Balinese Escape was of a milky cream bath and smell of lulur. It was indeed a surreal aromatherapy experience and the scent of aromatic blends of herbs, flowers, seed and grains of fruits filled the air. I was enjoying my rain shower, washing off the coffee scrub from my body. Enriched with plant collagen, my skin felt silky soft to the touch as I towel myself dry ready for my next massage.

    faster faster bring it here!

    yay completed! how does it look?

    After the pampering session, winners and bloggers gathered around to participate in the Shokubutsu Games Challenge where we learn how to work together as a team to piece up the puzzle in the fastest time possible (puzzle must also look neat and tidy!) and the color mind games where what we see may not be what it is (pretty interesting). Everyone had so much fun getting to know one another and were full of spirit after a delicious meal and massage.

    lucky draw & award prizes for winners

    everywhere was decorated with Shokubutsu products

    Lucky draws, prizes and door gifts were given out and it seems everyone won something at least to bring back home! They probably have a year's supply of Shokubutsu to bath thanks to the generous gifts from Shokubutsu.

    Ms. Fara welcomes everyone to a day of pampering

    let's officiate this special day

    with bubbly fun!!! (ribbon cutting style)

    I would like to thank Fara who invited us and took care of us and the winners on this lovely day, it was nice meeting you!. Here's a picture of her at the launch of the Shokubutsu Spa Day Out ribbon cutting ceremony with Marketing Manager, Ms. Jackie Low and Marianne, Vila Manja's Spa Manager.

    Shokubutsu is available at all leading supermarkets. The World Famous Bathing Series Spa Shower Cream which contains plant collagen for smoother, moisturized skin comes in three variants to choose from - Balinese, Onsen and Oriental. They're retailed for 220ml (RM 6.50)  650ml (RM 14.90) and refill pack 500ml (RM 7.95).

    For more information like www.facebook.com/ShokubutsuMalaysia.

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