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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • Sunscreen That Turns Into Water! It's Real


    Ultra Hydro Sun Essence SPF50+ PA+++

    Recently something landed on my table and blew my mind away. Like literally if I could show you special effects, it'll be like a slow-mo of sparks and glitter gushing out from my face. What could have done this? This innovative sunscreen from Korea that's super lightweight and when applied it turns into water and you don't even feel like you're wearing sun protection! Okay, maybe I'm being overly dramatic here but seriously, if anyone has tried this and feels the same, please tell me if the feelings are mutual.

    Okay, drama over, it's called the Ultra Hydro Sun Essence SPF50+ PA+++ 30ml made from "clear glistening moisture energy from the deep ocean". That's the 61% Hawaiian Kona deep ocean water along with 30 kinds of ocean plant extracts and 45 kinds of plant extracts.

    Guardian X Anna Sui Exclusive Travel Bag


    Guardian X Anna Sui

    OMG Guardian is teaming up with renowned designer, Anna Sui for its latest exciting loyalty program where you can redeem Anna Sui's exclusive range of travel bags from Guardian. I don't have all the information yet or picture of how the travel bags would look like but I am sure excited about this because I love Anna Sui! Stalk Guardian Malaysia for the updates, I think it's like next month?! I wonder how it'll look like! Arghhhh #excited.
    Especially their perfumes, Secret Wish was my favorite and then last week I visited Sephora and saw their new perfume Fantasia, and I just couldn't stop admiring it. It has a unicorn on top of a cupcake like a bottle. Just beautiful! I'm going to put this on my Christmas wish list.

    beautiful isn't it?
    A new olfactory signature for the brand, the Woody Fruity Floral scent promises sensuality and femininity with a hint of mystery. The idea was to create a new signature scent in the fantastical realm of romantic mystery that layers in effervescence and optimism, with a pink pomelo potion and spicy pink pepper on the top.

    The heart is a beautiful floral bouquet with a delicious raspberry praline note to contrast the sparkling top and to add a brushstroke of just the right touch of playful addictiveness and femininity. Golden cypress and Himalayan cedarwood add an extravaganza of woodsy freshness. The creation is spellbinding, modern and playful.

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    Ladykin Fresh Icing Gel Bar


    SURPRISE! Our next Selfiegram is going to take place at the exclusive Butterfly SEO+C Workshop this 7th October 2017. Collaborating with Ladykin from Korea, we'll be giving out Ladykin Fresh Icing Gel Bar which FYI, looks like a watermelon popsicle! This is great to cool down the heat during Summer or the Great Asian Weather (365days of Summer). Made using watermelon extracts this icing gel can be used as a light refreshing moisturizer, soothing gel, sleeping pack or as a makeup base to get that moist glow skin. For more information and if you're interested to buy it click here.

    What's Selfiegram? This is a unique program created by the Butterfly Project for the community to have a fun, photo review experience in expressing or creating a particular content on Instagram. Depending on the difficulty level, caterpillars (new members/new bloggers) can participate in this program provided they already have an active Instagram account that's not set to private.

    To redeem your complimentary Ladykin Fresh Icing Gel Bar just follow the guide above! Don't forget to include the following hashtags #ladykin #altheakorea #butterflymsia and any other hashtags that'll make this cooler. Show it to our Bloggers Relation Officer to redeem it. Only one per butterfly at this SEO+C Workshop. Below is an example of how you can join this Selfiegram:

    image credits to Project Fashion Cam

    Jurlique Opens 10th Concept Store Starling Mall


    Congratulations to Jurlique Malaysia for celebrating the grand opening of their 10th concept store at the new mall in town, Uptown that is. Yes, if you haven't been to The Starling Mall, you should because there are some very nice stores to visit like Book Xcess and coffee cafe where you can read and enjoy a hot cup of coffee. Other cool stores for party planners and decorators to visit is the SSF and Daiso. There are not many dining restaurants but once the food court opens, I bet the crowd will start coming. On weekends, the main court on the ground floor is turned into a community bazaar.

    I was there yesterday for my Jurlique facial and there was a home gardening roadshow going on. I'm particularly happy that I got to see at least two major beauty salons here, which is Jurlique and Neal's Yard Remedies. Both I have visited and bought something.

    I wasn't able to attend the grand opening media launch but my partner Baby G did and he showed me pictures taken with his phone. He had fun eating canapes adorned with flowers. Among other activities was he got to make his very own essential oil blend which made me proud because he's a big boy now, able to go mingle and make things for his lovely girlfriend (hehe). He collected tea bags filled with actual ingredients of tea like dry orange slices for instance.

    I met him after work at The Starling so I could check out their Perfect 10 Opening Deals which was to me, quite attractive! For first-time customers, they're giving away facials at RM60 (np RM198) which are the basic facials. Premium facials over RM400 can get 60% off so I went in for a recommendation. The difference between premium and the normal facials is the use of machines to effectively target your skin concerns - ageing, firming. If you're young and are just doing this for maintenance (basic care) you can go for the ones without machines. The facial promos are applicable here and The Curve, Setia City Mall and Queensbay Mall.

    If you a Jurlique user, then check out their concept store promotion  - RM60 on selected products (which is very limited) and PWP 60% off selected products (very limited again) such as their body lotion and body shower wash. All promotions mentioned here are valid until the end of this month only 30/9/17. Facials promotions are only for first-time customers while the products promotion is limited to one (1) per customer. Terms and conditions apply.

    I feel the Jurlique Curve and Mont Kiara is much better than The Starling Mall which seemed smaller and not their usual interior. There are about 4 treatment rooms (small) hidden behind. After my facial, I bought their global best seller, the Rosewater Balancing Mist but in the limited edition version which is more intense for RM250 @ 200ml. I've always like their Rosewater face mist, and now that it's in the limited edition packaging and made of glass, I thought it'll be nice to support this store for a change and bought it.

    It's really pretty, and the mist is great for hydrating and cooling down your face temperature so you don't produce as much sebum. I had their store opening flyer taken from the concierge which says I could redeem a starter kit from them. Guess what the therapist gave me - one sad sachet sample. To think I just paid RM500 for facial and the face mist, she could've just given me a proper starter kit? Maybe she wasn't happy I didn't buy everything on the table.

    Our 2017 limited edition is inspired by nature inside and out as we partnered with acclaimed Australian painter Belynda Henry to celebrate our most iconic product. She created a series of stunning scenes of the Jurlique Farm which appears on this year’s limited edition packaging.

    It's with a heavy heart that I have to share that my facial here wasn't a good experience. I have always been fond of Jurlique but after this visit, I feel that there are a lot of improvements needed to be done. Perhaps the store is new, and their therapists needed more training or experience in putting their best interests forward for their customers. I wrote to Jurlique to get a feedback on what happened.

    Jurlique Malaysia
    The Starling Mall (G-014) Ground Floor
    Damansara Uptown, Petaling Jaya.
    (same row as Baskin Robbins, opposite Nicsmann)

    For more information check Jurlique Malaysia Facebook.

    What's New KBeauty? Half Moon Eyes

    This October, I am kickstarting the community with a beauty topic on "Morning Care" by introducing our next beauty collaborator all the way from Korea - Half Moon Eyes (HME). Now we love all things Korean Beauty but what's so special about HME? The fact that they're honest about encouraging women to be just the way they are. While brands are shouting that all natural, organic and the works are what's good for you, HME, on the other hand, tells us that they are not ALL natural and why it's a good thing. How? By combining quick beauty solutions with effective ingredients and packaging them in a fun happy package.

    If you're into aesthetics, then you'll love how versatile their product designs are. Be it cute, Scandinavian, minimalist, or tropical vibes, your flat lays are going to be the bomb.

    HME's creator, Lee Seung Hyun shares that she was inspired by her own half-moon shaped eyes, hence the brand name, which captures women's hopes and desires to find the most beautiful side of themselves. Which is what makes Korean Beauty so much sought after as Koreans are known for their natural, glowing, beauty coupled through the use of innovative beauty technology and effective ingredients suitable for the Asian skin.

    HME has 3 products cater just to make beauty simple and attractive. They are the popular Milky Jelly Toning Essence, Milky Jelly Moisture cream and the cute Pink Fruity (face pack). They are available through popular Korean Beauty online sites such as Althea Korea.

    SOS Morning CareAt 8 o'clock in the morning, All-in-one Moisturizing Care for students and workers busily preparing for the day.

    Milky Jelly Toning Essence 180ml
    After cleansing, use the Milky Jelly Toning Essence which is a 3-in-1 skincare product to cut time short and achieve your beauty needs at one go! It works as a toner, booster, and essence at one go. Suitable for all skin types (mild on the sensitive and oily skin). It's an astringent that gives fresh and light moisture essence with sebum control while increasing skin flexibility. The main star ingredient in this is Silica Powder (pore care). Click here for more info.

    * Use on a cotton pad/spray mist/masking.

    Milky Jelly Moisture Cream 100g
    An all-around moisturizing cream for dry skin with rich moisture and skin barrier protection. This lightweight gel-type moisturizer that's like jelly emulsion replenishes water and keeps you hydrated throughout the day. Is not sticky and has a refreshing fig fragrance. Packed with antioxidant ingredients to protect your skin anytime, anywhere even against dry weather, yellow-dust and fine dust. Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. Click here for more info.

    * Use as a moisturizer/sleeping pack/hydrating glow when mixed with foundation.

    Pink Fruity (Single 10ml / Triple Set 10ml*3 / Palette Set 10ml*10)
    This is an 8-in1 mask! A pore care clay wash-off capsule mask (pack) that can achieve 8 beauty effects - cooling effect, hydration, moisturization, pore tightening, texture care, nourishment, exfoliation, and sebum removal. The main ingredient is Dragon Fruit extract, an internationally patented ingredient that effectively removes excess oil and waste material while exfoliating your skin.

    * Use 1 - 2 times a week.

    check out her glowing skin demonstrating the use!

    for more information & video introduction click here

    Must Try Curry Bun Seremban


    This is a story about the time I brought my family on a travel treat to Port Dickson. I got lucky at the Matta Fair 2017, bought 3 Garden Villas free 1 more, and they were all upgraded to Premium Water Chalet YES! That's the perks of buying at Matta Fair, the little stuff that makes it awesome. However, it was kinda a let down that we weren't allowed to enjoy the evening high tea session at Avi Spa that comes with every stay in a Premium Water Chalet. How stingy can Avillion seriously be over tiny sandwiches, cakes, and drinks? Sheesh, grow up Avillion you ain't the glowing spanking new "resort" in Port Dickson anymore.

    Enough ranting, this is about the time my sister said we should stop for lunch at Lucky King Bun, Seremban while on way to Port Dickson. Lucky King Bun is a famous chicken curry bun restaurant that every ***** food blogger has blogged about. For my Muslim readers, this isn't a Halal restaurant (sigh I wish they opened one Halal one so you could try how the curry chicken buns). Thank goodness we could get a table just right before the lunch crowd move in! (we didn't reserve a table, so that's pretty lucky). It was packed!

    Salivating yet? It's as good as my pictures are saying! Well if they could speak, they'll be saying omg eat me. Now I liked that I get to see the curry buns being made in the restaurant, there's a see through window kitchen where the buns are being made. Then they're baked and moved to the front for sale. They buns sell fast because it's the star of the restaurant. They come in either chicken or pork. I like chicken better.

    The Curry Buns is a unique dish made with chicken curry, potatoes and thick gravy wrapped inside a giant bun. The lovely golden buns, fresh out of the oven is piping hot! It's soft and buttery with flavourful curry inside. They're served cut opened, I have managed to capture how they prepare this below in my photographs so please check it out! You can eat the curry on its own or dip with the bun bread. Order a fried rice to go with it just like what we did.

    It's not too spicy thanks to the fragrant, creamy mild curry gravy inside. The chicken meat just falls off the bones! A lot of meat in the bun btw. You can order this for the whole family to dig in. It's really more of a Chinese Curry taste, not the best but the combination and the fresh oven ready, in a vintage Chinese restaurant makes it perfect to be eaten.

    Curry Chicken Bun RM34
    Curry Pork Buns RM40
    Yin Yong Bun (Curry Pork Ribs & Dongpo Pork) RM42

    The second must try here is the Dragon Tiger Seafood Pot. It's a combination of milky and mild curry soup, fused with generous servings of fresh seafood ingredients such as crabs, prawns, cuttlefish, clams and handmade meatballs served in a boiling pot. It's served with rice noodles to perfectly complement between the piping hot soup and fresh succulent seafood. The pot is prepared and brought to your table, place on top of the induction cooker to be cooked right in front of you just like a steamboat. I feel that the crab's small compared to all the food bloggers reviews. You can see the claw is tiny. Oh well, at least this was a delicious creamy curry broth with fresh seafood inside.  

    Dragon Tiger Seafood Pot

    Regular RM80
    Large RM120

    Seafood Pot Add-Ons
    Abalone Clam 55
    Crab 25
    Prawn 18
    Mussel 12
    Clam 200g RM8
    Cuttlefish 200g RM8
    Squid 150g RM12
    Meatball RM8
    Seafood Tofu RM6
    Rice Noodle RM5

    We ordered one of the three jug drinks available, which is the Lemongrass jug at RM15.90.  On averagely you can order ala carte meals ranging from meat to vegetable dishes ranging from RM20 - RM40. Seafood costs up from RM30 - RM120. I ordered the Golden Rice (fried rice) Large for my mom. It was delicious. All in all, I feel the prices are not too bad for a touristy spot and it has that delicious old-school chicken curry flavor that's lost in the city. A curry bun is enough to fill 4 hungry stomachs! In fact, we couldn't finish the curry bun and dragon seafood pot because it was too much for the four of us.

    I really miss this curry bun, regretted that I didn't order takeaway to eat at Port Dickson. After writing this review, I really wish I have one hot pipping chicken curry bun to eat *sob*.

    28 & 29, Jalan MPK6, 
    Medan Perdagangan Kepayang,
    Bukit Nenas Highway, 
    70200 Seremban, 
    Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

    Business Hours:
    +60 6-631 1755

    Happiness In A Sandwich

    Waking up on a Sunday morning, I decided to make a simple grilled sandwich. It's just wholemeal bread, tomatoes, cucumbers, and cheese. I used the Tefal snack maker (snack collection). The poor maker doesn't see much of daylight as I have been busy. I remembered I have photographs taken, so I edited them again, to feel more Muji-ish.

    I guess when I am down, I like to go back to the things I love, like editing photographs. I'm not a professional, I just like to learn and improve. It makes me happy. If happiness is the meaning and purpose of life, then we must stay happy for even when misfortunes blessed us with strength and character building. Life should be simple. Just like a grilled sandwich, to be eaten.

    2 slices wholemeal bread
    1 favorite cheese of yours
    Slices of cucumbers & tomatoes

    Big pinch of black pepper
    Himalayan rock salt

    Butter each bread slice
    Place your favorite cheese slice, cucumber, tomatoes and sprinkle with black pepper and salt
    Preheat sandwich maker, spray or coat with some butter on each plate
    Place your sandwich (combined) onto the plate and close the lid
    Depending on your sandwich maker (automatic timer) your grilled cheese sandwich will be ready in no time!

    Elephant Cave (Goa Gajah) Bali

    This was an incidental shot taken during my Bali travel. I saw a lady sitting on the curb, and I wanted to capture that on my lens. The sun hit my lens, and I had a burst of light over my shot. I do like how it turns out, and as I was trying to edit my photographs on Photoshop, just simply by using auto contrast, tone, and color, I get three types of effects from the original photo. Could say it feels like Spring, Summer and mellow?

    If I could remember, this was outside (car park) of Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave). Dubbed as the must see when you go on historical tours in Ubud. It's located at Bedulu Village, 6kms from central Ubud (about nearly an hour). You'll see the relic-filled courtyard, rock-wall carvings, bathing pools, fountains, and the popular Elephant Cave where people come to meditate. Why is it name Elephant Cave? Because the figure was once thought to be an elephant. The entrance of the cave rock has carvings of various menacing creatures and demons. It's built to ward off evil spirits.

    Goa Gajah is open daily from 8am - 4pm. Women during periods are forbidden to enter. Our tour driver advised us to rent the sarong and waist sash (it's a must). Entrance fee is 15k rupiah for adults and 7.5k for children. Please check for the latest price and information.

    Back at the carpark, which is outside of the Goa Gajah courtyard are stalls selling refreshments and souvenirs for tourists. I took some photographs here because I like the daily life of locals going about doing their thing. I have a lot more in my drive, but I guess I'll keep it for myself.

    Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave)
    Opening Hours: Daily Mon - Sun 8:00am - 4.00pm
    Location: Bedulu Village, Jalan Raya Goa Gajah, Blahbatuh, Gianyar

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