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  • Must Try Curry Bun Seremban


    This is a story about the time I brought my family on a travel treat to Port Dickson. I got lucky at the Matta Fair 2017, bought 3 Garden Villas free 1 more, and they were all upgraded to Premium Water Chalet YES! That's the perks of buying at Matta Fair, the little stuff that makes it awesome. However, it was kinda a let down that we weren't allowed to enjoy the evening high tea session at Avi Spa that comes with every stay in a Premium Water Chalet. How stingy can Avillion seriously be over tiny sandwiches, cakes, and drinks? Sheesh, grow up Avillion you ain't the glowing spanking new "resort" in Port Dickson anymore.

    Enough ranting, this is about the time my sister said we should stop for lunch at Lucky King Bun, Seremban while on way to Port Dickson. Lucky King Bun is a famous chicken curry bun restaurant that every ***** food blogger has blogged about. For my Muslim readers, this isn't a Halal restaurant (sigh I wish they opened one Halal one so you could try how the curry chicken buns). Thank goodness we could get a table just right before the lunch crowd move in! (we didn't reserve a table, so that's pretty lucky). It was packed!

    Salivating yet? It's as good as my pictures are saying! Well if they could speak, they'll be saying omg eat me. Now I liked that I get to see the curry buns being made in the restaurant, there's a see through window kitchen where the buns are being made. Then they're baked and moved to the front for sale. They buns sell fast because it's the star of the restaurant. They come in either chicken or pork. I like chicken better.

    The Curry Buns is a unique dish made with chicken curry, potatoes and thick gravy wrapped inside a giant bun. The lovely golden buns, fresh out of the oven is piping hot! It's soft and buttery with flavourful curry inside. They're served cut opened, I have managed to capture how they prepare this below in my photographs so please check it out! You can eat the curry on its own or dip with the bun bread. Order a fried rice to go with it just like what we did.

    It's not too spicy thanks to the fragrant, creamy mild curry gravy inside. The chicken meat just falls off the bones! A lot of meat in the bun btw. You can order this for the whole family to dig in. It's really more of a Chinese Curry taste, not the best but the combination and the fresh oven ready, in a vintage Chinese restaurant makes it perfect to be eaten.

    Curry Chicken Bun RM34
    Curry Pork Buns RM40
    Yin Yong Bun (Curry Pork Ribs & Dongpo Pork) RM42

    The second must try here is the Dragon Tiger Seafood Pot. It's a combination of milky and mild curry soup, fused with generous servings of fresh seafood ingredients such as crabs, prawns, cuttlefish, clams and handmade meatballs served in a boiling pot. It's served with rice noodles to perfectly complement between the piping hot soup and fresh succulent seafood. The pot is prepared and brought to your table, place on top of the induction cooker to be cooked right in front of you just like a steamboat. I feel that the crab's small compared to all the food bloggers reviews. You can see the claw is tiny. Oh well, at least this was a delicious creamy curry broth with fresh seafood inside.  

    Dragon Tiger Seafood Pot

    Regular RM80
    Large RM120

    Seafood Pot Add-Ons
    Abalone Clam 55
    Crab 25
    Prawn 18
    Mussel 12
    Clam 200g RM8
    Cuttlefish 200g RM8
    Squid 150g RM12
    Meatball RM8
    Seafood Tofu RM6
    Rice Noodle RM5

    We ordered one of the three jug drinks available, which is the Lemongrass jug at RM15.90.  On averagely you can order ala carte meals ranging from meat to vegetable dishes ranging from RM20 - RM40. Seafood costs up from RM30 - RM120. I ordered the Golden Rice (fried rice) Large for my mom. It was delicious. All in all, I feel the prices are not too bad for a touristy spot and it has that delicious old-school chicken curry flavor that's lost in the city. A curry bun is enough to fill 4 hungry stomachs! In fact, we couldn't finish the curry bun and dragon seafood pot because it was too much for the four of us.

    I really miss this curry bun, regretted that I didn't order takeaway to eat at Port Dickson. After writing this review, I really wish I have one hot pipping chicken curry bun to eat *sob*.

    28 & 29, Jalan MPK6, 
    Medan Perdagangan Kepayang,
    Bukit Nenas Highway, 
    70200 Seremban, 
    Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

    Business Hours:
    +60 6-631 1755


    1. I wish they had the halal version... I want to taste it too

    2. Oh my... those photos just making me hungry at this hour. The buns really look so yummy with the freshly bake look and I just can't imagine how it taste with the curry 😍🍴😍🍴😍🍴

    3. OMG, the curry bun looks yummy. Why did I have to read this at 11.23pm when I'm feeling hungry.

    4. curry bun look so yummyyyyyyy .. please make the halal version, so the muslim can try to eat curry bun to. T____T

    5. sedap ...kat melaka pun ada curry bun tu..sedappp

    6. Wow it looks so tasty! As an https://classyessay.com/ writer i need a lot of food to keep my mind working well. If I'd had one of such restaurants near my work, it would be real founding for me! Looks so yummy. My mouth is full of saliva already

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    8. Curry bun looks very delicious! Hopefully, I could visit here for my next year travel.


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