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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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    (Alejandro I LOVE U)

    I didn't know who's Boyce Avenue until I stumble upon this group's youtube videos as I was googling acoustic singers. I fell in love with all the songs, so much so that I paid for Spotify Premium and listen to the saved songs everyday. That's how freaking awesome Boyce Avenue is. Then I saw Groupon selling tix and it dawned on me that BOYCE AVENUE IS COMING TO KL (their Asia tour) thanks to The Livescape Group (organizer, freaking love u for bringing him here!). I can't miss this chance to hear them perform live gosh!!!!!! I'm going crazy because YES I GOT MYSELF TICKETS TO WATCH HIM PERFORM this 12 February, 2015 at KL LIVE, Life Centre and here's how you can get tix for yourselves too (tix selling fast!):

    1. Early Bird Tix RM158 Groupon *SOLD OUT*
    2. General Tix RM188 TicketPro
    3. VIP Tix RM258 Ticket Pro

    The Boyce Avenue Asia Tour live in Kuala Lumpur will take place at KL LIVE, Kuala Lumpur on February 12 and will also feature Narmi and Elizabeth Tan as opening acts with JinnyBoy hosting. Limited tickets, I was screaming away for someone to take me, just wish I have a boyfriend lol who will teman me watch. AH but now I'll go with mah buddies who loves Boyce Avenue too.

    tengok all my Boyce Avenue songs on Spotify

    listen to Boyce Avenue on youtube! they have over 6.5million fans

    What's Boyce Avenue?
    The band is made up of brothers, Alejandro who sings lead vocals, plays the guitar and piano, Fabian who plays the guitar and sings backing vocals, and Daniel who plays bass, percussion and also sings backing vocals. The brothers formed the band in 2004 and have been producing videos and sharing their original music as well as covers of popular songs on YouTube since 2007. The band boasts over 6.5 million YouTube subscribers, 1 billion total views, and over 290 videos on their main YouTube channel BoyceAvenue. They have also collaborated with other YouTube artistes such as David Choi, Kina Grannis, Alex Goot, Hannah Trigwell, Tyler Ward, Fifth Harmony, and many more. 

    The name of the band, Boyce Avenue, is derived from two street names which the brothers used to live on when they were younger. The sensational trio are among the first few internet celebrities to create music-focused channels on YouTube and have since gained a large number of subscribers on their respective YouTube channels. They are known for their collaboration in making covers of popular pop songs on YouTube.

    The band’s debut album, All We Have Left includes singles such as “Every Breath”, On My Way” and “Broken Angel”. Boyce Avenue will independently re-release their album All We Have Left through their label, 3 Peace Records, founded in 2006 by the brothers.  The band later released their first EP, No Limits, in 2014 which include singles such as “Speed Limit”, “I Had To Try” and “Scars”.

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    10 Things About Hipsters

    I just discovered my style has a name

    I have a certain sense of fashion style that most would go =_= (the f face look). This started ever since the coming of age. I never could blend well with my peers, wearing all girly girl dresses, fashion trends and dolling up. I prefer baggy clothes, hoodies, cardigans, jeans, tops, vintage shirts, anything with fake curs, sunglasses with great hair, hats, beanies, a messenger or sling bag. My choice of colors? Always black and neutrals. My makeup choice? Natural, minimalist, bare beauty. My hair? It's a beautiful mess. Call me the unconventional beauty.

    black nails, dark messy hair, the must-have sunglasses
    (Toh Soon Cafe has awesome kopi ais thx to Orked 4 takin me here)

    Not conforming to the norm of fashion, I wander around for years figuring out what kind of nonsense fashion sense I have. I asked around, I google and I just figure maybe I have the Olsen twins fashion sense. Turns out, after much reading that I fit into the "hipster" category where unconventional beauty is the beauty to us. Happy that I found what I am, I'm not going to hold back anymore. This year, you're going to see the real me.

    Being a hipster isn't just about dressing the part. It's an organic, androgynous, exclusive way of living. That includes everything from your hair to the books won't stop talking about. Here is how to be the quintessential hipster girl ...not that you need that label - wikihow.

    macam macam ada, hipsters make it their own style
    (this is in Chulia Street, Penang)

    If you're like me, lost and wondering why you don't fit into the conventional fashion trend, then see if you're a hipster who has her own fashion sense that nobody understands. We may dress down, dress up but there's always something of that we place because we're the rebellious individuals with no sense of fashion, and that's fashion.

    1. Hair
    Long Straight/Wavy hair or androgynous cuts are the most common. Side Swept bangs are a must. It is common to leave your hair down in a messy “just woke up” style or throw it into a messy bun. Washing your hair every day isn’t necessary. Plato didn’t wash his hair every day.

    2. Nails
    Don't follow mainstream nail fashion. While nail companies try to parade women around as Barbies, hipsters reject the norm and instead wear dark or patterned nail polish.

    3. Make Up
    Why are women encouraged to wear make-up, but men aren’t? Hipsters wear minimal makeup, if any at all, as a way to reject this misogynistic mentality. Red lipstick is always appropriate though.

    4. Working Out?
    Hipsters don’t believe in the athletic ideal. Instead, they spend their time discussing ideas, philosophy and animal cruelty. Thus, Hipsters have a body fat in the single digits. That comes from drinking fair trade coffee and eating organic vegetables. It makes sense though…they are vegetarian or vegan.

    5. Tattoos
     Getting some ink is a creative expression of one’s self. Don't get tattoos on a whim.

    6. Reject Mainstream Fashion
    Hipsters would never shop at Macy’s, Nordstrom, American Eagle or Abercrombie. Hipsters shop at the Salvation Army, thrift stores, second-hand stores, Urban Outfitters(if you want to cheat at 'style')and American Apparel. They even follow their own fashion rules.

    7. Unconventional Fashion Pieces
    If an article of clothing has 2 or more of these fashion buzz words, buy it immediately. Terms include Studded, Acid Washed, Cut-outs, Cutoffs, Oversized, Vintage, Leather, ”Boyfriend” Style, Abstract, Patchwork, Fringe, Cropped, Ripped, Lace-up, Faded, and Suede.
    8. Tops
    Invest in flannel button-ups, shirt with obscure bands titles(only if you actually listen to band), vintage/throwback collared shirts, ironic “Cosby” sweaters, Cut up shirts, crop tops, oversized t-shirts, over-sized cardigans, vintage blazers, American Apparel zip-up hoodies, vests, and of course, ponchos.

    9. Accessorised
    Don’t look like you are putting too much effort into the way you look. You want to have just enough to pull together your outfit without looking like you wasted your morning getting dressed when you could have been reading Kant. Some accessories include headbands, bandanas, scarves, Ray-Bans, faux fur hats, lumberjack hats, fall and winter hats and handmade bracelets.

    10. Bags
    Bags are great for storing your books, vinyl records, and camera. Some great bag ideas include messenger bags, vintage shoulder bags, and cross-body bags.

    source: http://www.wikihow.com/Be-a-Hipster-Girl

    I'm crazy about this look, look at the bulus!

    what kind of hipster are you?

    casual but sexy cool, I really adore this look
    (I'm not inclined to show my elephants legs yet)

    love the oversized top with torn hot pants

    the casual hipster swagger

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    Change Your Looks with Eyelash Extensions


    spending the day reading at my favourite cafe

    once a while I'll look up to see who's sitting opposite me

    If you're following my Instragram, you'll notice I've been pretty melancholic these days. Let's just say I'm feeling pretty experimental with my selfies this year. I'm playing with colours, emotions, lights and a wide range of facial expressions. Added to the drama is a new pair of eyelash extensions from Posh! Nail Spa, my second round actually after a month of "lash-rest". It has enhance my facial expressions when I take selfies of myself. The benefits of eyelash extensions? Let me break it down in 3 points.

    The Good:
    1. Increase your sex appeal
    2. Makes you feel pretty confident fluttering your lashes about
    3. Don't need mascara anymore, heck you can skip eye make up
    The Bad:
    1. Hard to remove make up (make up remover will weaken lash adhesive)
    2. No rubbing eyes
    3. Cleaning eyes is tough
    How Is It Done?
    1. You're ushered into a room & lay down on the bed
    2. Tapes are used to protect your lower lashes / eye area
    3. Choose Cluster / Single lashes (you can request shorter - longer length)
    4. Close your eyes at all time (the adhesive stings your eyes)
    5. Process takes 30 - 50 minutes, and you're done
    6. Come back for touch up after 2 weeks
    without eyelash extensions

     with eyelash extensions

    Because I've a package at Posh! Nail Spa, I did my nails, waxing and eyelash extensions and the total is deducted from my package. Remembering correctly, first time trial for eyelash extensions is RM88 only and you can request for natural or dramatic setting. It's very basic here, not much choice or introduction is given as they're more focus on nail care services. They need to improve on adhesive application, to avoid leaving obvious white clumps (adhesive) which annoys me when I can spot them. Nevertheless, my second time doing it, it wasn't as bad as the first time. I've only tried eyelash extensions at Posh! Nail Spa so I can't say much comparing to other shops. I'll continue experimenting with eyelash extensions this year because I find myself enjoying the wonders of having fuller, longer looking lashes for a change.

    Posh! Nail Spa TTDI
    31, Lorong Datuk Sulaiman 7,
    60000 TTDI, KL.

    Eyelash Price List
    Cluster Lash RM108
    Single Lash RM188
    Lash Touch Up RM48
    Lash Removal RM38
    Lash Perming RM38

    P.S: When taken care properly, your eyelash extensions can last you a month. After removing, let your natural lashes rest for a while as they're stressed out. Your natural lashes may fall during stress / strain of the eyelash extensions, that is common. They won't all fall, it's also depending on how you have been taking care of your eyelash extensions e.g no rubbing eyes. 

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    My 2015 New Year Resolutions


    what's your New Year Resolutions?

    My New Year's Resolutions is unlike any other I guess. Instead of making resolutions for myself, I am making a list of resolutions where long awaited visions for The Butterfly Project should be fulfilled this year. I don't know if this is boring to you all to read, but yeah my passion isn't limited to blogging, editing, designing or giving birth to events. It's also to educate and mentor bloggers, most of my readers has turned into bloggers over the years and I see the future where everyone owns a blog, be it for personal sharing or as a proactive consumer reviewing and sharing their thoughts on their purchase or products / services in the market. Here's my 2015 resolution, and to make it come true it I would need to get go Genting and hit the casinos to win money or get the support (financially or kind) via brands who believe in what the community is all about. Tell me which idea would work?

    1. The School of Blogging
    With everyone becoming bloggers, there has to be a place where they can learn about the ropes of being a good blogger. The basics of blogging, the ethics of being a blogger, how to review products or services and well everything and anything to do with blogging coming from experience bloggers and people in the industry who could share some insights.

    2. Ask Butterfly
    A Q&A section on the community where bloggers could write in to ask questions related to blogging or a cry for help. Interesting questions would be published on our website and/or Facebook community.

    3. Butterfly Buddy System
    To make new comers feel at home and updated with how Butterfly works, I'm thinking we should do a buddy system where a newbie is assigned under a butterfly to be friends :) she can get acquainted faster and be introduce to the rest of the butterflies and feel right at home.

    4. Brand Partnerships 
    Establishing relationships with brands who's keen to be a part of the community. Our calendars will be filled with activities for butterflies! Especially for The School of Blogging if it's supported by an amazing brand :)

    5. An Awesome Website
    If only we have 30K we can create an awesome community website where members can register accounts, keep track of their activities and projects all in one page. We will have a forum as well where members can interact with each other or create their own micro blogs in the site. Think of all the amazing things one can do!

    6. Butterfly Talents a.k.a Top Bloggers 
    Yeah for anyone who don't know, I'm also a talent manager for bloggers or social influencers. I have been planning to officially celebrate the top butterflies in the community and engage them for clients in digital campaigns. A proper profile, or portfolio built that would vow anyone to engage them would be dam cool.

    7. Butterfly Cafe 
    Yes I have this dream that if I become a millionaire, I would open a cafe called The Butterfly Project and it will be the coolest place for butterflies to hang out, have coffee, meet other bloggers, finish up their posts and take selfies at our cool designated thematic sections in the cafe e.g say a vanity table because we want to take pictures looking like a celebrity with our beauty products.

    8.  Awesome Anniversary Celebration
    Due to lack of funds, we never really celebrated our anniversary all out, like red carpet Oscar event at hotels. Just imagining it makes me excited. We can give out trophies, awards, showcase videos, creative works, dine like King & Queens all glam out.

    9. Butterfly Penang & JB
    Being a one man show isn't easy. I wish I could expand our activities to the north and south. This would mean me doing Butterfly Project full force, full time and gosh.. again I wish I am a millionaire so I can just pull this off and fly to destinations to conduct activities for butterflies out there.

    10. Butterfly Membership Card
    This may seem like a dumb idea, but hey it'll be dam cool if we have an actual membership card where you can just show to attend a workshop instead of signing in on those boring papers. Touch and go you know? Beep beep.


    so alright maybe I should have resolutions for myself? and if it interest anyone here's mine that I just thought of right now, right this minute...

    1. 60KG yes my weight goal, I'm 5kg away now
    2. Keep my hair long so I can do dip dye again
    3. Get a boyfriend
    4. Visit all Sekeping Series & blog about it
    5. Get a new Canon DSLR
    6. Get my Pandora charm bracelet filled up
    7. Clear all my debts (dam u credit card)
    8. Dye my hair mint green for real
    9. Original Adobe Photoshop on my macbook air
    10. A job that pays

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    She Bangs! Number76 Hair Review


    swagger meter has increased woohoo

    Last week I met up with Shelby Kho (Bisou Bon Bon) and asked about her bangs (fringe). You see Shelby and me have something in common. We have round tomato face with a short forehead and hairstyles are never our friends! So we end up with the same hairstyle for ages. I've always wanted bangs but the hair stylists always say "No" becase my face frame does not suit it. BUT BAM, I saw Shelby's bangs and I was asking her WHERE DID YOU GET THAT? (pointing at her forehead). She said she found a hairstylist who's able to give her bangs but in "suitable" way that would not make us look like Doraemon with bangs. I went on Number76's website and booked an appointment with Amy (like 4am in the morning can you believe it) for a 2.30pm slot at Bangsar II branch (the one next to Pos Office Bangsar). Can't believe I can make a booking via their website and they send confirmation by e-mail. They have updated sessions that's available or not for booking with your preferred hair stylist.

    after all that hype, I decided to try Number76's services
    (yeah I actually paid for this, not sponsored review)

    I checked for Shelby's hairstylist and it's Amy, she's a senior director which means a hair cut is RM138! *gosh* but hey if she can give me bangs why not? I'll let her bang me man (pun intended). By 2pm I was already at the front of their shop in my sunglasses looking half-passed-dead because I slept at 6am finishing some butterfly work.

    Initially I wanted only bangs but upon speaking to Amy, I realize why not just do the whole hair makeover as Chinese New Year is coming? I asked for her recommendations in hair coloring (dam and I swear not to color my hair anymore because it's damaging) and she recommended me to do Ash Brown. I wanted something more obvious, lighter but well if she says Ash Brown suits me then I'll go for it. While she was about to color my hair, I suddenly asked how much are highlights? I don't mind doing ombre or duo tone. Who could have a customer who walks in for a hair cut and then decided to do the whole she-bang thing? I was lucky that I get a 20% referral discount for the services I do on that day. Hair coloring costs RM260 (after discount) and highlights were an additional RM100. I gave the green light for Amy to do whatever she wants actually as long it suits me the casual hippie.

    under the morning sun, this is my hair color

    And after 5 hours in the salon, this is the results. I finally have bangs and got a whole new look for RM460 (senior director hair cut + hair coloring + highlights) and they found out it's my birthday after hearing Dilina (my reader who bumped into me outside the shop) wishing me Happy Birthday. Buy your first service here and you're automatically a member. During your birthday month you get a free Ultra Sonic Treatment worth RM250!. I thought it was some cheap hair treatment but wow, they use some kind of nano vibrating hair straightening looking gadget, spray waters on it and starts clamping my hair. That's after putting on treatment. Everything is like so high tech here. Hair coloring usually takes 30mins but in this place, they use a round thingamajig that heats up your head for 7mins only.

    wanted to cut hair only but become full blown session

    Birthday: Ultra Sonic Hair Treatment worth RM250
    (with home care treatment to take back)

     that's Amy on the left with me

    Why did it take 5 hours then? well because after the first hair coloring, the Ash Brown didn't turn up well. My hair was still dark so Amy said she wants to redo by soft bleaching my hair. However after washing and blow drying, it's still dark in my humble opinion. Only the highlights are showing which makes the difference in my hair tone. I wish my hair color was lighter, it's only showing under bright sunlight.

    On a side note, the birthday Ultra Sonic Hair Treatment is AMAZING! With my hair colored twice, it's amazing that it feels soft like I never did chemical treatment before. Gotta redeem this for your birthday, just go get a wash and blow service paid and you're a member already!.

    can't get enough of playing with my new hair

    it looks super cute when I tie my hair up in a pony tail
    (I can go back to school with this look)

    I might go back and ask her to redo my hair color, the Ash Brown is looking dark brown. Anyway I do like the hair cut :) she trimmed off my ends, gave me bangs and soften my look. That took a few years of my real age (haha). Pretty much having fun with my new look now, I can pull off the school girl pony tails or innocent girl look as compared to my usual emo swagger look. Though I have to filter a lot of pictures just to show the hair color otherwise it just looks dark brown to me.

    P.S: Been hearing so much about number76 and finally I made the step to try their services for the first time. I'm impressed with the level of service they give (especially during hair wash where they make sure you won't get wet during washing). For hair coloring for my length I don't think it's expensive, usually salons like to charge me the "very long hair price" even when it's just over shoulder length which costs from RM400-600. For number76, RM360 with highlights is awesome.

    Number76 (Bangsar II)
    No. 50, Jalan Telawi ,
    Bangsar Baru,
    59100 Kuala Lumpur.
    03-22831776 / 2776

    Opening Hours: 10:00 - 22:00 (Daily)

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    The One, Dolce & Gabbana Collector's Edition: Couple's Perfume Set


    gifting ideas for couples: royalty in a set

    Say if anyone is looking to find the perfect gift for couples on their wedding or engagement, you can check out Dolce & Gabanna's the one in collector's edition. The one has been it's iconic scent for some time, but it wasn't an interest to me as I thought it would be too overwhelming for my liking. However this collector's edition just screams royal sophistication in a very sexy way so I spritz the red one on myself and omg, it just smells great! Perfect for a wine and dine evening or any of that black tie affair.

    Like the flacons (bottle) you can see the simplicity in both and simple means up most luxury. What's distinguishable is the gold coin, a strong motif in the Dolce & Gabbanna's fashion collection 2014 presenting a journey of discovery of ancient Sicily and the Greek culture that lies deep within its history. Each coin presents a profile of the mythical Greek Gods, representing wisdom, courage and intelligence. A sense of reality and surrealism embodies the one for female and male. 

    the collector's edition: a timeless elegance

        the symbol of ultimate luxury is in my hands

    The collector's edition is a couple's perfume set, a 75ml EDP in passionate red for the woman and a 100ml EDT in deep rich brown for the man. The duo perfume is a combination of the powerful couple; enigmatic woman of fierce yet sparkling splendour while the man whose sophistication command the attention of all around him. The box, an ancient Roman inspired gold casing, heavy to the feel opens up to showcase the two perfumes. Just like the quote, behind every successful man is a woman. This gift is perfect for such duo characters in life.

    passionate red for woman, deep rich brown for the man

    The one for woman is a passionate red flacon with a female mythical God embossed on a gold coin. The scent? Rich oriental floral perfume that opens with a sparkling and modern interpretation of fresh top notes of zesty bergamot and mandarin combined with juicy lychee and peach. The heart notes journeys into a timeless scent of Madonna Lily with its voluptuous intensity and enveloping femininity. The end notes unfolds to reveal a deep and sensual base of rich vanilla and resinous ambery and smooth musky note to leave a lingering presence.

    the one for woman: oriental floral

    the one for man: oriental spicy

    The one for man is a concentration of elegance and sensuality. House in a deep brown flacon, a regal richness that embodies the jewel toned set of the collection. This is a classic and modern fragrance that's vibrant and engaging. Unlike the woman's, the man is a oriental spicy perfume developed from the harmony of tobacco notes and refined spices. The vibrant elegance of the top notes comes from the mouth watering combination of grapefruit, coriander and basil. Spicy and warm notes of cardamom and ginger drive the strong sensual signature, which over time yield to the authentic masculinity of the deep dry down of tobacco and ambery notes along with cedarwood

    will you be the one?

    my imagination when I smell the scent

    My take on both of the scents? I don't feel any roman vibes from the woman's fragrance. Being Asian, it's quite a familiar scent of oriental and floral. I could smell the vanilla musk strongly, behind the floral fruits notes. Being a fan of vanilla and musk, this perfume definitely caught my attention. I find the combination of notes very sensual. I could imagine I would be dressed in a long shimmering gown, with deep v, my gold jewellery softly decorates my neck and wrist. I'm slowly walking towards that man, whose gaze is soft yet powerful looking at me.  He smells of the classic confidence with a hint of smoky wood in his tuxedo. He would be my perfect, embodiment of success and with me by his side, we make the perfect couple. That's how I imagine the scent of the one, man and woman.

    Definitely a keeper. The scents last long into the night, leaving the ends notes that lingers until morning. I would give this to any couple I see befitting of the status and confidence they exude. Available at Dolce & Gabanna's counter from November, 2014 onwards.

    Price List:
    Dolce&Gabbana The One Collector’s Edition 50ml RM348
    Dolce&Gabbana The One Collector’s Edition 75ml RM463
    Dolce&Gabbana The One for Men Collector’s Edition 50ml RM222
    Dolce&Gabbana The One for Men Collector’s Edition 100ml RM308      

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    Escada Joyful Perfume Review

    Escada Joyful - happiness in a bottle

    For Christmas, I receive the gift of happiness in a bottle, Escada Joyful. It's the latest fragrance from Escada and also my first ever Escada perfume. Inspired by the moment of joy one feels when receiving a bouquet of fresh-cut flowers, the fragrance reveals a beautiful, fresh pink peony by dewy white florals, awakening an inner feminine happiness. That's how I feel when I receive flowers from my best boy friend (guy friend hello!) Jeremy at the stroke of midnight on 31/12/15. He excused himself for a moment, saying he needed to talk on the phone outside. I was so worried we wouldn't be able to countdown together. Suddenly he walked in smiling at me, holding a bouquet of my favourite flowers, white lilies. I just have a thing for white lilies, or wild lilies with a hint of pink. I burst into a volcanic pile of laughter, smiling while scolding him and crying at the same time. It was the best New Year and Birthday countdown in my life. I was also wearing this scent :)

    smile at the world, and the world smiles back

    "Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away" - a quote that I have been keeping close to my heart because I strongly believe that life is made beautiful with unforgettable moments such as mine on my birthday. Being a year older, a year wiser doesn't necessary make us old farts but instead, I find that learning to accept life as it is and how beautiful it is, makes me younger. That being said, I feel I should enjoy my life and be happy. Whether it is being with positive people, doing the things I love, having the things I love and be spontaneous like going to Genting for coffee out of the whim with my friends.

    As such, I find inspiration in this bottle inspired by happiness which I wear almost everyday. You can see the bottle is already 1/3 gone *lol*. I'm a sucker for fragrance that's floral, fruity or sweet. If I could describe Escada Joyful, this is what I imagine when I spritz and smell it for the first time.

    a sweet, delicate floral scent

    The Scent?
    A burst of pink white flowers, with sweet candies. It's the perfect scent to wear on Christmas with it's delightful floral, light and delicate. Magnolia oil and pink peony with a newly synthesised moss note - Florimoss which adds depth to the fragrance, giving it a transparent creamy character.

    Top Notes
    The fragrance opens with blackcurrant sorbet which releases a gently icy sensation to the skin. Energising notes of mandarin and melon give the fragrance a free-spirited, playful energy.

    Heart Notes
    The fruity accords are balance by a twist of violet leaves, adding sparkly and shimmer to the fragrance, while pink peony adds a light vitality. Natural Magnolia oil creates a new wet freshness, which is deepened by the perfect blend of cyclamen, and peppering pink freesia.

    Base Notes
    The warm dry down features a unique ingredient - Florimoss, projecting an earthy tone wrapped by the familiarity and creaminess of sandalwood and the rich warmth of honeycomb - adding a natural depth to the floral tones.

    beautiful modern bottle with a pink jewel crown

    simplicity, femininity & happiness

    The bottle or flacon as they called it is designed to evoke the skyscrapers in the city and opportunities that comes with the city life. The top, is a pink jewel crown, wrapped in gold finish. The iconic 'double E' rest at the neck of the bottle while the transparent glass body housed the pink liquid of joy. It's feminine, it's confident, it's just made for us girls who wants to go out and have fun, be happy and well maybe flirt around a bit.

    Though the scent is my favourite sweet flirty one, it doesn't last long for a Eau De Parfum. After an hour or so, it lingers off leaving a warmth tone. I do wish it could last longer because it's such a darling to me. I may not repurchase this because it does not last considering the price, but sigh the scent is ever so lovely when you put it on.

    P.S: if you're looking for a gift to make someone happy, why not happiness in a bottle? 

    Price List:
    EDP 75ml RM355
    EDP 50ml RM275
    EDP 30ml RM196
    Body Lotion 150ml RM116
    Shower Gel 150ml RM104

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    Crabtree & Evelyn HollyBerry Scented Candle


    latest scented candle purchase - HolyBerry RM170 (before 50% off)

    Candles candles candles I can't get enough of candles. I burnt all my candles already including the ones from Ikea. Desperate, I went to check out Crabtree & Evelyn because I know after Christmas, they'll have 50% off items on the rack and something tells me candles will be there. True enough, candles yay from small, medium, large and extra large sizes from RM75 to RM200 over. I bought the large ones at RM170 (retail price), after discount it's RM85 each. There's two scents available, one is the normal powder scent and the other a sweeter scent - HollyBerry. Smells so nice like Christmas roasting berries with musk in the background. I'm lighting it up now so I can feel like a HollyBerry fairy while cleaning my room.

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    My Pandora Obsession


    my first Pandora charm bracelet

    My obsession with Pandora kickstarted when I receive my first bracelet with a handbag charm from my brother for my birthday last year. Then my good friends gave me charms which all matches to things I love about life. It's mainly:
    • Santa Claus, Christmas is my favourite season & month
    • Hearts because I'm a romantic
    • Handbags / Purses because I love to shop (all girls do!)
    • Butterfly because I believe in transformation (Butterfly Project)
    • Pink, which is my favourite colour
    So this year, it's my birthday month and my birthday has passed (if anyone don't know, I'm a New Year baby) but I still receive questions from secret admirers (ala... friends) on what kind of charms would I go for my bracelet? Here's an idea :D if you're planning to get me charms!
    Hate hate animal charms. I like pets but no animals unless it's a cute teddy bear.

    ** My Pandora Collection **

    my favourite pendant necklace - Pandora Black Onyx

    Also I've an obsession with rings and pendants now *gosh*. Looks like the only accessories I will wear is from Pandora only. I was never the type to wear accessories, I aged differently from my peers I guess *cries*. I love the ribbon ring and crown pendant, snowflake, heart locket, feather & butterfly pendants. My bestie Illy gave me a beautiful pink pave heart charm as a thank you gift for organising her baby shower last year. It's my favourite charm among all. Miss Ayna gave me a beautiful Pandora Onyx Pendant Necklace last year as a thank you gift for organising her bridal shower, it was so beautiful I fell in love at first sight with necklaces for the first time and never stopped wearing it. Onyx (Black) heart just symbolised my current heart state (rofl). I didn't know how expensive it was until few days ago when I visit Pandora. I will forever treasure this lovely gift from her.

     last year my birthday gifts from bffs

     birthday gift from bffs - Pandora Signature Ring

    For my birthday, my bffs got me the Pandora Signature Ring which is their latest collection. It was so mesmerising and the blings just called out to my heart. It was like a engagement ring gift, one which I will say YES to them haha. A thoughtful gift as I hid away my "once engagement ring" scar (wore the ring for 2 years so there's a ring line) on the finger.

    Kelly gave me a lovely pink Pandora heart shape jewellery box last year which I keep all my Pandora accessories in. I'll snap a picture when I get the chance :D

    current new addition

    Today, Doroshi a reader turn good friend surprised me with a vintage sunglasses dangle charm to add into my bracelet. It's what I have been wanting, a dangling type charm. She knows I love sunglasses from the selfies I put out haha. Thank you so much Doroshi!. My brother texted me saying he got me a flower charm from Pandora's 30% off sale from now until 11th January, 2015. I was like YAAYYY and I know Candy is also giving me a charm to add again. She gave me two last year for Christmas & Birthday. All my favourite people now on my bracelet, which I carry with my heart. Unforgettable memories indeed.

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