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  • She Bangs! Number76 Hair Review


    swagger meter has increased woohoo

    Last week I met up with Shelby Kho (Bisou Bon Bon) and asked about her bangs (fringe). You see Shelby and me have something in common. We have round tomato face with a short forehead and hairstyles are never our friends! So we end up with the same hairstyle for ages. I've always wanted bangs but the hair stylists always say "No" becase my face frame does not suit it. BUT BAM, I saw Shelby's bangs and I was asking her WHERE DID YOU GET THAT? (pointing at her forehead). She said she found a hairstylist who's able to give her bangs but in "suitable" way that would not make us look like Doraemon with bangs. I went on Number76's website and booked an appointment with Amy (like 4am in the morning can you believe it) for a 2.30pm slot at Bangsar II branch (the one next to Pos Office Bangsar). Can't believe I can make a booking via their website and they send confirmation by e-mail. They have updated sessions that's available or not for booking with your preferred hair stylist.

    after all that hype, I decided to try Number76's services
    (yeah I actually paid for this, not sponsored review)

    I checked for Shelby's hairstylist and it's Amy, she's a senior director which means a hair cut is RM138! *gosh* but hey if she can give me bangs why not? I'll let her bang me man (pun intended). By 2pm I was already at the front of their shop in my sunglasses looking half-passed-dead because I slept at 6am finishing some butterfly work.

    Initially I wanted only bangs but upon speaking to Amy, I realize why not just do the whole hair makeover as Chinese New Year is coming? I asked for her recommendations in hair coloring (dam and I swear not to color my hair anymore because it's damaging) and she recommended me to do Ash Brown. I wanted something more obvious, lighter but well if she says Ash Brown suits me then I'll go for it. While she was about to color my hair, I suddenly asked how much are highlights? I don't mind doing ombre or duo tone. Who could have a customer who walks in for a hair cut and then decided to do the whole she-bang thing? I was lucky that I get a 20% referral discount for the services I do on that day. Hair coloring costs RM260 (after discount) and highlights were an additional RM100. I gave the green light for Amy to do whatever she wants actually as long it suits me the casual hippie.

    under the morning sun, this is my hair color

    And after 5 hours in the salon, this is the results. I finally have bangs and got a whole new look for RM460 (senior director hair cut + hair coloring + highlights) and they found out it's my birthday after hearing Dilina (my reader who bumped into me outside the shop) wishing me Happy Birthday. Buy your first service here and you're automatically a member. During your birthday month you get a free Ultra Sonic Treatment worth RM250!. I thought it was some cheap hair treatment but wow, they use some kind of nano vibrating hair straightening looking gadget, spray waters on it and starts clamping my hair. That's after putting on treatment. Everything is like so high tech here. Hair coloring usually takes 30mins but in this place, they use a round thingamajig that heats up your head for 7mins only.

    wanted to cut hair only but become full blown session

    Birthday: Ultra Sonic Hair Treatment worth RM250
    (with home care treatment to take back)

     that's Amy on the left with me

    Why did it take 5 hours then? well because after the first hair coloring, the Ash Brown didn't turn up well. My hair was still dark so Amy said she wants to redo by soft bleaching my hair. However after washing and blow drying, it's still dark in my humble opinion. Only the highlights are showing which makes the difference in my hair tone. I wish my hair color was lighter, it's only showing under bright sunlight.

    On a side note, the birthday Ultra Sonic Hair Treatment is AMAZING! With my hair colored twice, it's amazing that it feels soft like I never did chemical treatment before. Gotta redeem this for your birthday, just go get a wash and blow service paid and you're a member already!.

    can't get enough of playing with my new hair

    it looks super cute when I tie my hair up in a pony tail
    (I can go back to school with this look)

    I might go back and ask her to redo my hair color, the Ash Brown is looking dark brown. Anyway I do like the hair cut :) she trimmed off my ends, gave me bangs and soften my look. That took a few years of my real age (haha). Pretty much having fun with my new look now, I can pull off the school girl pony tails or innocent girl look as compared to my usual emo swagger look. Though I have to filter a lot of pictures just to show the hair color otherwise it just looks dark brown to me.

    P.S: Been hearing so much about number76 and finally I made the step to try their services for the first time. I'm impressed with the level of service they give (especially during hair wash where they make sure you won't get wet during washing). For hair coloring for my length I don't think it's expensive, usually salons like to charge me the "very long hair price" even when it's just over shoulder length which costs from RM400-600. For number76, RM360 with highlights is awesome.

    Number76 (Bangsar II)
    No. 50, Jalan Telawi ,
    Bangsar Baru,
    59100 Kuala Lumpur.
    03-22831776 / 2776

    Opening Hours: 10:00 - 22:00 (Daily)

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    1. Very nice dear. looking so yeng!!!

      1. thank you Ai Wei! :D I seriously like it a lot.. look yeng like u say

    2. Well done! I am gratified that you have shared this important news with me. Thanks!


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