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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • Piolang 24K Gold Wrapping Mask Review


    if Cleopatra can bath in gold, why can't we mask with gold?

    The secret to being youthful according to some wild stories (well maybe they're real) is that Cleopatra's beauty and youth is thanks to her undying love for gold. Well, it's said she bathed and masked in gold. Maybe that's how she landed that rich Caesar dude but like all love stories, hers was a tragic one. I am not interested in being another person's mistress but I am interested in attaining that youthful glow everyone wants from Korea.

    Introducing the Piolang 24K Gold Wrapping Mask that uses pure gold to wrap your face into luxurious soft goodness. I am not kidding when I describe it this way. It's one of the masks that could make my face super soft inside out! You can feel the softness just by pressing into your cheeks and it gives that "boing boing" effect. Loosely translated to "bouncy bouncy".

    This mask is claims to do the following:
    • helps lift and firm skin
    • reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles
    • effectively dilute redness, remove splash, even out skin tone
    • skin is silky smooth, firmer, radiant, revitalised and youthful looking
    • helps reduce the aging effects of stress

    Unforgettable Moments - The Center Piece


    got a new charm today *yay*

    Today marks the one month anniversary of me dating Mr. G from Ireland . I'll share the story next time on how we meet, if he allows me to tell-it-all. Like all love stories, our paths crossed in the most unexpected way possible. In short, Mr.G was an Irish backpacker touring around Oceania. On his way to Bangkok from Australia, where he worked for 2.5 years, he made a stopover in Kuala Lumpur. His 2-day visit became a month after meeting me. His initial plans were to backpack from Australia - NZ - Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) - Thailand - Cambodia - Vietnam - Thailand (Bangkok) - Amsterdam - Ireland. We spent almost everyday together, in each other's company, gaining weight thanks to the fabulous food Malaysia has to offer. There's no tourism like foodie-ism he says.

    Althea: How To Track Your Parcel


    anxious to get your Althea parcel?

    Today I am going to share about how you can track your parcel after shopping on Althea Korea after receiving reader's inquiries via Facebook. If you need a guide on how to shop on Althea, click here. The top 5 questions I get are:

    1. When can I get my parcel?
    Althea says it takes 10 - 15 working days for shipping and delivery to take place. This means public holidays and weekends are not included. Your late night shopping does not count as day 1, it will be processed the next day.

    2. How does it work from Korea to Malaysia?
    Althea ships your package from Korea to Malaysia and it will be handled by a local courier company, currently managed by Ta-Q-Bin (some areas are handled by Skynet).

    3. How do I track my parcel?
    Althea has upgraded their e-tracking system to include your local delivery tracking number which can be found under "REMARKS" section. I made a simple guide for you to follow. Please refer below.

    4. Skynet (or courier) says my tracking is invalid! 
    The courier company does not track your e-cargo tracking number which is your shipping tracking number from Korea to Malaysia. The courier company will generate a new tracking number when the parcel reaches them and is processed for delivery. If you don't have the tracking number, it just means your parcel is not ready to be delivered yet. Don't waste time calling them to get tracking number. You will get your parcel from Skynet and if you do not get it, Skynet leaves a notice for you to arrange for second delivery along with your tracking number.

    5. Why does it say failure to deliver when I am at home / office /etc?
    No, it's just a standard update used by Skynet to say it's not ready to deliver. Not they have failed to deliver your parcel to you. If they have failed due to reasons you're not home, you will get a notice from them to arrange for second delivery.

    How To Shop on Althea Korea


    introducing the how to shop on Althea guide

    So I have decided to blog about how to shop on Althea Korea. I may improve this version from time to time depending on reader's needs. For now this is version 0.1 of shopping on one of the best Korean Beauty online website in Malaysia. It's real easy, visit www.althea.kr and decide on what products you want to buy. Click on the product image and it will lead you to the product page where details of the product can be found, along with price. Fancy the product? Just add to cart.

    Pocket Wifi - Traveller's Must Have


    My Travel Must Haves

    Upon touching down the Inchon, Seoul Airport, I turned on my pocket wifi, enter the login and password and by the grace of Internet fairies, I am online yay!. I updated my Facebook page, and what's app my family and friends, telling them I have arrived in Korea safely. Compared 10 years ago, communication has since evolved and become accessible around the world. It is now a must have especially when you're travelling because you'd want to share updates, pictures and experiences being abroad to your social circles.

    Cooking with Corelle's Rosabelle Collection


    cooked my first nasi lemak curry chicken

    On top of my new single life #wishlist was to be able to cook again in a fully equipped kitchen which Arpita my dear Singaporean friend would say "every auntie's dream come true". You see, once you get married like her, you transformed into an "auntie" automatically. Every pot, every pan, every kitchen thingamajig becomes the very thing that makes your heart jump. Even more so when they come in complete sets to wow your unsuspecting guests during dinner.

    P.S: If you're not married and is obsessed with kitchen stuffs, then you are a "pre-mature auntie-culation"

    So when World Kitchen (American kitchenware) contacted me to have me review their products, I said "OH YES" like an auntie in heat. I know Corelle's line of products, my ex-colleague Zaninah gushes over Corelle's dinnerware like a school girl. Her favourite was to stalk Corelle & Corningware's sales to get collections inspired by floral motifs, which World Kitchen says it's a Malaysian favourite. I think she would be ecstatic to know that Corelle's celebrating it's 45th birthday now and a new floral motif collection called Rosabelle was introduced.

    The Rosabelle collection, available in both dinnerware and cookware is adorned with beautiful soft Apricot Candy roses in pink petals and green leaves. The dinnerware is light-weight, chip-resistant, stain-free, durable, easy to clean and quaint. The same goes to the cookware, which is my absolute favourite, a classic Corningware casserole dish that's microwave, oven, stove and dishwasher safe. 

    It's perfect for the single me, I can cook and serve in it. From the stove to the table to the fridge and the next day? out from the fridge onto the stove again with ease. Both dinnerware and cookware cleans easily much to my surprise! It's thanks to the durable and yet lightweight material Vitrelle® a remarkable three-layer sandwich of thermally laminated glass. Be it the conventional, convection or microwave ovens, you can pop it in to bake, cook, heat your asian or western creations away.

    introducing the new Corelle collection - Rosabelle

    something you didn't know about me - I was born into a family of cooks

    the Corelle's Rosabelle collection saves spaces
    (designed to snuggle on top one another with no space wastage)

    the Corningware's Rosabelle put to the test
    (my first curry chicken cooked in a Corningware)

    preparation time 0.5 hours| cooking time 1.5 hours
    serves 8 pax

    the versatility of cooking with Corelle & Corningware

    from the stove to the dining table - cook & serve!

    serve on the beautiful Rosabelle dinnerware

    As messy as my cooking (no pics will be shown to protect the sanity of readers), I find cleaning up after - washing the dinnerware - super easy! Like wiping a baby's butt. It was effortless, another brownie point from this single girl who would rather have everything made easy. Comparing them to my former Ikea plates, I give Corelle's dinnerware a A+ in my books.

    The Corelle Rosabelle 16-piece set is priced at RM729 and the Corningware Rosabelle 6-piece Casserole Set (1L, 1.5L & 3L) is priced at RM629. Both are available in leading departmental stores such as AEON, Parkson, Isetan and Metrojaya. For more information and the advantages of using Corelle and Corningware products click here. They sometimes do giveaways and recipe sharing at their facebook page!.


    - Jasmine Brown Rice
    - Pandan Leaves (tie a bunch together)
    - Indian red onions (chopped)
    *prepare rice as usual in rice cooker, topped with Pandan leaves & the onions.

    - Sambal
    Udang (prawns deveined, peeled)
    Fried Ikan Bilis (anchovies)
    *stir-fry the prawns with a bit of oil, add ikan bilis and sambal and stir fried it all. Ready when prawns are cooked.

    Boiled Egg
    Peanuts (kacang)
    Fried onions
    *boil eggs for 3 mins in boiling water. Get peanuts from market.

    Curry Chicken:
    Liza's Curry Chicken Mix (curry powder, onions, garlic)
    1 kilo coconut milk (santan)
    1 whole kampung chicken (chopped into small parts)
    Potatoes (I used 8 potatoes & cut them into smaller pieces)
    2 tomatoes (chopped into smaller pieces)
    seasonings (salt / pepper/ etc up to you to throw in to better the taste).
    *Please refer to my curry chicken recipe here on how to cook with pictures.

    Click here to see pictures of my Pot Luck Dinner
    I cooked Kimchi Fried Rice served on Corelle's Rosabelle Collection
    (it includes a easy to do recipe)

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    The Single Girl's Kimchi Fried Rice


    last Saturday, I organised a potluck at my place
    (and cooked Kimchi Fried Rice!)

    Last Saturday, I organised a potluck dinner at my place and invited the gang over for our  next "International" conference. The International foodie conference came up when we realise our gang was made up from non-locals. Whenever we meet up, it was always to gossip about the current affairs on Facebook. Our last conversation was about how we would ban eating dogs in our countries (if we had any say). I would say, on behalf of my people (Chinese from all over the world) we would stop eating these poor creatures. I don't see why we have to eat dogs! but then again this is a long debatable topic against vegetarians and meat eaters and so on. Cutting to the chase, our International gang was made up of friends who loves food - Arpita (Singapore), Ella (Malaysian), Carolyn (Philippines), Samia (Pakistan) but she's not able to come, me (Malaysian) and a new comer to our table Gareth Tucker from Ireland.

    According to a recent US dating survey, Irish men has been voted the no.1 sexiest men alive in the world. Thanks to their sexy accent, innocent demure and charming way of looking at life. Also it must be partly thanks to the rising Irish actors and singers captivating our hearts through the big screen.

    International "Foodie" Potluck Conference 

    I put country flags to make it more dramatic
    (if only I can animate these flags too like in Hunger Games)

    meet Gareth, the Irish lost backpacker in Kuala Lumpur

    For our potluck dinner, each of us were to bring a dish of our own, cooked from home (except Carolyn who take away her dish from a Philippine restaurant). It was a way to share our love for food whether it be experimental or our specialty dish and because we are all crazy about food, secretly everyone of us also brought desserts over! 

    This was a massive death by food potluck. Here's what we made:

    Arpita: Sri Lanka Curry Chicken, home made chocolate ice-cream and brownies.
    Ella: Ayam Masak Pedas, jelly and cakes.
    Leonard: Asam Pedas Ikan with White Chocolate Mousse + berries drizzled with lemon juice. 
    Carolyn: (cheated by buying take-away)
    Tammy: Kimchi fried rice and (bought) Castella Cake+ Princess Cake 

    the venue: my place which is freakin awesome btw

    the main dishes cooked by us
    (except Carolyn's chicken adobo)

    using Corelle / Corningware latest design Rosabelle

    of course the mandatory food selfies we take made us so Asian
    (White guys don't get it)

    bunch of MasterChef food critics at the table seriously
    (commenting, criticising and complimenting dishes)

    of course I asked how was my Kimchi Fried Rice
    (which I cooked for the first time!)

    (the single lazy girl's way)

    the ingredients: Kimchi, Spring Onion, Jasmine Rice, Eggs
    (yeap that's all you need)

    the rice formula

    reheat your overnight cold rice with Kimchi & eggs
    (mix it all up after adding the two main ingredients)

    a yummy Kimchi fried rice

    For this potluck, I made my first Kimchi fried rice using Jasmine Super 5 Special rice. It's a nice fragrant rice, very clean and crisp hard grain rice great for home cooking, nasi lemak and fried rice. I decided to make Kimchi fried rice because I'm so into Korean stuffs now (meh... so wannabe right!). I google the recipes and it mostly came with pork but I wanted to make one that is Halal because our potluck was scheduled for buka puasa :D with Ella and her son berbuka with us all.

    Anyway I asked for feedbacks about my Kimchi fried rice from the gang and they said it was good! (I don't know if they're just being courteous or nice). Ella asked for recipe so I'm going to share it here. It's just a real easy recipe.. I literally dumped everything into the rice cooker, mix it up and then took it out to fry in the frying pan. I am going to share how I cook this here so don't laugh. I'm no cook, I just follow my instincts.

    Ingredients for Kimchi Fried Rice:
    1. Overnight rice (leftover rice) fridge so it's cold
    2. Kimchi (you can just get Kimchi from supermarkets, packed to the tub one, the more the better)
    3. Green Onions (for garnishing)
    4. Eggs (what's fried rice without eggs?)
    5. Salt & Soy Sauce

    How To Make Kimchi Fried Rice?
    1. Warm the cold rice in the rice cooker
    2. Throw in your kimchi and crack the eggs (I used 3 eggs)
    3. Mix it all up and leave to cook for a few mins (just to warm the rice up)
    4. Prepare the frying pan, put oil and scoop the rice into it
    5. Fry it up!!! mix mix mix!!! fry!!!
    6. Add a pinch of salt & splash of soy sauce for taste and It's ready hahahhaha.

    That's how I did it :D just easy peasy. I think you can improvise it, add spices / sauces. Belacan / Chili paste, meat of any kind as long you chopped it into smaller pieces for easy frying and to distribute among the rice. Let me know what you think of my "single lazy girl's" Kimchi fried rice ahahhahaha.

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    KLSOGO.COM.MY: Complimentary Floral Arrangement with Purchase of Fragrances


    KLSOGO Online Fragrance Promotion

    James Bond 007 for Women (eau de parfum 75ml) is the latest dangerously seductive female fragrance from the captivating world of James Bond!. Available only at KL SOGO Department Store, receive a 3-pc gift set (inclusive of a jewellery case), with the purchase of a 007 for women eau de parfum 75ml, and a body lotion 150ml. *

    Raya Festive Complimentary Floral Arrangement
    (when you pre-order at www.klsogo.com.my)

    Also specially from KL SOGO Department Store, is the latest female fragrance from GUCCI : GUCCI Bamboo EDP 75ml. Just for the festive season, for every purchase of any 2 large-sized GUCCI fragrance (inclusive of the new GUCCI Bamboo EDP 75ml), you will receive a beautiful complimentary floral arrangement. * The GUCCI Bamboo EDP 75ml is however, available at all Parkson Department Stores nationwide, effective June 18, 2015. 

    *gifts are available whilst stocks last. Visuals are for illustration purposes only. Bathroom gifts may vary according to availability. 

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    Althea Korea - Best Korean E-Shopping Site in Malaysia!

    last day to grab this awesome freebie!

    Readers, I want to share an awesome deal today to everyone. If you haven't heard about it yet, there's a new Korean online marketplace in Malaysia now called Althea Korea (Althea is the national flower of Korea). It features the best of K-Beauty products (Korean Beauty) from popular brands in Korea like Laneige, Innisfree, Tony Moly, Too Cool For School, The Saem, Sulwhasoo, SkinFood, The Face Shop, Holika Holika, 3CE, Missha, IOPE, Guerisson, Primera, Nature Republic, Primera, Belif, Etude House, LabStory, It's Skin, Clio, Banila, Peripera, Petitfee, Elizavecca and many more Korean brands. Everyday there's new items added and if you don't find what you're looking for just Facebook them!.


    Launched on 1st July, 2015, Althea Korea shocked us all with their amazing grand opening promotions, including a 3-day Daebak deal. Daebak means Jackpot in Korean. The first Daebak deal was RM1 Nature Republic Soothing Aloe Vera Gel. Then 2 days ago, they launched RM0.00 Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask. The interesting thing is, it's 100% credit rebated when you purchase. Meaning you have to purchase it at RM40.00 and within a month, you'll receive the amount back in credit form in your account on Althea. That's a smart marketing gimmick I must say. Keeps us coming back for more! Not that I am complaining because Althea has the best selection of popular products to get at a competitive price! Seriously, things are so cheap there you don't need to fly to Korea to shop anymore.

    P.S: They say with Air Asia, now everyone can fly. I say with Althea, now everyone can shop. 

    Use Code ATA150 RM20 OFF RM150 Purchase

    I would urged you to quickly register and get that RM10 credit for new account registrations and start grabbing the Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask at RM0.00 today and also qualify for RM20 off RM150 purchase. We know shipping costs is a pain for anything international so I am really happy to say that once you shop over RM100, it's Free International Shipping directly from Korea to your doorsteps in Malaysia! (usually it's RM150, which is peanuts to us to achieve). Under RM100, your shipping charges is depending on weight e.g under 500g for RM26 and over 500gram its RM34.

    Althea's Grand Opening Promotions:
    1. RM20 off RM150 Purchase with code ATA150
    2. Free International Shipping for purchases above RM100 (usually RM150)
    3. RM10 credit for new account registrations (today last day) click here to redeem
    4. Daebak Deals every 3 business days (CRAZY DEALS)
    Althea's Website - clean, tidy, minimalists (So Korean)

    their product page is captivating & attractively deadly to shoppers

    the 4 key promises Althea makes for shoppers

    The best part about Althea Korea besides the brands and prices available on it, is the fact that they have the balls to make promises no one else would dare (well some promises). Here's the four promises:

    1. Free Shipping From Korea when you purchase RM150 (by Ta-Q-Bin courier)
    2. Althea Authentic Guarantee (100% real Korean products)
    3. Best Price Guarantee (amazing low prices!)
    4. 30-Day Unconditional Return (seriously who dares to guarantee this in Asia?!)

    every purchase comes in this beauty box!
    (super love the good quality gift box from Althea)

    This is seriously a happy news to all shopaholics and beauty addicts in Malaysia now to be able to get their hands on affordable Korean popular products without breaking their bank account. I will share next about my first haul as their beta tester :) blogger (yeap! I got to join their beta testing period where I discover Althea's website and did some shopping on products I'd like to try). What did I buy?

    My Althea Korea "MASK" Haul:
    1. Piolang Pure 24K Gold Mask RM69 instead of RM267.60
    2. Elizavecca Green Piggy Collagen Jelly Mask RM23 instead of RM51
    3. Petitfree Gold & EGF Eye & Spot Patch RM35 instead of RM51
    4. Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack (Volcanic Jeju) RM5 instead of RM21

    *Before prices is not based on Malaysian retail prices! how amazing is that!

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    Mon Cheri Lightener Review


    brighten your day with Mon Cheri's Lightener

    After coming back from Korea, I found a lovely surprise from the folks at Mon Cheri in my pox box. To find out what's Mon Cheri, refer to my introduction post here where I attended their launch in Malaysia (last year). It's a whitening product for the skin which gives a lightening effect after 4 weeks of use. It's been 4 weeks now so I am able to give my comment on this product after applying it twice a day - in the morning and evening after cleansing and toning. It's suitable for all skin types and even sensitive skin. I did not experience any peeling or skin sensitivity after using this product, which just shows how gentle it is. Having said that, I know that this product will not be as effective as pharmaceutical whitening products which could be harsh for sensitive skin type.

    Mon Cheri Lightener 30ml / RM160

    About Mon Cheri's Lightener
    A specially designed lightweight formula which uses a synergistic combination of peptides, niacinamides, plant extracts and natural lactate. These active ingredients were carefully chosen and formulated to tackle not only the already darkened skin complexion and irregularities in pigmentation, but also inhibit the signalling pathways involved in the melanin synthesis to decrease tyrosinase activity. This is the attractive feature of the lightener. Inhibition of melanin synthesis will lead to skin lightening effect, with improvement of photoaging marks and control of hyperpigmentation. It also uses advanced technology to encapsulate the active ingredients and increase absorption into the skin through lipid-lipid interactions.

    How To Use:
    Applying this formula onto the skin twice daily will help stimulate skin lightening effect for better and even complexion after only 4 weeks. The appearance of pigmented spots will reduce as well. Be amazed in 4 weeks!

    The Product:
    The quintessential packaging comes with a twist-and-lock cap which works as a pump. Made of plastic, it's outer casing is a glass illusion of well-kept formula waiting to be used. The calming salmon pink floral design on white background, so Mon Cheri.

    The Texture & Scent:
    The lightweight cream formula gave me a smile under the hot sun. Massaged lightly onto my skin, it disappears in a matter of seconds leaving a shiny effect thanks to the sweet almond oil ingredient. Doesn't feel greasy or oily, when it looks like it. It is not fragrance free so beware you sensitive Rudolf noses out there!.  If you like spas like me, then you'll like the scent it carries - citrus lemon with a hint of rose. The citrus lemon notes grows stronger after the initial burst of flowery notes. This product is made mostly with flower extracts, a Mon Cheri design.

    twist-and-lock pump-and-use

    lightweight formula from France with fast absorbing technology
    non-greasy, gives a shine after use on skin

    My Review:
    After using it for a month (4 weeks) as stated on the product, I could see improvements in my skin tone but not significant enough to garner a before and after photo. I would expect this from a product that is not chemically laden with harsh abrasives to lighten / whiten the skin. It is gentle enough for a sensitive skin person like me. I don't see my pigmentations lighten (not that I have bad ones to begin with), but my skin has brightened from the result of using this. From my experience of using whitening products, it also dries the skin and with prolong use, the skin starts to peel. I like that the sweet almond oil protects the outer barrier of the skin from drying up. That gets a bonus point from me. The packaging is beautiful, the scent is relaxing and lovely to my senses. The texture gets a big point from me as I am not a big fan of creamy greasy products.

    For extremely dry skin, I suggest using a hydrating serum / ampule before applying a whitening product. For oily skin, the shine might make you glow even more during day use, so powder your face to matte the effect.

    Water, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Dimethicone/Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Laurl PEG/PPG-18/ 18 Methicone, Sodium Lactate, Sodium Acrylates/Beheneth-25 Methacrylate Crosspolymer, Hydrogenated Polydecene, Lauryl Glucoside, Centella Asistica Extract, Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Extract, Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) Root Extract, Cemellia Sinesis Leaf Extract, Polygonum Cuspidatum Root Extract, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract, Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract, Butylene Glycol, Cetearyl Alcohol, Ceteareth-20, Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides, Humulus Lupulus (Hops) Strobile, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Isopropyl Myristate, Hydrogenated Lecithin, Sodium Oleate, Oliogopeptide-68, Disodiu EDTA, Tocopheryl Acetate, Cananga Odorata Flower Oil, ROsa Centifolia Flower Oil, Pelagonium Graveolens Oil, Citrus Limon (Lemon) Peel, Phenoxythenol, Caprylyl Glycol, Chlorphesin.

    Where To Buy:
    Available at www.moncheriessentials.com/product/lightener at 30ml / RM160. Currently there's a raya promotion where if you purchase this product, you'll get a free Mon Cheri toner worth RM96 + free shipping in Malaysia. Use my discount code PSKittenMC10 for 10% OFF. 

    Website: http://www.moncheriessentials.com
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/moncheriessentials
    Instagram: https://instagram.com/moncheriessentials
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