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  • Althea: How To Track Your Parcel


    anxious to get your Althea parcel?

    Today I am going to share about how you can track your parcel after shopping on Althea Korea after receiving reader's inquiries via Facebook. If you need a guide on how to shop on Althea, click here. The top 5 questions I get are:

    1. When can I get my parcel?
    Althea says it takes 10 - 15 working days for shipping and delivery to take place. This means public holidays and weekends are not included. Your late night shopping does not count as day 1, it will be processed the next day.

    2. How does it work from Korea to Malaysia?
    Althea ships your package from Korea to Malaysia and it will be handled by a local courier company, currently managed by Ta-Q-Bin (some areas are handled by Skynet).

    3. How do I track my parcel?
    Althea has upgraded their e-tracking system to include your local delivery tracking number which can be found under "REMARKS" section. I made a simple guide for you to follow. Please refer below.

    4. Skynet (or courier) says my tracking is invalid! 
    The courier company does not track your e-cargo tracking number which is your shipping tracking number from Korea to Malaysia. The courier company will generate a new tracking number when the parcel reaches them and is processed for delivery. If you don't have the tracking number, it just means your parcel is not ready to be delivered yet. Don't waste time calling them to get tracking number. You will get your parcel from Skynet and if you do not get it, Skynet leaves a notice for you to arrange for second delivery along with your tracking number.

    5. Why does it say failure to deliver when I am at home / office /etc?
    No, it's just a standard update used by Skynet to say it's not ready to deliver. Not they have failed to deliver your parcel to you. If they have failed due to reasons you're not home, you will get a notice from them to arrange for second delivery.

    How To Track Your Althea Shipping / Order:
    1. Login to your Althea account on www.althea.kr
    2. Under your account, find "My Orders"
    3. Click "View Order" on the order you want to track
    4. You will be directed to your order page. You can see:
    • your order number e.g ORDER #100001191
    • your invoices and shipment
    • your billing & shipping addresses
    • your order list (products purchased)
    5. Click "Shipment"
    6. Scroll below, find your Shipment Order e.g Shipment #100001191
    7. You will see your shipment tracking number below, copy it e.g EC1005434401
    8. Click the shipment number
    9. Your E-Cargo Tracking System window pops out
    10. Paste your shipment number in it & click "Query" button
    11. It will show you the history & details of your parcel

    (overview of how this works)

    viewing your orders in your Althea account

    checking your shipment on Althea account

    getting your e-cargo shipment number
    (different from your parcel courier tracking number)

    the E-Cargo Tracking History
    (top right contains your local courier company's
    hotline number & tracking no.)

    You will only get to see your local delivery tracking number when it reaches the local courier company, who will update the tracking number on this history list. If you do not see it, it means it's not updated yet and you will need to wait. Update Sept15 Skynet does not update tracking number, they will deliver your parcel to you when they receive it from E-cargo (shipping). Do not waste time to email / track it until Skynet delivers it. Should they fail to deliver your parcel because you're not home / etc, they will leave a notice for you to make a second delivery or you can pick up from Skynet location stated in your notice. 

    The annoying "FAILURE TO DELIVER" status on your e-cargo tracking:
    OMG my status says it's FAILURE TO DELIVER! Don't panic. It seems that's the common status given when parcel is still processing at Skynet's centre. It doesn't mean they failed to delivery to you, because if they failed, they would've left a notice at your home for second delivery to be arrange or contact you should your address / information be wrong. I notice they use "Failure to delivery" for every single thing if they haven't process to delivery yet. Example "change route" = failure to deliver. Driver not around = failure to deliver. Public holiday = failure to deliver. So keep calm and don't panic. Wait for your parcel to come :)

    I don't care, I want to know my courier delivery status / tracking number from Skynet!
    So here is what you do, e-mail help@althea.kr and the customer service prince will check with Skynet for your tracking number (takes time) and update you. Use the tracking number given and go to http://www.skynet.com.my and check for shipment tracking. You may also contact Skynet at 603- 56239090.

    If you have waited long enough (past the 15 working days for delivery) you are advised by Althea to e-mail in to help@althea.kr to report. The help team will investigate and assist you on this matter. You may, to speed up things contact the local courier company directly to inquire on the status of your parcel.

    Leave me comments if you need to ask any questions or if I missed out anything here. This version will be updated from time to time.

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    1. i just hope that all area will be service by taqbin instead of skynet. My mistake I did not check address incomplete, but my HP number was clearly stated, but yet they nvr called. When i called them to inform them my correct address they make me wait 2 days and finally delivered to a wrong address instead of my house. i just hope they are able to retrieve back my package if not my money will be wasted.i know this isn't Althea's problem. But I am so desperate to get it back :-(

      1. but taQbin received a lot of complaints also. I think all courier service in Msia sux big time. I am really annoyed with these courier service. They won't call as it's not their duty to call as all details should be given correctly (that's what they will say).

        I really wish a competent delivery company could come up in Msia and beat the rest to pulp.

    2. i accidently order it on saturday so do i have to wait until monday or the order doesnt count...sorry for my bad english.

    3. I checked my parcel status at skynet website but it stated shipment problem 023... What's that mean? 😢:(

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

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