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  • Pocket Wifi - Traveller's Must Have


    My Travel Must Haves

    Upon touching down the Inchon, Seoul Airport, I turned on my pocket wifi, enter the login and password and by the grace of Internet fairies, I am online yay!. I updated my Facebook page, and what's app my family and friends, telling them I have arrived in Korea safely. Compared 10 years ago, communication has since evolved and become accessible around the world. It is now a must have especially when you're travelling because you'd want to share updates, pictures and experiences being abroad to your social circles.

    at Korea for the first time! *excited*

    my first wefie picture with friends

    Why I Got The Pocket Wifi For Korea Trip

    I ordered the Samurai Wifi a week before I fly. I got to know about it from a friend who told me how easy it was for her to be online without going through the %^&*@ hassle of looking for a sim card in a foreign country. I could relate to that because I remembered being scammed at Bangkok DM airport where I was sold a sim card that didn't work in the end. I had to travel to shops to ask what's going on until I stumble onto a mall and asked from the provider. Long story how that ended, I spent more money to fix what happened instead of saving.

    In March, I travelled to Bangkok again and this time avoided the airport shops. Instead I went to the 7-11 to look for simcards to which they were all in Thai and I couldn't understand a word. Neither did the 7-11 workers know what I am talking about. About more than ten 7-11s stores, I gave up and decided to order Maxis's data roaming which costs me a freaking RM200 for 3 days 2 nights usage (long freaking story how a RM38 daily roaming upgrade turned into a RM200++ bill). The thought of going through that again makes me want to pull my hair out.

    The stress, the time and the language barrier travelling to another country and wanting to stay connected can be difficult.

    SO THIS TIME I SWEAR I'm going to try out the pocket wifi everyone's talking about. I ordered a pocket wifi from www.kl-samurai.com. There's a few countries available - Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and Global (check for country here). A pocket wifi for Korea costs RM25 for device rental and data rates are based on how many days you're staying.

    forget all the stress & hassle, just get a pocket wifi

    this is the pocket wifi device
    (rental RM25 for Korea)

    rent it based on the days you need it
    (delivery is free to office or pick up from airports / KL Sentral)

    switch it on at the airport just like a portable modem

    enjoy your trip with unlimited data at hand

    my Korea updates XD I enjoy sharing & reading
    comments by my friends when they see my pics!

    So I rented it for 10days @ RM225 for my first trip to Korea and then for 4 Days @ RM75 for my second trip to Korea again. On both occasions, the device was delivered to me free of charge since I stayed in the Klang Valley. My device was easy to use, just switch it on by holding the button for 3secs and then connect to it via wifi on my phone. Find the device name and enter the password. It's unlimited data everyday and can share up to 10 devices. Very useful when you're travelling in a group or for work. The connection was fast and you need to charge it daily. I put it in my backpack and just bring it everywhere I go in Korea. I google for places to visit, maps, waze, and share photographs on Instagram and Facebook.

    The Advantages of Using Samurai Pocket Wifi:
    1. Convenient (switch on & connect, no sim card needed)
    2. Battery lasts nearly 5 hours
    3. Unlimited data
    4. Share up to 10 devices (laptop, handphone, ipad, etc)
    5. Free Delivery & Pick up of device(s)
    6. Cheaper than using your own provider (e.g Maxis Daily Roaming)
    7. Small,  lightweight, travel friendly, pocket size device
    8. No deposit needed when renting
    9. Fast - uses 4G LTE
    10. Easy to use (no configuration needed!)

    The costs of Maxis Daily Roaming is RM38 a day, but using Samurai Wifi I only paid RM18++ a day for a 4 days rental. For 10days, it costs RM22.50 a day. Just order it on the website and have it deliver to your office or pick up at the airport or KL Sentral. After coming back to Kuala Lumpur, I just arrange for a pick up at my home. They send GEDEX to pick up from me!. For more information about how to order, how to make payment, delivery and rates calculation click here.

    Pick Up / Drop Off Stations:
    1. KLIA Booth (24 hours daily)
    You can pick up and drop at KLIA (KLIA2 soon to open)

    2. FOC Delivery and Pick Up service
    (Only applicable to office address during office hour. Time & Date will not be specified)

    3. KL Sentral HQ
     Pick up or drop at their HQ at KL Sentral.

    * Delivery is FREE OF CHARGE for Klang Valley address (All PJ and Selangor). For other states customer, if your sales amount achieved RM180 and above, Delivery to your doorstep is also FREE OF CHARGE. Check states covered here.

    Korea Pocket Wifi specs:

    Network Carrier: LG U+
    Battery Life: 4.5 Hrs (Chargeable with own Power Bank)
    Data: 4G LTE (Unlimited)
    Speed: Download 75Mbps, Upload 25Mbps
    Hotspot Sharing Up To TEN(10) Devices
    Instant Establishment of Wifi Connection with Device
    No Configuration Setting Needed
    No SIM Change Needed
    Portable Pocketed Size

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