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The Single Girl's Kimchi Fried Rice

last Saturday, I organised a potluck at my place
(and cooked Kimchi Fried Rice!)

Last Saturday, I organised a potluck dinner at my place and invited the gang over for our  next "International" conference. The International foodie conference came up when we realise our gang was made up from non-locals. Whenever we meet up, it was always to gossip about the current affairs on Facebook. Our last conversation was about how we would ban eating dogs in our countries (if we had any say). I would say, on behalf of my people (Chinese from all over the world) we would stop eating these poor creatures. I don't see why we have to eat dogs! but then again this is a long debatable topic against vegetarians and meat eaters and so on. Cutting to the chase, our International gang was made up of friends who loves food - Arpita (Singapore), Ella (Malaysian), Carolyn (Philippines), Samia (Pakistan) but she's not able to come, me (Malaysian) and a new comer to our table Gareth Tucker from Ireland.

According to a recent US dating survey, Irish men has been voted the no.1 sexiest men alive in the world. Thanks to their sexy accent, innocent demure and charming way of looking at life. Also it must be partly thanks to the rising Irish actors and singers captivating our hearts through the big screen.

International "Foodie" Potluck Conference 

I put country flags to make it more dramatic
(if only I can animate these flags too like in Hunger Games)

meet Gareth, the Irish lost backpacker in Kuala Lumpur

For our potluck dinner, each of us were to bring a dish of our own, cooked from home (except Carolyn who take away her dish from a Philippine restaurant). It was a way to share our love for food whether it be experimental or our specialty dish and because we are all crazy about food, secretly everyone of us also brought desserts over! 

This was a massive death by food potluck. Here's what we made:

Arpita: Sri Lanka Curry Chicken, home made chocolate ice-cream and brownies.
Ella: Ayam Masak Pedas, jelly and cakes.
Leonard: Asam Pedas Ikan with White Chocolate Mousse + berries drizzled with lemon juice. 
Carolyn: (cheated by buying take-away)
Tammy: Kimchi fried rice and (bought) Castella Cake+ Princess Cake 

the venue: my place which is freakin awesome btw

the main dishes cooked by us
(except Carolyn's chicken adobo)

using Corelle / Corningware latest design Rosabelle

of course the mandatory food selfies we take made us so Asian
(White guys don't get it)

bunch of MasterChef food critics at the table seriously
(commenting, criticising and complimenting dishes)

of course I asked how was my Kimchi Fried Rice
(which I cooked for the first time!)

(the single lazy girl's way)

the ingredients: Kimchi, Spring Onion, Jasmine Rice, Eggs
(yeap that's all you need)

the rice formula

reheat your overnight cold rice with Kimchi & eggs
(mix it all up after adding the two main ingredients)

a yummy Kimchi fried rice

For this potluck, I made my first Kimchi fried rice using Jasmine Super 5 Special rice. It's a nice fragrant rice, very clean and crisp hard grain rice great for home cooking, nasi lemak and fried rice. I decided to make Kimchi fried rice because I'm so into Korean stuffs now (meh... so wannabe right!). I google the recipes and it mostly came with pork but I wanted to make one that is Halal because our potluck was scheduled for buka puasa :D with Ella and her son berbuka with us all.

Anyway I asked for feedbacks about my Kimchi fried rice from the gang and they said it was good! (I don't know if they're just being courteous or nice). Ella asked for recipe so I'm going to share it here. It's just a real easy recipe.. I literally dumped everything into the rice cooker, mix it up and then took it out to fry in the frying pan. I am going to share how I cook this here so don't laugh. I'm no cook, I just follow my instincts.

Ingredients for Kimchi Fried Rice:
1. Overnight rice (leftover rice) fridge so it's cold
2. Kimchi (you can just get Kimchi from supermarkets, packed to the tub one, the more the better)
3. Green Onions (for garnishing)
4. Eggs (what's fried rice without eggs?)
5. Salt & Soy Sauce

How To Make Kimchi Fried Rice?
1. Warm the cold rice in the rice cooker
2. Throw in your kimchi and crack the eggs (I used 3 eggs)
3. Mix it all up and leave to cook for a few mins (just to warm the rice up)
4. Prepare the frying pan, put oil and scoop the rice into it
5. Fry it up!!! mix mix mix!!! fry!!!
6. Add a pinch of salt & splash of soy sauce for taste and It's ready hahahhaha.

That's how I did it :D just easy peasy. I think you can improvise it, add spices / sauces. Belacan / Chili paste, meat of any kind as long you chopped it into smaller pieces for easy frying and to distribute among the rice. Let me know what you think of my "single lazy girl's" Kimchi fried rice ahahhahaha.

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  1. tammy, do u put any seasoning? like salt and all that?

  2. so easy!!! thank u~~ i am damn hungry now.. huhu..

  3. you make me hungrayyyyy XD i wanna go buy kimchi and try this nasi goreng kimchi later. i never ate kimchi actually...hihi

  4. Hello Tammy,
    Love all the food. Kimchi Fried Rice looks very delicious and tasty. I am sure it is healthy too. Thank you for sharing the ingredients and recipe of Kimchi Fried Rice.

  5. Im so damn hungry right now huhu but thank you fir your receipt


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