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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • YTL Platinum Plus Membership


    I'm finally a YTL Platinum Plus member YAY
    (thanks to Dee Leonard for recommending this to me)

    I have been a fan of YTL since my visit to Pangkor Laut Resort in 2011. The lovely hill villas, the white sandy beach and 5-star service. I admit I have a weakness for luxury stays but dining? I'm not really the "tai-tai" or socialite kind. I just like interesting dining places where the ambiance transports you to another world. Starhill's Feast Village, for example never ceases to amaze me. The architecture, the interior, the ambiance makes my heart go ba-bump. I also like to chit chat with my friends over a cup of tea and interesting playground of pastries.

    My favourite afternoon tea spots are Newens Tea House (Starhill Gallery), Orchard Conservatory at Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Mandarin Oriental's Lounge on the Park, Ritz Carlton's Lobby Lounge and TWG Garden's Mid Valley.

    So finally, I gave in to the YTL Platinum Plus's membership programme at RM768 per annum.
    YTL Platinum Plus' main objective is to deliver the best service whilst offering a wealth of experiences and exclusive benefits to our members. In keeping with these intentions, our programme is designed to better enhance your experience as a YTL Platinum Plus member by furnishing you with exclusive benefits and privileges. We would like to take this opportunity to update you on YTL Platinum Plus' exciting membership programme which will entitle you to special discounts at our restaurants, retail outlets and also our hotels. To find out more about the rewards you will gain by being a YTL Platinum Plus member and how such rewards will enhance your experience as a member, please visit our YTL Platinum Plus Lounge located at Relish Floor, Starhill Gallery.

    my welcome letter & certificates

    This membership allows you to enjoy discounts at participating restaurants in Ritz Carlton and Starhill Gallery, accommodations at YTL hotels & resorts and shopping discounts at participating outlets in Starhill Gallery. However, it's the welcome certificates that come with the membership that would make paying for it worth while:
    • One (1) lunch set at participating restaurants in Starhill Gallery;
    • One (1) dinner set at participating restaurants in Starhill Gallery,
    • One (1) brunch at Shook! Starhill Gallery;
    • One (1) 2LB Birthday Cake (3 flavours to choose from); 
    • One (1) afternoon tea at Newens Tea House;
    • One (1) bottle of house wine when dining min 6;
    • Three (3) Member Day certificates;
    • One (1) Deluxe City View room at JW Marriot.
    I mention only 8 because these are the best rewards to point out. You can find out more examples and information about YTL Platinum Plus membership here or e-mail contact@ytlplatinumplus.com (don't forget to say referred by me okay). The benefits are seriously good if you frequent Starhill Gallery a lot. Great for business lunches, talks, "tai tai" syndrome, and celebrations.

    free bottle of wine & birthday cake

    For my boyfriend's birthday, I planned a staycation solely from using my membership welcome certificates. A surprise luxury weekend at JW Marriot Hotel. Here's what I planned which I share on Facebook and well I think I can't keep on emailing people the membership programme so that's why I'm blogging about this. If anyone is keen to be a member, I can refer you *smiles*. I get referral benefits you see (like food certificates if I refer more than 3).
    • Book Uber Black to ferry us to Bukit Bintang
    • Check-in to our lovely room in JW Marriott Hotel Kuala Lumpur
    • Dim Sum lunch at Luk Yu Tea House
    • Have an aromatherapy bubble bath in bath tub (hotel room)
    • Listen to Jazz and drifting off to wonderland on the feather down duvet & pillows
    • Exercise at the gym (it's big) / swimming in the pool (hotel)
    • Romantic dinner at Fisherman's Cove (TimeOut KL finalist for best seafood)  
    • Make a birthday wish on the 2LB JW Marriot Chocolate Cake
      (2 days advance order to be pick up at restaurant)
    Next day:
    • Check-out and head to Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur for Afternoon High Tea
      *this is not from membership, I won this from a contest. 
    Which after today, I realised, this has been a weekend spent fully at YTL hotels! Totally a YTL weekend. Mr. Gareth Tucker has totally transformed into a "tai-tai" for the weekend.

    book a Uber Black to ride in style to the city

    JW Marriot Hotel Kuala Lumpur (heart of the city)

    top notch service from Marriot never fails

    elegant room with separate bath and shower

    pool and gym facilities available till late

    the birthday boy amazed at the lunch set at
    Luk Yu Tea House, Starhill Gallery

    Colonial Cafe at Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur

    Baby G enjoying his cup of tea
    (and playground of pastries)

    So yes this is how you can plan an awesome birthday or celebration for someone special. Maximised to minimise. Sometimes spending a bit more can be quite fulfilling. Just paying for the membership alone, you'll get back so much more (only if you like the restaurants and hotels). Beats just booking a room which costs as much. A great way to surprise someone, or reward and pamper yourself with some me-time. The dining, don't get me started on the dining.

    Luk Yu Tea House, I would highly recommend this restaurant for dim sums. They're a premium dim sum restaurant so don't compare to your average joe dim sum restaurant. They're like Ah Yat Bao Yee pricing and it's pork free. I redeem my free lunch set certificate here and the service was so good, I need to mention it. Sometimes, I feel a bit "shy" when I redeem Groupons / Free vouchers for dining and the service will be less than great because you're seen as a "non-paying" customer. This place, wow the waitress was so helpful and attentive to our needs I felt like a star.

    The lunch set was also complete, from starters to the main course to desserts. We were so full! The restaurant brought out their signatures in this lunch set so we got to sample their popular dim sums, dishes, and desserts. I love love the crabmeat corn soup.

    The same can't be said for Fisherman's Cove. What a let down on service. We went early to asked if we can be seated upstairs after reading a review of this being one of the romantic places to dine in. The manageress or hostess said no because she was shorthanded (what?). That's alright, I'm not a black-hearted person so I forgave the way she spoke.

    By dinner time, we were seated at a small table. Presented with the dinner set menu exclusively for Platinum Plus members. I could see Baby G's face changed from bright to gloomy in seconds. It was just soup, main course (limited to only either white fish or salmon) and dessert. Unlike Luk Yu Tea House's who had so many choices to try. I assumed it would be more colorful than this.

    We changed our mind and politely explained to the hostess that we find the selection unappealing and would like to cancel our dinner reservation. WOW, it made her unhappy (her face). I'm sorry if you didn't have a great day being short handed but we seriously don't want to spend a birthday dinner that's not appetizing. I apologized repeatedly and she could not even give a damn to even answer. What snob.

    She told the chefs to stop preparing our food out loud (we haven't even ordered?!). I find Fisherman's Cove not only poorly managed, boring and overpriced but service was uncalled for and rude. We will not step foot in this restaurant again.

    Ops this post has become TMI (too much info) but I hope my sharing of another fine example of a great deal not to be missed, worth reading. Please leave me comments if you have any questions you would like to ask me about the membership and/or restaurant recommendations in Starhill Gallery. I can also refer you to the membership, just give me your email :)

    P.S: The lady that I disliked from Fisherman's Cove is no longer there so I went ahead to dine there after speaking to a man about the menu. Went ahead to dine here for my partner's birthday and food was good! Portion was satisfying (not small) and service was top notch now.


    A Glimpse of Glasshouse Seputeh


     Glasshouse Seputeh

    The new event space called Glasshouse Seputeh has become popular with brands, particularly luxury ones to be their next event destination. I had the opportunity to see for myself when Clinique held an intimate event for 10 lovely hijabista bloggers from The Butterfly Project last year to unveil their latest liquid foundation. I feel in love with the place immediately. 

    17, Lorong Syed Putra Kiri,
    Taman Seputeh,
    50460 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
    +6012 508 1855

    No More Smelly Armpit Giveaway


    want pretty armpits like me?
    (I can't resist this quote)

    Yay! it's another round of giveaway from my ultimate K-Beauty haul from Althea!!! This time, I'm giving away something even weirder. Under-arm Perfume Peeling Pads. I have no idea what it is... I think it's like armpit whitening product that smells like baby powder? Clueless but guess what? I'm giving away this for the first 50 readers who can tell me what this product does! so easy lah.

    Leave your name and e-mail with your comment on what you think is (hint: click here).

    Giveaway starts from today until 1/3/2016 to readers residing in Malaysia. I'm in the mood to just give stuff away for no reason. Well, there is a reason. My birthday giveaway aha ha!! (although birthday ended).

    Clinique’s Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector & Optimizer

    did you know?

    If anyone asked me about Clinique, I would say I loved how they have educated women on taking care of their skin starting with the 3 most popular skincare products used in every living breathing women's skincare regime. I'm talking about the 3-Step Skin Care System. Watching my aunt use Clinique since young, I never forget how the products seemed so "cool" with the capital C. To best describe "cool" in the eyes of a 10-year old, I saw Clinique as a trusted professional brand for women. The fact that my aunt a U.K nursing graduate (back in the old days colonial zaman) was using Clinique made me admired Clinique.

    Like every lil' girl who mimpikan she grow up fast so she can wear lipstick, I wished I would be able to start using Clinique. This is a true story that I am sharing from my memory as a 10-year old.

    the new, even better Clinical
    Dark Spot Corrector & Optimizer

    Who knew after I have grown up, I would be using Clinique? I have been testing the newly revamped dark spot corrector called Clinique’s Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector & Optimizer. It's a duo pump canister product that yes, you guessed it - holds the dark spot corrector and optimizer serum separately. With only one pump, it dispenses the serum out where you mix and massaged onto your skin. One pump is all you need day and night. It's fast absorbing, lightweight, non-greasy serum that weirdly, smells like bread to me. No residues on my pillows too.

    P.S: Despite what the product usage says to pump 2 - 3 times. I find 1 pump was more than enough for me. Sold in 50ml @ RM375 will last you 1.5 months when used twice a day.

    it smells like bread, I kid you not

    My verdict? I am definitely liking what I see in my mirror after 3 weeks of religiously using this after I come back from Bali. My skin tanned during my trip which my boyfriend says is so sexy. Ang mohs think tanned skin is healthy and sexy while Asians think the world is coming to an end. I wasn't happy that my skin browned so I got on to using this product given to me by Clinique at their media launch to review.

    To my surprise, the yummy bread smelling serum helped me get back to my skin tone (face) in 3 weeks time. I am now testing it on my arms too in hopes that I could lighten the skin tone 1 - 2 shades lighter. Well if it works on my face, let's see if it works on my arm which is sadly mistreated by me. It's browned with pigmentation so yeah I am going to test this product to what it claims. 

    Glasshouse, Seputeh

    I love how Clinique styled up the place!

    Oh well, this is just a simple review from me. I actually intended to show you photographs like a paparazzi to unveil Clinique’s Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector & Optimizer held at the amazing new event space Glasshouse Seputeh. The event was centered around the green tea leaves and a Japanese tea master was even invited to perform the Japanese tea ceremony. Also called the Way of Tea, it is a Japanese cultural activity involving the ceremonial preparation and presentation of matcha (green tea). No surprise that the star ingredient is green tea but Clinique uses a different kind of green tea. One of the most expensive kind called gyokuro (jade dew) which is a shaded green tea from Japan.

    gyokuro leaves, the star ingredient in
    Clinique’s Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector & Optimizer

    green tea ice-cream and green tea brewing in the air

    I felt like I was transported to Japan for a while. Drinking green tea and eating green tea ice-cream. It was refreshing. Can almost make a tv commercial of a tanned shy innocent girl using Clinique’s Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector & Optimizer and whoosh, a wind of green tea bursts out. Her pony-tail gets blown and suddenly she's fairer than before. All refresh like a new Japanese princess.

    If you think my review is making you feel like you need this serum, check out Clinique Malaysia's Online Shop where you can purchase it and get freebies + free delivery. Else you can visit the nearest Clinique counter near you and get a sample and consultation done to see if you need this :)
    Dermatologist-developed to be safe, comfortable. Yet in clinical trials, the serum was comparable to a leading prescription ingredient in visibly reducing dark spots-a verified 58% improvement at 12 weeks. Suitable for all skin types. See results starting in just 4 weeks, with a visible reduction in age spots and acne scars. Also appropriate for backs of hands and chest, too. For more information visit www.clinique.com.my

    The Lunch Time Face Lift


    have you heard of the lunch time face lift?

    4 months ago, I was invited by Mahkota Dermatology Centre in Malacca to undergo a treatment called "Ultherapy". Ultherapy in short is a non-surgical way to take years off your face. This means no slicing, dicing or carving of any kind done to your face. I know my mom did hers 10 years ago in Kelana Jaya where she had lifting done via pulling some thread up to the sides of her scalp. It now leaves her with a small bald patch where the small surgery was done, permanently. That's really weird when I found out.

    Anyway, with modern technology one doesn't have to go under the knife anymore to look younger. Ultherapy for instance is the only non-invasive FDA cleared face lifting procedure. It's fast with no down time. No wonder it's called the lunch time face lift.

    source: Ultherapy.com

    Wait, what's Ultherapy?

    Ultherapy uses safe, time tested ultrasound to lift and tone loose skin without surgery. It works deep below the surface of the skin without harming the outer skin layer. Besides lifting and firming the skin on the eyebrow, chin, neck; it also improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles!

    What To Expect?

    Sharing my experience, I travelled to Malacca for a consultation with the Aesthetic Practitioner, Dr. Sharmini. She was surprisingly friendly and warm which made me feel less awkward and nervous about going through with the procedure. I had my doubts and fears like everyone else. Will it be painful? How is it done? Will there be side effects? Will I die? (joking). Years ago I went for a similar non-invasive procedure called the Liposonix which uses ultrasound to burn fat cells away on my tummy. It was really painful, I still remember the burning sensation. For an hour, Dr. Sharmini explained to me about Ultherapy, the procedures involved and my questions.

    took a quick trip down Malacca to see Dr. Sharmini

    Before anyone can go for Ultherapy, they first must have their skin condition evaluated to ensure they are suitable to undergo the procedure. A consent form is signed and a picture of you will be taken for reference; for before and after the procedure comparison.

    me asking Dr. Sharmini questions regarding Ultherapy

    she uses this guide to explained to me

    I was shown the areas on my face that would be targeted

    Once the green light is given, an appointment is scheduled. No need to fast or go on any special diet before the procedure. You change into the hospital gown, lay down on the operating bed in a room designated to you, and the nurse will clean and rub anti-bacterial lotion on the areas. If you're one of those sensitive creatures, the nurse is more than happy to apply numbing cream (for 30mins). This numbs your skin and sensitivity.

    Doctor comes in, prepares the Ultherapy machine and marks the areas on the face to be targeted. Areas such as the eyebrow, sides of the cheeks, and chin. A small handheld device is used which basically heats small targeted amounts of soft tissue below the surface of the skin using ultrasound. The tissues targeted will be "activated" and the body will create new collagen.

    During the treatment, one may feel a prickly or tingling sensation resulting from the tiny amounts of concentrated ultrasound energy being deposited below the surface of the skin. The resulting heat can be intense. This should not be taken as a negative sign because being able to feel the heat means that treatment has initiated the collagen building process.

    Doctor explains that the degree and nature of any discomfort from this treatment will vary from patient to patient and from area to area on the face/neck, with bony areas being more sensitive. There can be some temporary, small areas of numbing or sensitivity to touch after the procedure, but patients are consistently comfortable immediately following the treatment and experience no downtime.

    A patient can get right back to her daily activities after this procedure. There is no down time.

    In short, Ultherapy is:

    Ultherapy is a nonsurgical facial skin treatment that uses ultrasound to lift and tone loose skin without surgery. The treatment works deep below the surface without harming the outer skin layer for dramatic and long lasting benefits of facial firming, skin tightening and lifting. The whole procedure lasts approx. 2.5 hours. If you're a hulk like me, you can finish in time. Some may take longer depending on their discomfort level, in which case the doctor may take it slow.

    On my next post, I will be sharing my Ultherapy experience. This will be a three part experience that I'm going to post up on my blog for my readers interested to know more about Ultherapy or the secrets to staying and looking young.

    Which... everyone is always asking me. I just have to say collagen, collagen, collagen. From skincare, diet to treatments that helps woman over 30s (well can be younger) to look and maintain their youthfulness.

    Mahkota Dermatology Centre

    the range of skincare products they offer

    the waiting lounge
    Mahkota Dermatology Centre which provides Aesthetic & Laser services is designed for people whose hectic schedules leave them with little time for pampering therapies for their face, skin and body. We provide a complete range of medical aesthetic services for both men and women. We promise effective, safe and affordable aesthetic treatments with focused results. Our specialists, will discuss and work together with you to achieve your desired look. Using the latest machines, techniques and through a personalised treatment programme, we are commit to helping you discover a beautiful you.

    Call for appointment or Free Face Analysis at 06-285-2777.
    Dr. Sharmini's credentials can be found here.


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    SKY 360 Valentine's Day Fine Dining Dinner Promotion


    Last Minute Valentine Dinner Idea by Baby G

    Still looking for that last minute gift or inspired idea that will impress your other half and show them how much they mean to you this Valentine's day? (I envisage a lot of stressed guys out there putting their hands up right now! haha). Well, look no further because Sky 360° Rooftop Restaurant are here to your rescue!. For only RM128 nett per pax you can treat your loved one to a special 4 course set dinner fine dining experience in a romantic rooftop setting in Subang Jaya with a stunning panoramic view of the greater Klang Valley. Alternatively, if you wish to make the most of this romantic Valentine's weekend and explore the rest of what else e-City Hotel, One City SJ has to offer, I recommend the 4 course set dinner combined with a 2 days 1 night stay package inclusive of buffet breakfast for 2 pax for only RM339 nett per couple which I think is great value! - Baby G.

    Sky 360° Rooftop Restaurant at e-City Hotel @ One City, SJ
    pic courtesy of e-city hotel


    Foie Gras Mousse with Nut Bread, Truffle Mascarpone Cheese,
    Apple Chutney, Fruits Salsa, Caramelised Shallot and Rocket
    with Plum Orange Ginger Dressing

    Seafood Bouillabaisse with Spicy Mango Panna Cotta

    Steam Almond Crusted Cod Fish, Layered with Avocado Crabmeat,
    Pommery Mustard, Green Peas Puree, Sweet Potato,
    Vegetable Confit and Sun Dried Tomato Emulsion


    Chicken Supreme with Date, Arancini, Jade Vegetable, Capsicum Relish,
    Smoked Cauliflower and Pink Pepper Corn Reduction


    Slow Cook Black Angus Wellington Beef, Potato Fondant,
    Roasted Root Vegetable, Papaya Chutney, Garlic Almond Puree and
    Balsamic Kalamata Reduction

    Chocolate Raisin Cake, Layer with Raspberry Cremeux, Served with Dark Chocolate Ganache, Cube Walnut Brownies, Meringue, Almond Cinnamon Crumble, and Quenelle Vanilla Fresh Crème


    Coffee / Tea

    The lovely view combined with the fine dining experience will leave your date breathless. Take a stroll along the roof top's panoramic scenic view overlooking the Klang Valley. It's not much to see considering it's full of residential and high rise buildings but the night sky makes up for the romantic silence holding hands walking along the boardwalk. We suggest bringing your chocolate and hot drink which is the coffee or tea, out to dine under the stars as the finale - Tammy.

    Sky 360°, Level R (Rooftop)
    e-City Hotel@One City,
    Jalan USJ 25/1,  47650 Subang Jaya,
    Selangor, Malaysia

    Reservations : 03-5115 9887
    Operation hours : 6.30am - 11pm


    Angel Factory All in One Peeling Pad Giveaway


    I'm in a super cute mood these days

    SO so so I just got my giant package of K-Beauty trendy items from Korea *jumps*. It's full of cool stuffs that's not available here in Malaysia. I went crazy shopping on Althea Korea during their big sale last month. Since this year I'm not organising any birthday party, I thought why not just do a big giveaway. I think my readers would like to discover and try new beauty products all the way from Korea right? (tell me yes). I haven't got the time to try it for myself so I did some reading just to explain why I bought it. It's perfect for me to snail mail out and when my readers gets it, they can test it and feedback to me what they think! (beats reading my review right? haha... making it full of mystery here and the readers be reviewers now haha).

    I'm giving away this Angel Factory All in One Peeling Pad

    So for the first K-Beauty item I'm giving it's called the Angel Factory All in One Peeling Pad. I like the cute illustration of a girl with a diamond tear on it. It's kinda pretty imho.Althea Korea sells it in pieces rather than in a box packet. They're RM13 each but I got the at a discount from Althea.

    The Peeling Pad is a "speed exfoliation" pad that removes dead skin cells in 30secs while leaving your skin moisturised and brighten. It also claims to minimise wrinkles. The pad is no ordinary pad. It's made of 3 layers mesh pad, cushion pad and soft pad to effectively exfoliate.

    totally don't understand what's going on here
    (but pretty much sums up that girl becomes pretty, gets presents)

    I see from youtube videos, bloggers demonstrating the removal of make up on oranges effectively using this peeling pad compared to normal pads with make up removal. For more information about this peeling pad click here. There's a long description of what this peeling pad is used for.

    Benefits of this product:
    • removes dead skin cells / blackheads / dirt
    • made of special peeling pad
    • moisturising - fermented essence Beta-Glucan
    • contains 10 different fruit extracts  
    • PH5 mild acidity (mild peeling)
    • individually packaged (for hygiene) 
    • use before make up (skin prep)
    • easy and quick sebum and skin cell removal
    • does not contain the 7 deadly sins
      paraben, mineral oil, sulfate, benzo phenone, artificial flavours, artificial colouring, animal raw ingredients

    Join this giveaway by leaving a comment with your name, follower id, email and tell me if you have heard of Althea Korea?

    Terms & Conditions:
    1. Open to all blog followers residing in Malaysia only.
    2. Giveaway starts from today until 14th February, 2016 11.59pm.
    3. All incomplete entries will be disqualified.
    4. Winners will be contact in February by e-mail.
    5. Prizes will be forfeited if winners do not reply e-mail within a week from contact.
    6. Prizes will be snail mail to all winners.

    The Mattress Cleaning Post


    all the yucky errie ghastly things in your bed

    Okay I've been getting a lot of messages about the mattress cleaning post on my Facebook. I got tired of scrolling down and searching for a backdated post in August 2015 that I decided I should just migrate the information and pic here so I don't have to go through searching it again and again. Well for all you out there who don't know, there's lotsa people offering mattress cleaning these days whether part time, their own company or working for a company. Be wary of those who's out there trying to give you a free service because it's the infamous "sales" taktik. Once they get into your room, don't dream of them leaving peacefully until you pay thousands for industrial size magical vacuum cleaner.

    Kenny cleaning my carpet (the dirtiest of all)

    Sure if you have money, why not? The advantages of owning a good vacuum cleaner is plenty. First you can actually clean the entire house with it (they have many functions - wet / dry / steam). If you're OCD, I bet you're going to have fun everyday watching it suck your dust mites from every corner of your house. Secondly, some vacuum cleaners have the ability to sanitise, purify your household furnitures (bed, sofa, carpet) and even the air. Really good when haze comes, just leave it to purify the air for an hour.

    Third, who don't love a good strong sucking machine? This I mean a powerful vacuum cleaner that you don't have to look twice on the floor to see if it's still working properly. A mean lean powerful machine that roars and sucks all the dust mites, bed bugs, dirts, allergens, out that normal vacuum cleaner can't. I wouldn't mind buying one if I have thousands of ringgit laying around. 

    Kenny cleans the bottom of the mattress too

    complimentary pillow cleaning as well

    But for those who can't afford one, hey the good news is you can now get a one time service from those who has the machine. They either started their own company offering such services or is free lancing their way to pay off their monster vacuum cleaner. I found mine on Facebook - TTDI community group page. Kenny Bak was advertising a RM30 off promotion for first time customers who book his mattress cleaning services. He does sofa, carpet too but the good thing is when you order a mattress cleaning service, he cleans the pillows and blanket as a bonus. Also depending on what kind of mattress you have, he'll clean the sides and bottom. Do inquire when you call him to make sure what exactly is the current service he's giving for mattress cleaning.

    Kenny does a few rounds until the water is clear
    (omg look at the yucky dirty water!)

    This is what I posted on my Facebook:

    Found out I'm their first customer in TTDI @ mattress & carpet cleaning happening now. They're doing a good job, using eucalyptus oil in the water vaccuming while purifying the air from odour. Until the carpet water becomes clear, they will continue to vaccum it. It's now the 6th round. I got horrified and happy that all the dirt & yucky things living in my carpet will be gone! Best money paid. RM30 off my bill @ current promo. NO HARD SELL AFTER!

    Service & Price:
    Bed cleaning: bottom top sides and also your pillows!!! (Omg)
    King / queen size bed rm130
    6x8 carpet rm90
    sofas rm120
    Call 012-2011300 Kenny Bak (klang valley coverage)

    Conclusion, I liked his services so I shared on my FB. Hopefully this is useful for you? I continue to use his service whenever I need my mattress and sofa clean out. It's especially important since I rent my own place and the furnishings are not 'new'. 
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