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  • The Mattress Cleaning Post


    all the yucky errie ghastly things in your bed

    Okay I've been getting a lot of messages about the mattress cleaning post on my Facebook. I got tired of scrolling down and searching for a backdated post in August 2015 that I decided I should just migrate the information and pic here so I don't have to go through searching it again and again. Well for all you out there who don't know, there's lotsa people offering mattress cleaning these days whether part time, their own company or working for a company. Be wary of those who's out there trying to give you a free service because it's the infamous "sales" taktik. Once they get into your room, don't dream of them leaving peacefully until you pay thousands for industrial size magical vacuum cleaner.

    Kenny cleaning my carpet (the dirtiest of all)

    Sure if you have money, why not? The advantages of owning a good vacuum cleaner is plenty. First you can actually clean the entire house with it (they have many functions - wet / dry / steam). If you're OCD, I bet you're going to have fun everyday watching it suck your dust mites from every corner of your house. Secondly, some vacuum cleaners have the ability to sanitise, purify your household furnitures (bed, sofa, carpet) and even the air. Really good when haze comes, just leave it to purify the air for an hour.

    Third, who don't love a good strong sucking machine? This I mean a powerful vacuum cleaner that you don't have to look twice on the floor to see if it's still working properly. A mean lean powerful machine that roars and sucks all the dust mites, bed bugs, dirts, allergens, out that normal vacuum cleaner can't. I wouldn't mind buying one if I have thousands of ringgit laying around. 

    Kenny cleans the bottom of the mattress too

    complimentary pillow cleaning as well

    But for those who can't afford one, hey the good news is you can now get a one time service from those who has the machine. They either started their own company offering such services or is free lancing their way to pay off their monster vacuum cleaner. I found mine on Facebook - TTDI community group page. Kenny Bak was advertising a RM30 off promotion for first time customers who book his mattress cleaning services. He does sofa, carpet too but the good thing is when you order a mattress cleaning service, he cleans the pillows and blanket as a bonus. Also depending on what kind of mattress you have, he'll clean the sides and bottom. Do inquire when you call him to make sure what exactly is the current service he's giving for mattress cleaning.

    Kenny does a few rounds until the water is clear
    (omg look at the yucky dirty water!)

    This is what I posted on my Facebook:

    Found out I'm their first customer in TTDI @ mattress & carpet cleaning happening now. They're doing a good job, using eucalyptus oil in the water vaccuming while purifying the air from odour. Until the carpet water becomes clear, they will continue to vaccum it. It's now the 6th round. I got horrified and happy that all the dirt & yucky things living in my carpet will be gone! Best money paid. RM30 off my bill @ current promo. NO HARD SELL AFTER!

    Service & Price:
    Bed cleaning: bottom top sides and also your pillows!!! (Omg)
    King / queen size bed rm130
    6x8 carpet rm90
    sofas rm120
    Call 012-2011300 Kenny Bak (klang valley coverage)

    Conclusion, I liked his services so I shared on my FB. Hopefully this is useful for you? I continue to use his service whenever I need my mattress and sofa clean out. It's especially important since I rent my own place and the furnishings are not 'new'. 


    1. Seriously scary - something I try not to think about but this is a good service for it haha Thanks for sharing!

    2. I need that service but so many bug in my bed ~.~

    3. Air mattresses specifically give support to your body wherever your body truly wants it by molding to its precise form. after you sleep on a coil pad, every now and then pressure points occur that poke into the natural alignment of your spine see more information.

    4. A Mattress Cleaning Business may be only for you on the off chance that you have had a go at everything to contain your hypersensitivities, yet feel like it is insufficient. Rather than simply acquiring the hardware to free your fabric furniture and sleeping cushions of allergens, you can likewise help other people in your group to feel the alleviation and make a decent pay in the meantime. Read more

    5. I really appreciate you giving me a great insight about this and letting me know what things I can do to keep our mattress clean. thanks for a ton for sharing this with me.


    6. wah,,banyak sekali ya gan,, debu nya...

    7. Hello Tammy Miu,
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    9. Wow! great idea. Thanks for the insight and sharing the trick.

    10. They either are constantly in cleaning catch-up mode or simply get disheartened by the mountain of things they’ve got to do and give up. kayden

    11. I have never seen a product like this before. It looks amazing. Not only have they put it in an attractive casing but it's so functional. This is a great review. This is a very good product. This help us to cleaned up mattress. This is a very informative post. Thank you for sharing this post.

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