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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • Jipaban Customizable Online Shopping Mall


    Jipaban the customizable online shopping mall!

    Hey anyone heard or shop at Jipaban yet? the new customizable online shopping mall! yeap it's a online shopping mall  where you don't have to walk around to find the shops, you can find many varieties of stores/shops with a click of a button! That's not all, after you register an account with Jipaban you can customized your favorite stores by adding them into your "mall". Yeap you have a mall page with floors and you can fill them up with stores you like. Now if only we can customized real shopping centers with our favorite shops that'll be so awesome (in your dreams).

    4 easy steps on shopping at Jipaban!

    There's a lot of features in this shopping mall which includes the all important WISHLIST system so your friends can check out what you want! also they incorporated social media networking into this so you could twitter or facebook the stores you love.

    Jipaban Blog - Juicy Highlights

    And like any other shopping malls that sends its members newsletter/magazines of the mall's highlight, Jipaban also has a magazine style highlights of stores at Jipaban blog site where you can read juicy updates from Jipaban stores. A hard copy of the Chinese New Year promo booklet will be mailed to Jipaban shoppers soon and an e-copy can be found here.

    my first floor is the fashion floor!

    I played around with features here. Registering was easy, the usual details needed your name, contact, address, etc and then your account is created with your profile and "customizable" mall page. I made my mall and fill my first floor with fashion stores like apparels, fashion accessories by dragging and dropping the stores onto my floor! I search for the stores in the Jipaban Universe by either name/category/country then a list would appear and I just click which store I like.

    search & click it's easy!

    adding favorite stores to my floor

    I get to add items into my wishlist too
    (so my friends can buy for me? haha)

    Sura Sura Handmade Signature Earrings

    Shop For Love Fashionista's Juicy Couture 
    Silver Starter Charm Bracelet! <3 

    Shop For Love Fashionista's Juicy Couture 
    Day Dreamer Heart Bling Satchel!

    I just added a few stores I spotted that has nice stuffs in it like Shop For Love Fashionista and Sura Sura Handmade. Shop For Love Fashionista has a lot of branded bands like Coach, Juicy Couture, Kate Spade and even beauty products and cosmetics while Sura Sura has etsy type trinkets thats handmade (I love handmade items). After I get my Chinese New Year AngPao I want to buy the Juicy Couture Silver Starter Charm Bracelet or the Juicy Couture Day Dreamer Heart Bling Satchel. If my angpao is small this year sob sob, I'll opt for the Sura Sura Handmade earrings instead which is only RM40.00. I can payout via pay pal or Internet banking after I decide! (thought there's just too many things in Jipaban! can't decide yet, may put in wish list for more thoughts). 


    Speaking of AngPaos what will you all buy at Jipaban if you get lots of angpaos! I'll go crazy and buy that Juicy Couture Handbag! How about you? Top 3 chosen comments will get free customize ang pow from JIPABAN!

    Comment Entry:
    follower id:
    Question: If you have RM1,000.00 Ang Pow what would you buy from Jipaban and why?

    Terms & Conditions apply*

    Free Origins Make A Difference Sample Kit!

    get your latest hello magazine (Feb)
    redemption valid until 28/2/11
    origins outlets (pls check on top) 

    also free 20min hydrating mini facial, call to book

    Was just browsing through magazines at Cold Storage Solaris Mont Kiara when I saw Hello Magazine February issue out. Hmm Origins this time, I love Origins but seriously very pricey products. Good to know there's sample kits to try but I'll avoid the mini facial if can, so far the beauticians at Origins not very helpful when we're redeeming our facials so I rather not.

    Celcom Reload! Reload More for More Rewards!


    Attention Celcom Pre-paid Users!

    Celom is giving out cash prizes & awesome rewards to their lucky Xpax, U.O.X and S.O.X members who reload their phones with a min. RM10 for a total of 10 times in a month (between now till 28th February, 2011). The cash prizes are so HUUUUGE you're going to regret if you miss this out! It's very simple, the more times you reload, the more Celom rewards you with awesome goodies!

    How Many Times Do U Reload?

    I used to reload my phone every 3 days because I chatted & sms non stop! Each time I would reload RM30 and that only lasted me a few days. 7-11 or handphone shops was my target! they use to give away RM5 if you reload RM50 and RM10 if you reload a RM100 reload, anyone still remember this? 


    See this sign here  ? It's not the terms & conditions apply sign! It's actually a white & orange combination of +”and x”. This simply means +the more you reload and x” the more times you reload EQUALS TO = the more cool rewards you'll get from Celom!

    So the next time you spot this sign at any location, you'll know that you can reload your XPAX, U.O.X or S.O.X. number there! Celom has THOUSANDS of locations where you can download from
    • HUGE cash prizes that are up for grabs once you reload RM10 at least 10 times during the promo period
    • Cool rewards that you will receive in between

    You can participate in this promotion regardless of whether you’re an Xpax, U.O.X. or S.O.X user, except that the cash prizes from each plan is different.

    It’s real simple:
    -Just reload a minimum of RM10 , 10 times between now and 28 February 2011.
    - Remember to do your 5th reload on the same day as the 4th reload and you will receive 100mins of FREE talktime to any number on the same network valid for 2 days.
    - Also, you have to do the 7th reload on the same day as the 6th reload and you will receive FREE CALLS & SMS to their 15pax/8pax for 1 WHOLE WEEK!
    - 10th reload MUST be done before 28 February 2011

    FREE CALLS & SMS TO 15pax/8pax
    (valid for 1 week)

    - When you hit your 10th reload you will get RM10 FREE CREDIT and will immediately be in the running for the big prize of COLD HARD CASH!
    - You will receive an SMS notification every time you reload.

    Here are the different cash prizes up for grabs for XPAX, U.O.X. and S.O.X. members:


    Check out WWW.CELCOM.COM.MY for more info.

    Good Samaritan Home Klang - KFC Party & CNY Donation Drive


    throwing the children a kfc party on 29/1/11 (Sat)

    Friends has urged me to blog about my charity project (something I was doing for the past 2 weeks in my Facebook). It seems nowadays I do a lot of personal updating in Facebook rather than blog because I don't want to have too much spams on my blog. Anyway yes it all happened in Facebook. I saw from a friend's facebook page photos of the conditions at The Good Samaritan Home, an orphanage home in Klang. They have a total of 36 children (26 of them under 12 years old). Something sparked my heart and I decided to update my Facebook status asking for RM20 donation per pax to fund this KFC Party idea. Soon my friends, readers and strangers starting asking for my bank account so they could help out. I was touched (shocked) by their move to help me!. They're donating money to someone they have not met and could possible be a scam-woman right? 

    Good Samaritan Home

    It would cost at least RM500 (36 children+2 caretakers) to have the KFC Chicky Party for the children. I called up KFC Events and made a booking for 29/1/11 12-2pm at KFC Taman Sentosa Klang. Confirmed the booking and a deposit of RM100 needed to be made, my friend Kenby who lives in Klang helped me to pay for the deposit. She's also in my team assisting me with misc duties to help coordinate the whole project. No a KFC Chicky Party is not more expensive than a normal order by menu purchase. It's the same! With a minimum of 10 children and RM250 purchase, anyone can book the KFC branch they like and have a party complete with balloons, decorations, children games, a birthday cake (if you're a Chicky Member), party invitation gift packs and a APPEARANCE BY CHICKY MASCOT! which is why I wanted to have a KFC Chicky Party instead of buying KFC n bringing it straight to the home. A KFC Chicky Party would be SO MUCH FUN especially when the kids see Chicky Mascot. I can imagine now the young ones go "CHICKEN CHICKEN!!!".

    Mrs.Ong, wife of the guardian of this home

    their dorms

    Soon it wasn't just eating Kentucky Fried Chicken because a face painter friend Stacey Lee decided to volunteer her services to make the day colorful and fun by face painting for the children! She could not paint 36 children in one hour, so more people volunteered to help her out. This is becoming really fun I said in my heart! What started out as a RM20 fund raiser for a party soon become a donation drive where people started donating Chinese New Year clothes, soaps, cupcakes, T-Shirts, stationary packs and ang-pows! Malaya Optical has also come to support this fund raiser by offering to sponsor the children wearing frames+glasses a RM600 worth each to wear! Blogshops, boutiques and clothing company started helping out too. Below is the list of people I wish to thank for contributing their services and goods in kind:
    the home receives donations in kind

    in front of the home

    Ops I gotta rush out now to collect more things and pack the donated items! such a rush. It's happening tomorrow! I'm so disorganized T_T someone please save me!!! This might be the first big thing I'm doing for this home and I will be blogging about it. I hope that after this, many more will know that this home exists and will come forth to help them out if possible. Maybe someone who would like to adopt a child come also come to this home and have a look see? I also wish that if there's any newspaper/magazine who would like to cover the story of this orphanage, please contact me. There's homes everywhere in Malaysia not just the Klang Valley and if we could help raise awareness on these homes, it would make the children happy.



    P.S: If anyone wishes to donate $$ for the home kindly e-mail me tammylci@gmail.com. I will be going tomorrow morning. Wish us all the best in making it a wonderful day for the children.

    I Nuovi Chinese New Year Private Sale 27th & 28th January!

    Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!

    UP TO 70% OFF
    27th & 28th January, 2011

    At I Nuovi's office:
    Level 3, No.2 Jalan 222, Section 51A,
    46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
    Tel: 03-79603972

    website: www.inuovi.com

    Soap making class Awesomeness Level #1: Marseilles Soap Workshop 26 March 2011 3:00PM- 6:00PM


    The cold-process method is one of the most traditional ways of making soaps. Come learn about soap making and share the joy of creating soaps for your whole family to use.Basic calculations and formulae will be shared, as well as introduction on ingredients, tools and equipments, and tips.

    Let start and make your very own and unique batch of Marseilles Soap, The world’s famous soap prized on its purity & gentle care. And also a great soap for relaxing and calming the senses after a busy day of work. You also get to play around with herb powders, organic clays or additives to make your own unique soap bars.

    Savon de Marseille -The world’s famous soap prized on its purity & gentle care.
    Marseille soap became outmoded in the 1960's, but with a rise in ecology and the search for the most natural products possible, Marseille Soap has regained its popularity. Savon de Marseille has the reputation for being kind to the skin and it is recommended for general skincare, because of its mildness and anti-bacterial qualities.

    Participants will learn to make their own soap mould and about 800g of soap, which they can take home to cut afterwards.
    Class Title : Marseilles Soap Workshop RM 125
    Taught by Patty (blog at http://lullabellesoap.blogspot.com/ )
    Date : 26 March 2011 (SATURDAY)
    Time : 3pm - 6pm
    Class Language : English & Mandarin / Cantonese
    Class Fee/ person : RM125(inclusive of materials)
    Class Deposit : RM50 (this fee is non refundable in the case of absentee)
    Maximum Participants Capacity : 4 - 12 person

    Promotion: Register as a pair RM 220 & Returning student RM 110 each.
    (Including all materials + welcoming gift from Lullabelle Handmade Soap)

    A non-refundable deposit of RM50 per person is required. If you'd like to participate, please pre-register and have your deposit to us at least 1 week prior to class.

    Each participant will need to bring 1 empty milk cartons (1000ml size)
    Minimum Headcount to open class=4
    It will be a small class. Please reserve and enquire at lullabellesoap@gmail.com
    *If more that 6 people, tools will be shared within 2 people.

    Make Your Own Lip Balm Workshop

    natural lip balm workshop

    Patty has created another workshop for lip balm lovers to go to where they can make their own nourishing lip balms using natural ingredients including beeswax, shea butter and plant oils. It's a relaxing session she says and a min of 4 will be needed to make a class. Once registered, the participant would make and take home  5 natural lip balms - perfect as gifts for friends or for yourselves. Also this workshop will share knowledge on handmade soaps too! A welcome gift for everyone who registers and a chance to purchase Lullabelle handmade soaps at exclusively discounted prices.

    map to Bree Studio

    Class Title : Natural Lip Balm Workshop
    Taught by : Patty (blog at http://lullabellesoap.blogspot.com/ )
    Date : 26 March 2011 (SATURDAY)
    Time : 1pm - 3pm
    Class Language : English & Mandarin / Cantonese
    Class Fee/ person : RM65(inclusive of materials)
    Class Deposit : RM50 (this fee is non refundable in the case of absentee)
    Venue:Bfree Studio opposite sunway piramid above 99 mart

    Language Medium: English (supplemented with Mandarin/Cantonese)
    Instructor: Patty of Lullabelle Handmade Soap (lullabellesoap@gmail.com)

    Course fees: RM 65 (including materials and handling fees)
    Promotion: Register as a pair RM120.

    Facebook Dog Abuser! HATE U


    trainin dog to stand!

    he whack the dog off bcoz it didn't stand!

    he's holding the dog by the neck up in the air!

     the dog got whack flying off!

    This morning saw something so dam horrible on facebook. Videos has been circulating on this dog abuser who might be a Malaysian staying in OUG?! watch the video here to find out what's going on. I read that they're training this dog for competition and has won trophies but the method of training is.. omg?! look at the video! the dog gets punch/whack/slap/hold by it's neck for not obeying or doing well standing! I hope the SPCA/PAWS/Authorities HELP THE POOR DOG AND DO JUSTICE! This MAN NEEDS TO GET ROTAN IN JAIL for such harsh training!!! anyone knows this man or the dog or got any leads information leading to the arrest of them please let me know! =_=X!!! Check out MALAY MAIL ARTICLE ON THIS! (click here).

    poor dog has to stand if not beaten

    Suspect is said to be from Malaysia and staying in OUG driving a Wira. Amazing how people can get the information on facebook! The SPCA Singapore appealing for more information! Read below:

    APPEAL FOR INFORMATION - dog abuse video

    A case of horrific dog abuse has just surfaced on Facebook. The video can be viewed at http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1688604428314&comments&ref=m It is not clear at this time where the abuse occurred although the person who uploaded the video says she found it in a "pendrive" in Kuala Lumpur. We have alerted our contacts in Malaysia and we understand that they are trying to identify the abuser. The SPCA is appealing for information on the man in the video (see pictures). Please call 6287 5355 ext 9 if you have any information. Please share this post to pass the message. We would like to thank concerned members of the public who brought this case to our attention. We hope that the persons involved will be identified soon so that firm action can be taken and justice served.

    I Nuovi Fund Raising Programme


    I NUOVI Fund Raising Programme

    This is a fund raising project by I Nuovi & Plusizekitten.Com! In an effort to raise funds for the Children of The Good Samaritan Home (Orphanage in Klang), I Nuovi has donated Five (5) I Nuovi UltraGloss (Liquid Lip Color) to Plusizekitten.com to sell and 100% of the proceeds will go to the Children this coming Saturday where a group of us will be going to visit the Children and throwing them a KFC Party! (many thanks to those who have supported and donated for this!). 

    I Nuovi UltraGloss Fund Raising Project 
    • Buy 1 UltraGloss for RM35 (100% of the proceeds goes to charity)
    • FOC Shipping in West Malaysia by I Nuovi
    • 5 shades to select! ICE, DREAM, VELVET, RELIGION and INSOMNIA(click here to see swatches)
    Anyone interested please email tammylci@gmail.com to purchase the UltraGloss. I will need your name, address, contact so that I Nuovi can send the parcel out to you. There's only 5 UltraGloss for sale and the proceeds will go to our Good Samaritan Home project fund (KFC Party/CNY Clothes).

    Chi Fitness 90% off 1 Month VIP Pass

    the machines room

    the trx/jukari room

    friends working out

    small pool outside

    the locker room

    shower rooms

    the graffiti at staircase

    the RPM room

    Shape Workshop at Chi Fitness

    Ever since I went to the Shape Workshop at Chi Fitness, PJ Trade Center, I kept dreaming to go back there again! Even with the 1 week trial pass I was given, I still did not go in December due to the back fall I had from FullHouse Cafe's staircase. Then suddenly today wonderful news  Everyday.com.my coupons featuring their deal today on Chi Fitness's 1 Month VIP PASS + 1 TRX Session (amazing cool new class using suspensions on air?) which is 90% off now so you only pay RM38! I love Everyday.com.my coupons because of the great deals that comes in good timing! After Christmas makan & CNY coming, I can go exercise here to lose the buldge! Please do check this place out and I dare say you'll regret it if you don't buy this coupon deal to go for a 1 month's trial at Chi Fitness cause it's a very chic beautiful place to work out at. I find that there's many females here and even some Beauty Editors from magazines are working out here too! Sorry but I am a fool for ambiance, I don't know if their classes are good yet until I buy this and try out! for now RM38.00. The deal is for Chi Fitness Klang & PJ Trade Center only. Check out the terms & conditions by clicking the link below.

    Welcome to Malaysia's latest concept in fitness
    CHI Word
    CHi Fitness would like to welcome you to their exciting, new approach to working out. Their clubs showcase awesome designs where art and creativity meet fitness, health, and a good time every time. Happy, healthy members is their simple aspiration.
    Basing CHi Fitness concept around the benefits of group classes, they strive to bring you the best choice and the very best instructors. CHi Fitness gyms are complete with a full range of cardiovascular and strength conditioning resistance machines, and dedicated free weights and stretching areas. CHi Fitness offer Les Mills, JUKARI, TRX and our own CHi Signature classes so you can always find a workout to fit your needs. Or accomplish your goals with our excellent personal trainers.

    What You Get When You Purchase This Everyday Coupons?
    • 1 month VIP pass to CHi Fitness PJ Trade or CHi Fitness Centro Klang (worth RM 265)
    • 1 private 1 to 1 session on TRX Suspension Training (worth RM 150)

    What is TRX Suspension Training?
    The TRX is more than just the most versatile piece of exercise equipment available; it is a complete training system. To ensure your success, every TRX package includes complete usage instructions, training tips and a comprehensive full body workout that can be adapted as your fitness improves.

    View Larger Map

    C.H.I Fitness PJ Trade Centre
    A1-01 (Annexe), Menara Mustapha Kamal,
    PJ Trade Centre, No. 8, Jalan PJU 8/8A,
    Bandar Damansara Perdana, 47820 Petaling Jaya.
    Tel : 03-7492 1023

    C.H.I Fitness Centro Klang
    S101 2nd Floor, Centro Mall, 
    No.8 Jalan Batu Tiga Lama, 
    41300 Klang, Selangor.
    Tel : 03-33440171/2

    Business Hours:Mon - Fri: 6:30am - 10:30pm
    Sat: 7am - 8pm
    Sun /  PH: 9am - 7pm

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