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  • Good Samaritan Home Klang - KFC Party & CNY Donation Drive


    throwing the children a kfc party on 29/1/11 (Sat)

    Friends has urged me to blog about my charity project (something I was doing for the past 2 weeks in my Facebook). It seems nowadays I do a lot of personal updating in Facebook rather than blog because I don't want to have too much spams on my blog. Anyway yes it all happened in Facebook. I saw from a friend's facebook page photos of the conditions at The Good Samaritan Home, an orphanage home in Klang. They have a total of 36 children (26 of them under 12 years old). Something sparked my heart and I decided to update my Facebook status asking for RM20 donation per pax to fund this KFC Party idea. Soon my friends, readers and strangers starting asking for my bank account so they could help out. I was touched (shocked) by their move to help me!. They're donating money to someone they have not met and could possible be a scam-woman right? 

    Good Samaritan Home

    It would cost at least RM500 (36 children+2 caretakers) to have the KFC Chicky Party for the children. I called up KFC Events and made a booking for 29/1/11 12-2pm at KFC Taman Sentosa Klang. Confirmed the booking and a deposit of RM100 needed to be made, my friend Kenby who lives in Klang helped me to pay for the deposit. She's also in my team assisting me with misc duties to help coordinate the whole project. No a KFC Chicky Party is not more expensive than a normal order by menu purchase. It's the same! With a minimum of 10 children and RM250 purchase, anyone can book the KFC branch they like and have a party complete with balloons, decorations, children games, a birthday cake (if you're a Chicky Member), party invitation gift packs and a APPEARANCE BY CHICKY MASCOT! which is why I wanted to have a KFC Chicky Party instead of buying KFC n bringing it straight to the home. A KFC Chicky Party would be SO MUCH FUN especially when the kids see Chicky Mascot. I can imagine now the young ones go "CHICKEN CHICKEN!!!".

    Mrs.Ong, wife of the guardian of this home

    their dorms

    Soon it wasn't just eating Kentucky Fried Chicken because a face painter friend Stacey Lee decided to volunteer her services to make the day colorful and fun by face painting for the children! She could not paint 36 children in one hour, so more people volunteered to help her out. This is becoming really fun I said in my heart! What started out as a RM20 fund raiser for a party soon become a donation drive where people started donating Chinese New Year clothes, soaps, cupcakes, T-Shirts, stationary packs and ang-pows! Malaya Optical has also come to support this fund raiser by offering to sponsor the children wearing frames+glasses a RM600 worth each to wear! Blogshops, boutiques and clothing company started helping out too. Below is the list of people I wish to thank for contributing their services and goods in kind:
    the home receives donations in kind

    in front of the home

    Ops I gotta rush out now to collect more things and pack the donated items! such a rush. It's happening tomorrow! I'm so disorganized T_T someone please save me!!! This might be the first big thing I'm doing for this home and I will be blogging about it. I hope that after this, many more will know that this home exists and will come forth to help them out if possible. Maybe someone who would like to adopt a child come also come to this home and have a look see? I also wish that if there's any newspaper/magazine who would like to cover the story of this orphanage, please contact me. There's homes everywhere in Malaysia not just the Klang Valley and if we could help raise awareness on these homes, it would make the children happy.



    P.S: If anyone wishes to donate $$ for the home kindly e-mail me tammylci@gmail.com. I will be going tomorrow morning. Wish us all the best in making it a wonderful day for the children.


    1. Wow, Tammy, you're almost there! Hope the children will enjoy as much as you do!

    2. Great job Tammy! And to all that made this happen!!
      Big pats on the back for you all!!

    3. hi,

      I am with YMCA and we are looking for homes that are really in need, like poor and needy. Your story is so touching and I am moved by your compassion for the needy.

      I was looking for Good Samaritian Home Klang's contact details on google when i found your blog. Reading your testimony made my day.

      By the way, if you know any home or family that are really in need or reaaly poor and need help, then email me and i will get back to you.



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