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Shiroro Warehouse Sales Today & Tomorrow 12pm-2pm only

brought back boxes & boxes of stuffs

With the Chinese New Year shopping around the corner (hamper packing etc, visiting) my boss has to buy a lot of stuffs to give clients and relatives. We went to the chocolate and coffee warehouse sales at Lot 20 & 22 (Shiroro) Jalan 225, Petaling Jaya today (behind Avon). The sales will be from 12pm-2pm today & tomorrow. There's lots of nice chocolates to buy particularly Merci (France?) & Lindt (Swiss). You may take a lot at the Italian Chocolates too, all at a great low price. My boss haul a lot of white coffee packs 2 for rm10, assorted jams and chocolates.

Thank you God for letting me buy these!

For me, I was blessed by God that I got to buy the Merci Petit Chocolate Gift Packs which weren't even on the table for display (to buy) but it was on the order form. Everyone has to take an order form to order what they want and pass it to the staffs to pack up. It's your luck if the item you want is sold out. I was really early there with my boss and they weren't selling the Merci Gift Packs. I overheard the one staff telling the staffs mending at chocolate table that the Merci Petit Gift Packs are not for sale. I tried my luck anyway! I don't believe that we can't buy since it's on the order form & I see them having boxes of it. The first lady I asked said it's all sold out (liar). The second lady with the glasses were very nice! she did not give me the mumbo jumbo that the item is not for sale/out of stock. I bought 36 packs of the chocolates (3 Box for RM10). It's for the children that I will be visiting on the 29th January, 2011 at The Good Home Samaritan Orphanage in Klang. Thanks to the donations from my readers and friends, I could stretch the $$ and make the children happy. Every one of them will be getting a Merci Chocolate Gift Pack, I am so touched and happy by everyone's support for the children. Thanks God too ^__^ they will love it.

*please check the expiry dates!*


Agnesi (2 for rm10)
Misura 6 grains
Misura whole what
clussi sf sb w rice
colussi sf sb w cereal
colussi sf w choc chips

fusilli rigat 500g 2 for rm5
ponte spaghetti 500g 2 for rm5
organic pasta 500g 2 for rm7

olive 400g rm7
basilico 400g rm7
ev olive oil 500ml rm8

hoya 2 for rm10
coffee with ginseng 20's
gingko ginseng with tkt ali 15's
gingko ginseng with tkt ali (no sugar) 15's

espresso dark roast 100g rm15
arabica 100g rm15

flavoured drinks
k stuff apple bcurrant 250ml x 24 bots 1 ctn for rm10

st dalfour rm8
strawberry 284g
4 fruits
orange marmalade
cranberry blueberry

jam 284 0 short expiry rm4
ready to eat rm3

strawberry 100g rm6
almond (alba) 100g rm6
excel 100g - creamy milk rm8
excel 100g - madagascar 65% rm8
excel 100g - ecuador 75% rm8
excel 100g - 70% rm8
reindeer w santa 10g x 5 - 3 for rm10
mini snowman 10g x 5 - 3 for rm10
surfin 300g rm20
milk 300g rm20
milk raisin hazelnut 300g rm20
milk hazelnut 300g rm20
milk almond 300g rm20
lindor cornet milk/extra dark/assorted rm20
red/gold xmas prestige rm38
orange 100g rm8
excellent thins 125g 85% rm10
excellent thins 70% rm10

storck confectionery
mamba 4's rm2
NIMM2 soft bag 3 for rm10
NIMM2 stick 50g 3 for rm1
toffiffee 125g 2 for rm10
merci petits milk/almonds/coffee/praline/assorted/cocoa intense 3 for rm10
wo milk choc rm9
wo caramel choc rm9
wo caramel mousse rm9
merci petit gift pack 3 for rm10
merci red 250g rm10
merci green 250g rm10

sea shell 200g rm15
hazelnut tiff 153g rm15
g poker oct box 150gm rm15
bianco cuore oct box 150g rm15
nori case 200gram rm15
noir bag 300g rm15
g poker flat bottom bag rm15
g poker torre drum rm20
b cuore torre drum rm20
granparty asst 280g rm30
g poker prestige rm30
bianco cuore zaffiro rm30
regal prestiage rm30

herb candy 100g rm4
blkcurrant candy 100g rm4
herb candy 250g rm8
herb candy 100g - dented rm3
blk currant candy 100g dented rm3
herb candy 250g dented rm6
pearls - lemon mint/spearmint/blkcurrant/strawberry 25g - 2 for rm5
loz alpin fresh/blkcurrant/lemon mint/ori herb/cranberry 50g 2 for rm8

care condom rm1
care combo pack rm3

trial pack (sponge+scourer) x 24 rm24
green scourer 5pcs rm5
sponge & green scourer 6pcs rm7
glove long rm5
mop set rm15
value pack rm6

dilmah tea
prem pot bag 100's rm7
prem string & tagg 100's rm9
fun tea 80's (fruit celebration) rm20
prem pot bags/tgl 50's rm4
dilmah string & tag box of 25's rm5
dilmah fe (foil env) box of 25's rm6
prem pot bags 100's dented rm5
prem string & tag 100's dented rm6
prem pot bags 50s dented rm3
prem string & tag 50's dented rm3
english breakfast 50's dented rm5
green tea w jasmine 25's dented rm4
darjeeling 25's dented rm4
gtea w ginger dented rm4


  1. So nice you can go shopping with yr boss T.T
    All this is too tempting :)~
    But unable to go thr to shop coz need to work >.<
    So jealous of u now ^_^

  2. Thats a lot of stuff!! The kids will be phreaking happy with the chocolates!

  3. i love lindt! when would be the product expiry date?

  4. depending on which type, longest i see would be july, 2011 expire. The chocolates manu last year.

    Like those giant lindt, it's expiring April.

    Merci most expiring march.

  5. Eh tis lindt almond only rm6, wah cheaper than Guardian sale.

    The long bar from Lindt is rm20?? Guardian sale selling rm10.

  6. wooh.. good in cash strech.. Kids and everyone love chocolate

  7. wth!!! i missed this!! how could i!!! or else i could have borong the jam!!! i love the jam and it's only rm8!!!! waaaa!!! hitting myself at the wall!!!

  8. when is the next sale and how do we get to know about this..


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