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Annick Goutal Story

the perfume that I love the most

The story of ANNICK GOUTAL perfumes is a wonderful love story, a tale of love at first sight. She was a talented pianist; when an encounter with a perfume creator from Robertet in Grasse was to change her life. This meeting gave birth to her passion – the creation of perfumes.

ANNICK GOUTAL’s secret lies in its talent for transforming emotions into fragrances. Each unique creation represents a moment of happiness, a treasured emotion, a powerful memory connected to a significant event or even a loved one.

Today, Camille Goutal, daughter of the company’s founder, and Isabelle Doyen continue this tradition, creating works of great indulgence, marrying the integrity of their raw materials with their unique inspiration and creativity.


  1. wow, this is nice, tammy! i never try this!!!like perfume so much lately =)

  2. yeah it's nice.. T_T i only got a 15ml miniature won from lucky draw, if not i will never get to use this perfume it's so expensive in malaysia...

  3. Wow, lovely story! Annick Goutal which perfume is nice? I got smelled some of them, dun really like it. Mayb i havent find the scent tat suits me.


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