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  • Cellnique Body Plush Emulsion Wash Review


    sometimes on a hot day all it takes is a refreshing shower wash

    My review on the Cellnique Body Plus Emulsion Wash is overdue! not that I deliberately delay the review but because I didn't know what else I could talk about the shower gel besides the really awesome citrusy smell it gives out, which I really like because on a hot day like this in Malaysia, all it takes to revive you back is a cooling and refreshing power shower using citrusy fruits to perk you up. Another favorite of mine is shower gels that's minty! Though I would totally avoid using citrusy/minty wash on the lower nether regions of my body because *cripes* you will regret that!

    Today I decide to put it into cartoon, it's been sometime since I did a Real Life Tail comic which seriously is real life tails (tales) okie! This happened almost any other day when it's so hot outside. 

    Cellnique's Body Plus Emulsion Wash

    From a bird's eye view, the Cellnique Body Plush Emulsion Wash is just like any other shower gel. Though the description of the product is really well written "An invigorating burst of fragrant sumptuousness and a gentle carass of velvety optulence, this body wash's spellbinding scent envelopes you in a sweet-smelling cocoon and intoxicates you with its aroma-therapeutic essential oil fragrance. Leaving the skin feeling deliciously soft and sinfully smooth" the product didn't leave my skin silky soft or smooth. Sad coz I was looking forward to trying it after reading the description. I would like to hire whoever who wrote that though!

    1 - An invigorating burst of... (Citrusy Orange Scent)
    Yes the smell is strong and citrusy but the scent lingers off right after shower. The therapeutic benefits would be relieved of stress/tiredness. It does makes you happy and energized since essential sweet orange oil is used in this (which contains refreshing and relaxing notes). It also works well on masking/eliminating odors, which I happened to really like because after a night out with the girls in clubs/heavily smoke places, the shower gel's orange smell kinda de-smoke u off in the shower. Those orange-citrus scent loving people would like this shower gel :)

    2 - Leaving skin feeling ... (Soft & Smooth)
    I think the cons of the product is the promise of a deliciously soft and sinfully smooth skin. I have dry skin and yet after using the emulsion wash, my skin was just like any other after shower episode. Granted this might work differently for other people, but for me, it did not meet what it said it would do. Also it says to be soothing for sensitive skin and elevate itching! it did the opposite for me. I had to put on moisturizer after using this shower gel as my skin gets tight n dry causing it to be itchy.

    Two pumps would get you a good lathering (though not bubbly) for a shower. This shower gel lasted me 2 months :) so now I have a bottle for recycling yay albeit the label becoming worn out due to being non-water resistant.

    3 - the three main ingredients
    Trehalose (moisturizing protection, Olive Oil (excellent emollient and moisturizer) and the purest sweet orange essential oil (soothing and refreshing aromatherapy benefits), combine together to make the Cellnique Body Plus Emulsion Wash which promises to make our skin smooth, soften, moisturized and even soothe our skin but did not do so for me. The scent however and the aromatherapy benefits, I do love it.

    I finished this in 2 months
    (forgive me if the label looks worn out!)

    Priced at RM59 for a 250ml Body Wash is what I normally pay for (Loccitane, Kiehl's, Crabtree, Lerbolario, etc) but many would question between the brands why Cellnique's would come off as expensive compare to the brands mention? The packaging has no attraction, it looks really "medical" and it does not moisturized my skin like it says. Cellnique also has a strong branding grip on its facial care. With the elements involved, the shower gel would seem no different than the ones sold at drugstores. If they have priced it at an "introductory" rate it would be great.

    the milky texture with a burst of oranges

    mix with water turns to lathering transparent wash

    Anyway despite it's flower delivery words, I believe shower gels are just for washing our bodies. Whether it moisturizes, does more than what it should do depends on individual use and perception. I just hope with my review, my readers don't come back telling me hey u lied, it actually works great on me or hey, it's really expensive and it's not moisturizing or where's the orange smell? Because hey, I write what I feel after using and it's my experience which may not apply to anyone or everyone.

    Cheers, Miu.

    Ingredients List:
    Purified Water (Aqua), Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS!), Sulfate Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Decyl Glucocide, Glycerin Cocamide DEA, Polyquaternium 39, Styrene/Acrylate Copolymer, Fragrance, Sodium Lactate, Olive (Oleo europea), Oil, Trehalose, Citric Acid, Sodium Chloride, Sweet Orange Oil, Methychloroisothiazolmone, Methy-lisothiazolinone. 


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