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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • What I Want For Christmas Is A Samsung Galaxy SII!


    What I want For Christmas Is A...

    OH BOY my favorite month is here! The malls are gleaming with joy and the angels are singing! The season of giving and all things red and shiny! Everyone is thinking of what to buy for their friends, families, their boyfriend(s)? haha. I am thinking of what I should ask my boyfriend to get me ahem! Maybe a Samsung Galaxy SII phone to make a lot more love calls for 2012! Talking about new year resolution *lol*. Check out these videos on how cool the Samsung Galaxy SII!

    look at how fast it is!

    I can read my fave comics on it

    even cute guys like it

    There's more videos on how cool Samsung Galaxy SII is on Samsung Galaxy website! Just click here to see it. Maybe there's more cute guys on it! Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

    Essential Sun Protection With Glimpse Mineral Treatment


    Glimpse Mineral Treatment Conquers the Sun!

    Check out these babies from XANGO! It's Glimpse Mineral treatments!!! They give safe and effective protection for the skin by using Zinc Oxide and botanicals, rather than chemical sunscreens such as octinoxate and avobenzone that may cause harm to the skin. Awesome right?
    “Recent studies raise the question as to whether the more chemical-laden sunscreens on the market do more harm than good,” added XANGO Senior Vice President Beverly Hollister. “In contrast, we are proud to offer products that are free of the harmful chemicals and toxins found in most leading brands, while still offering excellent UVA and UVB protection.”
    XANGO’s Glimpse Mineral Treatment Provides SPF 25 and PA+++ Protection

    Glimpse Mineral Treatment is now available for the price of RM730 via XANGO’s extensive network of distributors in Malaysia. For more information, please call XANGO Malaysia’s toll free number at 1800 88 8829 from 10am – 7pm, Monday to Friday.

    Hush Puppies Warehouse Sale 24/11 - 4/12


    Julio Iglesias Set to Perform for YTL’s Concert of Celebration

    Julio Iglesias set to vow on 1st Dec, 2011
    One-of-a-kind concert for Malaysians held on Bintang Walk

    Come 1st December 2011, the entire stretch of Jalan Bukit Bintang will be transformed to hold a concert like no other featuring legendary star, Julio Iglesias.

    A Grammy Award winner whose career has enjoyed phenomenal success internationally, from selling 300 million records in 14 languages to releasing numerous albums, Julio is set to mesmerize when he croons his hit singles that have left fans in rapture all over the world.

    Held as part of YTL Corporation Berhad’s Concert of Celebration series, this exclusive one-night affair is presented to all Malaysians as part of its celebrations for the forthcoming re-launch of Starhill Gallery. This dedicated gallery of luxury experiences was recently refurbished to present a new iconic façade that symbolises its worldwide appeal and contribution to KL’s transformation as a world-class city.

    Since 1994, YTL has featured many world-renowned artists in the Company’s Concert of Celebration series. This includes the memorable and last ever Three Tenors Concert at World Heritage City, Bath and popular tenor Russell Watson’s performance in Sentul Park, Kuala Lumpur. Last year, Andrea Bocelli thrilled an audience in Singapore’s Botanic Gardens.


    a winner each week

    I entered the LAI CHING YUEN Chinese Restaurant's Dim Sum With A Master sweepstakes earlier and thought this might be interesting for my readers to enter as well. After all who could say no to Dim Sums? think Kung Fu Panda eating with 9 of his friends for free! That's the Grand Prize! whoever wins it is going to be sooooo lucky. CLICK HERE to ENTER the Sweepstakes!

    P.S: This is Not Halal!


     Bianca Balti

    global L’Oréal Paris spokeswoman

    Paris, France - November 7, 2011. The beautiful Bianca Balti has recently become new global L’Oréal Paris spokeswoman.With her mischievous charm, bright eyes and natural appeal, Bianca Balti is one of the most beautiful women in the world. As an international supermodel, she appears on Fashion Week catwalks each season in the fashion capitals of the world and on the covers of all the top magazines. And today she joins the prestigious family of L’Oréal Paris Ambassadors.

    http://i241.photobucket.com/albums/ff273/xxtaichi182xx/TwitterIcon.pngtwitter: @LorealParisMY

    Himalaya Anti-Dandruff Hair Oil Review

    Himalaya Herbals Dandruff Hair Oil

    My dandruff is going crazy atm. I've tried so many types of shampoo now, I'm beginning to give up. Maybe I should go back to using Kiehl's Dandruff Shampoo, that really control my dandruff for a while but it made my hair really dry so I didn't like that part. Well all dandruff shampoos make our hair dry because of the ingredients used to combat the dandruff. I found this Himalaya Anti-Dandruff Hair Oil in my bathroom today. I didn't know it was new until I try to use it.

    putting the dandruff hair oil to test
    (the Malaysian packaging look different from the States)

    Frustrating, I spend like more than 5 mins trying to get it to open. The cap is fine but the inside? there's a plastic stopper where you have to pierce through so that the liquid could come out. Mind you the tiny hole in that part, you gotta be kidding me. Where on earth can I find something thicker than a needle point but not too thick like chopsticks to go in? In the end, I kinda destroyed the plastic stopper using chopsticks. Messy.

    always read the product directions b4 using

    Finally the oil is coming out. Smells like baby oil and it's not greasy like cooking oil or body oil. It's a light weight herbal oil that's not sticky with Tea Tree Oil (anti-bacteria) and Neem (anti dandruff action) to clear the dandruff flakes from hair. Sweet Indrajao keeps the hair cool and Rosemary keeps hair healthy. That's the 4 main ingredients of this Dandruff Hair Oil that will help clear your dandruff away. Here's a quick tour on the ingredients:
    • Sweet Indrajao (Wrightia tinctoria) for treating various scalp and skin disorders.
    • Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) to treat dandruff and other scalp infections
    • Tea Tree (Melaleuca leucadendron) has antibacterial, anti fungal, antiseptic & anti dandruff properties.
    • Neem (Azadirachta indica) has an anti dandruff action

    other benefits of using hair oil

    My hair is oily now and I look like this swim suit model just fresh from the waters. Definitely cannot go out unless I look sexy with this kinda image. Some parts of my scalp is itchy after applying the oil. I do hope it's because of the Tea Tree Oil "functioning".  Feels uncomfortable having oil all over my head. Shall be waiting to wash it off after an hour or two to see if there's any improvement on first trial basis.

    After 3 hours:
    I washed my hair with Himalaya's Dandruff Shampoo and the dandruff has cleared away a bit. The flakes are gone and I think if you don't put effort on massaging your scalp with the dandruff hair oil, then no use - COZ it's with the circular massaging movements that will rub the oil onto your scalp and clear the dandruff flakes away. Well this is my first trial and I will use this again probably once or twice a week (not daily coz it's oily and takes a bit of washing to clear off, my hair still feels weight down. I'm not complaining though coz it makes my hair softer and shinier due to the oil). 

    What Is It For?
    Anti-Drandruff Hair Oil prevents dandruff by eliminating microbial infections of the scalp. 

    Who Is It For?
    For people like me who has dandruff issues, especially flaky ones.

    Why Should I Use?
    Himalaya Herbals is a range of natural, effective and safe products that use rare herbs carefully selected from the foothills of Himalayas. Combining the best of Ayurveda with years of scientific research, these products effectively restore your hair's natural health and vitality.

    How To Use?
    Simple as ABC. I didn't bother to read how to use. I assumed oil massaged on scalp (to stage war on the pesky dandruff) and then leave it be and wash it off with shampoo. Which is true! here's what Himalaya says about how to use it:
    1. Part your hair and apply oil all over the scalp
    2. Massage the scalp gently with fingers in a circular motion, so that oil gets absorbed into the scalp, gradually
    3. Leave for an hour or more before washing with Himalaya Herbal Cleansing/Dandruff Shampoo
    Where To Buy?
    Himalaya Herbals Dandruff Hair Oil  200ml available at all leading pharmacies and Himalaya stores. Price unknown as I bought it some time ago lol! but generally Himalaya Herbals products are affordable ranging from RM10-RM20++.

    Tiger Balm Plaster Warm & Cool For Relief!


    Tiger Balm Warm n Cool Plaster

    Tiger Balm, my colleagues says I'm addicted to it. Why? because I use it everyday to relieve dizziness, headache and stress. Yes stress, I don't know why but the smell and relieving effects of Tiger Balm calms me down. Anyway I spotted in Guardian Solaris Mont Kiara the cool and warm plasters from Tiger Balm (trusted by generations, my grandma uses it too). JUST WHAT I NEEDED! the flight from Bali was so uncomfortable, I am having backaches for 2 days already. No time to go for a back massage, I'm going to try these plasters now.

    Tiger Balm plaster for relief of Muscular Aches n Pains, Inflammations, 
    Stiff Neck n Shoulders, Arthritic n Back Pains.

    The Tiger Balm Plaster is an analgesic and mild anti-inflammatory plaster. Once applied, its unique Tiger Balm formulation is absorbed into the skin to stimulate blood circulation which helps to expedite the healing process. Tiger Balm Warm Plaster permeating and warm action provides relief and comfort for hours.

    Here's the difference between Warm & Cool Tiger Balm Plasters:
    • Warm - it's warming, good for those stubborn aching muscle pain 
    • Cooling - it's cooling sensation is great for those sudden strains and aches after sports or after a tiring day at work. 
    Another difference between the two types are the ingredients. Both has Camphor, Menthol, Mentha Oil, Eucalyptus Oil BUT for the warm series,  it has an additional ingredient that adds the nice warming sensation - Capsicum Extract.

    instruction sheet on how to use the extra adhesive
    What's great is that it comes with additional "adhesive backing sheet" for extra stronghold at joint areas.

    Tiger Balm hydrogel plasters

    What I like about the plasters are that its hydrogel plasters and the additional adhesive sheet. No other brands have these, clearly not your ordinary medicated plasters. The hydrogel plaster, additional adhesive when used together creates a locking patch which can be used at the elbow/knee areas (stretch-ability). The relief needed for that achy-achy moment (quick fix and affordable compare to going for massage). The non woven material makes the plasters comfortable to wear for hours.

    What I like about the plasters are the hydrogel plasters and adhesive feature
    Tiger Balm Warm n Cool Plasters (sizes available)

    Available at all major pharmacies like Guardian and nearby pharmacies. The Tiger Balm Plasters comes in Large (10cm x 14cm) and Small sizes (7cm x 10cm). Each packet has 2 plasters and comes with backing adhesive sheets. The large size goes for RM6.80 and the small size for RM5.30. Value for money!

    BB cream for the first 20 MWW readers Nov 23-25 from Maybelline


    the Malaysian Women's Weekly

    Shu Uemura WKW Holiday Collection Party!

     Shu Uemura Holiday Party!

    the WKW holiday collection

    Calling all Shu Fanatics! (Shu Members)! Christmas is here and you know it when Shu Uemura starts partying! This year the collection is different than usual! It's more glam, more elegant, more sophisticated. Perfect for the Christmas Ball or Masquerade Party! Check out the photos above for a preview of the WKW (stands for Wong Kar Wai the legendary Hong Kong Film Director who inspired this collection) holiday collection above! As for the Shu Uemura Party? You'll get to preview the collection there, chit chat, have cocktails, try the Christmas make up, get door gifts and be in the running for lucky draw to win WKW brush set worth RM190!

    Party Specials! Spend RM350 to receive a free 6 piece travel set* (and top up for tier gifts).

    Dates for the Christmas Party:

    Nov 12 (Sat) 3pm - 5pm Parkson Gurney 04-226 3651
    Nov 13 (Sun) 3pm - 5pm Tebrau boutique 07-354 5684
    Nov 17 (Sat) 6pm - 8pm Mid Valley 03-2287 1764 /One Utama 03-7727 5023
    Nov 19 (Thurs) 3pm - 5pm Sunway Pyramid 03-5637 3301
    Nov 26 (Sat) 3pm - 5pm Empire Subang 03-5631 5626, Suria Sabah 088-488 736, The Spring Kuching 082-237 016.

    Kindly present your invitation to enjoy entry and special offers on this day. Customer without invitation will not be permitted to enjoy special offers. Other terms and conditions apply.

    Cres Body Regenerist Fruitti Spa 1st Trial Offer!


    Cres Gardens Mid Valley

    love the colors used in their interior

    spa room in one of Cres outlets

    A few days before I departed to Bali, I had the chance to experience Cres's latest body treatment called the Body Regenerist Fruitti Spa. The Fruitti Spa is formulated using botanical ingredients such as fruits and flowers, coupled with natural sea salt and yogurt. Those like myself who enjoys massages, spas and scrubs will find this a heavenly treat to indulge in. Here goes my experience :)

    time to relax your mind, body and soul

    As usual when I arrived at Cres, the friendly staffs greeted me with a smile. I was quickly ushered to the locker room where I locked up my personal belongings using the key bracelet given to me. I was asked if I needed to freshen up myself before my treatment start to which I promptly said yes! I don't want to stop my treatment midway because of toilet breaks you see. 

    look at me smiling away waiting for my spa!

    first body massage using essential oil

    My treatment room is cosy with everything lined up ready for me. I changed into my disposable panties and my masseuse came in. My treatment started with a body massage to which I request for a just back massage, as my back was all tensed up. Vitamin rich aromatic botanical essential oil was used to massage my back. It was pure bliss. I dozed off after a few minutes. 

    then yummy fruittilicious scrub

    I awoke to find my masseuse all ready to scrub my body using fruits and flower enriched natural marine sea salt. The aromatic scent of fruit extracts and flowers provided me with the aromatherapy benefits I needed to de-stress and open up my senses. The scrub was also good for me explained my masseuse as it's full of vitamins and nutrients to nourish my skin making it smooth and baby soft. A luxurious fruitti body masque was applied all over me. To fully benefit from it, I was wrapped like a cocoon with heated blanket. I dozed off again with the sweet smelling scent of fruits and flower in the air.

    lastly a fruitti bubble bath

    I believe during this time, my masseuse secretly went off to prepare my fruitti bubble bath! It was the finale I was waiting for. I remember my friends told me that they don't have bath tub and if they got a chance to soak in one, it would be really awesome. I have a bath tub at home but Cres's spa tub area wins hands down with the lighting and heighten wooden tub floor. At the side of the bathtub, there's a tray of biscuits and hot drink. What could be more.... heavenly than a bubble bath with hot drink and biscuits waiting for me? 

    life of a girl who enjoys spas

    I spent a good 20mins soaking in the warm fruitti bubble bath. My skin was all glowing (dead skin cells removed yippee) and smooth to bits. I notice there's a Raspberry hand and body lotion placed on top of a towel prepared by my masseuse.  Smells darn nice I must say! quickly rubbing it all over me and I wish I could bring it back as well.

    Rasberry Hand and Body Lotion 

    promotions for this Fruitti Spa at Cres

    When my treatment ended, I had a short talk with Plum (Cres Therapist) about the benefits of this Body Regenerist Fruitti Spa Treatment. She explained what the treatment is about and how it can help women have smoother and radiant skin. There's 5 results that the treatment gives:
    • Skin is visibly whiter and firmer
    • Flaws and bites mark are lighten
    • Dark skin tone is fairer
    • Skin is new, young and elastic
    • Skin is incredibly smooth and radiant
    I enjoyed the spa treatment very much at Cres and I hope to return back here for a second round where this time I would just lay back and let the hours passed by. Stressed isn't something we should keep in us, it should be release :) Here's a short description on the Body Regenerist Fruitti Spa and what you will get when you purchase this treatment!

    Anti Stress Back Massage
    Using vitamin riched aromatic botanical essential oil, total relaxation of mind and body, stimulate detoxification through lymph nodes, increase blood circulation and de-stress the tensed muscle.

    Fruitti Yogurt Masque
    Contains natural fruits extracts from pineapple, lemon, rose and orange. Rich in Vitamin C and fruit enzymes that make our skin smooth and hydrated. The lactid acid in the yoghurt is effective in reducing acne and tightening pores. Enriched with pure essential oil from jojoba for a more moisturized and smooth complexion.

    Fruitti Scrub
    Contains natural marine sea salt, luscious rose petals and pineapple puree. Rich in vitamin B, C and E, exfoliate to remove dead skin cells of the body, expose a layer of young skin cell fro a better absoption of vitamins, moisture and essence, leaving skin young, rejuvenated and baby-smooth.

    Themal Blanket Heat Infusion
    Promote a high infiltration of essence and nutrients into the epidermis layer by stimulating the lymphatic and blood circulation through heat.

    Fruitti Bubble Bath
    A lavish, long soak in a tub of warm creamy bubble bath rich in vitamins B, C and E to unleash all your tensed muscles and stressed mind. Contains fruits moisture, almond and lactic acid, effective in combating skin irritation, eczema and acne problems. Leaving skin ultra smooth, white, young and hydrated.


    E-Voucher To Enjoy This Spa At Special Price!
    (normal price RM300 2hrs)

    Limited to the first 50 readers only! 1st Trial Body Regenerist Fruitti Spa @ RM78 and FREE 2pcs of RM20 Product Voucher. How to get this voucher? Just follow the steps below!
    1. CLICK HERE to comment on my shout out at CRES FB
    2. Leave a COMMENT saying you want to try this spa (you do not need to disclose your details)
    3. Cres FB will drop u a pm asking for your details (full name, contact number, e-mail address, and preferred outlet)
    4. E-VOUCHER will be sent.  Print out for redemption.
    5. Don't forget to make an appointment first before going!
    Terms n Conditions for the e-voucher:
    · Open for all aged 21 years old and above.
    · Validity: One (1) month from the date of issue.
    · Valid for 1st trial customer only.
    · One (1) voucher is valid for one (1) redemption only.
    · Only one (1 )redemption of discount voucher per person is allowed.
    · This voucher is non-refundable and non-redeemable for cash or other products, services or promotions.
    · Please present voucher upon redemption.
    · RM20 product voucher must be redeeming on the same day of visit. Valid for one (1) item per voucher.
    · CRES Wellness Sdn Bhd reserves the right to omit, amend and change the above terms & conditions without prior notice.



    look who's posing today at Mid Valley?

    My boyfriend is forcing me to go to a wedding dinner tomorrow and I have nothing to wear. Oh alright I have a lot of clothes but I don't need to wear them over and over again right? It's time for something new and some accessories to jazz up my look? I surfed through facebook and found out about ENVEE. Honestly, I've never heard of Envee before until now and the best part is they're having sales and if anyone purchase anything they can pose for a photo & keep it! 

    AND ALSO a chance to go BALI!

     a chance to be a model n win Bali trip!

    This will only take place today and tomorrow between 11am till 6pm at Mid Valley. I just came back from Bali and it wouldn't be so back if I could go again right? (to a beach place this time!). Roughly checking out their store, I found that their clothings are mostly free size. Price ranges from medium to high. I love love love their long flowing dresses! especially toga ones that's set to show off a bit of the kitten and still be mysterious. The blings blings dresses caught my eye too but blings are slightly more expensive naturally. 

     Envee Midvalley

    are they a plus size store?

    contemporary, modern day woman

    Their dresses are for the confident, modern and contemporary women. From maxi to long dresses, to tops to elegant and effortless stylish with minimal effort, Envee might be your one stop emergency dress shop! Just minutes of entering, I picked a red diamond sequined dress, put it on and pose in front of the photographer. Effortless? yes. Stylish yeah. Datin meter? higher than normal. See below!

    just imagine how'd I look with big hair and make up on too?

    caught on camera! not bad right?

    accessories I lurve them

    this is so ME!

    yes this is me! strike a pose

    Finally I found a top I could work with and a killer rocking necklace that I fell in love horribly! I'll wear a printed skirt tomorrow with this black Lycra top and this rocking tribal necklace tomorrow, or maybe jeans? Well a black top goes well with everything so I bought this and the necklace and participated in the photo shooting contest. Yes BALI HERE I COME!!!

    reminds you of Khazanah?

    ENVEE is the modern woman's answer to simple, classic clothes that will never go out of fashion. Versatility, effortlessness, and style. www.envee.com.my. ENVEE keeps the sophisticated woman ahead of shifting trends around the world. From unique single pieces that dazzle on their own, stylish basics, sleek casual, evening wear, exquisite jewelry and accessories, ENVEE offers an ever-changing collection of finery that will inject style and diversity into any wardrobe. Check out their latest collection and prices at http://www.facebook.com/ENVEEstores.

    Mid Valley
    Address: Lot F007, 1st Floor, Mid Valley Megamall, 59200 Kuala Lumpur
    Tel / Fax : +603 - 2283 1425

    Bangsar Village
    Address: Lot 1F - 3, 1st Floor, Bangsar Village 2, No 2, Jalan Telawi 1, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur
    Tel : Fax : +603 - 2287 2384

    Alamanda, Putrajaya
    Address: Lot G26A Grd Floor, Alamanda Putrajaya Shopping Centre, Presint 1, 62000 Putrajaya
    Tel / Fax : +603 - 8889 1600

    Mesra Mall, Kuala Terengganu
    Address: R23A, Mesra Mall, Lot 6490 Jalan Kemaman - Dungun, 24200 Kemasik, Terengganu
    Tel / Fax : +609 - 864 9122

    P.S: Thanks to Esther www.youresty.com for helping me to snap my posing pics!

    Crabtree & Evelyn Christmas Member's Preview Out!

    Christmas Journey 2011

    I'm so broke nowadays and I just got the Crabtree & Evelyn Xmas Catalogue. I told myself this Christmas, I'll like to splurge on Crabtree & Evelyn Christmas Gift Sets and get those freebies and cute lil' bears to place under my Xmas tree. Looks like that won't happened because I splurged on a few holiday trips this year:
    • The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat (three times, Jan, May, August)
    • Sekeping Serendah, Rawang
    • Kota Kinabalu
    • Ubud, Bali

    bear bear & freebies

    30%* off discount storewide!

    All in which I never gotten to blog about yet. Guess I ain't travel blogger material *lol*. Anyway on to the Christmas Call! Sheesh.. did u see yet the catalogue? the cute bears calling me and every Christmas Crabtree gives a voucher for a free mini bear to their members. I never got mine coz I always lose (no misplaced) my member card. I think I borrowed it to someone and never gotten it back. I had a total of 3 member cards btw! (all in the same month). I ain't so crazy for a year past but this Christmas, I really hope to have a Crabtree & Evelyn gift session if I could. Cheers to Christmas! and if u see me at Crabtree, give me a slap and cut my credit card please!

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