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  • Tiger Balm Plaster Warm & Cool For Relief!


    Tiger Balm Warm n Cool Plaster

    Tiger Balm, my colleagues says I'm addicted to it. Why? because I use it everyday to relieve dizziness, headache and stress. Yes stress, I don't know why but the smell and relieving effects of Tiger Balm calms me down. Anyway I spotted in Guardian Solaris Mont Kiara the cool and warm plasters from Tiger Balm (trusted by generations, my grandma uses it too). JUST WHAT I NEEDED! the flight from Bali was so uncomfortable, I am having backaches for 2 days already. No time to go for a back massage, I'm going to try these plasters now.

    Tiger Balm plaster for relief of Muscular Aches n Pains, Inflammations, 
    Stiff Neck n Shoulders, Arthritic n Back Pains.

    The Tiger Balm Plaster is an analgesic and mild anti-inflammatory plaster. Once applied, its unique Tiger Balm formulation is absorbed into the skin to stimulate blood circulation which helps to expedite the healing process. Tiger Balm Warm Plaster permeating and warm action provides relief and comfort for hours.

    Here's the difference between Warm & Cool Tiger Balm Plasters:
    • Warm - it's warming, good for those stubborn aching muscle pain 
    • Cooling - it's cooling sensation is great for those sudden strains and aches after sports or after a tiring day at work. 
    Another difference between the two types are the ingredients. Both has Camphor, Menthol, Mentha Oil, Eucalyptus Oil BUT for the warm series,  it has an additional ingredient that adds the nice warming sensation - Capsicum Extract.

    instruction sheet on how to use the extra adhesive
    What's great is that it comes with additional "adhesive backing sheet" for extra stronghold at joint areas.

    Tiger Balm hydrogel plasters

    What I like about the plasters are that its hydrogel plasters and the additional adhesive sheet. No other brands have these, clearly not your ordinary medicated plasters. The hydrogel plaster, additional adhesive when used together creates a locking patch which can be used at the elbow/knee areas (stretch-ability). The relief needed for that achy-achy moment (quick fix and affordable compare to going for massage). The non woven material makes the plasters comfortable to wear for hours.

    What I like about the plasters are the hydrogel plasters and adhesive feature
    Tiger Balm Warm n Cool Plasters (sizes available)

    Available at all major pharmacies like Guardian and nearby pharmacies. The Tiger Balm Plasters comes in Large (10cm x 14cm) and Small sizes (7cm x 10cm). Each packet has 2 plasters and comes with backing adhesive sheets. The large size goes for RM6.80 and the small size for RM5.30. Value for money!


    1. wow.. this brand finally has some innovative products! cool, i might need those patches for my shoulder..=x

      1. Good sharing, Tiger Balm Plasters allow ventilation and is stretchable. Is gentle to the skin and can be peeled off easily. It help alleviate muscular fatigue and pain, stiff shoulders, contusions, sprains, backaches and arthritic pains. For detail visit:

    2. or better known to a whole lot of Malay elders as KOYOK!! hahahah, does wonders I tell ya!

    3. I say many thanks for the info you provide to increase knowledge

    4. This is too informative. i like your post. thanks for share

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