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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • My Credit Card RM10K Debt


    the story of me and my credit

    If you saw the movie Shopaholic then sister, you and me we share the same beating heart to shop , shop and shop. Hey! we helped keep the economy going. Shopping is really fun, and it relieves stress that's why they call it retail therapy... until we see our credit card bill and we get stressed again!  Then we go to Hagen Dazs for desserts (stressed spelt backwards is desserts). When did I spend RM500 on Pandora? Oh, now I remember, during the buy 2 free 1 ring sale D'OH! (Homer Simpson).

    Say Hello To The Smile Makers


    the women's guide to smiling (adult version)

    Today I'm about to embark on something more... educational. You probably already know about the birds and the bees from your parents television such as Sex & The City (SATC), if not your friends, school's sex education or another source of information (google). I'm going to warn you first, if you're not over 18 years old please ALT+F4 (shutdown) now. Why? because today I'm going to talk about smiling. No, not the normal smiling but the adult kind after some sexy time alone / not alone.

    1st SEA Online Black Friday by CityAds


    The 1st Online Black Friday
    in South East Asia by CityAds


    Save the date in your diary, mark your calendar everyone! The 1st ever ONLINE BLACK FRIDAY is coming to Malaysia in a very big way!

    Starting from 25 November 2016, amazing deals and discounts of up to 90% will be made available only on blackfridayasia.com for consumers from South East Asia, across a wide range of products and offerings. Made possible by CityAds, a hi-tech provider of full-service performance marketing, which is organising the First Real Online Black Friday in South East Asia (Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore).

    There will be lots of online shopping websites that are going to massively reduce the prices of goods for customers. CityAds offer convenience by giving you the opportunity to buy loads of products with huge savings and discounts, all in one place – www.blackfridayasia.com.

    How it works?

    • During the night of November 25 to 26, starting from 00:01, any customer from SEA can visit blackfridayasia.com.
    • User can choose the products that we have selected from multiple websites with discounts and deals.
    • Users must go to this website and check product availability.
    • Finally, customer can order the selected items with an incredible discount from our site!

    Major online shopping and retailers JOINING US :

    We bring you the best deals from some of the most exciting and popular online stores and retailers! Be sure to get involved in this online shopping craze with us! From Lazada to Zalora, Food Panda to ebay – we've got you covered!

    So, What is Black Friday? :

    "Black Friday" is the sensational global SALE day, which involves a lot of large and small retail chains and stores all over the world offering phenomenal deals at huge discounts. The tradition derives from the USA, and the term "Black Friday" is said to have first appeared in 1966. In the United States, it's traditional to organise this hugely popular sale in November, the day after Thanksgiving.

    For consumers:

    So, if you are looking for amazing deals and huge savings, mark your day – this is your chance to grab the product and services you have been eyeing for ages! Christmas and New Year is coming it's just around the corner – better grab the deals before it’s too late! You have a great opportunity to buy now with an advantage, from a wide selections of products and services from major online stores and retailers.

    So, don’t wait! Log in to blackfridayasia.com as fast as you can, now!

    For more information, check out CityAds Facebook at www.facebook.com/cityadssea

    For merchant

    If you are an online shop and you wish to participate in this action, please send your offer to sea@cityads.com. Our managers will review the request and reply soon.

    For publishers
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    The Rainy Day Coffee, Lepaq Lepaq


    have you drank the rainy day coffee?

    Last weekend, I brought the girls to have lunch at Lepaq Lepaq cafe in the city. It's situated at Bukit Ceylon, near Changkat. It's another hipster cafe built on industrial concept. Walls are grey - black, ceiling high windows, minimalist. I like how they style the bottom of the cafe but not the top floor. The bottom floor has the dessert and bread selection to choose from while the top floor is where customers are mostly seated due to the ample amount of space available. However, there's not much decor concept above, it's just lined with rows and rows of tables and chairs. Almost prison like, but that's what the cafe concepts are these days.

    Mandarin Oriental Christmas Treats 2016

    introducing the Mandarin Oriental Christmas 2016

    Classic  Christmas Gingerbread House RM128
    (customised with a name of your choice)

    Festive Gift Sets from RM90 onwards

    the price list

    My friends over at Mandarin Oriental asked me to share about their Festive Goodies and I said yeah sure why not? So here's a shout out to my readers looking for a touch of class to vow their guests or say a present worthy of royalty, consider Mandarin Oriental Christmas Treats. These treats are exclusive to the hotel and made especially for this festive season.

    You can choose from Festive Goodies which are smaller, individual Christmas treats such as Chocolate Santa, Macaroons, Homemade Chocolates, Christmas Almonds (comes in a tin box), Classic Pudding Truffles, Buche de Noel 500grms, Marzipan and fried fruit Stollen 500grms, Melting Snow Man Cookie, Assorted Christmas Cookies, Mince Pie with Streusel, Gingerbread man cookie, and Seasonal Pastries (chestnut tart, mini eclair, fruits of the forest Christmas Kugel, Christmas log, Coconut Snowball). The Classic Christmas Gingerbread House RM128 is said to be the popular choice this season and you can customise it with any name you want.

    There's also the Christmas Sets if you're looking for variety. In addition to these Christmas Treats there's also pre-order Festive Roasts from Mandarin Grill; Whole Roast Turkey, Australian Prime Beef Rib Eye, Whole Roasted Lamb Leg, and side dishes.

    Available from 21/11 - 26/12, those interested can place an order by calling +60(3) 2330 8798or e-mail mokul-fb@mohg.com. Just take note that orders must be placed 24 hours in advance and any cancellation made less than that prior to collection time will be charged at full amount.

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    Upgrade Your Phones Every Year with ReNew+


    the new iPhone 7 is available in Malaysia

    Everyone wants the new iPhone 7 after watching the launching video (okay Apple fans?). With it's sleek body, new improve speakers, camera and those airpods, I'm just beating myself up for buying the iPhone 6S 4 months too early. It's things like this that gets me so angry! Just when I finally decided to buy a new smartphone, a newer version comes up! Smartphones like iPhones are coming up with new versions as fast as I could change my hairstyle. What happens when you already have a phone and a new phone comes out?

    Mon Cheri Petale CC Cover Review


    Meet Mon Chéri’s innovative CC Cushion: the Petale CC Cover
    a new luxurious foundation for the confident you

    If you're an avid supporter of beauty brands created by Malaysians, then this is one brand you should check out. Caroline Oi is a Malaysian who founded Mon Cheri Essentials. I blogged about Mon Cheri a few years ago when they first launched in Malaysia here. I fell in love with their Parisian romance inspired packaging and that the fact all their products are made free from SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), Paraben, Linolin, Mineral Oil and fragrance-free.

    Impulse Studio Review


    Impulse Studio KL Sentral

    Are you living a very busy and unhealthy lifestyle and unable to find the time to fit in a few gym sessions a week? Do you often think about getting fitter and healthier but never get round to doing it, making excuses and keep pushing it down the list of your priorities? Or feeling that all the hours you're putting in at the gym are not paying off and reaping rewards as quick as you had expected, leaving you feeling disheartened and disillusioned about getting fit?

    Well, if you answered yes to these questions then Impulse Studio has the solution for you.

    CONNOR's Stout Porter: The X Bangsar Review


    have you heard of the X?

    The X, Bangsar Baru was the location for the latest installment of the CONNOR'S Experience for my partner and me along with some of our blogging friends last Monday night. Situated in the popular Telawi 3 area, The X is a casual dining bar/restaurant serving a fusion of very reasonably priced Western & Japanese food, as well as, a wide range of beers and spirits. Mysterious, a certain je ne sais pas to it or perhaps something valuable and exciting to be found here as in X marks the spot on a treasure map!
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