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  • CONNOR's Stout Porter: The X Bangsar Review


    have you heard of the X?

    The X, Bangsar Baru was the location for the latest installment of the CONNOR'S Experience for my partner and me along with some of our blogging friends last Monday night. Situated in the popular Telawi 3 area, The X is a casual dining bar/restaurant serving a fusion of very reasonably priced Western & Japanese food, as well as, a wide range of beers and spirits. Mysterious, a certain je ne sais pas to it or perhaps something valuable and exciting to be found here as in X marks the spot on a treasure map!
    this month's just made right experience

    the new kid on the block on Jalan Telawi 3

    chilling with the jazzy night vibes

    the VIP area at the X

    I prefer the velvety seats against the wall to enjoy the view

    First impressions indicated a welcoming & friendly atmosphere combined with a relaxing chilled vibe. Interior design has a contemporary style with brightly lit colorful surroundings with an artistic feel to the fixtures and fittings. It was a Monday night which is probably the quietest night of the week for restaurants/bars there was still a decent somewhat lively ambiance with quite a few customers enjoying some after work food and drinks.

    So does The X have the X factor when it comes to the menu? Let's find out with the assistance of a few cold creamy delicious pints of CONNOR'S Stout Porter to help wash down all that food! 

    Rack of Lamb Marinated with CONNOR’S with
    1 full pint of CONNOR’S Stout Porter RM52++

    3 Succulent Lamb Chops grilled after being marinated with CONNOR'S for a minimum of 30 mins, served with crunchy roasted potatoes and grilled vegetables. Special spices and herbs used : coriander for the sauce and marinade and rosemary for the sealing of the lamb. Favorite dish of the night very tasty, juicy and tender meat just fell effortlessly off the bone which suggests precision time cooking. The crunchy roasted potatoes combined with grilled vegetables adding bite together with the smoky slightly bitter taste of CONNOR'S marinade enhancing flavor to complement the rack of lamb.

    The X Steak with CONNOR’S Infused Sauce
    with 1 full pint of CONNOR’S Stout Porter RM64++

    Tender Sirloin steak cooked to medium rare perfection, accompanied by creamy mashed potato and grilled vegetables with a CONNOR'S Infused sauce. Marinated for a minimum 10 mins, brought out all that smoky slightly bitter CONNOR'S flavor in this succulent cut of Sirloin steak. The yummy CONNOR'S Infused sauce drizzled over the creamy mashed potato takes this dish to a whole new different level and washed down with a cold creamy pint of CONNOR'S Stout Porter is an irresistibly winning combination. 

    Fish Popiah Wrap with CONNOR’S Infused Dipping Sauce
    with 1 full pint of CONNOR’S Stout Porter RM32++

    Pan grilled Dory fish wrapped with a popiah skin, melding different cultures in one flavorful wrap, accompanied by a dipping sauce that gives the dish that pizzazz that it needs to complete it. A tasty light appetizer, the white meaty Dory fish with it's delicate and flaky texture just melted in my mouth indicating perfectly timed pan grilled cooking by the chef so delicious combined with popiah skin and sweet slightly spicy CONNOR'S infused dipping sauce to add that kick to the overall flavor.       

    Japanese Pancake with Ice Cream topped with CONNOR’S Foam
    with 1 full pint of CONNOR’S Stout Porter RM28++

    Classic Japanese dessert paying homage to the main influence on the cuisine at The X, with a twist - CONNOR'S foam to top it all off. A perfect balance of savory and sweet to finish off the night's proceedings. My 1st time trying Japanese pancake I was impressed very delicious, fluffier and sweeter than your average pancake. Needless to say, it definitely won't be my last time I can't wait to try again! The CONNOR'S Foam added a welcome kick and bite to the overall flavor.

    The inspiration for these dishes according to the X's chef Kevin Yong is that CONNOR’S has a slightly smoky flavor, with a bittersweet aftertaste. The idea was to find a way to best complement some of the items we already have on our menu, with the beautiful CONNOR’S flavor. So we looked at some of our favorites – the steak and lamb – and thought about how to twist it a little. Then we decided to go out on a limb and create something new – the fish wrap.

    So why choose this particular meat for these dishes?
    Red meat can definitely benefit from the CONNOR’S flavor palette – smoky and slightly bitter can only enhance the inherent taste of beef and lamb. As for the Dory fish, a nice dipping sauce is like the crowning jewel that completes the fish wrap.

    What about the sides, how does it affect/enhance the main dish?
    With the steak, the creamy mashed potato is the perfect side, also this is a good choice as the CONNOR’S-infused sauce when drizzled over the mash makes a lovely combination. Roasted potatoes complement the rack of lamb, as the crunchy exterior offers a nice contrast to the lamb while the roasted vegetables balance things out. A simple salad lets the Fish Wrap be the star of the dish. The CONNOR’S foam elevates the taste of the pancakes.  

    enjoying our meals with a pint of CONNOR's Stout Porter

    After we had finished all of the meals the manager and also co-owner Andrew came over and introduced himself to us. We had a long lengthy chat and I found him to be very personable and passionate about his business. I got the impression that he truly values and cares about his customers, as well as, his staff as was shown by how well motivated and satisfied they seemed to be. Furthermore, the staffs were extremely attentive delivering a very efficient service taking pride in their job. Respect for every member of staff was evident regardless of their position with everyone working as a team through effective communication and understanding of each others role.  The manager also mentioned that The X's menu has the lowest price in Bangsar, proving that it means what it says when it promises to give the public value for money.

    So when it comes to looking for a place to spend an evening out for a very reasonably priced value for quality cooked meal and a few drinks in a welcoming, friendly and lively relaxed atmosphere then look no further than The X, Bangsar.

    For the month of November, you must try the CONNOR'S STOUT PORTER INFUSED FOOD! Which comes with a full pint of CONNOR'S Stout Porter.

    enter code "GRABCONNORS" to go the X Bangsar

    Just grab a ride on your Grab app, set your drop off point and ride either via Budget Taxi / Grabcar. Don't forget to enter the exclusive promo code "GRABCONNORS" to enjoy RM8 off for 4 rides to participating outlets (open to new and existing customers that pay via credit/debit card only). You'll also get a FREE Half Pint of CONNOR'S Stout Porter when you flash your booking receipt.

    (Note: Each booking receipt is entitled to one (1) FREE Half Pint of CONNOR'S Stout Porter)

    Address67, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Opening HoursWeek days 4PM - 1AM, Weekends 4PM - 3AM
    Kitchen Open: Week days 5PM - u11.30PM, Weekends 5PM - 1AM 


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