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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • Eat All U Can Korean BBQ!


    Two weeks ago my sister Lin came back from Melbourne, Australia so I brought her & my bro 2 my all time favourite eat all u can Korean BBQ place at Bangsar. It's my favourite because I can eat all kinds of authentic Korean food at only rm48++! (it beats ordering just a plate of Korean something and that would already cost u nearly rm50). Unfortunately this is NOT HALAL and there is PORK, so you've been warned. This quiet cozy Korean Restaurant is located at 20-1 Jalan Telawi 2 Bangsar [Tel: (603) 22847762] (1st floor).

    they have lunch promo too

    yeah this is what i'm talkin about!

    click on menu 2 see what's on

    Ok well not all kinds of Korean food but the basics of yummy Korean goodness is all here! From Korean BBQ meats, veggies, seafood to soups, rice, noodles and korean pizza! (I'm salivating as we speak). The only setback is, top notch items like ox tongue, rib eyes etc are tagged as special items with a blue sticker on the menu. You can only order 1 portion per pax for blue sticker items *sad*.
    me posing with the menu

    free advertising for Ka Hwa
    We're so excited about the place that we started camwhoring with the menu and giving chopsticks a new identity. Please don't laugh at the pictures!
    Then the Korean side dishes arrived! they're so yummy! we can just ask for whichever ones we like and remove the 'unwanted' ones hehe!!! Just by eating this side dishes, our stomach already 40% filled up so pls refrain from eating too much side dishes and keep some space for the real stuffs!!!

    Besides the Korean BBQ meats, we also ordered grilled mackerel, korean glass noodles, hot & spicy beef soup! oh definitely gained 10kg from here. They also have another promo! for every 4th person is 50% off and for every 5th person is free! this promotion has been going on for some time now and I doubt it will be over soon. Dreaming of my next trip there again for dinner!

    All you Johorians! (Singaporeans too)

    A little bird told me there will be a Metrojaya Warehouse Sales in Johor Bahru next week from 6th- 9th February, 2009. I went to the one in Shah Alam few months ago. It was terrific! I don't know this time if Stila Cosmetics will be one of the cosmetic counters in this sale? it's not mention in shoppingnsales.com. Anyway u girls enjoy! tell me what happen alright?!

    Cosmetics & Fragrances
    Givency, Hugo Boss, Miss Sixty, Nautica, Versace, Loreal
    Ladies & Men
    Goggles, Wacoal, Body Glove, Bonia, Renoma, Hush Puppies
    Renoma Junior, World of Cartoons, Poney, Hello Kitty
    Barbie& Power Ranger Toys, Thomas & Friends
    Alfresco, Esque, Jean Perry, Louis Casa, Niki Cains,
    Novelle, Zebra
    and more

    Time : 11am to 8pm
    Exhibition Hall 101 & 102
    Persada Johor International Convention Centre

    Happy Chinese New Year!


    Manage to dig up a picture of me all dolled up for Chinese New Year. I think I'm about under 6 years old in this picture. Can't remember how old but definitely the tadika age still! I'm holding a red packet called "angpao". It's customary for the Chinese (married ones) during the Chinese New Year celebration to give angpao to those who's not married yet, older to younger. Today markes the first day of CNY and I have so far collected many many angpaos from my mom's family side. Going to be rich!!! hohoho..

    From Wikipedia:

    Red envelopes are mainly presented at social and family gatherings such as Chinese weddings or on holidays such as the Chinese New Year. The red color of the envelope symbolizes good luck and is supposed to ward off evil spirits.

    The amount of money contained in the envelope usually ends with an even digit, in accordance with Chinese beliefs; for instance 88 and 168 are both lucky numbers, as odd-numbered money gifts are traditionally associated with funerals. But there is a widespread tradition that money should not be given in fours, or the number four should not appear in the amount, as the number itself has a similar tone to the Chinese character for "death", and it signifies bad luck for many Chinese. At weddings, the amount offered is usually intended to cover the cost of the attendees as well as a goodwill to the newly weds.

    During Chinese New Year, mainly in South China, red envelopes (in the North, just money without any cover) are typically given to the unmarried by the married, only to those who are younger in age. Traditionally, the red envelope is not supposed to be opened until the Chinese New Year festivities are over; otherwise, bad luck would befall the recipient for the whole year.


    Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans


    I watched Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans on Thursday and boy was it so damn cool! First the movie is actually a prequel to the present day Underworld (2003) movie. It's like a thousand years ago epic tale about how the war between the Death Dealers & Lycan came about. If u remember Lucian from Underworld (2003) movie where he died (poor guy), this movie is about him being born in a Werewolf cage (werewolf = lycans) as a human baby. His mother was shot dead soon after Viktor arrived to see this "human baby" making tons of noise in the cage dungeons. Of course the movie would tell u more in detail why Viktor decided not to kill the human baby whom he named Lucian (Michael Sheen).

    Like childhood lovers between a high ranking society girl and a low ranking slave person, Lucian and Sonja (Rhonda Mitra @ Doomsday & Kate Beck lookalike) kept their secret love affair from Viktor and their kind. The cinema censored the love making scene of them so I was dissapointed =_= ish. Basically a Romeo & Juliet tale that I cried.. (bring kleenex if u're on the sensitive side).

    Well at the begining of this movie I was wondering why when Viktor talks, he seems so familiar like I've seen this "kind" of expression and accent before. I asked my bf and yea darn it! he talks just like Davy Jones of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie! with the.. strange mouth movements like he's an octopus or something. Well let me know if u feel the same haha.

    Overall I enjoyed this movie to the max! it's definitely an eye opener to the other 2 Underworld movies I've seen. I wish there was more gore and bloodsheed going on because hey those are some nasty Lycans we're talking about.  A sad love tale & the begining of the lycan n death dealer war. All questions (ok some of it) will be answered in this movie. I give it a 4 star must watch for the fans of Underworld.

    Why is my eyes twitching?

    For the past 5 days my right eye has been twitching like I'm winking at some hunk in front of me. It's quite embarrassing, I don't know if people can see it or not & I definitely don't want people to see it, I'll looked like this squirrel in Ice Age with his twitching eyes! What's wrong with my eye? I asked a few people and this is what they say:

    • Jasmine: "Someone's backstabbing you"
    • Nina: "U want 2 c an old friend"
    • Immai: "u're gonna meet a long lost friend or good luck is coming ur way"
    What else could be happening & why! T___T

    Sora with Love

    I just finished cod-ing with Sora. She needed to buy a birthday gift from me urgently so I came back to office this morning to get the item ready for her with pink box and paperbag. She's so sweet! she brought flowers for me & wish me Happy Chinese New Year. I adored the flowers! especially the pink one! I took pics immediately to decorate my blog (haha flowers also can decorate blog u know!). Thank you Sora for the lovely flowers & I hope your friend loves the gift u got for her!

    Free 7 Pounds movie preview passes!


    image is for sample only

    It's organized by Hot Magazine. All you need to do is call 03-20922033 Hot Magazine to ask for "7 Pounds" movie passes. They will need your name, ic & contact details. Be sure to buy a copy of the magazine to redeem the tickets! (the latest issue with the page on this movie redemption). Incidentally if you're "The Punisher" fan, they also have redemption for this movie but in KLCC. I can't remember the date (because I already got tickets from another source! hahaha).

    7 Pounds Movie Preview Screening

    17th February, 2009
    Cathay Cineleisure, Damansara Intan

    Hot Magazine is also giving out:

    The Punisher movie preview tickets

    Date: u check 
    Venue: KLCC
    Time: u check (night time)

    My Dream Wedding

     wedding by the sea

    My dream wedding would be a nice casual wedding by the beach side overlooking the sea. It's just a dream and in my dream I would be married at sunset and my ring would be basking in the sunset glow as I held it up the heavens.

    My ring? would be from Love Diamonds, a solitaire cut (I know it's just for engagement but it's so darling!).  

    I'll order cupcakes like these for my guests & it must come with cute dainty boxes and a glass of champagne for everyone!

    And I would take great pictures like these with my family & friends. They must all be happy and be really cheerful on that day to take great pictures! no snooty un sporting people to spoil my pictures please!!! 

    Yeah my dream wedding is by the sea, with a love diamond basking in the sunset glow and friends happily sipping champagne and eating cupcakes (unknowingly their pictures are being taken and will be an everlasting memory).

    Can't happen in Malaysia with the rain-sun-rain weather we have and yeah no money to go holding beach weddings and pay for everyone's room! Reality check! not to mention the travelling time taken and petrol to go to the best beach sides in Malaysia. We don't want to get married by a ugly looking brown sea right? OH yeah and I would have to slim down 30kg just to fit into that wedding gown. Checking into Marie France? yeah when I hit jackpot and tied up my stomach. OHHH.. dream on Miu..

    INKHEART movie preview

    Just came back from the premiere screening of InkHeart at GSC 1utama. Thanks to Tiffany & husband who gave me extra 2 tickets for Jasmine's brother & friend to tag along *arigato!* Oh Hurley sat alone again today. This dude always the lone ranger!!! but nvm he's a YES MAN now. I heard from Tiffany that today she sms him "Hurley" and before she could invite him to the movie, he said "YES YES". Wow this guy is really doing everything he can and enjoying his life to the max! keep up the good work dude!

    On to the movie:
    It was a boring movie for me, I can't believe how they can make this movie so dull and draggy. The plot just drags and is predictable. I don't know why they have to make the girl behave in such a way that makes u say "DAMMIT". Seriously I didn't like this show. I like Bedtime Stories (Adam Sandler) more! Brendan Fraser is losing his Mummy's touch. Could it be a curse?

    Just my opinon and therefore I'm goin to rate this movie a 1.5 star only.

    Good Night everyone *yawn*.

    Bride Wars Movie Preview Screening


    Yesterday I was the first to collect the Bride Wars Movie Preview tickets at Cathay Cineleisure @ Curve. Waited from 7pm - 7.30pm for the cinema online crew to come. I don't normally take pictures of the preview event but I guess I should from now on? if not nothing to see each time I blog about movie previews LOL

    Schazwany's birthday present!

    First of all, I enjoyed the movie spree with all 15 who showed up (1 ticket wasted nvm). Ty to Dee for finding her friends to come along to watch the movie *muacks* Ty to everyone who show up and enjoyed the movie. Get free Perfume somore! best kan!  (tapi all the perfume vial like 1/2 gone already? or is it like that? did u girls check your perfume? mine like 1/2 gone).

    omg smells so lovely

    Now My Review on Bride Wars:

    I don't understand why people in YouTube are commenting it's Kate Hudson's worst movie and her acting is bad. Same goes to saying end of her career with Anne Hathaway. When I watch the movie yesterday it seemed like just any chick flick and I love both of them being best friends and getting on each other's nerves like wild beasts. 

    Kate plays a strong, aggressive always no.1 woman while Anne plays the doormat best friend who always tries to help people and gives in to her best friend's wants. That's over when Anne realize Kate's been getting all that and it's time that she gets some too. Hell breaks lose with them trying to ruin each other's wedding preparation. 

    Some of the mean stuffs? (spoiler alert)

    1. Sending your enemy sugary filled yummies by her "fiance" to make her fat so she can't fit into her wedding gaun;
    2. Ruining her wedding gaun (by any way possible like making it more.. "pretty");
    3. Ruining her beauty routine before her wedding day (hair dye/tan/etc);
    4. Exposing dark secrets on wedding day really helps too.

    Over dramatic? well I think if u're having your wedding in 3 months time, you'll go crazy too.  3 stars for a fun chick flick and guys stay away this is really a chick flick alert!

    Nothing beats being married in June and at the Plaza~

    Four Christmases Movie Review

    ewin, hurley, uncle frog's family & me

    Last Friday, I organized a movie session and invited 22 people to watch with me. I met new friends and enjoyed talking to them! Especially Doris & Nicky (Uncle Frog's Wisteria Lane neighbours). They're such nice people & very chatty too! I also met Tubbies's friends again from the Clarin's workshop - Fiqah & Lisa (they're so pretty! love their eyes). Tubbies took some candid pictures of us camwhoring. I'm waitin for her to blog it up & get the pics! lol.  Ewin brought 2 photobloggers along as well.   His name is KJ a very hyper active dude

    Now some of them already blogged & review the movie so it's my turn now.

    Four Christmas Movie Review

    I like the movie a lot! it would be even better if it was release in December for the Christmas season. It is definitely weird to watch it in January when Chinese New Year is around the corner *shucks*.  Anyway it was a fun & funny movie to watch with my friends. You may ask why the title is call "Four Christmases" why not just Christmas? why are there numbers? 

    Well it's called "Four Christmases" because it involves the couple played by Reese Witherspoon & Vince Vaugn having to visit all four of their divorced parents on Christmas day (yes both of them are the product of a divorce marriage). This is where hell break lose and having your relationship put to the test whether u like it or not. By the end of the day, if anyone can survive a road trip together they would be stronger together or break apart from all the true colors coming out (like Adventura Asia all the couple fighting lol).

    And as Brad a.k.a Vince Vaughn would say, "You can't spell FAMILIES without the LIES". I just love this big guy and his bullet proof mouth. Overall I enjoyed the film and had my share of laughter. I repeat that it would be great to watch this during Christmas with all the la la la songs and Christmas cheer. Since it's not I'm still required to rate it regardless.. and I will be honest to say that I like this movie and I'm giving it a 3 star. 

    Love Reese, love Vince & I love Christmas and someday I might also have 4 Christmases because me & my bf? both our parents are divorced! 

    Garra Ruffa Fish Theraphy


    My first fish spa experience was the craziest thing I've ever did last year with my friends. I started my blog by posting about it (but I bet none of u read it!) Click here to read about it if u want to see pictures of the Garra Ruffa Fish Theraphy shop at Bangsar & how the tiny fishies ate my leg.  My sister knew about my "trip" so yesterday she wanted to go to the fish spa shop to experience the scary fish eating..... spa!!!

    The shop still look lovely as ever. I really like the ambiance! It was a Sunday so no promotion for us T_T which means 30minutes is rm38. The promotion on weekdays is buy 2 free 1. My sister manage to force my brother to join us HAHAHAHA.
    my brother VS my sister
    (who's feet more yummy?)

    Anyway we were squeeeeling and cursing away when the fishes came to "feast" on our feet. This is what happened!

    My sister's leg was the most wanted. The fishes couldn't care less about my brother's leg *pity him*. Not because his leg is the CLEANEST! but because the fishes all gathered around my sister's place instead of ours. I notice from my last visit to this shop, the fishes were now bigger and very afraid of movement or sound. When they get scared they quickly swim away to their hide out. It took them some courage to come back again. SO all 3 of us just sit still and try not to scare the fishes away and make our money's worth. It was a memorable experience (again for me) and my brother n sister had a good time laughing haha. 

    here's a video of the fishies..

    The FEELING?
    It's like thousands of tiny electric pulses on your leg. Tinggling, ticklish and might scare u if u look at what's going on! so be brave, put your legs in and don't look at what's happening!!! (for first timer LOL).  RESULTS? I feel that my skin is smoother but it definitely need more fish and more time!


    No. 4, Jalan Telawi, 

    Bangsar Baru, 

    59100 Kuala Lumpur. 

    (Next to Al-Rajhi Bank)

    Tel             : 603 2287 5518

    Fax            : 603 2287 5519

    Email         : info@garrarufafishtherapy.com

    Blog           : garrarufafishtherapy.blogspot.com

    Business Hours

    Monday - Sunday  From 10am to 10pm 
    (Last Session 9.15pm)

    30 minutes therapy RM38.00

    60 minutes therapy RM72.00

    Current Promotion (as at January, 2009)
    Weekdays Buy 2 Free 1

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