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  • Upgrade Your Phones Every Year with ReNew+


    the new iPhone 7 is available in Malaysia

    Everyone wants the new iPhone 7 after watching the launching video (okay Apple fans?). With it's sleek body, new improve speakers, camera and those airpods, I'm just beating myself up for buying the iPhone 6S 4 months too early. It's things like this that gets me so angry! Just when I finally decided to buy a new smartphone, a newer version comes up! Smartphones like iPhones are coming up with new versions as fast as I could change my hairstyle. What happens when you already have a phone and a new phone comes out?

    I would buy Rose Gold if I can upgrade my phone to iPhone 7
    (currently using rose gold iPhone 6S)

    You start checking the local carriers for upgrades or trade in programs but they tell you "sorry you can't upgrade / trade in because you still have x months left in your contract" HOGWASH I TELL YOU. My carrier Maxis has ads all over the place promoting their newest trade-in program where I could get RM1560 if I trade in my iPhone 6S. Not much information is shared on the promotional posters but the words "terms and conditions apply". I made my way to Maxis centre and inquire about the trade-in program. After checking my phone which is in good condition, they tell me I can trade it in for RM1560 (brilliant right?) at least I can top up for a new iPhone 7. NUUUUU... here comes the unexpected "Sorry miss you can't trade in because of your contract still x months left". I'm like what....?

    It turns out, this "trade-in" program forces you to sign up for another 24-months contract with a monthly plan. As a Maxis customer, I really don't get how this makes sense. My phone is valued for that and if Maxis realize, it's not long ago that this was promoted as the newest iPhone model to have.

    will there future ends the 24 months contract dominance?

    When will this "monopoly" of contract after contract to expensive monthly plan ends? I hope a new carrier or "Uber" version would just come and give us consumers more flexibility and options. Or the simpler option would be is to not get anymore phones and use cheaper phones.

    own an iPhone 7 at only RM160/month with ReNew+
    (interest free installment with Maybank EZPay)

    My long rant about me trying to trade-in my iPhone 6S comes to the discovery of this company called CompAsia who recently launched the ReNew+ program. Now I've never heard of this company before and I read they've been around since 2012 repairing and reselling of second hand consumer electronics. Now they've come up with a solution for consumers who wants to upgrade their phones to iPhone 7 by introducing this upgrade program ReNew+.

    Their promotional tagline "Get the new iPhone 7 on ReNew+ from RM160 per month" is tempting because with Maybank's zero interest instalment plan, consumers could own the iPhone 7 by spreading the cost of it over 24 months. After 12 months, you can upgrade your phone to the newest model. Consumers also have more freedom and chocie to own a phone without being tied down. This program is available prepaid / postpaid apply anytime as long you have a Maybank Credit Card.

    Here's the benefits of ReNew+ 
    • No Upfront Payment
    • No Early Upgrade Fees
    • Not tied to 2-Year Contracts or Single Carrier
    • Free Cracked Screen Protection
    • Registered Delivery / Self Collect (at any participating Apple Stores)

    own a phone without being tied down
    here's the benefit in comparison with local carrier plans

    How does this work? I did some reading, so you can actually buy an iPhone 7 from their site here www.compasia.com and pay a 24-months interest monthly payment of RM160/month. After completing 12 months, and iPhone 7S comes out you can upgrade immediately by returning your phone. You'll receive cashback for the remaining balance due under your instalment plan.

    For the 1 year cracked screen protection. CompAsia can replace it with a 24/7 online claim reporting and FREE pick-up and return delivery (unlike Samsung that requires you to stand and wait long hours to return their time-bomb phone with no compensation). My friend Dee has wasted his time and energy returning not once but twice the time-bomb phone without any compensation or reward. This is how "fab" Samsung treats it's loyal customers in Malaysia.

    older refurnish models at low price

    If you're guilty of wondering what would happen to your old phone (destroyed? thrown away? left to die in a lonely graveyard of phones) fret not, your old phone is going to be remarket on CompAsia's site as a refurbish phone (either Grade A / B etc) for another happy consumer to buy at a low price.

    My friend Sydney just spend over RM2,000 to buy her iPhone6S when she could have gotten it cheaper from here without a contract binding her to pay monthly plans to a carrier. The future is changing at a fast pace now, data and plans would be cheaper and more competitive to consumers. If you're tied down to a old contract (2 years is a long time) you're losing out in potential benefits as a consumer.

    E.g I was on Maxis's iValue Plan RM155 for 24 months. It gives only 3GB data to use, then it was upgraded to 4g. At that point of time, Maxis also offers this new plan called Maxis One Plan at lower price, competitive benefits like 10GB monthly data /RM128 a month + free unlimited calls to any carier. See how I lost the value of my money? sigh.

    they also sell other consumer electronics (second hand)
    at affordable prices!

    Okay I finish ranting now. I didn't expect to be sharing about my experiences with my local carrier and the disadvantages of being tied down to a plan for 24-months. I really hope this company CompAsia would pave the future for consumers and companies to be more competitive.

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    1. Yes, seriously absurd. I hope CompAsia will change the way we use phone and deals with providers. This is a real game changer!

      1. we welcome all game changers to Malaysia! pls.. come save our pocket

    2. only credit card ea Tammy? I'm only on Maybank debit card, no credit card yet. haha but i really wish to change to iPhone

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