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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • Backpacking around Kuala Lumpur


    I've been sleeping on couches for the past week

    So work has been hectic. I'm stressed, exhausted wishing to get away and hide myself somewhere in the city. It's a wonder why the worst things could happened at the time my career takes flight. Yes I am back to work, not that I haven't been working but this work, is what I have been waiting for.

    I wish I didn't agree to move in together with a friend. I wish I didn't need to leave my lovely room of where I hid away for several months after losing my home, or supposedly the life I thought I had. Which in a way, I am not one bit regretful of because I am free, free, FREE now as a person. My lil sanctuary is gone, but I have a heaven to build soon.

    I've been backpacking with my Herschel Lil' America in grey. The same one Anastasia Steel in 50 Shades of Grey was carrying. In it, the usual - my macbook air, my android phone charger. At one point it was filled with clothes, basic necessities as I slept on couches of those who let me stay the night. For 5 days I was backpacking in Kuala Lumpur, working at cafes and sleeping on friends' couches for the night.

    Why was I crashing on couches? Friendship is just like a relationship. When things go bad, one has to give space to another. Clear their minds, space for return. I learn to be the bigger person, even if it hurts and that sometimes, it is necessary to just give space during heated times and take it positively. In this case, my room mate and I will no longer be room mates. A pity but it will be for the best.

    In the midst of all these noise, I find myself still calm, still collected, still optimistic about life and still learning. Take things slow, one day at a time Tammy.

    P.S: Many thanks to those who welcome me into their homes for the night. It's fun, I feel like a teenager again on a study night.

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    Quote of The Day


    "Love is when you realise one day you just want to make that girl happy, and when she's happy you are happy too". A recent conversation with an air steward I befriended. One wouldn't expect a simple explanation to love, would come from a man who led the life of a frequent flyer and like everyone would say, the glamorous life of the well groomed and good looking.

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    RedEye 2nd Floor East, Berjaya Times Square


    2nd Floor East, Berjaya Times Square

    My recent shopping haul was a trip to Berjaya Times Square's new shopping & eating district called the "2nd Floor East". I would like to call it Upper East Side if I can. It's weird Berjaya Times Square came up with a district name different from all other districts in its mall - Tiny Taipei, 1st Avenue, Central Park. I wonder why the confusion? They should all be named following it's theme but instead they name the district by it's direction - East by floor. While the new district is looking modern and classy with bright lights and new shopping facade, there's very little shopping outlets found here to my dismay. Granted the eateries opens a brand new introduction to eating from the west - east from Korea, Japan, Malaysia, China to name a few but I hope more shopping sites are added. You'll be happy to know The Boat Noodle has it's latest store here.

    At the moment, you can find Nichii, The Blues, Hair Depot, RedEye, Rusco, In Linked (the only IT shop selling Iphone & Samsung phone accessories, power banks, line dolls), The Shoe's Bar, Choc Boutique, Kor Por Or (leather accessory - name tags, books, holders, engraving available). Being a fan of Korean style now, I head over to RedEye - Korea's No.1 Accessory Franchise Store. From jewellery, eye, head, bags, shoes to accessories of the latest Korean trend can be found here.

    I decided to get a few things to compliment my latest look - a soft cotton cap, large round glasses and two bangles I love the cap and glasses the most. Price range wise, you can get accessorised from RM39 onwards to below RM100.  Here's how I look with it :)

    my current look for Summer

    the large round eye frame I bought + grey cap

    wanted to buy it all if I could
    "Harry Potter" glasses haha

    The hat was RM58 while the eye frames are at a hefty RM61 (quality is not that great). I still went ahead to buy it because while the quality isn't good, it's one of the best around for cheap frames. I took it to Malaya Optical, Uptown today to be fitted in with prescription lenses (power lenses). Can't wait to see it soon and wear it with my grey cap for Summer!.

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    Bloomthis, Luxury Flower Subscription

    love getting flowers? then read this

    There's a new babe in town and she's known as Bloomthis - luxury flower by subscription. What's by subscription? If you're familiar with the rise and fall of beauty boxes in Malaysia, then you'll know subscription just means a random surprise sent to you by dear courier on a monthly basis. You have no control over what you've purchase and they arrived at your doorsteps in beautiful packaging (most of the time). Now when it comes to flowers, I think it makes sense because girls just love flowers. Surprising her with different bouquet of flowers every week / month seems like the most romantic thing to do.

    While Bloomthis isn't a florist and you can't pick your flowers, they do guarantee that all flowers are of premium value and freshly sent every Thursday to your love in a lovely eco-friendly box, where the blooms are neatly packed with lil' tubes of water at each end (they don't drip) and accompanied by lovely printed messages from you.

    Aside from that, your love will be getting to know the world of blooms from another card "Know Your Flowers" introducing what flowers she received today.  I think that is a craft addition to the subscription, setting them apart from other online florists in Kuala Lumpur.

    bloomthis, luxury flowers by subscription

    how it works?

    three types of subscription to choose from
    (one time, fortnightly & weekly)
     BloomThis is about creating moments of happiness. A gorgeously arranged bunch on a table immediately brightens the entire place; the smell of a blossoming flower brightens of our day; a handcrafted bouquet lifts our spirits.

    At BloomThis, we take pride in going at great lengths to find the most luxurious flowers and bring them right to you. BloomThis offers one-off deliveries or you can subscribe to regular deliveries of fresh flowers sent either weekly or fortnightly a month. Our bespoke flower boxes are uniquely designed to fit in specially handpicked flowers that are sure to delight you. There are no secrets but tonnes of surprises, as you’ll never know what flowers you will get each week until you unbox them. Some may interest you, some won’t, but once in a while you will stumble upon flowers that will leave you in awe!

    That’s what we are about; BloomThis regularly sends you (or the lucky person you're sending to) beautiful flowers fresh from the farm. Because life is beautiful and is always filled with surprises, we want to bring you moments of beautiful surprises every time!

    Of course I agreed to review Bloomthis.co and put them to the test. I ordered a box last week and sure enough by Thursday morning, the courier was at my door. Excited, I took the box and ran into my house, examining every inch (noticing breathing holes on the sides, so that's how they do it). The brown box it comes in is rectangular, hardy and recyclable. A lovely sticker in the middle seals the box, making it quite chic. I unveil the box to find two notes, tucked underneath a red ribbon. The fonts and design of the notes, impressed me. This surely is luxury.

    Two notes - the first note a message from Bloomthis to me with a lovely quote behind that says "Because dreams are meant to be real". The second note, is the "Know Your Flowers" introducing me to what's in my box today. An arrangement of Celosia, Gerbera, Liatris and Berry. I find the mix quite refreshing and wild, though I am no fan of Gerberas the wild flowers got my brownie points. Behind this note, instructions how how to care and prepare your blooms to be placed in vases. 

    the packaging

    each flower stalk comes with a tiny water tube at each end

    Gerberas - blooms of the week

    Celosia, Liatris & Berry a vibrant, wild side to your blooms

    At RM69 for a box (one time subscription) I think it's pretty decent if you add in the equation of delivery charges which is normally from RM20 - 25 on an average depending on locations by online florists. The fact that the flowers can be freshly delivered every Thursday and from my observations, they were fresh upon me receiving it even up till the next day in the box, can't be compared to online florists who has been monopolising the market with high price flowers, some not even freshly presentable. Such disappointments can be replaced with new players in the market like Bloomthis, minus the fact we can't pick our flowers, the notion of getting it on a whim excites any hot blooded girl.

    The more boxes you subscribed to, the price goes down. A fortnightly subscription at RM98 (RM49 a box)  and a weekly subscription at RM176 (RM44 a box).

    Take this chance to impress any girl, your girlfriend, your wife, or your best pal. I don't mind getting a weekly box from my admirer (if you're out there, Bloomthis has my address!). Subscribe today a http://bloomthis.co.

    Look out Kuala Lumpur, romance is just about to bloom.

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    How To Lose A Guy In 5 Ways


    my version on How To Lose A Guy

    If you ever felt like you need to scare off guys if things are getting serious or you feel he's not the one, use these techniques. They'll definitely be running away thinking they're better off without you. This works like a charm as I have learnt from the professional love gurus out there. Here's my version on How To Lose A Guy in 5 ways.

    1. Tell them you love them
    Yeap you heard it, guys freak out during the early phase of dating to know you "love" them. Just say those magic words and you'll see him "avoiding" you. Well this applies to majority of guys out there, unless you'll unlucky enough to have this man confessing he loves you back (like hell, how old is this kid to think love is like a fairy tale). Run for your life instead.

    2. Start controlling him
    The last thing a guy wants is have his "freedom" taken away from him. Ask him to report his whereabouts, call him and check on him at hours he's hanging out or "free" to see what he's doing, who's he hanging out. Throw in some pushy pushy words like I want you to see me now. Any full blooded dude will feel he's going to be chain up forever.

    3. Intrude their privacy stalker behavior #1
    Start asking for their e-mail / facebook / etc password. You know... since couples shares everything? The guy will totally get uncomfortable and think you're a stalker.

    4. Show up at their doorsteps stalker behavior #2
    Contrary to belief, when men do crazy stuffs like this it's called romantic but when women do crazy stuffs like this, it's call stalker / desperate / crazy / clingy / [insert worst possible criminal behavior here]. They will start thinking you're into them too much that they want you to stay away.

    5. Cling to them stalker behavior #3
    Yes text them everyday, every hour, every minute. Hundreds of texts, throw in e-mails, missed calls and facebook or social channel messages. He'll freak out that you're so clingy, he would want some room to breath.

    P.S: If I may add, to speed up point 1, you can even say when will he marry you? (guarantee heart attack).

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    BYTara Fastrim & Nightrim (Slimming / Weight Maintenance)


    How To Maintain Your Weight?

    After losing 20kg last year, the one question my readers and friends asked me is how do I maintained my weight after?. We all know losing weight is easy, it's maintaining it that's freaking hard. Well the lazy girl's guide to maintaining your weight or keeping the pounds off when you have money and don't want to excise or keep fit (which is still the best way mind you) is to go buy yourself the next miracle weight loss / maintenance oral consumption. Yes yes call me guilty, I'm just being honest here.

    While I have tried many slimming or weight loss products in the market (as well as services), I have developed some phobia to some yucky tasting ones which apparently works but I just can't stomach the taste. Here's my top concerns when I use these products:
    • yucky taste
    • bad cramps
    • headaches
    • doesn't work, just makes u go toilet a lot
    Yucky taste tops it all because if you can't *cringe* take the taste, how can you follow through the program. I remember this one product that's famous in Singapore, it was fairly expensive for a 1/2 monthly program. Costs RM250 for a box but works wonders for beginners. A friend (which I won't disclose her identity) let's call her Miss N managed to lose her weight and found an awesome boyfriend. However it was expensive to keep consuming this for 1/2 month. I however didn't make it through because the drink tasted like slimy sewerage ooze (almost puke).

    I was just sharing to her the other day that I started consuming something similar but not as yucky. Recommended by a reader Charlie Siaw (got her permission to quote her name here haha) who followed my dramatic weight loss story. While I have lost 20kg last year, it was fairly difficult to stayed below 70kg after my HCG program. A challenge I would say as I am living alone and unable to exercise due to my still healing knee. I just hate to mention my knee because it sounds like I'm a granny already with weak knees but I had to stress that I am not able to jump, run, walk fast or hop due to my knee so exercise or keeping fit is out of the question. Staying alone, it means I eat for only one so I don't cook anymore (lazy).

    Anyway yes, I have been yoyo-ing between 65kg - 70kg for the past 3 months. However I lost 2kg in December because I started consuming a slimming product (drink) in a bid to maintain my weight. It's called BYTara Fastrim and Nightrim. There's no colorings, preservatives, no chemical additives, no flavoring, no sugar added.  Each box comes with 15 sachets weighting a total of 225gm (15gm each sachet) for 1/2 month program. Don't worry about it being a banned or illegal product because it's approved by Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia, GMP, HACCP & ISO 22000 Certified, Halal and 100% Natural

    jeng jeng introducing what I'm drinking now

    15 sachets in a box RM178 (1/2 month program)

    how it works - sounds like a miracle worker

    Just a bit intro on these products, the ingredients come from Japan and it's not only for slimming but it contains fish collagen as well to firm and improve your skin texture after slimming. This means you're staying young while losing weight lol so I guess that's one of the reasons why I am looking more like a college student these days.

    BYTara Fastrim Benefits:
    1. No Side Effect 
    2. No Synthetic Chemical 
    3. 100% Natural 
    4. Expels Wastes, Water Retention 
    5. Detoxify, Lose Weight and Trim your body shape 
    6. Restore Skin Cell Elasticity, Improve Skin Fairness 
    7. Reduce Pigmentation and Wrinkle 
    Recommended Consumption:
    For weight loss: Consume daily in the morning.
    For maintain weight: Consume 3 days a week in the morning.

    Not be taken during menstruation or pregnancy. For best result, drink at least 2500ml of water a day.

    Direction Of Use:
    Mix 1 sachet Fastrim into 150ml of lukewarm water, stir and consume immediately with empty stomach.


    My comments on Fastrim by Tara (Cocoa Flavour):

    Fastrim RM187: slimming with fish collagen (block, burn, lose)

    There's a day and night because it works differently. I particularly love the Fastrim by Tara (day) because it's in Cocoa Flavour which tasted like diluted milo. I take this every morning when I wake up by mixing 1 sachet with a glass of lukewarm water (shake and drink straight). There's residues left behind after I finish a drink of what seems to be oats and cereals. It's not yucky and it keeps me away from eating nasi lemak for breakfast (seriously!). I find that this day drinks helps to control my appetite throughout the day and just by consuming it for breakfast, it's sufficient. The calorie count for one drink is 369 calories. Nasi lemak is over 600 calories.
    Ingredients: Soya powder, Isolated soy protein, Oat flour, Cereal powder, Cocoa powder, Dextrose, African wild mango, Garcinia Cambogia, Guarana, Hoodia Gordonia, White kidney bean, Fish Collagen, Fructose. 
    How the ingredients help?
    African Wild Mango - burn fats & suppress appetite
    White Kidney Bean - starch blocker & stabilized blood sugar
    Hoodia Gordonia - suppress appetite, reduce gastric acid
    Garcinia Cambogia - suppress appetite, burn sugar into energy, reduce hunger
    Guarana Extract - boost metabolism, energy booster, improve mood and alertness
    Fish Collagen - anti-ageing ingredient (maintain youthfulness)

    My comments on Nightrim by Tara (Mango Flavour):

    Nightrim RM118: slimming & detox (improve digestive & bowel system)

    Now this is quite similar to Spirulina drink. It's only to be consumed at night, immediately after a meal (no food is allowed after consuming this). Works the same way as the Fastrim, one sachet with a glass of lukewarm water, shake or stir well. It's green in color, tastes sweet and pungent (sweet Mango Spirulina), texture wise it's not thick or slimy, easy to drink. Made with 100% fruit and vegetable formula this drink helps you if you have constipation problems by improving your digestive system and bowel movements. I been going toilet every morning (tmi). BYTara says indigestion and constipation will clear up and those with bad breath and body odor will begin to see a change after a week.
    Ingredients: Psyllium Husk, Mango Powder, Dextrose, L-carnitine, Garcinia Cambogia, L-arginine, Citric Aid, Fructose, Maltodextrin. 
    How the ingredients help?
    Psyllium Husk - fiber to treat constipation & clean colon
    L-carnitine - fat burning
    Garcinia Cambogia - suppress appetite, burn sugar into energy, reduce hunger
    L-arginine - improve wound healing & blood flow

    where to buy? Beautyland e@curve
    Lot 1-45 to 1-47 (first floor)

    Apparently one can lose 10kg in two months of consuming Fastrim (4 boxes X RM178). When my reader introduced this to me, I only took a box of Fastrim and Nightrim (1/2 month program) with no results. According to BYTara website, Fastrim helps burns off excess body fat and increases one's metabolism rate. It also functions as a detox while the fish collagen helps in anti-ageing. Results can be seen from 2 - 3 weeks, whereby one can lose 2kg in 2 weeks.

    So I continued on with a second box and saw results. I started losing water retention and tummy bloat, slowly my weight stabilised between 65kg - 67kg. Though my friend Miss N asked if it caused stomach cramps? I must say when I started this, there were stomaches in the morning but it wasn't that bad as compared to frigging holding your stomach rolling on the bed cramp (happened to me before when I drink slimming tea). It's January and I'm continuing my 3rd box now.

    It might be slower than HCG but it's okay since I'm using this to maintain my weight *gambate Tammy!*. Where To Buy? Beautyland e@curve where I got mine and I think you can shop from their website www.bytara2u.com. Did I miss any info here? leave me a comment to ask questions and I'll try my best to share my experience. Thanks to my reader Charlie for recommending this to me!!! *hugs*.

    P.S: Now they have promo on website buy 3 free 1 for Fastrim / Nightrim!!!

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    Pink Passion Rich Eyelash Extensions Review

    new babies on my eyes :)

    I am addicted to having eyelash extensions ever since I discovered them last year September. I have been visiting and exploring this particular obsession on a monthly basis without fail. It has come to a point that I now wear them naturally without missing rubbing my eyes which is a good thing because rubbing your eyes is a big no-no. Why? because you'll get wrinkles! The skin around the eye area is sensitive and with prolong rubbing, use of make-up, you'll sooner or later become a zombie. Don't believe me? take a good look at your eyes when you remove your make-up.

    I confess that I have sensitive eyelids (it gets itchy when certain eyeshadows don't get along well with my eyes) and that I'm tired of wearing eyeliners, mascaras and removing them everyday while thinking how it won't affect my eyes in the long run. I found that eyelash extensions took away the effort to have bigger, beautiful eyes without using eyeliners and mascaras. I didn't need to stress my eyes further by using make-up remover too but the downside is my own natural lashes are affected. How does it affect? stressed and weight from the fake eyelash extensions will cause your natural eyelashes to fall. Plus if I don't know how to take care of eyelash extensions, I'll get bald spots from accidentally pulling / weakening (like using oil-based products which weakens the adhesive, constant rubbing, etc).

    Pink Passion, Sunway Mas
    (they're the first to have coloured eyelash extensions!)

    One particular salon, contacted me to introduce me to their new Natural Rich Eyelash Extensions RM168 which is said to be light as a feather. I didn't believe them until I tried it on for myself and *bam* my gawd it's true. I don't feel a thing even when I bat my eyes. Usually eyelash extensions can be heavy depending on how long the length you choose, and the more clusters you asked for, the heavier it gets. Various effects can be created - natural, semi-drama, drama, extreme drama haha. I prefer natural to semi-dramatic look. This eyelash extension is cluster based and not individual single lash on lash type. Here's some pictures of me before & after the Natural Rich Eyelash Extensions. 

    before Natural Rich Eyelash Extensions
    my cute Chinese eyes

    takes about 45mins - an hour depending on style
    (I was sleeping for an hour haha)

    the adhesive didn't sting unlike other salons
    (quite impressed with this bit)

     natural, longer looking lashes that's light weight
    (I don't feel it at all on my eyes!)

    no annoying, uncomfortable, heavy lash feel
    (well for me, I don't know about u! go try!)

    denser, longer, cat eye style, natural looking sexy eyes
    (meaning the lashes are longer at the end)

    My verdict? I love the light weight natural looking lashes! Barely felt it being on me compared to my experience wearing cluster eyelash extensions. It's not even painful or uncomfortable, as I learnt from other salons who fail in comparison so far. The workmanship is neat and organised and I don't even see the adhesive itself (glue). I asked the beautician why they brought in this new lightweight eyelash extensions and she said it's because as the trend grows, the concern of natural eyelashes being stressed and weight down has challenged them to introduce these to their customers. As our natural eyelashes grow (yes they grow) the extensions won't droop down and put weight stress as much. She asked if I felt anything and I was taken aback, replying "WOW NO!".

    However, the downside is, while the eyelashes are lightweight, the material looks a tad artificial to me. I wish they would be more natural looking as they seemed too "perfect" / "rigid" as  whole, even though the effect from afar looks natural (not thick, drama-ish). I'm still new to exploring the types of eyelash extensions out there in the market, so by time I'll be an expert in determining the type of material it's made, shape, styles and technology. For now :) the lightweight has taken my heart and the workmanship, super good.

    for my readers who's interested to try this out
    here's a discount voucher for you!

    Readers, if you like what you're seeing here and would like to try the new Natural Rich Eyelash Extensions that's lightweight :D check out this e-voucher! Make an appointment, print / show it to redeem your RM88 eyelash extension service from Pink Passion. It comes with a free touch up within 7 days. You can touch up if anything happens e.g falls, becomes weird etc but I advised you to voice out any concerns after you do it at the shop, not wait a few days.

    Update: It's now 2 weeks and my eyelash extensions are still intact!!! even after :D travelling to Korea and lots of face cleansing at home haha. Normally eyelash extensions last 1 - 3 weeks depending on how well you take care of them + the beautician's skills. I think mine will last 2 - 4 weeks! Let's see how long. I'll update here again.

    I'll recommend this place and come back again, to try their Silk Eyelash Extensions RM188 (single lash application) with 7 colours to choose from. That's interesting :)

    Pink Passion - The Signature Salon
    37-1, Jalan PJU 1/3c,
    Sunway Mas Commercial Center,
    47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor,
    +60 3-7805 7285
    website: http://www.pinkpassion.com.my

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    Free Uber Credits

    free RM20 Uber credits for first timers!

    I've been using Uber since taxi fares went up and I can say compared to myteksi, I find taking Uber to be more therapeutic. It's more comfortable, the drivers are nice, I feel safe and if anything, I could always report to Uber for action unlike taxi companies who don't really give a hoot. If anyone wants to try Uber, hey... please use my code for RM20 credit!!! because if you do, I'll get RM20 credit too haha. Pretty please :D just go to your smart phone, app store or google play store and search for Uber, download it, install and register with your debit or credit card (it's cashless, one of the reasons I love using Uber is I don't have to freaking worry about small change or paying, just hop on hop off my destinations). Apply my code bp1ke.

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    Herschel Little America (Grey) Backpack


    my first Herschel backpack for travel :)

    Since I came back from Philippines last month, I vowed to get that bigger, better and more beautiful backpack for my travelling needs. It was such a pain carrying a small backpack for my laptop and the rest of my gadgets. I'm a flashpacker essentially, not a backpacker. Flashpackers are the older travelling geeks with gadgets and bigger pocket to spend on quality stays and travels. They don't go around travelling for weeks like backpackers. I had my eyes on Herschel since last year but never gave a good reason to purchase one until lately. They ain't cheap that's for sure.

    I went to 1Utama's Bratpack (store supplying Herschel brand of products) and check out the colours. I had my eyes on the black, moss green, and grey backpacks. Most of my wardrobe is black and grey so it made sense to get a backpack to coordinate. The Herschel Little America (grey) mid volume backpack RM369 was my choice as the shade made the bag unique with it's brown straps. Incidentally, when I google Herschel grey backpack, Anastasia Steele was spotted using the Herschel Supply Backpack while filming the movie 50 Shades of Grey. The same grey backpack! so I was stocked! I love her in 50 Shades of Grey. Well the whole movie and book.

    Anastasia Steele spotted using Herschel Supply Backpack
    during 50 Shades of Grey filimg

    Little America in Grey (mid-volume)

    This bag can be used as a cabin luggage holding your 13" laptop in place with padding protection (in my case, Macbook Air), power banks, clothes, jackets, and what not. It has a drawstring top so you can make sure when it's fatten up, you can draw it tight. The front pocket is handy for passports, cables, etc. Easy access when on flight and at the airport. It was a good investment in my opinion to purchase this. I can very well carry this for a short trip overseas.

    Signature Striped Fabric Liner
    Fully Padded/Fleece Lined Up To 13" Laptop Sleeve Pocket
    Main Compartment Cinch Top Closure
    Front Pocket With Hidden Zipper And Key Clip
    Internal Media Pocket
    Ventilated Air Mesh Back Padding
    Contoured Shoulder Straps
    Dimensions: 18"(H) x 11"(W) x 5"(D), 16.5L

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    Sex & The City (Malaysia Version) Dating Younger Men

    dating younger men, better or worst?

    With my newly single status, my friends has been asking me to start a blog about my dating life or shall I say adventures. I guess being one of the rare ones in my peer group to be still single intrigue them as I share my dating stories from time to time. Maybe nobody will be reading this (idk) and maybe some will find it interesting as I open my life up to my readers and friends (and family oh o) who's reading my blog. Where shall I start?

    As Jeremy says, I was never single for long. True enough that I don't have a "bf" since my ex-fiance and I separated but I was never really single for long if you count dating and seeing someone. I separated in September, and by October I was dating a charming musician with a beautiful voice . He was also Eurasian and 11 years too young for me. We dated for 3 months until I left him one day suddenly without a word. We saw each other again for one last time for my birthday. I remember him composing two songs for me (he says it was his first time ever doing so, I doubt I believe that).

    I didn't believe in love anymore after my ex-fiance but he manage to change my mind (I am still a sceptic). However being the older one, more experience about the reality of life vs someone who is about to start his future, I knew the differences were to great and it wouldn't work out.

    Dating a younger man, I can say it was a an eye opening experience as they are more passionate, sensitive and expressive compared to older men. The things I remembered were him texting everyday and greeting me good morning & good night without fail, surprising me with sweet e-mails confessing his love, writing poetries and serenading me on Skype when we weren't seeing each other. Things older men don't do (am I right ladies?). No wonder Demi Moore, and Madonna are dating younger men.

    I truly enjoyed the moments I spent with him even though he was my rebound. Yeap I had a rebound 11 years much too young. After all I could get away looking younger than my age and I still get younger men trying to hit on me not knowing I could very well be their big sister.

    So far, I've dated quite a fair bit of men, some extraordinary, some intriguing but mostly, they weren't local men. I guess I don't get along with local men after all. My next story will be about how I went on a blind date with a scientist from America. If you find that interesting.

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    Fipper Slipper Feel The Rubber Review


    Fipper slippers here I come :D

    As a big fan of flip flops a.k.a slippers ever since I had my fall last year (twice at that) my knee has been weak and I could not wear high heels of any kind :( even up till today. Wearing slippers has since become my favourite not because they're good for the feet, but they're also comfortable and waterproof haha!!!. You know right when it rains in Malaysia, it gets real dirty and wet everywhere. Slippers are just God sent!. I think I have a mountain of slippers at home from Ipanema, Jelly Bunny to Fit Flops. There's one brand that I haven't tried yet but after hearing so much about them, I decided to visit Fipper @ Sungei Wang Plaza and check out how good is their rubber. It's all about the rubber really. If the rubber's no good, your slipper's going to go commando on you at the worst time possible. They say their rubber comes from Thailand, which is why their trademark is a logo of an elephant.

    Fipper is our very own Malaysian home grown brand!
    (and now they've expanded overseas)

    wow they have so many colours!

    can't believe my eyes when I see the prices
    (local brand so they're able to give us great prices)

    love the colour combinations on the slippers

     how do I choose?! :( this is tough... too many nice colours

    It just amazed me that Fipper store has so many combinations of colours! I just wanted to buy them all if I can. Imagine I can colour coordinate my clothes to my slippers haha. Most girls love shoes and high heels, but here I am talking about owning all possible colours on slippers. I am downright hipster man. I asked the store manager Dylan to recommend me some of their best selling slippers and he said "which ones?" they have more than 20 ranges with hundreds of colours *jaw drop*. Already I am having a tough time deciding which colours to choose, now I have to pick which types I want to wear.

    He added that initially they came up with Fipper classic only but due to high demand and growing popularity, they decided to come out with more range to suit everyone. From Fipper Classic to Comfort (softer), Wide (for wide feet), Heels-v (ones with heels), Slim (more feminine), Gilly (even more feminine), Slick (cooler) and two range for children - Kids and Junior.

    this is really comfortable, like slipper on air

    the perks of wearing Fipper slippers

    All their slippers are made of quality natural rubber free from Biphenol-A (BPA). BPA is an endocrine disruptor which can mimic the body's own hormone and may lead to negative health effects especially to fetal and infants. I didn't know there could be dangerous rubbers, so I know now to tell my friends, hey get Fipper because it's safe rubber. Protection comes first haha.

    Now besides being safe and comfortable (yes I test it out at the store, it is comfortable!) Fipper slippers are also anti-slip and anti-bacterial. They're easy to wash (great for lazy people like me) and for environmental activists, you'll be happy to know their slippers are made of all natural rubber that's recyclable and vegan-friendly

    me deciding which slippers to get

    decided to try some models out to see the differences

    finally picked 5 models with different colours

    experimenting with different colour combinations
    (which turned out great so I decided to get them)

    I really like these colours! so girly & sweet :3

    I had a hard time trying to decide which slippers to get so I narrow it down to picking 5 models to test it out, just to compare the differences. I got excited because they are all unique on it's own and I wanted to buy it all! (what a hoarder). The store manager advised me to go for different colours, even onces I wouldn't wear because once I wear it, I'd see how cool the colours look. He was right because I ended up with colours I normally don't wear but it looks cool when I put it on. 

    Here's my verdict on the 5 models I tried on:

    1. Fipper Classic
    This is a must get, the store manager says it's their best seller and the rubber quality is really good. Only RM15.80 and it will last you for some time. The shape is quite standard.

    2. Fipper Comfort
    This is really soft and I feel like it's Fipper "AIR" haha. However, the rubber is slightly different in comfort, so it may not last as long as Fipper Classic.

    3. Fipper Slim
    Thinner straps in short. They're feminine, and it's my favourite model of all because the colours available are all super girly and sweet. Like Tiffany green with coral, pink with purple... ah I want them all!

    4. Fipper Gilly
    Just like Slim but the strap is duo colour which looks more sporty for the active women :)

    5. Fipper Wide
    For those with wide feet. I know right? Finding wide feet shoes is hard in Malaysia and now you know where to buy wide feet slippers and it's only RM23.20. My sister will love this because she has wide feet and it's a pain to find the right slippers and shoes to wear. 


    Starting today for the month of June, Fipper is having a Raya promotion where you can buy any 3 pairs and get one free pair of Classic slippers back home. Already the slippers are cheap and now they're throwing one more free. I say don't miss this promotion out. I wore Fipper Slim all over Korea for two weeks and they're still as good as new so :) I love the rubber quality and the comfort level it gives. Hey I walked all over Korea with these slippers haha, call that testing the limits haha.

    Fipper Slipper Raya Promotion:
    1) *Buy Any 3 Pairs and Get Free 1 Pair of CLASSIC Slippers
    2) Spend a minimum of RM25 & get an EXCLUSIVE Raya Packet (Ang Pow Packet)
    3) The above promotions are only available on selected stores except in Penang, Kedah, Perlis, Ipoh & Sabah.
    4) Promotional period is from 1 June - 30 June 2015

    Berjaya Times Square
    4-19, 4th Floor, Berjaya Times Square, 55200 Kuala Lumpur.

    Sungei Wang Plaza
    Lot Ks 1-3, 2nd Floor, Sungai Wang Plaza, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.

    Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS)
    Terminal Bersepadu Salak Selatan, Bandar Tasik Selatan,Cheras, Selangor D.E.

    Tesco Mutiara Damansara
    Lot G 45 Tesco Mutiara Damansara

    Central Market
    G-56 Ground Floor, Central Market, Jalan Hang Kasturi, 50050 Kuala Lumpur.

    Megan Pheonix
    No. 700-A-21, Ground Floor, Cheras Sentral, Jalan Cheras 56000 Kuala Lumpur.

    Leisure Mall
    L1-26A Leisure Mall,Jalan Manis 2, Taman Segar 56100 Kuala Lumpur.
    for more info check out
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