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  • Pink Passion Rich Eyelash Extensions Review


    new babies on my eyes :)

    I am addicted to having eyelash extensions ever since I discovered them last year September. I have been visiting and exploring this particular obsession on a monthly basis without fail. It has come to a point that I now wear them naturally without missing rubbing my eyes which is a good thing because rubbing your eyes is a big no-no. Why? because you'll get wrinkles! The skin around the eye area is sensitive and with prolong rubbing, use of make-up, you'll sooner or later become a zombie. Don't believe me? take a good look at your eyes when you remove your make-up.

    I confess that I have sensitive eyelids (it gets itchy when certain eyeshadows don't get along well with my eyes) and that I'm tired of wearing eyeliners, mascaras and removing them everyday while thinking how it won't affect my eyes in the long run. I found that eyelash extensions took away the effort to have bigger, beautiful eyes without using eyeliners and mascaras. I didn't need to stress my eyes further by using make-up remover too but the downside is my own natural lashes are affected. How does it affect? stressed and weight from the fake eyelash extensions will cause your natural eyelashes to fall. Plus if I don't know how to take care of eyelash extensions, I'll get bald spots from accidentally pulling / weakening (like using oil-based products which weakens the adhesive, constant rubbing, etc).

    Pink Passion, Sunway Mas
    (they're the first to have coloured eyelash extensions!)

    One particular salon, contacted me to introduce me to their new Natural Rich Eyelash Extensions RM168 which is said to be light as a feather. I didn't believe them until I tried it on for myself and *bam* my gawd it's true. I don't feel a thing even when I bat my eyes. Usually eyelash extensions can be heavy depending on how long the length you choose, and the more clusters you asked for, the heavier it gets. Various effects can be created - natural, semi-drama, drama, extreme drama haha. I prefer natural to semi-dramatic look. This eyelash extension is cluster based and not individual single lash on lash type. Here's some pictures of me before & after the Natural Rich Eyelash Extensions. 

    before Natural Rich Eyelash Extensions
    my cute Chinese eyes

    takes about 45mins - an hour depending on style
    (I was sleeping for an hour haha)

    the adhesive didn't sting unlike other salons
    (quite impressed with this bit)

     natural, longer looking lashes that's light weight
    (I don't feel it at all on my eyes!)

    no annoying, uncomfortable, heavy lash feel
    (well for me, I don't know about u! go try!)

    denser, longer, cat eye style, natural looking sexy eyes
    (meaning the lashes are longer at the end)

    My verdict? I love the light weight natural looking lashes! Barely felt it being on me compared to my experience wearing cluster eyelash extensions. It's not even painful or uncomfortable, as I learnt from other salons who fail in comparison so far. The workmanship is neat and organised and I don't even see the adhesive itself (glue). I asked the beautician why they brought in this new lightweight eyelash extensions and she said it's because as the trend grows, the concern of natural eyelashes being stressed and weight down has challenged them to introduce these to their customers. As our natural eyelashes grow (yes they grow) the extensions won't droop down and put weight stress as much. She asked if I felt anything and I was taken aback, replying "WOW NO!".

    However, the downside is, while the eyelashes are lightweight, the material looks a tad artificial to me. I wish they would be more natural looking as they seemed too "perfect" / "rigid" as  whole, even though the effect from afar looks natural (not thick, drama-ish). I'm still new to exploring the types of eyelash extensions out there in the market, so by time I'll be an expert in determining the type of material it's made, shape, styles and technology. For now :) the lightweight has taken my heart and the workmanship, super good.

    for my readers who's interested to try this out
    here's a discount voucher for you!

    Readers, if you like what you're seeing here and would like to try the new Natural Rich Eyelash Extensions that's lightweight :D check out this e-voucher! Make an appointment, print / show it to redeem your RM88 eyelash extension service from Pink Passion. It comes with a free touch up within 7 days. You can touch up if anything happens e.g falls, becomes weird etc but I advised you to voice out any concerns after you do it at the shop, not wait a few days.

    Update: It's now 2 weeks and my eyelash extensions are still intact!!! even after :D travelling to Korea and lots of face cleansing at home haha. Normally eyelash extensions last 1 - 3 weeks depending on how well you take care of them + the beautician's skills. I think mine will last 2 - 4 weeks! Let's see how long. I'll update here again.

    I'll recommend this place and come back again, to try their Silk Eyelash Extensions RM188 (single lash application) with 7 colours to choose from. That's interesting :)

    Pink Passion - The Signature Salon
    37-1, Jalan PJU 1/3c,
    Sunway Mas Commercial Center,
    47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor,
    +60 3-7805 7285
    website: http://www.pinkpassion.com.my

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    1. Looking fabulous Tammy! :D
      Would have to stick to mascara.. cz in my faith (i didn't say religion cz then it would be a whole other discussion with people who either want to follow or not), we can't change our bodies on a permanent basis like hair extensions and any kind of extensions. I'm sticking to that la..
      but again, how handy would that be!


      1. OHHHHHHH okay got it :) wouldn't want to fight with faith babe! but yeah it would be quite handy but I know some girls just love the feel of putting on mascaras, it's somewhat sexy.

    2. How to get this voucher yaa??download only ya?

    3. really the The Lashe®
      are the best in the Market! I really think girls you should try this company from USA!
      A-m-a-z-i-n-g! LOL


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