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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • Lush Easter Egg Hunt Soap Review


    the limited edition fruity spring soap

    Hello Easter! It's Easter Sunday today and the first thing I did was to unwrap my Lush Easter Egg Hunt soap and jump into the shower! That's the best thing about buying limited edition products themed for a particular day, like today. Now you'll probably be asking what's so Easter about this soap? first it don't look anything like an egg, second why is it green? 

    Plusizekitten Easter Surprise Giveaway


    the biggest giveaway in PSK history!

    Remember I drop hints about Easter and Swallow's Nest for my next giveaway? Well here it is! Since tomorrow is Easter Sunday, I thought this is a great time to surprise everyone with the biggest giveaway in Plusizekitten history thanks to TT Mask Malaysia, an International Award Winning Halal Certified Facial Masks. Established last year, you can find their masks in MaskSlim outlets or order online at TT Mask Malaysia website. From France to Taiwan, the masks is now a must try in Malaysia. Now the best part is, the first 200 readers will get an Easter Surprise from TT Mask Malaysia. The Easter Surprise is randomly given (Swallow's Nest or Q10 Caviar), so keep your fingers crossed that you get your favorite!

    Giveaway starts from now until 8th April, 2013 or until we have the first 200 readers. Open to readers with a valid Malaysian mailing address. Your Easter Surprise will be mailed to you by TT Mask Malaysia 1-2 weeks after announcing the winners. Click here for mobile friendly giveaway app link.

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    Removing Contact Lenses Without Pinching!

    I have my own way learned from youtube!

    I wore my favorite contact lenses today in hazel, it gives me a nice hazel brown matching my hair hehe. I have a box of contact lenses that I keep for special events, like today. Will revealed what it is in the next 2 months! if anyone can remember. It's already passed midnight and I have to take out my contact lenses so as I was about to, I thought why not I record myself removing it? maybe it'll be a good tip to readers out there who has no balls to pinch out contact lenses from their eyes. I remember my first time using contact lenses, I took 30mins to put on one side! and an hour to remove them. Thanks to youtube, I learned how to put on and remove contact lenses, youtube is amazing!

    The Big Mask Review Party (Guinness Record?)


    calling bloggers & youtubers!
    (word press, tumblr etc welcome too)

    The Butterfly Project is a beauty blogger community page that started thanks to Female Magazine's The Butterfly Project makeover programme where a group of Malaysian women go through a series of life transforming activities. I still remember there was facials, slimming sessions, hair makeover, and exercise programmes designed to let women experience a change in their lifestyle. Female Magazine has since stopped the project (sad kitty) but it has inspired me to start a Facebook Page inspiring Malaysian beauty bloggers to experience head to toe activities. It may be small but it's a place welcoming all independent beauty bloggers to join whether you're new, old fuddy wuddy like me or inspiring to be one.

    Happy Birthday Kenby My Friend


    to a friend from school days...

    You've been busy and I missed your laughter and smile. Your birthday was over and although I have wished you on Facebook it didn't seemed right. I stumble upon PassedOn and play around with it, tried to record a video and I uploaded it to my account. I hope you got it? if you didn't you can see the video here. It's suppose to be a private birthday message, works like P.S I Love You where messages or wills gets sent to the person you want to see and you can set the time as well in a secure and private website. Anyway I thought I blog about this so others can also use this program to pass on messages, be it a Birthday greeting, a love confession or set up a will online.

    Women's Weekly Free Neutrogena Set

    click on the poster for larger read

    It's been some time since I see freebies from magazines. Who don't love freebies right? maybe another word to properly describe - complimentary gifts upon purchase? anyway with the Beauty Box phenomena (pay for samples) I'm wondering if it affects others media channels who used to give out complimentary samples for their readers. Anyway the latest issue of The Malaysian Women's Weekly is in bookstores now, if you buy yours at Times Bookstore you get this *FREE Neutrogena skincare set worth RM139.70 (while stock last). I hope it's not like what happened to TBS's cherry blossom gift which was advertised incorrectly thus making a roar with readers.

    *Applicable at Times bookstores in the Klang Valley area only. Limit to ONE set per magazine per transaction.

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    Sneak Peek at Lush Goodies! All the way from Singapore.

    one could faint in delight unboxing this

    The best things in life is when your Lush parcel arrives right up to your doorsteps (auto gate barrier in the case of Malaysia). You can almost smell the sweet sweet scent of soaps and bath ballistics from the parcel. The postman will look at you one kind, why on earth is this girl smiling sheepishly. He's also probably annoyed at this parcel emitting scents he can't decipher (because he's a guy and most guys just use some soap they buy off the shelves). 

    O'slee Honey Sugar Mask Review


    introducing the Honey Sugar Mask by Oslee

    There's one thing that always makes me fall head over heels when I window shop - beauty products package like food. It's like food porn (cosmetic porn?). When I unbox the Honey Sugar Mask sent by O'slee Malaysia for me to review, I immediately went ooooohhhh at the packaging. I wish I could store my brown sugar for baking in a cute jar like this too! 

    comes with cleansing sponge & mask stick

    The Honey Sugar Scrub comes with the cleansing sponge & mask stick. O'slee Facebook says it's free but it's a bit weird to package this and say the applicator stick is free. Does it not come with the sponge and stick normally? hmmm. Anyway it's bonus for me because the masks I buy don't come with extras. The cleansing sponge is soft :) like padded bread. The mask stick is use to scoop the mask out. Don't let water go in! or it'll ruin your mask.

    L'oreal Sales Melaka & BB Lips Giveaway!


    calling all ye shopaholics in Melaka!

    Yes the L'oreal sales is back and this time it'll be in TMalacca thanks to OnlyBeauty.com.my! FYI OnlyBeauty is a online sampling site that delivers samples free! up to your doorsteps. They also organize sales for L'oreal, Maybelline & Garnier every year so this time they'll be up visiting our Malacca friends! Mother's Day is near, so why not buy mommy dearest some cosmetics, new hair color? or skincare from this sale! You can even turn it into a BeautyBox *winks* set with pretty ribbons and box. Heck you can give to your friend's birthday! (awesome). FYI you can get lipsticks, hair dye, spot removers, cleansers, toners, moisturizers, mascaras at a really rock sale price!

    I don't know how many Malacca readers I have but if there's any reading this post, you'll want to join this giveaway from OnlyBeauty! They're giving away lipsticks worth RM29.90 each to 50 lucky fans for sharing their sales news on Facebook & Twitter! Winners need to redeem the prize at the sale from 29th - 31st March, 2013 at The Jetty Holiday Inn, Malacca.

    10 lucky readers will win a BB Lips lip balm!
    (collect at the sale in Malacca!)

    Also as a bonus, 10 readers of mine who can go to the sale will win a Maybelline BB Lips lip balm from me! You'll need to collect it at the sale *winks*. Giveaway starts from now until March 28th 1pm. I don't know how many will join but if there's many I'll ask for more! Just leave your follower id, email & tell me if you're going to the sales!

    Discover Signorina with your BFF's!

    the story of a Signorina

    My Transitions Lenses Are Ready!


    transitions lenses works in any frame & material!
    (plastic, metal, rimless, semi-rimless, full)

    From Part 1 of my Transition Lenses Story: Yeah it’s time to show off what I got from Optical88 at KLCC! But wait… before I start gushing about the frames that I choose to go with my new baby – transition lenses that will change the way I see life (brighter, clearer and less annoying squints) I have to tell you it wasn’t easy trying to choose the right frames it. 

    HCG Diary: Day 4 Dinner Starts


    Well I thought I start a diary about my HCG weight loss journey like everyone else in the USA is doing. This is my second post talking about HCG and I have done some googling about this weight loss program. I found out there's a lot of:

    • HCG recipes created by websites and bloggers
    • HCG Diary by those on HCG, helps to be on track
    • HCG apps is on Itunes?! wth.... *shocks*

    This is day 4 and I have started my 500 calorie diet after 5pm (after my 4th injection). It consists of foods to avoid, particular oil, sugar, and carbs. I wish there was a HCG meals on wheels to make it easier for us, like a professional HCG cook who creates these awesome 500 calorie meals that taste good and healthy even without using oil, sugar or carbs. I read there's miracle noodles created specially for HCG! I wonder where I can get that.

    I had 1 breadstick and a handful of strawberries for dinner. I baked lemon cod fish but lost my appetite looking at it. I'm not a fish person you see. Unless it's Thai spicy lemon chilli steam fish. Also I research online & HCG forums said soda water with lemon juice is okay to drink! so I'm drinking *gulp gulp*

    The first 3 days on HCG, I could eat anything I want so I ate Indian Cuisine, ice-cream, ice-kacang, waffles, fried chicken, McDonalds (ahahhahha). When I weight myself on day 4, I lost 1kg! omg? how did that happen. I pig out and I lost 1kg? maybe my weighing machine has broken due to the weight gain instead.

    this is a HCG diary by Carol, I think I'll do it like this too

    P.S: I went out grocery shopping to get my HCG recipes ingrediets. Got chicken breasts, steaks, onions, Grissini breadsticks, lemons, strawberries and apples. Also seasoning of many kinds because seasoning can be used! just no dressing, no butter and seriously no sugar related seasoning.

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    Nature Republic GP Sale Up to 70% Off!


    omg can win lukcy draw Galaxy Tab too?

    Calling all Korean skin lover! Nature Republic is having their GP SALES!!! with discounts up to 70% off and free tote bag for purchases up to RM99! I think what's awesome is the lucky draw where 8 lucky winners will win a Galaxy Tab 2! I WANT IT.. okie let me check my shopping stash for tihs month to see if I can squeeze it some love for Nature Republic! You'll be thinking what to buy too right? here's the top 10 items worth buying during the GP Sale and the top 10 items discounts ends tomorrow! :O *shock* so fast end? I'll go One Utama check tonight!

    buy 1 free 1 hydro gel mask??

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    The La Mer Luxury Facial Promotion


    La Mer Luxury Facial at G Hotel, Penang

    Just receive an e-mail about the La Mer Luxury Facial event! Just purchase The Luxury Facial Certificate worth RM600 (fully redeemable against La Mer products) and you'll be able to do the La Mer luxury facial and have La Mer products! (happiness). BUT wait I am not sure if this event will be only held at GHotel or Lamer counters with in house facial rooms can do it too. Checking with Lamer. Stay tune!
    Confirm this time it's for the Northern lucky girls to get this pampering session! I'm so tempted to just take a trip to Penang for this darn!!

    What's the Luxury Facial? it's a 45mins revitalizing facialt reatment that uses he healing powers of touch & sound to restore and revitalized skin. Acidic sea muds and pure diamont dust are used to lift away dullness and impurities to reveal a softer, brighter atas skin :D

    The La Mer Luxury Facial is available with purchase of The Luxury Facial Certificate worth RM600 which is fully redeemable against La Mer products. It will be available exclusively from April 12th –14th, 2013 at the Luxury Facial Suites, G Hotel Penang. To schedule your appointment, please call Parkson Pavilion Kuala Lumpur (Tel: 03-21410452).

    More information here from Lamer:

    The Facial Treatment begins with a transformative facial massage which calms the mind while stimulating circulation to reawaken skin’s natural brightness and radiance from within. The hands are also treated to a tension-relieving massage, moisturized and cushioned to reveal a profoundly healthier look and feel. 

    In true La Mer standards, each process is infused with details to enhance the well-being of the guests. Each piece of towel used is soaked with The Mist to create a special negative-ion-rich environment to instantly boosts skin’s energy level, visibly uplifting and reviving lethargic and dehydrated skins. Depending on your skin’s concerns, either a serum or a Concentrate will be applied to work in synergy with Crème de laMer to infuse the skin with nutrients and energies, bringing it back to its centre. The Refining Facial is applied not only to the face but also to hands to enable the maximum benefits of The Hand Treatment.

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    My HCG Journey to Losing Weight

    anyone heard of the HCG weight loss?

    I don't believe in deprieving myself of food to lose weight. It's only temporary and worst the weight bounces back double or triple your initial weight if you don't control your diet. That's what happened to me when I studied abroad. Due to the sudden spike in Australian currency, I had to tighten my belt and eat what I can just to be full. That includes biscuits, donuts (yes believe it or not I ate cinnamon donuts everyday because they're real cheap in Australia), fried rice and bread. Couple with daily long walks to the University instead of taking the bus, I lost 10kg in less than 2 months.

    Shu Uemura OB Princess Party for Plusizekitten!


    plusizekitten princess party for readers!

    Words cannot describe how happy I am when I received a call from Shu Uemura saying they would like to throw a party for me & my readers! What sort of party? the best of its kind, the cutest if you must ask! Inspired by Japanese artist ob, Shu Uemura launches a dreamy and magical world with 4 princesses, namely the Cherry Blossom, Moon, Forest & Ocean princesses. Each princesses is created to suit a skincare concern ♥ and you can't help but wonder which princess resembles you the most! *melts*

    I'm falling in love this Spring with Shu Uemura!

    Having said that, I haven't try Shu Uemura's BB Mouse yet and yes I'm already making lists of what I want to buy from the dreamy in between reality, pastel fantasy world of ob. This Spring let your inner princess child out to play at the launch of ob collection at Shu Uemura, One Utama specially for plusizekitten readers and followers!

    Spring 2013, I see one of my favourite brands shu uemuracollaborating with a up & coming Jap contemporary artist, OB to create a dreamy and magical Sakura collection revolving around 4 fairy princesses - The Cherry Blossom, Moon, Forest & Ocean princesses. Each princesses is created to suit a skincare concern ♥ wonder what is yours?

    The Cherry Blossom princess’ products give off “pore-less smooth skin as the fresh petals of the cherry blossom,”

    The Moon Princess “luminous soft skin as a hazy moon in Spring night,”

    The Forest Princess “vitalized even-toned skin as fresh as the young leaves in early Spring,”

    The Ocean Princess “bright skin as completely transparent as the ocean.”

    which one is your favorite?

    watch the Shu Uemura Spring 2013 teaser
    - warning punk rock girls might turn into fairies -

    You will be one of the first to preview the dreamy collection and discover which princess you are! Witness a makeover demo using the collection to achieve your princess look! Get hands-on-experience trying the ob collection, and activities to win prizes! Come dress as one of the princesses and exchange a cup of tea with me.
    dress up as one of the princesses & win!

    The best dressed reader will walk away with a RM300 Shu Uemura gift voucher to shop! Plus if you're as artistic and talented as ob during the canvas painting contest (materials will be provided) you're going to win a ob collection hamper worth RM350! *screams*

    Leave me a comment telling me why you want to come to my party and what's the first thing you would buy from this collection! I have 30 invites to giveaway. There will be door gifts & special gwps for invited followers!

    Don't forget to leave your follower id, e-mail address & comment here! I will pick 30 readers on 18th March (Monday) to announce! Invites are out! check your email :) due to space limitation only 30 will be invited. I'm sorry T_T to those who can't come, we will give chance to those who never party with me before yah. Dress code is a must my princesses! (watch the video for inspiration).

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    Become a MrLens Affiliate Partner & Earn Cash!

    the perks of a becoming an affliate (added with sugar)

    MrLens is e-commerce site that sells quality & reputable contact lenses brand. To name a few Freshlook, Acuvue, Focus Dailies & Soflens. You may find contact lenses for daily, weekly, monthly or colored at an affordable price compared to retail outlets. Free shipping is given for orders to the Klang Valley. Today I would like to share how you can earn money by becoming an affiliate partner with MrLens. It's real easy and all you need to do is install banners & let the good times roll.

    Colgate Optic White is Fazura's Beauty Must Have!


    the stunning Nur Fazura in a red dress

    Did anyone spot Nur Fazura at the Colgate Optic White launch in One Utama 2 weeks ago? She was so beautiful with her hair and bright smile. She sure knows how to pose to (celeb mah!). Everyone was snapping photographs of her at the event, it was so pack! I was not feeling well that day but I still made my way to have a glimpse of the stunning beauty who says her confidence came from having a really great smile, thanks to a beautiful white smile.

    Nur Fazura strikes a pose for her adoring fans
    (thanks to Fishie for helping me capture her shots!)

    No wonder she's chosen as the brand ambassador for Colgate Optic White. She says that a beautiful smile speaks so much about personality, confidence and even how you value something as basic as caring for your teeth. Even if you have stylish outfit or flawless make-up, having discolored teeth is impossible to disguise and can take away the effort you put into looking beautiful. True dat, I've seen some really fashionable girls who shows off their pictures but when they smile *omg* the color doesn't match (sorry no offense).

    Colgate Optic White is now part of my beauty kit. It is the only beauty essential I need to keep my smile bright and white. I have been using it and it really works! - Nur Fazura.

    Whitening is something not everyone has the privilege to have. Our teeth won't get white with just brushing alone. The easiest (expensive) way is to go for whitening at the Dentist. You can also buy whitening kits to DIY at home. There's also whitening tooth paste but can we get one shade whiter teeth after just one week of using like the Colgate Optic White? I am already convinced just by looking at the packaging. The bold red packaging speaks of confidence! 

    What is Colgate Optic White?

    the Colgate Optic White line consists of 3 products

    Colgate Optic White toothpaste RM5.90 (40g) / RM12.90 (100g)
    get one shade whiter teeth after just 1 week*
    *when used as directed for extrinsic stains only)

    Colgate Optic White mouthwash RM8.90 (250ml) / RM20.90 (750ml)
    with a special formula that helps maintain the natural
    whiteness of teeth & long-lasting fresh breath

    Colgate 360 Optic White toothbrush RM12.90
    it helps whiten teeth in two ways

     with whitening cups & spiral-shaped polishing bristles
    that help remove stains & clean hard-to-reach areas

    Of course thanks to Colgate-Palmolive, I brought back my very own whitening starter kit that comes in a red vanity box. Inside a Colgate Optic White tooth paste and mouthwash along with my very own 360degrees Optic White toothbrush!. The whitening cups are soft round rubber cups amidst the bristles to help hold toothpaste. I love that it also comes with a tongue cleaner (note the tiny bristles behind the brush head). The ergonomic easy to hold soft handle is a nice touch too.

    has whitening accelerators** to safely exfoliate stains & polish teeth surface
    **refers to silica and pyrophosphate

    What do I think?

    So I have been brushing my teeth for a week and it really works just like Fazura says! My teeth is brighter (ain't so yellowish dull anymore). I don't want to show pictures of my teeth here! because I have chipped front teeth due to the snatch thief incident where I feel face flat on tar road. SORRY no before and after teeth picture here unless I get them repaired.

    The Colgate Optic White toothpaste is minty and has little seed like thingy called whitening accelerators to gently scrub and polish your teeth surface. It's quite refreshing to use and it's not just for whitening because it fights cavities, protect teeth enamel, removes plaque and freshen breaths too.

    The Colgate Optic White mouthwash reminds me of the mouthwash from the Dentist. It has a special formula to help maintain the whiteness so it's a must to complete your whitening regime after brushing your teeth. There's a numbing feel too after gaggling it and a bland after taste (imho). I think it's much too expensive for a mouthwash, wish Colgate would lower the price so consumers can pair it with the toothpaste easily.

    OMG I want to try the Colgate Optic White too!

    Well you can because Colgate-Palmolive is giving away 3 lovely Colgate White Optic Beauty Kit so you can start your whitening journey to a beautiful smile like Nur Fazura! even if you don't win, you can purchase the Colgate Optic White products from leading retailers and pharmacies nationwide.

     click here to join the giveaway!

    It's easy to join just scroll below! It's a Giveaway App that will manage my giveaways for me (yay!) so this giveaway is open to all Malaysian Facebook users with a valid Malaysian address. Colgate-Palmolive will courier the prizes to the 3 lucky readers. If my giveaway achieves 500 entries, 3 more additional Colgate Optic White Beauty Kit will be unlocked!

    P.S: it's mandatory to leave a comment to be eligible for this giveaway! no cheat cheat to get entry points okay?

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    Benefit Fake Up Hydrating Concealer Review & Giveaway

    Benefit's new hydrating crease-control concealer

    Benebabes out there, you're going to go OMG over the latest product from Benefit Cosmetics! It's going to be available next month at all Benefit Cosmetic Malaysia counters. What's the product? Don't let the packaging fool you one bit because it's no lipstick baybeh, it's a CONCEALER! and not just any concealer, it's the first of its kind hydrating concealer from Benefit Cosmetics!

    putting on my Inspector hat to inspect the products

    available in light, medium & dark

    AHA this is the secret to Fakeup!

    Now I have not seen any concealer like this before. Looks like a 2-in-1 product with a concealing core and hydrating ring. How will this work? I was worried that it'll be uneven or worst oily but upon application it actually blends well together creating a smooth, lightweight concealer that moisturizes my eye area. Touch up is required after 4-6 hours for me (I have dry skin).

    What it is?

    A lightweight hydrating concealer spying as a lipstick that instantly hides dark circles and diffuses fine lines for silky smooth Au natural look. The first of its kind formula by Benefit Cosmetics proven to keep skin hydrated up to six hours. (source: Benefit Cosmetics)

    How To Apply?

    Using the lipstick like concealer stroke the fakeup underneath each eye area and gently pat outward to blend with your ring finger. Touch up on your existing concealer or make up to hydrate and freshen up. Benefit Cosmetic says it won't cake, crease or settle! You can also combine it with other Benefit products (the secret formula) for an instant yuk to wow eye makeover.

    P.S: you can also use it on your hands (especially around the knuckles) to hide your age!

    How Much?

    It's RM90.00 each available from Benefit Cosmetics counter. It comes in 3 shades - light, medium & dark. Please consult the MUA for the right shade. You might need to a combination of two shades to suit your skin color.

    super cute drama by Benefit! The Curious Case

    Now time is always not on our side as women. Stress, unhealthy lifestyle like sleeping late, diet, over working will show and hard to recover when it happens. Just watch the video above, Ms. Stress arrives late looking like she hasn't slept in days. Blackout happened and the lights came on, everyone gasp at Ms. Stress now looking fabulous. Detective goes on investigating. Of course if Professor Pink was there to just explain everything it would be easier haha. She was too busy at the Great Hydrating Concealer Coverup in Kuala Lumpur teaching us how we can cover up our dark secrets with her secret formula!

    Profession Pink in Malaysia to help us cover up

    Professor Pink pouts & shares her secret formula

    turn from YUK to WOW in a matter of secs
    (now are you curious how?)

    using It's potent! eye cream, ooh la lift & high beam
    to create the glowing cover up

    blend eye cream + ooh la lift + fakeup & apply under eye
    use high beam for dewy, radiant finish

    Tip! To instantly refresh your look, smooth on fakeup to touch-up any concealer to diffuse fine lines & hydrate the under-eye area throughout the day.

    find your perfect shade at Benefit counter/outlet

    fakeup is light creamy concealer that's not oily
    (it's not a heavy duty concealer though)

    instant smoothing & brightening panda eyes

    can you see the difference?
    (only 1 side around eye area used Fake Up)

    for younger looking hands? use it on your knuckles too!
    (hint: the left is using fakeup)

    The photographs above shows my bare face before any make up so you can spot some uneven tone, dark circles, etc. OH the horror but it's worth it to show the difference using Fakeup. Now Fakeup is not your industrial strength concealer like Benefit's Boing. Neither will it help cover serious blemishes or scars. Fakeup works in such a way that it can be use on top of your concealer or without to freshen up your eye area. The first thing you'll notice is it smooths out the lines and brightens up your skin so your dark circles is not so apparent.

    Should you try?

    I feel it's like Dr. Feel Good for the eyes + concealer + hydration minus the oiliness. True enough most of the concealers I have used before (especially cream types) cakes or creases after a while. Even when using liquid concealers and your foundation it'll also crease if I laugh or smile too much. I think Benefit's Fakeup is a solution to these problems and it's also a quick perk me up around the eyes when you look insomniac.

    Click here to see the comparison chart between Fakeup, Boing and Erase Paste.

    now don't forget to be a follower!

    10 Mystery Gifts for Yna Aslina, Hsien, Lauraleai, Ayna, Swee San, Fiona RJ, Joanna, Amirah Izzah, Cindy Tong and Nian Tse! Congratulations please check your emails! You have one week to do this before I start posting! Failure to fill up form, mystery gift forfeited haha. Congratulations to the two winners for the Fakeup Giveaway! Tan Jo Rene (medium) and Kay from Glossy Alure (deep).

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

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    Please note: We run a very legitimate giveaway. All entries are checked for accuracy and will be validated. Clicking on "enter" ensures that your task has been completed. If your task has not been completed, your entry will not be counted and will be considered invalid. If you are chosen as the winner of this contest and you have not completed the task(s) that you claim to complete, a new winner will be randomly chosen. So please be sure that you have completed a task before clicking "enter". Thank you for your co-operation.
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