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  • O'slee Honey Sugar Mask Review


    introducing the Honey Sugar Mask by Oslee

    There's one thing that always makes me fall head over heels when I window shop - beauty products package like food. It's like food porn (cosmetic porn?). When I unbox the Honey Sugar Mask sent by O'slee Malaysia for me to review, I immediately went ooooohhhh at the packaging. I wish I could store my brown sugar for baking in a cute jar like this too! 

    comes with cleansing sponge & mask stick

    The Honey Sugar Scrub comes with the cleansing sponge & mask stick. O'slee Facebook says it's free but it's a bit weird to package this and say the applicator stick is free. Does it not come with the sponge and stick normally? hmmm. Anyway it's bonus for me because the masks I buy don't come with extras. The cleansing sponge is soft :) like padded bread. The mask stick is use to scoop the mask out. Don't let water go in! or it'll ruin your mask.

    of course I like the jar so much

    I'm surprise Squalane is one of the ingredients!
    (plant base, has healing & antibacterial properties)

    use the scrub on dry or wet face

    What is it?
    This is a 2-in-1 exfoliation mask that brightens and smooths your skin using high speed dispersing technology to transformed natural brown sugar into fine powder to remove dead skin cells. It also whitens and nourishes your skin without hurting your skin. Here's the benefits:

    • Soften and remove cuticles and dirts gently
    • Skin lightening and whitening. Skin becomes rejuvenate after used.
    • Natural honey and melted brown sugar deeply nourish your skin.
    • Deep cleansing and remove blackheads.
    • After deep cleansing and removing cuticles, pores becomes invisible.
    • With cleansed moisturized skin, oil secretion will be reduced.

    How to use? 
    O'slee says you can use this mask 2 - 3 times a week if you have oily skin or a lot of blackheads. 2 times is usually enough in a week but if you experience blackheads and oily skin, you may want to use it 3 times a week to reduce oil secretions and to remove blackheads. For sensitive skin, try not to use sugar scrubs. I would recommend using Cure Natural Aqua Gel instead. Apparently you can apply the mask on either dry or wet face!

    Apply on wet face :
    Apply the mask on wet face, gently massage in circular motion, then the sugar will melt down. Let the mask stay for 5-10 minutes then rinse.

    Apply on dry face :
    Apply the mask on dry face, gently massage in circular motion for 1 minute, then rinse.

    almost 10mins, completely melted on my face

    before Honey Sugar Mask & after

    What I like
    The cute jar packaging with the honey brown sugar mask sealed inside, it smells like yummu brown sugar dip honey (warning not edible). I like the extras that come with the mask - cleansing sponge & mask stick. However I didn't use the cleansing sponge at all because I'm use to washing it off with hands under running water (come to think of it, using sponge to cleanse is more water conserving?). I also like the transformation of the honey brown sugar scrub melting on my face, turning from heavy to lightweight barely texture giving me a mask moment. After washing, I could see a slight brightening since my dead skin cells are removed.

    What I dislike
    Applying on dry face is definitely a big no-no for those with sensitive skin. It felt like sand rubbing against my face. My second try was using it on wet face but after washing there's a oily film layer on my skin but it disappeared after I towel dry my face leaving me with soft and supple skin! But my skin started to feel dry and uncomfortable quickly so I had to use moisturizing lotion (thanks to oil control, so this product would work better for oily skin type). I was disappointed that my pores didn't get refine that much. I could still see them at secret areas where I won't revealed in my blog! (embarrassed).

    Where to get?
    You can purchase this online at O'slee website with a decent shipping charge or at Guardian stores near you. It retails for RM59.90/100ml but there's a promotion now where you can buy it for RM49.88. Also there's a contest at O'slee Facebook page where if you snap a picture of the product at Guardian you can win gifts from O'slee Malaysia. Don't wait too long to purchase this because the product is a hot selling item at Guardian!

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    1. belum sempat la tammy mo pegi beli. ehe

      1. ahhahaha!!! jgn miss the promo, murah sekarang :D and kalau u pergi kan.. dun forget snap pic of the oslee honey sugar mask banner kat Guardian so can enter contest menang gifts

    2. You look really good after applying the mask! :)


      1. thanks whitewolf! hmm r u Jasmine? I have a friend name Jasmine who goes by le white wolf nick name

    3. Looks like a great mask!~ Especially the part that melt on your face..... Well, at least, that ease me in the way that I no need to keep on answering to my kids' question on, mummy, what happens to your face, when I'm applying a mask.. :)

      1. Melts on your face, not in your mouth hahahahahha!!!

        Oh kids says the darnest things..

    4. I've been seeing alot of O'slee in Guardian lately but haven't tried it yet. This honey sugar mask definitely makes me want to purchase it. The smell looks really yummy too! haha :D

      Strings Of Memories

      1. you can also recycle the jar once u finish using for to keep cute things inside....

    5. Saw this at Guardian some time ago and was so tempted to get it because of the cute container. But I was eyeing the other one, the yoghurt mask or something. Tammy, how do u find the container, does the plastic cover secure enough if I reuse it to keep other thing later when it is empty ?

      1. I'm eyeing the Pomegranate Milky Mask now! (anti-aging) and kept forgetting to go Guardian to snap pic of the banner to join the contest *hits on head*.

        The container, the plastic cover is quite tight! it's secure enough :) but don't keep food grade products in it, coz I don't think the plastic is food safe.

    6. Got any promotion for this now?

      1. yeap it's rm49.88 instead of rm59.90 now at Guardian, don't forget to snap pic of the banner in guardian to join their fb contest haha

    7. Replies
      1. thanks ^___^ it's alright it does it job as a scrub mask

    8. does this mask works for brightening?


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