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  • Getting Transitions Lenses


    Yes despite having several pairs of frames and one awesome sunglasses, I still wish I could have something much easier without needing to switch from A to B every single time my eyes starts to squint. Sometimes I get so lazy, I'll let myself get a headache from the sun. It's like a war that I refused to let myself lose. Unfortunately I decided it's time I play the pretend win and get a frame that simply, protects my eyes from UV rays. Seriously there's such a thing.

    it's called Transitions lenses
    (also known as Transitions Optical Lenses)

    I found out about Transitions lenses from my brother (as usual, my brother likes to be cool). The coolest thing about my brother's Transitions lenses is that they can change from clear to dark in a matter of seconds AUTOMATICALLY! Without him needing to sweat. It's like a 2-in-1 lenses, perfect for lazy people like me (hehe) or should I say efficient? Why bother to have two frames when you can just have one? 

    I like this poster about squinting at the sun
    (image source: eyedesigneyewear.com)

    Now I don't know much about Transitions lenses besides the fact they can change from clear (normal) to dark (shade) when expose to UV rays. So I went over to Optical88 at Suria KLCC to inquire more about Transitions lenses before I make my decision to get them. This is what I found out:
    • Transitions lenses are the no.1 eyecare professional-recommended lenses worldwide 
    • save bag space 
    • save time & energy (on changing frames when the sun shines) 
    • stops you from squinting at the sun (might get dizzy/headache) 
    • and more importantly, UV protection for the eyes similar to using sun block for your face.

    watch this video about Transitions lenses

    I think that pretty much made me decide to try Transitions lenses so my next post, I'm going to show you the awesome frame that that I choose to fit my Transitions lenses. Looks like I'm going to add another addition to my frame collection. There's black, pink, brown and... (stay tune for next post!).

    This blog entry is written as part of a sponsorship programme organised by Transitions Optical. As the pioneers in the field of photochromic technology, Transitions Optical offers dynamic, intuitive and innovative eyewear solutions designed to quickly adjust and adapt in changing light to help protect from the sun’s rays and enhance the vision of eyeglass wearers. For more information, please visit www.transitions.com.

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    1. love the frames and the sunglasses! xoxo
      Emma <3
      women designer eyeglasses

    2. I've been wearing transitions for over a year and a half now, and i love it so much! I've also worked part-time at an optical shop so I hope you don't mind me sharing a few things :)
      With transition's coating it's easy to take care of your lens, simply run them under normal tap water before wipping it with your micro fibre cloth, it prevents you from accidentally scratching your lenses while wiping them. When I was working, I had to clarify to customers that it doesn't exactly feel like normal sunglasses and it doesn't change color in the car. That's because the transition depends on the amount of UV rays, the higher the UV rays, the darker your transition, so you can't really treat it like a sunglass. The amount of UV rays is higher if you're in higher altitude places like Genting or Cameron Highlands. Since we already have UV filters in the cars, the lenses won't change in color. The best thing I love about it is that I always have this "mendung effect". The first time I tried them, I kept thinking it's gonna rain! lol. It's true that I don't have to squint my eyes under the hot sun anymore because of its glaring protection. And as it turns out, it can slowly help in lowering your astigmatism, but not by much, maybe between 25-50. My astigmatism used to be 50 and it's gone! It is definitely a good investment. You're gonna love it! :)

      1. thanks for sharing with us Farisha! appreciate your insights about the Transitions lenses being different from sunglasses. I have astigmatism too! and I'm glad to know that it will help in lowering because I easily get headaches @_@

      2. You're welcome! I love your new frames design btw, so cute! :)


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