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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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    girls this is what you've ordered!

    Here goes Miu again! shopping shopping shopping! but it's not for me! it's for girls who had placed orders since yesterday to ask me help buy H2O products! fyi it's from USA, origins Paris! I've not tried H2O before but the colorful shower gels & pouch set attracted me to try since they're having warehouse sales at 1utama @ Bargain Corner. I'm giving free personal shopping services to all my readers as a treat :) this month.

    this fabulous 70% off set is at rm3o only!
    5 items inside
    marine cleansing gel 30ml
    dual action eye makeup remover 30ml
    face oasis hydratin gel 8ml (star product)
    lip oasis 48 hour plumping gloss 3.5ml
    ice water cooling mint body wash 60ml

    this set was feature in March, 09

    guess how many I bought? RM30 only!

    If you're interested to buy the Limited Edition Beach Bag Set for RM30 only! email me at tammylci@gmail.com. Postage charges rm10 WM, RM15 EM (under 1kg).

    Miu Interrupted

    Apologies to all emails, chats, sms. It's not that I am sombong/arrogrant that I didn't want to reply anyone's comments/emails/chats/sms or visit your blog. It's just that I am so busy right now I still have a lot of backlogged to do sob sob & also work day time job. I'm also currently trying to refer as many friends as possible in the Bobbi Brown contest which is taking most of my free time up even my beauty sleep has to sacrifice. I will get back to all questions as soon as possible whenver I can! Pls forgive me!

    For RMK Participants, I have email all of you reminders on the workshop @ Saturday 1/8/09. Please check your emails and get back to me with any inquiries. Those who did not get my email, kindly contact me so that I don't forget you!!! my head too many things now, can't remember everything T_T

    Participant List

    Session 1 10.30am
    1. Tammy Lim -paid-
    2. Von Von -paid-
    3. Cai Wing -paid-
    4. Manwinder Kaur-paid-
    5. Kitty-paid-
    6. Joey Tan -paid-
    7. Jess Ying - paid -
    8. Charmaine -paid-
    9. Fariza Fauzi -paid-
    10. Poh Ping -paid-
    11. Poh Yee -paid-
    12. Akiki -paid-
    13. Rachelle Low -paid-
    14. Aishah Nordin -paid-
    15. Yunny-paid-
    16. Jasmine Kho -paid-
    17. Geekie -bought-
    18. Zaheera Begum -paid-
    19. Vanessa -paid-
    20. Donna -paid-
    21. Izzatul Shima -paid-
    22. Fathanah -paid-
    23. Shahariah -paid-
    24. Farina -paid-
    25. Fiza -paid-
    26. Candy Lee -paid-
    27. Marina Young -paid-
    28. Muzie -paid- *replaced by Nurul*

    Session 2 3pm
    1. Alexis -bought-
    2. Alexis friend -bought-
    3. Tan Fong Shian -paid-
    4. Mongsie - paid -

    Miu at Ms. Reads

    "Where do you shop Miu?" my readers would always asked me. Well I shop randomly actually & whenever I spot something I can wear, I would not hesitate to buy it. Why? b'coz honey, clothes my size don't come easy or "pretty" either. I wanted to get a new blouse to wear for the upcoming RMK Workshop @ The Apartment, KLCC so I went to Ms. Read at 1utama new wing (after finding out that they're having a sale there) to have a look see. I heard their latest collection is in store too which features fresh & summery styles.

    Ms. Read is having sales!

    FYI, Ms. Read has plus size clothing, I was pretty amazed at the sizes there yesterday especially at the sale rack. They have from size 12-22! I'm a size 14 (or 16). Sometimes I can wear a size 12 (depending on the cutting). At times I could even wear L (again depending on the style & cutting).

    I think Ms. Read's clothing is simple, comfortable & elegant. I was looking for something more fun & girly or comfortable (I like being comfortable) and I tried on more than 6 blouses including a white dress from the bargain corner. I also tried their new arrivals (fresh, summery look), here's some of the really nice tops u can find to wear as a plus size!

    latest arrivals

    They looked simple & elegant but far too sophisticated for me! as u know I'm kinda a bit tomboy so I browse until I finally found this 2 cool tops which I was told it was the latest arrival as well. I tried them on & took some candid pictures! don't laugh please! maybe this is a start to my plus size modeling career? haha. Hmm I think the blue frilly blouse would be nice too, it's kinda sexy? (to me ahah).

    Oh this is one is lovely! (size 14 ahem)

    this one is hip! (size 12)

    I couldn't decide which one to buy, so guess what! I bought both! and since they were the latest arrival, no discount given *sob sob*. Gosh but I really like the design so I bought them both which cost me about RM180 I think. So girls, what do you think? which one should I wear for RMK Workshop? the black or the purple?

    Now you know where I shop! Ms. Read is one of them :) and I check out their latest arrivals & styles from Ms. Read's website http://www.msread.com.my. They have pictures of their plus size clothing styles from career to casuals to after five! Darn, I didn't see some of the style at 1utama! looks pretty good from the website. I shall check it out again next time.

    H2O Warehouse Sales @ 1utama


    free personal shopper services for H2O!
    (tomorrow last day, sat & sun i off)

    this little baby is only RM19!!!
    (while stocks last!)
    face oasis cleansing water 30ml
    night oasis oxygenating rejuvenator 7ml
    body oasis hydrating treatment 30ml

    this fabulous 70% off set is at rm3o only!
    5 items inside
    (marine cleansing gel 30ml
    dual action eye makeup remover 30ml
    face oasis hydratin gel 8ml
    lip oasis 48 hour plumping gloss 3.5ml
    ice water cooling mint body wash 60ml)

    this is actually this set in March, 09 for rm100!

    foot trio set at RM44-50
    (there's also body trio, nail spa set etc)

    the juicy body shower gel + lotion set is at rm29-90
    (only 2 types available as seen here)

    I had lunch in 1utama with Cai Wing, before we went back to our office, we dropby H2O warehouse sales at the bargain corner in new wing 1utama. OMG it was to die for! especially the sets that's 70% off! The colorful products glimmer and called our name & we couldn't resist not buying anything! Gosh prices are from as low as rm10-rm70 or more, averagely most items are 50% off with expiry date of 2010 or 2011 (labeled! pls read labels!). I've never tried H2O products before but this little darlings tempted me into trying. Alas, goodbye $$ hello H2O!

    BTW I FORGOT TO MENTION BUY ABOVE RM100 GET FREEBIES (Shower Gel + Body Balm 30ml each)!

    here's pictures from the sales :) ENJOY!

    did u like my post? let me know!

    Since I'm in a good mood, I will be doing FREE PERSONAL SHOPPING for my dear readers :) for H2O Sales! only on one condition, it must be for your own personal use. I refused to be used as free-labour so that you can re-sell the items. Just email me at tammylci@gmail.com to inquire and give me your order list. I will get back to you :)

    Of coz pls be reasonable don't make me haul back your stuffs until my arms break! also I will be selective of whom I shop as I know who is trustable & who is my regulars! For newbies, this is the time for you to try me out :)


    P.S: Postage & Handling charges u pay! not me! No COD! unless u wan to pay for my taxi fare to see u.

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