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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • Benefit Cosmetic Online Spree: Our Box Arrived!


    all the way from the U.S.A!

    *Drolls* the pic is soooooo awesome and yummy no words can express how happy I am when I picked up our Benefit Cosmetic package from Pos Laju Brickfields! That's on August 11, it arrived earlier but I wasn't home. I ordered it at www.benefitcosmetics.com on 20th July (so that's about 2 weeks?). Free shipping with usd125 purchased, I bought mine with Jean, Subashini, Laura and Hanna. We all got our Beauty Kits during the Benefit Cosmetic Online Flash Sale, which was sold out on the first day itself, restock twice and then sold out again. We are sooooo lucky! 

    this is Feelin Dandy, the instant beauty box

    how cute! we got it at RM86++ 

     gal pal Jean was the first to collect her benefit!

    Instant Beauty Kits Video Tutorial

    The Beauty Kits are available in Malaysia, the price? RM110 for the beauty kit - Feelin Dandy, Sugarlicious and Coralista. If you have patience and wanna spree with a bunch of friends to save some moolah, I suggest shopping at Benefit Cosmetics online and get that free shipping! (otherwise skip and buy from the nearest Benefit Cosmetic counter near you).

    Superstars of Magic 2: A Magical Experience in Genting Highlands


    weekends in Genting Highlands

    Over the weekend, I had a chance to experience a magical evening in Genting Highlands. Proud to be one of the spectators of the short "limited edition" season of Superstars of Magic 2 (yes it's the second installment featuring 8 specially handpicked magicians by David Lai, director and producer of the show). The not to be missed show is only here for 3 weeks, you have until 9th September to catch it. The shows is almost booked out everyday until they need to add extra showtime to cater to the demand.

    1st August - 9th September, 2012

    Genting International Magic Festival 2012

    welcome to the land of Oz!
    (well Genting International Showroom)

    step right in ladies and gentleman!

    If you're thinking of having a break in Genting Highlands, do not miss this out. Your stay will not be complete without watching Superstars of Magic 2. Let me tell you why in 8 reasons:

    hilarious dude! he makes me laugh

    love this funny guy Chipper!

    1. Chipper Lowell - Stage Comedy Magician of the Year
    Jack of all trades, he opens and close the show with his funny antics. Kinda like the MC of the event, he's so dam funny I can't stop laughing. He tickles the audience's funny bone with a variety of magic couple with stand up comedy.

    veterans that you'll love!

    2. Charlie Frye and Company - World's Best Variety Act
    One of the best in the business, the silent Charlie moves like Charlie Chaplin but looks like Dick Van Dyke. He juggles and juggles while his wife Sherry pays no attention to help (busy filling her nails). You can't help but support Charlie!


    3. Nestor Hato - France's Card Manipulation Champion
    If you watch Speed, then this is speed with cards minus the police chasing. He's popular with his card manipulation act that's high speed, high energy performance - one of the most awarded act.

    tv reporter got pick pocketed!

    4. Christian Lindemann - Europe's Best Pick Pocket
    Hold on to your pockets! Christian Lindermann is the Artist of the Year/Europe Award (best variety act) and is a pickpocket artist in the famed Cirque de Soleil in Germany. He combine funny humour with pick pocketing and engages the crowd in a fun time! 

     the most suspense act of all *heart thumping*

    5. Dean Gunnarson - World's Greatest Escape Artiste
    This guy will make you count the seconds while holding your breath! The most suspense act in this show, Dean Gunnarson is the only escape artist in history to be presented with "The Houdini Award" and acknowledged as the "World's Greatest Escape Artist" in Japan (tv). You'll be lucky to be selected to stand beside him, making sure the locks and chains are "the real thing"!

    (3rd from Left) Dato Anthony Yeo – Senior Vice President of Public Relations & Communications, Genting Malaysia Berhad presented a souvenir to (2nd from left) HE Mr. Ong Keng Yong, Singapore High Commissioner, accompanied by (1st from Left) David Lai, director of “Superstars of Magic 2”and (1st & 2nd from Right) Asia’s Premier Illusionists JC Sum and ‘Magic Babe’ Ning.

    6. JC Sum and "Magic Babe Ning" - The Grand Illusionist 
    The best illusionist in Asia, JC makes my jaw drop when he did an act out of nowhere while Magic Babe Ning is... freaking hot on stage. Also shocking me when she appeared out of nowhere in one act!

    seen in on videos/tv? it's better live!

    7. Sos and Victoria Petrosyan - World Best Quick Change Act
    You have seen the quick act change on tv lots of time right? nothing beats watching it live as I stare tentatively at how Victoria changes her clothes (I lost count how many) in a matter of few minutes. It was spectacular! I love the last act... was magical. My favorite pair in this show!

    Sos Junior in Moscow

    8. Sos Petrosyan Junior and Tigran Petrosyan - World's Youngest Manipulation Artistes 
    Sound familiar? Yes! we have a happy family here! They're the sons of the most famous Quick Change artist in the world! Before the boys were old enough to speak or walk their father taught them pantomime, dance, juggling and magic. I'll leave you to guess which brothers gave an act of sweet angelic movements while the other is hot sexy red opposite.

    Don't miss out the Superstars of Magic 2, your kids will love you for it! (as I see from the kids in the show, was mesmerized by the magicians and laughing away). They're only here until the 9th September and tickets are limited so book early! If you're a GWC member, you get discount for the tickets =) 

    La Senza SHOW OFF Launch Party: You're Invited!


    What are you doing this weekend? because if you're looking to be somewhere no men are allowed, then get yourselves to La Senza's SHOW OFF Launch Party happening at 1 Utama and Pavilion, KL at respective dates and time. It's 4 hours of sexy, fun, eye candy, savings and treats with live dj to make your day sexylicious!


    Sephora Paradigm Mall, are you going?

    Dettol Natural Review & Giveaway!

    a trusted brand among generations of family

    Do you have sensitive or dry skin? Look no more because Dettol's newest range of bodywash using natural ingredients like olives and chamomile is able to nourish and moisture your skin while protecting you against harmful germs and bacteria. The range is called Dettol Natural and its available in two variants - Nourishing and Soothing (which I will show what's the difference below).

    A household brand that's trusted by generations of families and medical professionals, my dad is the biggest fan I tell you! For years we have been using Dettol body wash, the smell just stays with you. However some of my friends who can't stand the anti-bacterial or "hospital" scent as they say, will be surprise that the latest Dettol body wash does not smell strongly that way anymore! Don't get me wrong, I like the smell of Dettol and the latest Dettol Natural smells even better!

    almond extracts n silky olives to restore the skin's moisture

    Calendula n Chamomile commonly used for soothing effects

    Formulated to suit the lifestyle needs of our discerning consumers - especially young adults & young mothers, Dettol Natural comes in two variants; Dettol Natural Nourishing and Dettol Natural Soothing, encapsulating a true sense of nourishment, soothe and most importantly giving you a healthy and soft skin feel. The all new lifestyle packaging is concept around nature greenery, the Nourishing range being a soulful green and the Soothing a cheerful yellow.

    Noel loves the Dettol Natural Soothing

    Jeremy prefers Dettol Natural Nourishing

    For those who seek the goodness of natural ingredients in a body wash, Dettol Natural Nourishing means an end to their search and will be an obvious pick as it is formulated with the richness of soothing almond extracts and silky olives that aims to restore skin’s moisture leaving a soft, tender and supple feeling at all times.

    Dettol Natural Soothing on the other hand is created with a concoction of fresh flowers, namely Calendula & Chamomile which are commonly used for soothing and calming effects, complementing the needs of those with more sensitive skin.

    this is how you have fun in the shower!
    (Dettol Boys Jeremy n Noel THX a Bunch!)

    My verdict on the Dettol Natural Body Wash? I tried both variants over a week. The difference between Nourishing and Soothing are the scent and the after shower skin feel. Dettol Nourishing has a stronger scent than Soothing, leaves your skin moisturized after wash and protects from dryness after. Dettol Soothing was a perk me up kinda shower experience thanks to its refreshing scent and clean after wash feel. My favorite on a hot sunny day is Dettol Soothing to keep me fresh and happy. When I need to shower before sleep, I'll use Dettol Nourishing to protect my skin from air-conditioning.

    Both smells great but the scent lingers off after shower. They lather up easily (check out the shower demo photos from my "heng tais" who helped me try Dettol Natural for my review). The liquid is transparent, I thought it would be in green or yellow. They do not become milky like Dettol's classic body wash.

    250ml Dettol Natural body wash up for grabs!

    If you want to have fun in the shower like Jeremy and Noel and create a shower-ific experience then be the first 30 followers to leave a comment in my Dettol Natural Giveaway! The giveaway is open to followers who can pick up the prize from my house in TTDI/One Utama. Sorry I can't post the prizes as it's heavy and there's 30 bottles in total. Those who would like me to post please e-mail me personally about it. 

    How to join the Dettol Natural Plusizekitten Giveaway? 

    Leave a comment in this post with the following details:
    1. follower id : (follow my blog if you're not!)
    2. name:
    3. e-mail : so I can contact you if u win
    Question: Which Dettol Natural do you like and why? 

    Giveaway starts 27th Aug - 3rd Sept, 2012. Results will be announced afterwards. Pick up is available upon appointment at TTDI/One Utama. There's 15 bottles of soothing and 15 bottles of nourishing to giveaway. If the variant you want is not available, you will get the next available variant.



    Whichever is your favorite, know that Dettol will give you the germ protection that you need. If you can't wait for my giveaway, then grab Dettol Natural from leading hypermarkets, supermarkets and pharmacies in Malaysia. The price ranges from RM8.50 - RM19.90. 


    Victoria's Secret now in Pavilion


    congratulations on the opening of VS Valiram!

    Get your purses and body ready girls! Since Victoria's Secret opened at KLIA a lot of girls been asking when are they coming closer? well your wish has come true because Victoria's Secrets is now in Pavilion! Check out beauty and accessories over here. I can't wait to visit u soon VS *kisses*.

    Rewards2Go App: Discounts, Deals and Freebies!


    do you go OMG when you forget something?

    I always do that, couple with a face palm when I realize I forgotten to bring that discount voucher, coupon print out or whatever not that could save me some $$ or get me some freebies to whatever I'm paying for - dining, shopping, spa or while travelling. Being a fan of Citibank, Alliance Bank and GSC Gold Card (for cinema purposes), I received booklets, flyers and coupons for discounts to shop and dine at various places. Heck, it's really annoying sometimes that I need to create a space to keep these books because I don't want to miss out on a good deal. Is there a solution to not having wasted space and carrying the reward books or catalogues around?

    credit cards has rewards benefits like discounts/freebies

     but how do you keep track of them all?

     I love events, parties and enjoying life

    I love to eat and pamper myself

    but I hate carrying heavy things around!

    SO DO YOU GO OMG when you know right now you're eating buffet at say XYX Hotel and suddenly while stuffing that roast chicken into your mouth, you remembered OMG?! which credit card says I could buy 1 free 1 at this hotel?! You forgot to bring the rewards book (and probably not sure which bank it belongs to) and you can't recall which credit card rewards you with this goodie. The waiter is no help because he just started working here and the manager said, sorry Ma'am you need to show us that promotional print first <BAAM>. Are you going to carry a stack of booklets around just not to miss out on a goodie again? Hell no, thanks to...


    A revolutionary rewards app that's on your phone anytime, anywhere you go. Forget the heavy, bulky and annoying books! (attracts insects too). Now you can download this amazing rewards2go app on your iphone/ipad (sorry android users, maybe soon?) and with a few clicks you're right on track infront of your favorite restaurant going YES, I GET 20% DISCOUNT TODAY! (no need pay tax u know? saves $$). Easy to use, even your grandparents can use it. Search by BANK or MERCHANT and the rewards pops out! Everything you need to know on it, terms and conditions, validity, which credit card it rewards you from? yada yada yada!

    on your phone anywhere you go

    which is your poison? mine is health and beauty

    holiday getaways or shopping

    search your pitstops and out comes the results

    information about the reward, terms and redemption

    my favourite spa places is on it!


     yeap you're saving lots of money with this app!

    Tempted? want to try to save money like me? I mean with all the shopping and paying for spas, if I could save some I would. I wish more merchants get on this program and create more deals for us! who knows, maybe next time it'll auto notify you via GPS location that the shop next to you is having buy 1 free 1 buffet (and you don't even need to search anymore).

    - First free consolidated credit card privileges directory app in Malaysia
    - Search offers by Bank and Credit Card
    - Search offers by Merchant
    - Search offers by Category; i.e. Shopping, Dining, Travel, Spa, Health & Beauty
    - View each offer in detail
    - Compare offers among Banks for same Merchant and pull out the best Card
    - Bookmark offers and benefits for future reference
    - Bookmark Cards for quick and easy access
    - Create and organise your favourite special offers
    - It’s FREE! Download the app free, use it for free

    FREE TO DOWNLOAD: just go to your itunes or app shop search for Rewards2Go. Remember it's only for iphone, ipad and ipod touch. Click here to find out more about this app.

    Have You Heard of Beulisse? Oral Skincare

    Noel, Jeremy, Terince n Tammy (me)

    Last month was a awesome month for me. Finally the trip that my colleagues and I were dreaming about since last year came true! even if it's only for a night. We decided to go to Avillion Port Dickson (my second time here) because this is the best spot to chill and let it all out. We wore colorful bright casuals for our beach trip. I have on a peach top and green shorts from Dorothy Perkins which I wore even to swim at the beautiful Blue Lagoon beach (the best beach in P.D).

    sun, sea, sand and siao (crazy) friends

    Can't believe I hang out with a bunch of "kids" nowadays. I mean how old am I? I definitely manage to hide my age thanks to many creations out there like anti-aging skincare. However does applying anti-aging skincare counts as enough? My friends has been talking about collagen drinks, firming drinks, youth drinks that you can find in the market now. I personally tried drinking one or two brands which left me almost vomiting it out (particularly the one that smells like fish). Since then I have a phobia towards drinking these kind of drinks until I tried an oral skincare in powder form called Beulisse. 

    Avi Spa, Avillion Port Dickson

    Beulisse reminds me of Avi Spa, a luxury spa in Avillion Port Dickson. It's situated on top of the water stilts overlooking the sea. This place has a beautiful marine like setting, bright and fresh with blue and green color tones. It's no surprise there's a connection between the two because one of the main components is marine essence

    Beulisse™ is the FIRST oral skincare product in the world with combination of superfruits, plant stem cells and marine essence. These promising ingredients work synergistically to rejuvenate and replenish your skin and body.

    introducing Beulisse oral skincare

    question: is this halal? yes it's halal certified!

    beauty in powder form?

    high antioxidants, anti-aging, bone n skin replenishment

    how does the powder form look like?

    almost a month of taking Beulisse, check out my skin!
    (the 3 stooges beside me are like way younger)

    My 30 Days Experience:

    I was on a month's programme taking Beulisse on a daily basis. They're easy to carry and you don't need to worry about breaking it. I carry two sachets a day in my bag and take them before breakfast and before bedtime. It's a powdery (granule) form of oral skincare intake, which I prefer more than drinking liquid skincare. There's no smell and it tastes sweet like a mixture of dried acai berry powder with fiber. Just cut off the top part of the sachet and into my mouth at one go (no need to mix with water). I like to drink a glass of water after taking it. Makes me feel good, in a way. I asked my friends to try and so far besides being sweet, one guy commented it tastes like cough medicine.

    Well it's a far cry from the nightmare fish collagen drink I drank. I vote for Beulisse instead which has been working well for my diet. I feel my bowels actually become more consistent and my nails not so dull like anymore, probably thanks to the marine essence ingredient. However the effects are slow to start which I figure is about right? if this works like instant there's something wrong somewhere. I see my skin getting better after 3 weeks of consumption but wrinkles and lines are still there. According to the website, I would need to go on for more than 3 months to see improvements on that area.

    Is this a good product? well I think any oral beauty/skincare intake would improve your well being because in this stressful and almost damaging lifestyle we have, any supplements especially high in anti-oxidant will be your best friend. It will surely improve your skin, making you more beautiful with that healthy youthful glow. After all, beauty is not only taken care from the outside but also from the inside as well. In a matter of preference, liquid or powder? mine would be powder and I'm going to continue taking Beulisse because I believe the 3 main components will help me stay beautiful for a small price to pay.

    Pros: taste sweet like dry berries, easy to carry sachets, high anti-oxidants

    Cons: consistent and long term commitment for beautiful skin, taste may be subjective, may not prefer powder form oral intake. Powder granules can get messy, ants might come.

    easy to carry sachets for daily consumption

    What results I can expect from Beulisse™?

    The results are mainly depends on individual age, health conditions, diet, lifestyle, etc. Based on the clinical studies and feedback from our pre-launched sampling, here is the summary: (taken from Beulisse website, there's testimonials there to read from consumers).
    • skin become more moisturized and firm/elastic within 2 weeks
    • dry and rough skin (especially elbow and heel) become smoother within 2 weeks
    • feel refresh and more energetic
    • lighten of pigmentation, dark spots and scars within 1-2 months
    • brighten and even skin tone
    • minimize and tighten face pores
    • reduce fine lines and flatten wrinkles after 3 months
    • better sleep, improve general health especially on skin, hair, nail, bone.
    • Weight loss and body shape firmer after the 3rd month.

    how does Beulisse work? watch the video

    what's anti oxidant? watch the video

    researched and developed in Switzerland

    Want to know more?

    Acai (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) berry from Brazil already created a big buzz in the world over their rich anti-oxidant properties, now a beauty food featuring Açai is launching in Malaysia. Beulisse™ is a revolution internal skincare product developed by Nutra Choice Sdn. Bhd. in collaboration with the R and D team in Switzerland. The potential of Beulisse™ to support beauty from within is derived from a combination of 3 special blends: OracBerry™, PhytoFact™ and DermAqua™.

    OracBerry™ is a blend of clinically proven superfruits with Acai berry as the main ingredient. The high level of antioxidants helps to fend off free radicals which damage the skin cells and provide UV protection. Acai has been clinically proven to contain the highest antioxidants among fruits and vegetable. Its amazing properties have been featured on Oprah Winfrey’s show, and in the Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. Phytofact™ is plant stem cells extracted from young buds to stimulate our skin cell system and delay signs of aging. DermAqua™ is a mixture of bioactive essences from marine based materials which play main role in building block of skin, hair, nails and bone.

    more information at Beulisse website

    In addition, the company also incorporates freeze drying and NMG™ (Nanometer Molecule Granulation) technology into the formula. These processes are important to preserve the very high antioxidants and nutrients in Beulisse™.

    Beulisse™ is committed to high quality as evidenced by a few quality-control tests. The ORAC value (antioxidant capacity) is tested by Brunswick Labs, a leading laboratory specializes in the science of antioxidants in US. The results show Beulisse™ had ORAC value 49,500µmole TE/100g, which is 7 times more than blueberries, 5 times more than pomegranate and the highest among all the superfruits. SGS report also show that Beulisse™ is rich in Omega fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

    highest in anti oxidant value!

    "Body has the ability to heal itself with proper nutrients. We developed Beulisse™ to nourish the skin with everything it needs to fight aging and other skin ailments," said Jess Lin, Business Development Manager from Nutra Choice.

    The results from the 3 month case study show that Beulisse™ may help to combat the signs of aging such as wrinkles, sagging, dullness, dryness, etc, as well as nourishing the skin and enhance the collagen production.

    quality assurance

    The retail price for Beulisse™ is RM145 for 30 sachets. Currently the company is offering introductory pack of free 6 sachets worth RM29 with every purchase (while stock last). Visit your nearest pharmacies, SaSa outlets or www.beulisse.com to find out more about this product.

    Serving instruction:
    Direct orally intake without mix with water, drink water after consume for better absorption.

    Recommended Dosage:
    2 sachets per day for first 3 months follow by 1 sachet per day for maintenance. Best take with empty stomach in the morning and half hour before bedtime.

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