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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
  • Top 10 Female Bloggers in Malaysia Award
  • Cleo's Next Top Blogger Malaysia Award
  • Founder of The Butterfly Project Malaysia

  • Olay Team Mate Announced & Guess What?



    Are u all ready to find out who my team mate is??? tadaaaaaaaaah it's CAMIE LAM!!! she has been reading my blog for a year and she will be on my Olay 6 Weeks Challenge team. As my team mate,  she will be following me around to places and doing things together. That means Camie will be also attending my friend's wedding together with me! Yay!!! you know what that means?

    we are both going to the same wedding!

    Means we have to really take care of our skin and be ready for that big day coz:
    1. All EYES are on us!!!
    2. Photos! we are sooo going to be on the photobooks/albums for our friend's wedding!
    3. Blend into the happy radiant moment with our friend

    this is us during our sleepover gossip session!

    SO this only means our face is at stake! and we need to appear not only younger (if possible more beautiful than my friend! how bad are we hahaha) but also our face need to look firmer! (so it's slim and lifted in photos). The wedding date is nearing! we are going to use Olay Regenerist and try the Olay Regenerist Microsculpting Cream where research says faces will be firmer in just four days**. Thanks to the power ingredient Aminopeptide Complex* which renews skin at a cellular level.
    in just 4 days...

    P.S: We have been using Regenerist for two weeks and then during a sleep over with Buaya Wing (it was a catch up and gossip session just 3 of us!) she said what happened to our faces which was different from before, look slimmer and so baby like skin she said. Ahem.. we told her we use Regenerist and she being a beauty junkie wants to go and buy the whole set to use too!

    * Based on Regenerist Micro-sculpting Cream vs. no treatment from the study conducted by P&G US in May 2006 among 21 females.

    **amino peptide complex comprises amino peptides, vitamin b3, vitamin e, vitamin b5, green tea extract and alantoin

    Japanese Horror Manga Artist - Junji Ito


    my hobby is reading manga

    Strangely I have decided to share one of my many hobbies on my blog so readers could get to know me better (probably freak them out?). Besides blogging, shopping, pampering myself and many other tiny bits of happiness I do in my life, I also read manga (Japanese Comic).

    I think my passion in reading manga started when I was in Standard 4 back in this lil' town called Port Klang. The town was bustling with life back then compared to now (cowboy town already). I would wander around the town in the day and night with my younger brother and sister. Imagine that a 10 year old girl wandering around town with 5 year old boy and 2 year old sister. Our dad would give us "shopping" money every Sunday so we could party all day long. One day I bumped into this Chinese "bookstore" library? it was all in Chinese. I didn't understand a word (serious) but the magical cute drawings attracted me and I soon began a manga-obsession in my family. 1 book RM3.00, deposit RM2.50 (50cents would be rental fee absorb by the bookstore). I borrowed hundreds of manga books just to see the drawings and since I can't understand a word they're saying, I actually studied the characters and the expressions in the manga and created my own "version" of understanding.

    Manga has a lot of categories (just like books) from Shoujo (puppy love stories) to Fantasy (Sailor Moon) to Echi (ahem would not elaborate on this) and to slice of life (sad manga stories) my interest kept changing. My all time favourite would be HORROR manga stories and my favourite mangaka (manga artist) is Junji Ito. His work is disturbingly cool, I would not recommend those with weak heart or low blood pressure to even look at his drawings. However they don't give me nightmares but I am somehow drawn into his world of weird and creepiness. Those who's also interested in horror manga stories can check him out on www.mangafox.com (you can also download an app on your iPhone to read mangas called MangaDL). ere's some of Junji Ito's works if you're "brave" enough to check it out! (gathered from wikipedia). My favourites are Tomie, Uzumaki, and Gyo. On Mangafox you can get Hellstar Remina, Black Paradox, Yami no Koe, Mimi No Kaidan and Shin Yami No Koe Kaidan.

  • Museum of Terror (恐怖博物館 Kyōfu Hakubutsukan?)

  • Tomie (富江?)

  • Flesh-Colored Horror (肉色の怪 Nikuiro no Kai?)

  • Kakashi (案山子?)

  • Lovesick Dead (死びとの恋わずらい Shibito no Koi Wazurai?) 

  • Uzumaki (うずまき?)

  • Gyo (ギョ?)

  • The Enigma of Amigara Fault (阿弥殻断層の怪 Amigara Dansō no Kai?) 

  • Cat Diary: Yon & Moo (猫日記 よん&むー Neko Nikki Yon to Mū?)

  • Black Paradox (ブラックパラドクス Burakku Paradokusu?)

  • Hellstar Remina (地獄星レミナ?)

  • Yami no Koe (闇の声?)

  • Shin Yami no Koe Kaidan (新・闇の声 潰談?)

  • Mimi no Kaidan (ミミの怪談?)

  • Yuukoku no Rasputin (憂国のラスプーチン?)

  • Bloggers Dream Job. A Career Finally.


     looking for a job? are you a blogger?

    You know, I never thought that being a blogger would land me my dream job. To do something related to the style of blogging and be appreciated for it. Long time  ago when kids were doodling cartoons on their note book and their parents parents would say, "Son/Girl [insert whatever name your parents call you] being a cartoonist won't bring food on your plate". Well now, cartoonist or manga artists are increasingly popular in the U.S.A (Marvel, DC, etc) and Japan (manga, anime, etc). They get paid to draw more cartoons.

    Fast forward now, the Internet savvy and social media crazy generation. People blogged as a hobby and some even get paid to blog. However have you heard of careers for bloggers? no I'm not talking about paying you to write advertorials on your blog. I'm talking about real life full time jobs that's suited for bloggers.

    Everyday.com.my first coupon company
    to hire bloggers as editors

    Thanks to group buying sites emergence in Malaysia, I was head hunted down by Everyday.com.my to became an Editor. I did not even dream of switching jobs to one that I love doing- blogging. The only requirement? that you know your thing - blogging. Be it sharing an experience, reviews, your opinions and your life. The whole "blogging" package consist of mainly writing and images, and with that comes the power to attract readers.

    what is Everyday.com.my?

    SO when I became an Editor for Everyday.com.my, my daily tasks was just to finish up two post a day. Sounds real easy right? however since this is a real life career, there are things to take note of. Privacy issues, copyrights, being meticulous, etc and most important of all your post must be electrifying to zap readers. The posts covers either food, beauty, travel and lifestyle. Different topics each day, which keeps your brain juice working creatively. The best part? you finally get paid for doing what you do best!

    Editorial Team Trip at Genting

    Working in a social media marketing company like Everyday.com.my gave me the chance to have a career. I never thought I would be working here and I am so happy that I left my boring job of 6 years in a law firm to become an Editor for Everyday.com.my. We work hard and we play hard - Editor's motto. I am now the Editorial Manager and guess what? I'm looking for more editors to join my family!

    one of the media coverage on my company
    (you can see editor's workspace too!)

    SO if you are a blogger and you need a career. Send your resume to tammy@everyday.com.my along with your blog link. Limited positions available. Looking for food, lifestyle, travel and beauty bloggers!

    Olay Regenerist: Skin Check and The Big Day


    been busy readin your entries!

    I got so many emails from readers to be my team mate for the "Olay"  6 Weeks Challenge! Thank you all for applying, I enjoyed reading your entries so much and the photos you sent are so cute! I can't announce who my team mate is yet (wait till week 2 alright!) but for week 1, I'll talk a bit more about this challenge and what I went through!

    going for my skin check now!

    For the "Olay" Challenge, I did a skin check with a skin expert, Aishah from "Olay". She assessed my skin conditions and check my skin using a machine. The readings are being processed and she will get back to me in 6 weeks. Overall she asked me what was my skin concerns and frankly... I am no more that baby girl from school (cripes) and with all the sleeping late and stress I am facing, I told her I want to be 21 forever!

    a special occasion coming up...

    Especially since I have to be a friends bride's maid soon I don't want to look like a "Auntie" on that day! (haven't even got married yet! don't want saham jatuh). I need to look my best, radiant and glowing with no wrinkles or fine lines showing. The skin expert introduced me to Olay's new anti-aging series called Olay Regenerist which will help me achieved what I am looking for! which is :
    1.  Reduces appearances of wrinkles and fine lines 
    2. Restore elasticity and supplenes
    3. Firms up skin 

    Olay Regenerist 6 Weeks Challenge
    Having being a beauty junkie, my favourite was soon spotted when I saw the "Olay" Regenerist range! the Micro-sculpting serum (my best friend now). The skin expert told me it's the best seller for this range and a must have to use with the products. It also contains the highest level of aminopeptide complex* to firm up my skin without a face lift!** (yay 6 weeks time I be beautiful and young again!). Stay tune for more and I will reveal my team mate soon!
    will I be ready in time for the big day?
    About Olay Regenerist

    The new technology behind these new launches are inspired from this very insight of nowadays many women are now turning in to clinical treatments. However, they are living on their fear of taking risks and the extremely high cost and investment. Henceforth, new "Olay" Regenerist and White Radiance offer solution for these women who demands visible result, yet risk-free and worth a spending.

    * amino peptide complex comprises amino peptides, vitamin b3, vitamin e, vitamin b5, green tea extract and alantoin
    ** results not equal to cosmetic procedure

    Kenko Fish Spa Winners!


    winner announcement!

    It was so tough choosing who to win :( and there's only 10 winners! so I closed my eyes and choose 10 readers coz everyone's entry was so the best T_T I couldn't decide who to win. Drum rolls... congrats to the winners below!!! Kindly e-mail me tammylci@gmail.com to collect your prize ^_^! I will reply with the Fish Spa coupon for you to go enjoy your fish spa experience your 30mins Fish Spa session at Kenko Reflexology & Fish Spa Mid Valley! 

    1. Kathlynn
    2. Nabilah (e-mailed)
    3. TrendyDiana (e-mailed)
    4. Pearly (e-mailed)
    5. Lilian Wah (e-mailed)
    6. Thian (e-mailed)
    7. Diana (e-mailed)
    8. Jess
    9. Carmen (e-mailed)
    10. SayaHappySelalu (e-mailed)

    Those who didn't win, I'm going to send 1 Fish Spa coupon to your e-mail! so it could be anyone who's name is not on this list. Randomly picked too! (bonus round haha). Congrats all thanks for reading my blog and go enjoy your Fish Spa experience soon!

    Free Tony Romas Appetizer! (Expiring 31/8)


    Get Free Appetizer. All you have to do is to purchase RM10 and above, 
    print this voucher and redeem upon ordering
    valid until 31 Aug 2011

    I just checked my mountain-hill email box and saw this. Tony Romas Malaysia e-mail me a free appetizer voucher. The same voucher can be found on their facebook. A quick check confirms that you can get the free appetizer just by spending min RM10 and above at Tony Romas One Mont Kiara or Tony Romas Yap Kwan Seng. The good news? I live in Mont Kiara so One Mont Kiara will be my choice!!!

    Keratase: Complimentary In-salon Hair Ritual Treatment

    I received an e-mail invite from Keratase to experience their hair ritual treatment at nearest participating Keratase salons (Camie refer my email in after redeeming hers). My hair and scalp is in an emergency state now, dandruff going berserk, sensitive scalp... my head troubles never ends so this Keratase In-salon Hair Ritual Treatment is just what I need!  Just click on any of the images here or go to www.kerastase.my and click on the small icon that says an unforgettable experience. It will bring you to a page briefly explaining what this is all about and you will need to register for a complimentary gift certificate to be sent to you (in order to redeem the treatment). 
    From 20th July to 20th August 2011 
    Kérastase invites you to experience a complimentary In-salon hair ritual treatment at a participating Kérastase Salon. 
    A Kérastase ritual is the ultimate professional In-salon treatment personalised to your scalp and hair needs, providing optimum results and an indulgent moment of relaxation.Simply click on the below link, enter your details and your personalised gift certificate will be posted to you.
    Once you have received your gift certificate, call your nearest participating Kérastase salon and reserve your Unforgettable Experience appointment.http://www.kerastase.my/sites/_ms/_my/minisites/unforgettable-experience/index.aspx

    register to get gift certificate

    Just filled up your details quickly and your correct mailing address coz the gift certificate will be sent to you after you hit next next button. Like Camie, you can refer more friends to Keratase website so they can also register for a complimentary treatment. Enjoy girls!

    Jaya One Rocks Weekend

    our weekends is going to change!!!

    Just receive news that there's a cool market for us to chillax and shop this coming Saturday at Jaya One. The market event called "Jaya One Rocks Weekend" is set to transform your boring weekends into arty cool chic activity with cool street market, etsy stuffs and craft picks from

    • Chic POP Street Market
    • Crafty Art Market
    • Bettr weekends

    Event - Markets @ Jaya One
    Venue - Jaya One, Jalan Universiti, Petaling Jaya
    Date - Saturday, 20 August 2011
    Time - 10am – 6pm

    The Chic POP Street Market is a self-described extravaganza that celebrates style, shopping and loads of fun. Perfect for families and friends with a yen for fashion and people-watching, the market organisers often run style, shopping and early bird contests with exciting fashion and beauty related giveaways.

    The Crafty Art Market features over 30 stalls selling unique and interesting handcrafted items by members of EtsyMalaysia, the Malaysian chapter of Etsy, an international online marketplace with for all things handmade, vintage, and arty.

    Bettr Weekends focuses on living life better, zeroing in on being healthy, prosperous, happy, fulfilled and contributing to society. The bazaar features food and lifestyle products that are organic, healthy and contribute to your well-being and that of society and the environment.

    The Jaya One Markets are held on Saturdays and are scheduled for 20 August, 29 October, and 17 December this year.

    For more information, visit www.jayaone.com.my.

    Ciracle Jeju Volcanic Clay Mask & Ciracle Vitamin C20 Serum


    omg! what have I have here?

    I received a package from Korea last week (yes Korea!) directly to my home. The package consisted of two skincare items from Ciracle which is the all famous Jeju Volcanic Clay Mask 135g and a Vitamin C20 Serum 30g. Truth be told, I have never heard of the brand Ciracle before. Obviously that's because I am not from Korea! Quite excited to hold these items in my hand and I brought them to my office to try.

    from Korea with Love "Jeju Volcanic Clay Mask"

    The first item - Ciracle Jeju Volcanic Clay Mask 135g is a clay based mask that helps to tighten pores and prevents blemishes (so it says on the box). We have plenty of clay based masks in the market but what's special about this is that we don't have many or could I say it is not easy to find a clay mask that's made from the volcanic clay of Jeju. The very rare ingredient only hails from Jeju island, Korea. Jeju Volcanic Clay based mask helps to tighten pores and deep cleanse sebum and dirt from the face. Clay in particularly can absorb excess oils, dirt and help remove blackheads (the firming of the pores will push out blackheads). The only setback from using clay based masks is - drying, which is totally fine with me because I would just need to use a good moisturiser after.

     let's try the face mask on someone?

    I tried the volcanic clay mask in the office and sparked some curiosity from none other than the male crowd could you believe it? Let me introduce you to Siu Yan, he's my colleague and he seriously takes such good care of his skin! an organic/nature beauty junkie who never fails to tell me which product contains harmful chemicals that's banned or would be cancerous. Yes...believe it man.

    another victim Jeremy!

    live experiment on Siu Yan
    (if he's okay, this product is okay!)

    His verdict? it is drying but not as drying compared to the clay mask products in our market. There's clay mud scent and the mud is smooth to touch and application. Areas that particularly has blackheads or dirt (nose, cheeks) should be covered generously to see the effect. Leave the mask on for 10-15mins or when you see it's dried up (begins to cracked), wash the mask off with warm water or room temperature water so it would be easier to clean off.


    As for Jeremy, he says his skin is noticeably brighter after washing the mask off. He likes the scent of the clay mixed with the water, it gives out a earthy scent. For me, I did not notice my skin was brighter but the first thing I notice was that my skin was firmer and I could see my blackheads on my cheeks and nose. I squeeze them out right away! pesky blackheads!

    next product? Vitamin Source C-20 Serum

    Vitamin C serum packed with anti-oxidants

    Right after my mask was off, I got straight to using this serum on my face because the clay mask was too drying for me. I have dry combination skin you see, and clay masks I can use but I have to take extra care on moisturising my face after. The serum is said to be packed with Vitamin C benefits - anti aging, peeling properties, softening, moisturizing and protecting. While peeling functions is good, sensitive skin type should take note of this as it might provoke tingling, inflammation or irritation from use. I do not understand how the product can protect, maybe protect against signs of aging due to the anti oxidants? definitely not protecting the skin because with peeling functions, one would have to use sunblock to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays on your peeled off skin layer.

    The texture of the product is watery but upon application it is really sticky! this type of serum is great for night use, just right before you go to sleep so that your skin cellular level could benefit from the Vitamin C serum. Citrus scent smells is refreshing, I do find a particularly liking to this product but not to its stickiness. Easily ignored once I sleep.

    More information like ingredient list, functions and product coverage can be found on http://everyday.com.my/coupons/it/wish_company.htm

    Marie France Bodyline Winning Results!


     recent photo of me with John at Amante Mont Kiara
    (celebrating my blog's 3rd anniversary)

    I just received an sms this morning saying that I have won the Marie France Bodyline 30 days Blogger's Challenge! Seriously I never thought I would have the chance to win this sort of thing, I wrote what I wrote and I seriously enjoyed all the treatments that I tried in Marie France Bodyline Mid Valley for a month until the extend that I misses the aromatherapy scent from the place! The signature smell of Marie France Bodyline that calms me down and brought memories of my adventures down slimming lane in June, 2011. I am so happy that I could continue my treatments in Marie France Bodyline for a year! this means, I would be able to reach my target goal of being 60kg and will be finally married!!!

    Yes my boyfriend says when I reach 60kg, he will straight away register for marriage with me (muahhaha!!!)

    KENKO FISHSPA WINNERS will be announce shortly today! =)
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