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Olay Regenerist: Skin Check and The Big Day

been busy readin your entries!

I got so many emails from readers to be my team mate for the "Olay"  6 Weeks Challenge! Thank you all for applying, I enjoyed reading your entries so much and the photos you sent are so cute! I can't announce who my team mate is yet (wait till week 2 alright!) but for week 1, I'll talk a bit more about this challenge and what I went through!

going for my skin check now!

For the "Olay" Challenge, I did a skin check with a skin expert, Aishah from "Olay". She assessed my skin conditions and check my skin using a machine. The readings are being processed and she will get back to me in 6 weeks. Overall she asked me what was my skin concerns and frankly... I am no more that baby girl from school (cripes) and with all the sleeping late and stress I am facing, I told her I want to be 21 forever!

a special occasion coming up...

Especially since I have to be a friends bride's maid soon I don't want to look like a "Auntie" on that day! (haven't even got married yet! don't want saham jatuh). I need to look my best, radiant and glowing with no wrinkles or fine lines showing. The skin expert introduced me to Olay's new anti-aging series called Olay Regenerist which will help me achieved what I am looking for! which is :
  1.  Reduces appearances of wrinkles and fine lines 
  2. Restore elasticity and supplenes
  3. Firms up skin 

Olay Regenerist 6 Weeks Challenge
Having being a beauty junkie, my favourite was soon spotted when I saw the "Olay" Regenerist range! the Micro-sculpting serum (my best friend now). The skin expert told me it's the best seller for this range and a must have to use with the products. It also contains the highest level of aminopeptide complex* to firm up my skin without a face lift!** (yay 6 weeks time I be beautiful and young again!). Stay tune for more and I will reveal my team mate soon!
will I be ready in time for the big day?
About Olay Regenerist

The new technology behind these new launches are inspired from this very insight of nowadays many women are now turning in to clinical treatments. However, they are living on their fear of taking risks and the extremely high cost and investment. Henceforth, new "Olay" Regenerist and White Radiance offer solution for these women who demands visible result, yet risk-free and worth a spending.

* amino peptide complex comprises amino peptides, vitamin b3, vitamin e, vitamin b5, green tea extract and alantoin
** results not equal to cosmetic procedure


  1. tammy, oke tak pki ni? tguk muka u cantik je (:

  2. saw you on olay tv hehe... faster come here. seldom online now to check blog as busy care baby.

  3. Cik Chinta: kena jaga muka ^____^ prevention is better than cure (my motto)! your skin type which one? oily/combo/dry?

  4. ciksuzlin: the results already out! stay tune on the blog-pisodes yang kluar kat blog i yeah ^__^

  5. sherry: which channel babe! ntv7 tv3?


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