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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • Stila Pro Basic Workshop by Lilian & Team Part 2


    Lilian starts off the workshop by teaching us how to put on a base using Stila's Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer Spf15 using Stila's foundation brush no. 27. A base preps your face up before make up by making your skin smoother & even with a hint of sheer coverage & pretty luminous look. It also makes your skin softer with (moisturizer) and protects from the sun (spf15). Your make up will also last longer with a base.

    I personally love this as my face is dry, so its important for me to put on a base that adds moisture to my skin before make up.

    Here is a simple guide on preping your face up b4 make up.
    *Please make sure your face is clean (cleanse, tone & moisturise) before starting make up!

    1) make up base - liquid foundation - loose powder
    2) make up base - 2 way cake
    3) make up base - liquid foundation - pressed powder/compact powder

    More on the workshop when Miu stops procrastinating!

    r u Men's Health enough?

    Was doing my daily blog reading when I came upon Kuaci's (Qua Chee's) blog. He has a interesting name for a guy. No kidding, don't get offended QC! I mean it's Kuaci! I wonder what would happen if I was name Papaya. Well if I don't have papayas to carry the name, I think I'll darn right get some boob job. Somehow kuaci ain't no tiny seedling. It has bigger dreams and horizons to conquer.

    "If you're going to start something. Make it Great"

    Awesome, love the quote & darn well love the fab picture of u showing ur sexy moves under the rain. The girls will be screaming if not salivating on the magazine itself. Congratulations for making into the top 10 of ARE YOU MEN'S HEALTH ENOUGH magazine in March, 2009.

    More Kuaci at his blog here.

    Stila Pro Basic Workshop by Lilian & Team


    Last Saturday, I went to to the Stila Makeover Workshop at Parkson, KLCC. It started at 11am and went on for 2 hours. I enjoyed the workshop a lot & my friends show up (and their friends show up) to learn how to do a basic make up from the professionals at Stila. I took lots of pictures & I'm going to blog about them very soon! But for now maybe a short video of Lilian (the beautician) introducing the highlights of the workshop to us girls & what products would be used. These are the basics to start of:

    For Face:
    For Eyes:
    For Lips & Cheeks:

    Besides learning how to do a basic make up for ourselves, we also learn how to add-on other cosmetic items to turn from a day look to a night look. Smudge pots, smudge pots, eye shadow mattes, eye shadow pans were one of the few items we get to experiment with! I know I had trouble using smudge pots but all the eyeliner fans swears by smudge pot!

    Wanna know more? I'll update soon.

    Love you girls,

    Shopaholic's way of charity


    Going to Perth next month, need to sell my things so I can afford holiday there. The other day at Stila Workshop, I see Lilian & Vincent so sad. I asked Lilian why and she told me she did this workshop to try get more customer sign up become Stila Girlfriend members. Feeling very guilty because I rope in most of my friends to her workshop and have free makeovers, I spend rm1k++ buying Stila items from Lilian. It's ok, I just don't need to visit Stila counter for 1 year I should be able to survive HAHAHA. Unfortunately I forgot about my Perth trip so now I'm going to work hard, tighten my belt, save money & sell my cosmetics that I don't need. Yes I am crazy, I think I am. Don't worry, about all the birthday presents shopping is in this one time purchases so I won't need to buy anymore birthday presents this year. Looks like my friends will know what they're getting already ahaha.

    A bit sad also I did this to help Lilian but she doesn't know that. May the Stila HQ give her more oppurtunities have workshops/events (but pls sell voucher this time to enter ok) I heard they're cutting cost until make up case also can't give out anymore. I spend rm1k but I didn't get make up case *sad* it could be a gift to a friend's wedding if i got it. The freebies also don't justify to my spending but then again, I feel so guilty bringing 10 people for makeovers and they didn't become Stila members so it's ok. Darn I will never do this again if I knew it would hurt both sides. I guess there is no free lunch.

    Medicine Medicine

    Just back from the doctor. It was weird telling the doctor that I am sick but not sick? wherelse my bf has been really sick for the past week with severe coughing. When we collected our meds, my bf was shocked to see that I had almost as many meds as he (and I only just unwell not severely down with flu/cough yet). I have 2 types of antibiotics to take (2 tablets each = 4 antibiotics!) this is the first time I'm taking 2 types of antibiotics and must eat them together! Also I checked out with the doctor about Cervical Cancer Vaccine for Women. He says now got promo, rm250 for the vaccine and the age has beem extended to 60 over years! (previously I read it was until 24 or 26?). He asked me to come get the vaccine shot when I am well since it's promotion now.

    We're very lucky to have cervical cancer vaccine now. HPV is a very serious case. I don't have facts or time to blog about Cervical Cancer so I hope whoever who is reading this knows that there is a vaccine now and however old or young u are, please consult with your doctor to get the shots.

    *if anyone wants the details of this Clinic for the Vaccine promotion, pls email me/leave comments. The Doctor say its while stocks last & just started only this promo. I cannot have my jabs yet coz i am sick now. I don't want to miss out on this promo too!! hu hu hu.. kenot tell whole world until i get jab first k k k? later have to pay rm400-500 la (usual price)

    Flu Bug


    It started with my colleague Nina getting sick, a bad cough epidemic started. My boss caught it, brought back home and with her insane coughing and germs spreading all over the condo, her son started getting sick too and now it's my turn. I could not pay attention today and felt weak with a migraine coming on. I also started coughing and strangers were backing away from me (fearing they would get sick too). Bush fire, Haze and the virus, please take care of yourself people! too tired to blog & have to finish a newsletter project for my mom to submit for assignment. Yeah daughter doing mom's assignment! hahaha.. hope I can finish it b4 midnight. I am just thinking now what to do.. and feel so tired.

    Steady Steady Stila!


    My readers asked me to take pics of the magazine & the Stila pouch that comes with it so here it is! a glimpse of what to expect from buying this Japanese Magazine at Kinokuniya, KLCC (Jan issue). It's rm34-20 and it's in Japanese! I can't read but I can still admire the beautiful girls & I only buy the magazine because of the free Stila pouch! It's a basic pouch that's spacious, enough to fit your daily cosmetics inside (that's if u don't have a whole load of it). It can also fit 2 x 500ml mineral bottle inside! (as demonstrated by the magazine).

    Besides the Stila Pouch, there's also Stila Stickers!!! omg I never collected any Stila stickers before! this will be my first! and it's so cute & tiny. I think it's perfect for calendar & diary markings. I regretted not getting the Stila Diary last year. It was given out with purchases of rm400 and above. I did however spend rm400! but not in a single receipt. It was just a day apart and the S.A at BU did not care at all *sad*.

    OH here's the part about using the stickers for diary/calendar marking! SOOO CUTE!!! Eyeyeyey.. I only bought 1 magazine & started sms-ing to all my friends who love Stila. Ayna says it's already sold out when she check with Kinokuniya. I'm going there tomorrow to see if that's really true!

    Benefit's CORALista 5 min makeover!

    Female Magazine for March Issue is out & if u turn to page featuring Benefit's new tropical blush for a coral flush u can get a instant Coralista 5 min makeover! All you need to do is flash this page with the invitation and if you're the first 1,000 reader to experience this u will receive an instant smile and a sample from Benefit!
    *available at all Benefit counters.

    Shiseido Make Up Workshop

    information from everyday.com.my

    Shiseido Hands-on Makeup Workshop for FREE*
    when you purchase RM100 voucher
    Date: 28/2/09 (Sat)
    Time: 10am - 12.30pm / 3pm - 5.30pm
    Venue: Sogo @ KL
    Telephone: 03-2694 0767

    Personal Shopper Miu - part 3 the goods


    I'm going to talk about the perfumes/stuffs I bought on the 3rd day of the sale costing nearly 2.5k. If u think 2.5k is crazy, wait till I tell u that on the opening day it was 1.5k. Total for just this sales (and 90% is not mine) is rm4k. I will be receiving payment for all the goods soon, some buyers already paid me *thank u!*.

    FYI I realize I am also a "cash advance" bank with 2 legs as many of my buyers could not pay me just yet until their salary is out (I should charge interest like bank!) So yea as a personal shopper I have risks to take, cost, time, effort to absorb. I understand people are complaining about others reselling them at higher price, even comparing to me rm10. Kindly know that it's not all berries & cream for these bargain hunters, braving through the crowd to get their hands on hot items that's already sold out within the 1st day or 1st hour of opening. What u'll be getting on the hand is something cheaper than market, how much cheaper? depends on the bargain hunter.

    I remembered angelzoe wanted Incanto Heaven & despite she not asking me to buy probably due to not reading my blog. I went ahead and grab 1 for her and one extra. Turns out she wants BOTH! omg girl u dam crazy!

    Kenzo Amour Lotion 200ml & Perfume 100ml

    Bvlgari's Men Set 1 "stylo look"

    Bvlgari's Men Set 2 "classic look"

    During the last day of Metrojaya Warehouse Sales, the final items on my to-buy list were men's perfume under rm100. I kept doing my rounds to find the perfect men gift until I stumble upon Bvlgari's corner. There were boxes & boxes of men's perfume set. I saw this 2 sets, each for rm100, inside a 50ml perfume, after shave, & shampoo/shower gel. They're both the same the sales men told me. The scent is really nice, clean & fresh, I close my eyes & can imagine my bf in tuxedo in a ballroom with his chin up and confident. I really like the packaging too and for rm100? IT'S A STEAL! hello what can u buy for a guy nowadays that's rm100 & below?
    • a branded shirt on sale
    • 2 gold class movie tickets + snack
    • take him to eat at TGIF or equilvalent
    • probably some thumbdrive/hardisk
    • something at Memory Lane?

    The next thing was Daviddoff Men's Set which was the cheapest men's set around~! it's rm69 (Can u imagine buying a men's perfume set for rm69? I can't. Even the perfume itself in the market is not rm69!) smells very man. I do think this makes a nice gift for guy. Smells like cologne type perfume.

    A lot of girls asked me to buy Burberry's The Beat & London for them. I am so curious to why! well I'm not a BV fan but The Beat definitely caught my liking! it's sweet! and the bottle? omg I would collect it just because of the packaging. Maybe can hang the perfume on your Burberry bag? (haha kidding). Sorry girls, Burberry Brit Sheer was no where to be seen on the last day of sales. I only manage to grab 1 for my buyer on the 1st day opening. Burberry London came out on 2nd day of the sale @ evening. London for Men, no where to be seen on 3rd day (but luckily I grab one mistaken it for female, buyer still wants it!) For 75ml - 100ml @ rm100-120 a bottle, it's raining Burberry!

    Behold the GEM of the sale. RM10 shower gels which I rarely see in warehouse sales. JLO shower gel was also rm10! (ty tubbies, I'm goin to use it tonight hehe!) but it was gone in a matter for minutes during 1st day opening. I manage to grab a lot of this for myself, saving for birthdays and such. Why not? rm10 for a branded shower gel that's worth rm90 above in the market! Thanks to tubbies who informed me about it, if not I won't know about it.

    If I had bought extras I will be posting them up soon here. Note that these are items were not pre-order so I am charging double fee for it. For now:

    Perfect for Wedding/Couple Gifts

    Personal Shopper Miu 2 the Rescue!


    waitin at 9.50am

    I took taxi 9am to Menara Weld @ Metrojaya Warehouse Sales again and waited for their entrance to open at 10am. I had so many orders that I can't keep track of it @_@ well what I did was grab first check later. My orders were in my head, smsese, & phone calls. A few girls asked me specifically to look out for Burberry London which was out yesterday evening (2nd day of sale). When I went in, I scanned the first few tables for brands. Hugo boss is still selling, CK no more at all. In fact CK's table has been replaced with Guerlain & Stila cosmetics. Most perfume were gone and the size of the place cut down. Burberry had plenty of The Beat (their latest fragrance costing rm300 over in retail) and there it was Burberry London. I use both hands to grab the perfumes as I go fearing it will be out of stock if I don't. Time is precious and as a warehouse sale shopper I knew every minute count. I grab the last Stila acapulco, the last Kenzo Armour body lotion, the last Marc Jacob's Blush lotion but was 5minutes late from grabbing Bvlgary lotion (darn). The sales people started talking about me. They ask if I'm opening a shop/borong and I just smile.

    luggin 3 bags around KL is crazy!

    Would they know what is a personal shopper?

    Checking sms took most of my time as I didn't want to miss out my orders. My final rounds were to scout for male perfumes under rm100. My buyers wants to get it as gifts for their hubby/bf/friend. Lugging a basket & plastic bag full of perfume with one hand carrying 5 perfume set. I stopped to think if i missed out any body's order. It's too late my hands are full, and I doubt I could pay for everything!

    At the cashier, they look with astonished eyes as I set everything down. True enough, my credit cards were maxed out just for this sale. I had to use 2 credit cards! They probably think I'm crazy. I dare not say how much I spent here, my bf is reading my blog. He will kill me. If I do get killed, kindly bury me with all the perfumes.

    Amazing enough you would think I spent a whole day there buying all this? No it was just an hour and I pop into McDonalds for a drink. I still had to work, I had time my work to be done in KL so I could hop over (or in other words curi tulang) and get this done in an hour, skip my lunch and do my work in KL. Lugging 3 heavy bags around KL is crazy. It was so hot and I had to walk to Wilayah Land Office, DBKL & post office to get my work done.

    just found out if u walk all the way behind Menara Weld
    you will reach KLCC! in like 30mins

    Unfortunately it was nearing lunch time, I can see the crowd coming into Menara Weld & the road were so jam no taxi wanted to take me. Rushing for time, I try to walk back to Masjid Jamek area remembering the taxi route but took the route behind Menara Weld instead & ended up somewhere near Shangrila Hotel. I look at the road signs for familiar landmarks. Alas I saw KLCC! (good because I needed to get to post office & then I can take LRT to Masjid Jamed & walk to Wilayah Land Office & DBKL).

    Resting at Wilayah Land Office waiting to extract document from them. I was here until 3pm & then I walked to Burger King @ Masjid Jamek. Along the way I saw some nice graffiti on the back alleys.

    While at Burgey King, Hurley called me up and offered to fetch me back to my office *how sweet of him*. He knew I was walking around KL lugging shopping bags & was having a late lunch. Thanks Hurley!!! ^_^ appreciate the rescue!

    Before I go off to sleep, I want to tell all Stila fans out there that there is this magazine call Steady in Kinokuniya Japanese Section featuring Stila in it. It comes with a free Stila pouch big enough to fit 2 x 500ml mineral bottle water & cute Stila stickers to mark your calendars. It cost rm34++ to buy this magazine but it is worth it for me! Good Night girls I'll only post the perfume pic individualy tomorrow.


    CFS Charity Jumbo Sale at OCBC Bank 20/2/09

    Here are some of the items on sale at the Jumble sale.

    Level8 Car Park Menara OCBC
    February 20, 2009
    From 12pm – 3pm
    Coupons & Raffle tickets will also be sold on that day!

    Personal Shopper for Hire!


    I receive a lot of emails, sms & comments asking me to help buy perfumes/items from Metrojaya Warehouse Sales, even when I was there buying the perfumes, people kept sms-ing and calling me.

    Seeing tomorrow is their last day & my readers still want perfumes, I am going to take 1/2 day leave just to go to this sale. Mind u, I'm not doing free service here. It cost me money to take leave, effort, time and taxi just to go to sales place n grab items. However I am only charging rm10 as my travelling free for each item that u request me to buy for u. I am doing this to limit the quantity of items people are asking me to buy. I can't lug 100 items back with each person requesting up to 10 items to buy. To be fair, I only have 2 hands - 1 to carry basket, another to grab item. I do this because I love my readers and not because u pay me rm10. To be honest rm10 just to help u get items is not worth it at all. U can go yourself.

    Those who have my number pls sms me what u want, how many ml. If the item is still available, I'll help u get it. If the item is gone, too bad yeap. I won't be sms-ing u what's left, how much bla bla because all this sms will total to money spent for just informing people. Not like people appreciate what I do right? Also I will only help people I trust and dealt before because I know they won't FFK/Cancel/Dissapear/MIA suddenly. There are actually RISKS involved!

    Those who don't have my number is probably strangers! and u know buying for strangers is risky coz they might not pay u, cancel last minute etc. Anyway, if u have been my blog reader u can email me tammylci@gmail.com to ask me help u buy. OH mind u, I know who are my blog readers ok!

    OH and don't forget I prefer u collect it by COD at TTDI during workin days till 6pm or 1u/curve at my convenience after work. Outstation is difficult as I don't want the item to be damaged during posting and get blame for it n refund money. However If u don't mind that and the postal charges, I'll help u post it :)

    terms & conditions
    - shopper not liable for damage item in the sealed box (i only buy for u! i duno what's inside!)
    - shopper not liable for ugly/crumple/bent/defective packaging (i will however choose the best lookin packaging, but warehouse sales dun expect it to be shiny without scratches or dents)
    - shopper not liable for perfume not smelling GOOD/etc. Take it with the warehouse sales people.
    - shopper not liable for item being discoloured/defective/etc of sealed items
    - u gotta cod with me if not u know what to do
    - postage bear your own! i charge rm10 for postage! (packaging & pos laju)
    - i am not liable and responsible for damage good caused by pos laju!
    - i don't do express service! (i will of course post your item within 5 working days) I don't stay next door to post office ya.

    Metrojaya Warehouse Sales Spy!


    the Metrojaya Warehouse Sales

    Today marks the first day of the Metrojaya Warehouse Cosmetic & Fragrance Sales! It will go on for 3 days until 19th Feb, 09 at Menara Weld @ Jalan Raja Chulan. It was fairly easy to get to this place by taxi! I reach this place at 9.30am and Tubby was already waiting for me. We chatted until 10.25am when they finally let us in after us waiting impatiently cursing at them for making us waste our time. Why we cursing? bcoz some girls like us took leave just to come here in the morning and rush back to work! (omg desperate shopaholics).

    they're still unloading the stocks at 10am!

    tubby kept me company

    this sales is smaller compare to Shah Alam sales

    the long Q at 10.20am (u can spot GOSSIP38 here)

    I kinda thought the guy behind us was so familiar, like I played WOW with him or something. Turns out he is from everyday.com.my! ala he took my big bekside pic also.. sob sob He has really good pictures of the sales at his blog! (wah.. is this a second Miu shopaholic? looks like I can retire now)

    *blogging under process, pics being uploaded..*

    my damage!

    the S-Team : Ayna & Tubbies
    (I bumped into Ayna at Stila table!)

    Ayna is a big fan of Stila! look what she bought

    It was kinda fun shopping with shopaholics @ blogger! I bumped into Mizz Ayna while trying hard to think what to buy at Stila's table. Suddenly the person beside me spoke "MIU!" & I was like eh.. *who is this*. "It's AYNA-la!!!" opps! sorry girl! I know I saw ur pic in your blog before but I have never met u! so my brain kinda slow with all the to-buy list in my head. I was here on a mission to help some girls buy perfume haha!!! Other bloggers that I met? Ayong a new blogger friend "Nice 2 meet u girl!" & John @ Gossip38 from everyday.com.my "omg so young".

    Stila has some nice eyeshadows @ rm20 each
    (unfortunately its a small Stila sales this time)
    11 eyeshadow colours rm20 each (all sorts)
    3 lipcolours rm25 each (nude+red)
    2 IT lip gloss rm25 each (browns)
    2 palettes rm50 each (acapulco & ephemeral)
    (rm10 cheaper than Shah Alam sales)

    Guerlain has a cute eye set rm150
    (no more already by 1pm)

    the only Stella u're gona c here
    precious body cream 200ml @rm40

    a gorgeous Marc Jacob's Blush Set!
    (the box is so so so cute! like a handbag!)

    tubbies bought this kenneth cole set for her hantaran
    (smells so macho i tell u!)

    hey we all bought this! jpg miniature set @ rm70!

    Issey was HOT HOT HOT BUY
    (limited edition reflections in a drop 50ml@rm100)

    I bought this again for wedding present
    Female 100ml rm100
    Le Male 125ml rm100

    Burberry Brit Sheer 100ml @ rm120

    Burberry London 50ml @ rm90

    this one smells nice!
    Burberry the Beat 75ml @ rm110

    CK Summer 100ml @ rm80

    omg! what a steal JLO Body Shower Gel rm10!

    Lovely by SJP 50ml @ rm70

    Kenzo Armour nice smell too!
    50ml @ rm75
    100ml @ rm95

    this is another steal! not sure if out of stock already?
    rm10 Blush shower gel by Marc Jacobs!

    So sorry, I didn't have time to take pictures especially when I was shopping with Tubbies & Ayna. We got time constraints coz we took 1/2 day leave n have to get back to office after lunch at McDonalds! Furthermore tubbies offer to send me to Mont Kiara back *ty dear* & Ayna to somewhere near klcc. The car park was rm9! (well whole morning) and the crowd was big during lunch time. Fortunately the paying system is VERY GOOD! we didn't have to wait hours just to pay or suffer any animal attacks. We were there from 9.30am - 1pm. Before we left we took one more round of shopping. Lots of perfume still that time! only the rm10 items gone (I am not sure if they will replenish stock? but they did for Blush Shower Gels).

    before leaving I bought this! pretty right
    Guerlain's Meteorites rm75 (powder for face)

    Overall if you're looking for hantaran/wedding gifts/gifts for any occasion this is the place. Plenty of branded luxury perfumes around averagely only costing u rm100 more or less for a 100ml bottle! (hello retail sell u rm200-300). Cosmetic wise, it was not that interesting and quite pricey for YSL & Guerlain. Stila was just leftovers *sad*. Other items? like spa stuffs, balineses soap etc, Opi nail polish, pure & mild, Bloop, etc is worth a browse if u're needing those.

    3 days left people!

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