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Going to Perth next month, need to sell my things so I can afford holiday there. The other day at Stila Workshop, I see Lilian & Vincent so sad. I asked Lilian why and she told me she did this workshop to try get more customer sign up become Stila Girlfriend members. Feeling very guilty because I rope in most of my friends to her workshop and have free makeovers, I spend rm1k++ buying Stila items from Lilian. It's ok, I just don't need to visit Stila counter for 1 year I should be able to survive HAHAHA. Unfortunately I forgot about my Perth trip so now I'm going to work hard, tighten my belt, save money & sell my cosmetics that I don't need. Yes I am crazy, I think I am. Don't worry, about all the birthday presents shopping is in this one time purchases so I won't need to buy anymore birthday presents this year. Looks like my friends will know what they're getting already ahaha.

A bit sad also I did this to help Lilian but she doesn't know that. May the Stila HQ give her more oppurtunities have workshops/events (but pls sell voucher this time to enter ok) I heard they're cutting cost until make up case also can't give out anymore. I spend rm1k but I didn't get make up case *sad* it could be a gift to a friend's wedding if i got it. The freebies also don't justify to my spending but then again, I feel so guilty bringing 10 people for makeovers and they didn't become Stila members so it's ok. Darn I will never do this again if I knew it would hurt both sides. I guess there is no free lunch.


  1. Gurl, let me help u.. at least bit.. wuts there for sale?

  2. haha thanks maya but dun worry!

    u bought some stuffs from me b4, i appreciate it a lot ty girl :)

    baby u sangat comel n gemuk in ur profile pic!

  3. Hi Miu,

    the Stila talking palette no more? I would love to buy more stuff from you but takut hubby marah. hehe!

    Aiyoh, actually I wanted to buy more stuff that day after the workshop (me on Sunday). But I regretted bringing my aunty with me. She stopped me from buying more stuff. Benci! I ended up buying only the lipgloss set. She betul2x menyampah!! I haven't spoken to her since Sunday! padan muka dia.

    So, in the end i didn't get my free Pon pon gerbera lip glaze and the eyeshadow trio! :(

    I so sad now...sob...sob....

    P.s. I feel better after meluahkan perasaan geram yg terpendam.

  4. hey Miu, I feel so so bad already, what have you bought, maybe can buy some to help cutting your cost... or maybe will go join as Stila girl member.. how to join dear?? pls let me know if you need any help... sorry ya fren, I feel very guilty :(

  5. oh oh dun feel guilty dun feel that way. If Lilian din tell me why she had the workshop, i would've known better. so dun feel guilty coz.. i feel guilty loh!

    if u need anything then buy ya.. (dee) dun buy bcoz guilty. Coz i already sapu 1k for her.

    vivian only that 2 days she suppose achieve members sign up. Now nvm liao. dun need bcome member if u not into stila ok, dun bcoz guilty. must bcoz u love stila :D

  6. hey Miu, after the workshop I start to like Stila, especially the convertible eye shadow pen & the foundation.. that day the girl didn't approach me to join just ask me if want to buy the lipgloss set. If I know she need to achieve members sign up, I will definately join lo.. anyway, too late already rite??

  7. woah? u really interested join?

    if u purchase rm300 above, auto become member. U get some freebies when u join as member also.

    I can ask more details for u. Have u thought about what to buy? rm300 is a lot money.

    i love their convertible eye too, i use colour in stone. I also bought their foundation that day XD. Now buy any 3 foundation get foundation brush free.

  8. hey, when u'r in perth dont forget to bring along a bottle of water at all,when u go out to eat, u can drink ur own & drinks in perth quite expensive..a bottle of lemon tea would cost $3 ..

    dont forget this time of the year, weather can be pretty unpredictable..kejap sejuk, kejap panas...

    have fun in perth!

    -girl in perth


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