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Metrojaya Warehouse Sales Spy!

the Metrojaya Warehouse Sales

Today marks the first day of the Metrojaya Warehouse Cosmetic & Fragrance Sales! It will go on for 3 days until 19th Feb, 09 at Menara Weld @ Jalan Raja Chulan. It was fairly easy to get to this place by taxi! I reach this place at 9.30am and Tubby was already waiting for me. We chatted until 10.25am when they finally let us in after us waiting impatiently cursing at them for making us waste our time. Why we cursing? bcoz some girls like us took leave just to come here in the morning and rush back to work! (omg desperate shopaholics).

they're still unloading the stocks at 10am!

tubby kept me company

this sales is smaller compare to Shah Alam sales

the long Q at 10.20am (u can spot GOSSIP38 here)

I kinda thought the guy behind us was so familiar, like I played WOW with him or something. Turns out he is from! ala he took my big bekside pic also.. sob sob He has really good pictures of the sales at his blog! (wah.. is this a second Miu shopaholic? looks like I can retire now)

*blogging under process, pics being uploaded..*

my damage!

the S-Team : Ayna & Tubbies
(I bumped into Ayna at Stila table!)

Ayna is a big fan of Stila! look what she bought

It was kinda fun shopping with shopaholics @ blogger! I bumped into Mizz Ayna while trying hard to think what to buy at Stila's table. Suddenly the person beside me spoke "MIU!" & I was like eh.. *who is this*. "It's AYNA-la!!!" opps! sorry girl! I know I saw ur pic in your blog before but I have never met u! so my brain kinda slow with all the to-buy list in my head. I was here on a mission to help some girls buy perfume haha!!! Other bloggers that I met? Ayong a new blogger friend "Nice 2 meet u girl!" & John @ Gossip38 from "omg so young".

Stila has some nice eyeshadows @ rm20 each
(unfortunately its a small Stila sales this time)
11 eyeshadow colours rm20 each (all sorts)
3 lipcolours rm25 each (nude+red)
2 IT lip gloss rm25 each (browns)
2 palettes rm50 each (acapulco & ephemeral)
(rm10 cheaper than Shah Alam sales)

Guerlain has a cute eye set rm150
(no more already by 1pm)

the only Stella u're gona c here
precious body cream 200ml @rm40

a gorgeous Marc Jacob's Blush Set!
(the box is so so so cute! like a handbag!)

tubbies bought this kenneth cole set for her hantaran
(smells so macho i tell u!)

hey we all bought this! jpg miniature set @ rm70!

(limited edition reflections in a drop 50ml@rm100)

I bought this again for wedding present
Female 100ml rm100
Le Male 125ml rm100

Burberry Brit Sheer 100ml @ rm120

Burberry London 50ml @ rm90

this one smells nice!
Burberry the Beat 75ml @ rm110

CK Summer 100ml @ rm80

omg! what a steal JLO Body Shower Gel rm10!

Lovely by SJP 50ml @ rm70

Kenzo Armour nice smell too!
50ml @ rm75
100ml @ rm95

this is another steal! not sure if out of stock already?
rm10 Blush shower gel by Marc Jacobs!

So sorry, I didn't have time to take pictures especially when I was shopping with Tubbies & Ayna. We got time constraints coz we took 1/2 day leave n have to get back to office after lunch at McDonalds! Furthermore tubbies offer to send me to Mont Kiara back *ty dear* & Ayna to somewhere near klcc. The car park was rm9! (well whole morning) and the crowd was big during lunch time. Fortunately the paying system is VERY GOOD! we didn't have to wait hours just to pay or suffer any animal attacks. We were there from 9.30am - 1pm. Before we left we took one more round of shopping. Lots of perfume still that time! only the rm10 items gone (I am not sure if they will replenish stock? but they did for Blush Shower Gels).

before leaving I bought this! pretty right
Guerlain's Meteorites rm75 (powder for face)

Overall if you're looking for hantaran/wedding gifts/gifts for any occasion this is the place. Plenty of branded luxury perfumes around averagely only costing u rm100 more or less for a 100ml bottle! (hello retail sell u rm200-300). Cosmetic wise, it was not that interesting and quite pricey for YSL & Guerlain. Stila was just leftovers *sad*. Other items? like spa stuffs, balineses soap etc, Opi nail polish, pure & mild, Bloop, etc is worth a browse if u're needing those.

3 days left people!


  1. one word: HEBAT!!!
    got so much in such short time~
    me jealous... we should shop together some day!

  2. your Blog is Very good !

    希望下次我们有机会一起shopping haha

    i think , i will 19/2 also going again and again

  3. Miuuuuu!!!

    OMG Tubbies told me bout the sale yesterday but i told her i couldnt go coz i kinda spent alot on my lil biz venture... but after seeing u gals' damages... I SO REGRET NOT GOING!!! I'm so jealous! I LOVE JPG perfumes... and they hardly ever sell miniatures at these MJ warehse sales... Wonder if there's more left?? Huhuhu... sedeyyy

    Oh and the packaging this time around are so pretty! Love the Guerlain packaging.. huhu. Next time i hope to be able to join u guys on yet another warehse raid!

  4. need to wait how long to get in?

  5. meiwah: haha!!! u realli like bold words now!!

    john: i can't read chinese lah :( apa u write ah? u goin again! why?! u shop so much today woah i see the shoppin bag pic in ur blog?

    haze: i agree with u packagin is nicer this time! the JPG got 2 types of miniature set. One which is older and the newer one is the one I bought. Both rm70. I'm not sure if still got? but u should give it a try early tomorrow morning. 10am they buka

    hurley: if u go early, u can just walk in. The 1st day they open at 10am but they were still setting up the place so 10.30am only let us in. Lunch crowd pls avoid! it's a shopping centre with many companies around them.

  6. OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!! dammmmiittt la i got some stupid exams on thurs n friday. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... i soo wannna go laaa!!!!!!
    but due to my lazyness-n-always-study-last-minute, i have tons to cover in about 2 days time! isk. =(

    heeesh. stupid stupid stupid exams!!! =(

    there are loads of items that u showed here, i freakishly wanted sooo bad! like the emilio pucci thing, the guerlain powder, burberry london, brit sheer, etc etc



  7. wow...wish i could join ur team shopping...=)

  8. OMG!!! entry you kali nih buat I rasa GERAM becos I cannot go to the Warehouse SALE !

  9. Hi Miuuu....i went yest also. Grabbed Guerlain Insolence EDP, Davidoff silver **** (forget) for men, deo kenzo tokyo for men, shower gel blush, and body cream stella.

    u bought so did tubbies :). I think her hantaran gonna be HUGE! hahahahaha

    u also prepare for wed, dear? Congrats!


  10. ya i think the cosmetics and perfume hantaran going to be huge as i got some stuff i kept from previous sales

  11. Alot of things gone d today. Most of the things in your photo hilang...=( Anyway, guess what I bought?

  12. I'm delirious, hehhhe =P (gaji x dpt lg pun dah spend like crazy, hehhhe ^_^) 2 bad they don't have my fav,dkny bedelicious and gucci envy... T_T

  13. Woo Hoo.. Miu is back into gear! missed your shopping posts! :)

    Tks for sharing with us :)

  14. Oh I love the Jpg miniature you think they still have it???

  15. cik miu.
    whats ur email add?

    why i was not been inform by sns about this sales.


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