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KimmiDoll I also have!

Just read Vivian's blog that she had a present from someone named Zeus (who?!) and it's a Kimmidoll from Australia, the latest girly crazed. I like her doll, it's about flourishing which is kinda nice! like mother earth. I think it suits Vivian a lot, she's just like what it describes, nourishes and creates abundance. Actually I also have Kimmidolls which I blogged about here. My mom bought the Kimmidoll's keychains for me when she came back from Melbourne, Australia. I think it's really nice as a gift/collection. There's plenty to choose from and each has their own unique inscription.



minidolls looked like they're keychain dolls?

There's so many Kimmidolls to collect from and they come in extra maxidoll, maxi doll & minidolls sizes. Check out Kimmidoll's website 2 find out more about these cute dolls! The minidolls cost aud$9.99 & maxidolls are aud$19-90 and extra maxidolls are aud$39-99 I'm going to Perth soon so & if I encounter Kimmidolls, I want to get this one:

so adorable~
I have also revamp my desktop wallpaper to this! hehe they're free to download from the Kimmidoll's website. Oh my.. it's pink fever!!!


  1. Wow!!! you have 3 already *claps claps* ....I only have 1 :(

    to me, you are exactly like Tomomi ~ Friend, a great friend at first sight ..hehe :)


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