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Revenge of the Cold Storage

overcharged by rm10 for candies

U won't believe it, just when I thought my grape juice "overcharging" ordeal was over here I was again being overcharged for rm10 for 4 candy item by Cold Storage again. This happened few days ago (Wednesday 28/1/09 to be exact). I am so pissed!!! The actual prices for the candies are RM1.99 each only! (u'll wonder how they manage to squeeze rm10 EXTRA from this?!).

This time I only checked the receipt after paying as my sister was at the cashier. I was going through the receipt when I came upon my lil' sister's candies & just asked her how much it was. To her horror, they charged her more than double the price for what she bought. We stormed back (ok we walked back into Cold Storage) & told the cashier what happened. She asked where we got it from and we showed her. Not long, her supervisor or somebody superior came (and quite frankly was really RUDE).

Mana orang tu?? (in a high tone)

cashier pointing to us standing around her

The "superior" continue to be in this tone and unapologetic manner which further pisses me off. She talked to the air when I am in front of her, so I did not even answer her. "Apa yang salah??" and the cashier calmly pointed to my receipt and I had to show her what was overcharged. "Mana dapat ni??" and I had to point to the direction of where item was. Didn't bother to bring a second person to see where the item was again, especially with a rude one.

rm1.99 as showned

After all the checking, the superior being started writing on a refund book like she was being forced to do it. "Nak receipt ke ni!?" she shooted. I said "yes of course". She seemed pissed at this point and if u can imagine, manage to make the refund book fly and plop infront of me with a "Thump" for me to sign. At this point, I was boiling and was checking her name tag which was not properly displayed (thus I don't know who this superior being is). I also asked my sister to snap a picture of the candies she bought so I could put in a OFFICIAL COMPLAINT to why Cold Storage Solarish @ Soho KL is OVERCHARGING THEIR CUSTOMERS AT EVERY POINT POSSIBLE SINCE THEY OPENED. Maybe Malay Mail would like to do a cover story on how I have been 5 times overcharged by Cold Storage who don't give a damn about their pricing system. Oh and don't forget about their "smile with a service" attitude there.

Looks like I have to dig out all the receipts to show I have been really overchaged 4 times for the same item and the 5th time RM10 MORE for 4 packet of candies.


  1. that's really horrible and rude of that woman. you deserve more than an apology from her (and cold storage generally).

    i suggest filing a complaint with FOMCA and any other consumers association.

    Also, write in to newspapers' Opinions section to publicize this appalling practice by Cold storage of overcharging customers and also their terrible customer service.

    and lastly, thanks for blogging about this- i (and many many others im sure) would not have known otherwise.

  2. OMG, not again Miu... Last weekend I almost go there because I ran out of cornflakes, but my bad experience there make me turn back and go!

  3. Yeah OMG! That is so unbelievable! And they just opened!

    I've never had problems with Cold Storage before. Although, I've never been to THAT one in particular but wow are they rude! Did your sis get a pic of HER?

    Should tell the GM or the highest being there. Or better yet the HQ!! See what they have to say.


  4. hey miu...

    you should REALLY really do that report. And cc a copy to FOMCA when you mail it to Cold Storage.

    Or you might just mail your posts to COld Storage.


  5. Next time someone behaves like that b*tch, no need to give face. Just say to their face, "I don't like your attitude. What is your name and who is your boss?"

    These people purposely hide their name. When you do complain be sure to mention that they were not displaying their name properly which is also against any decent company's policy.


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