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    Just back from the doctor. It was weird telling the doctor that I am sick but not sick? wherelse my bf has been really sick for the past week with severe coughing. When we collected our meds, my bf was shocked to see that I had almost as many meds as he (and I only just unwell not severely down with flu/cough yet). I have 2 types of antibiotics to take (2 tablets each = 4 antibiotics!) this is the first time I'm taking 2 types of antibiotics and must eat them together! Also I checked out with the doctor about Cervical Cancer Vaccine for Women. He says now got promo, rm250 for the vaccine and the age has beem extended to 60 over years! (previously I read it was until 24 or 26?). He asked me to come get the vaccine shot when I am well since it's promotion now.

    We're very lucky to have cervical cancer vaccine now. HPV is a very serious case. I don't have facts or time to blog about Cervical Cancer so I hope whoever who is reading this knows that there is a vaccine now and however old or young u are, please consult with your doctor to get the shots.

    *if anyone wants the details of this Clinic for the Vaccine promotion, pls email me/leave comments. The Doctor say its while stocks last & just started only this promo. I cannot have my jabs yet coz i am sick now. I don't want to miss out on this promo too!! hu hu hu.. kenot tell whole world until i get jab first k k k? later have to pay rm400-500 la (usual price)


    1. More medicines than when i had tonsilitis. How is that possible?
      does it really help?

      Mom says doctors in aus dont give medicine one. cause there is no such thing as a cure for fever or what ever.. they can only give antibiotic thats it. But antibiotic makes the virus builds resistance. so ur body next time more prone to illnesses.

    2. hye miu!
      i'm ur silent reader.. =p
      at last i've sumthing to ask u..
      do u have any suggestion on makeover service..? i have dinner to attend at klconve.centre,and i wish to have a makeover service at klcc..any suggestion? and do i haf to make a booking in advance?
      thanks and get well soon!

    3. Makeover at KLCC?

      Try calling Stila KLCC up for Lilian/Vincent & inquire if the Citibank Makeover promotion still valid? (or any credit card having that promo? - "flash your XXXX card, get complimentary makeover at Stila promo). 03-23820768 parkson suria klcc Lilian/Vincent.

      Usually a purchase is required at cosmetic counters & the Beautician will give u a complimentary makeover (need to ask first). Other times it is by promotion only.

      I always get my makeovers done at Stila as I am a stila gf member :D and the perks of being one is free makeover hehe (with ur fave counter/ on your bday)

    4. thanks dear, i've already checked;and unfortunately the promotion is no more.poor me~
      btw,i've checked with shu eumura..
      and i dont know whether there are good or not..perhaps my face will not turn to a princess frog after the makeover session~

    5. hey Miu, my sis. told me the current promo for the Cervical Cancer Vaccine is RM500 for 3 shots. Where can you get RM250, mind to share?? can save 50% wo! & she told me the vaccine promo until end of March (normal charging RM1000)!!! If you cant post detail here, email to me k, pls! thanks in advance.

    6. in SS2 KW Wong Clinic!

      rm250 for 3 jabs (each jab rm75)

      i email u phone number tomolo yappp

    7. i call to the clinic, it's rm250 each shot eh ...

    8. that's weird, the doctor told me rm250 for the vaccine which includes 3 jabs (making it rm75 each jab).

    9. So strange, i make a call to the clinic now. They're telling me rm250 per jab & double check with Doctor already also.

      I am sure the doc told me differently. Sigh.. i guess nothing can be done since "they say differently" now.

      its too expensive rm250 x 3 = 750! i can't afford this.. =_= sigh.

      i shall edit my blog post now

    10. maybe I should ask the doctor from you lite up my life 's sister ... rm500 for 3 jabs also good price ...

    11. woo i also wan that rm500 for 3 jabs!

      this rm250 con ppl liao lah.. told me rm250 for 3 jabs.. ceh

    12. miu, i think it is not possible for RM250 for 3 jabs too.. but RM250 per jab is so cheap already!

      i've gone for 2 jabs at RM380 per jab and that was a discounted rate already at Tmn. Megah Klinik Ling.. wonder if i can go to Dr. Wong for the 3rd jab..

      i've been to Dr. Wong, he's meds are SO expensive right?

    13. just go to BP Diagnosis Center at RM500 for 3 shots, as what Lite up your life put in her blog. I've made my appointment


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