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  • Popeye's in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail


    Couple of days ago, I pestered my boyfriend to bring me to Popeye's @ Taman Tun, which is just 5 mins drive away from our place. I've been eying this place since before Chinese New Year! I know the cartoon was one of my favourite classics but a fast food chain? wow!

    I ordered the Chicken Combo Meal RM11++ while my bf ordered the Fish & Shrimp Meal. RM14++ It wasn't hard figuring out the menu, it's like KFC. Prices are also almost the same like KFC too!

    My boyfriend complained having been pestered to come here. He said it was just another one of those fast food places with high price and sux food. Well it's not that pricey after all yeah? unlike Wendys & Carl's Jr. which used to be affordable during my younger days! now it's like what? double that of a McDonald's.

    My verdict? KFC which is just opposite wins hands down. I guess I'm not much of a Louisiana fried chicken fan. The chicken taste salty and it's just like any fried chicken. The biscuit is crunchy outside and soft inside, but I couldn't appreciate it as it seemed tasteless to me. Well I am not a bread fan so I guess I don't like it.

    My boyfriend's verdict? the fish was good, the shrimp was okay and his meal is a sad case called seafood (the menu pic is a lie! bah advertising). 5 shrimps & 1 fish. My bf's face was black. I offered him my chicken.

    The mash potato is tasty. Kinda smoky and watery. The coseslaw I have nothing good to say about it. It wasn't fresh at all and I have this picture to prove why it's not fresh! see? the cabbage/lettuce is already nearing black! I can find bits of pieces like this in my coseslaw! Eww lost appettite.

    Overall, I rather go KFC, no hard feelings Popeye. KFC been with me for many years and they are like the best fast food fried chicken around.

    Where to find Popeye's?
    Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 1, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail
    (it took over the lot where Shakey's used to be)


    1. EEEEWWWWWW @ Coselaw!!

    2. i went there last Sunday and i find it:
      1. pricey compared to KFC. (boo)
      2. more crunchy chicken! (yes)
      3. ...but too salty for my liking. (boo)
      4. love their mashed potato and coleslaw. luckily it's not near black lar.
      5. biscuit vs KFC bun? i would go for KFC bun. kekeke...

      Just like you, I would continue with my loyal presence at KFC~ :) My all-time fave~


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