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Online Photo Printing - Part 2

Just like EOE promised! My photos (50 x 4R & 2 x 8R) which I submitted for their blog review program arrived after 3 days! I was really happy when Skynet (trusty courier) arrived with my package. It was neatly and very well packed! EOE really made sure the photos would not be damage in the delivery process & I'm very impressed indeed, especially with the 8R photo printing quality!

However I find that the photo quality differs for the 4R photos, which was dull in color, wonder if it's because of my camera or something. Overall this is a good experience and I will not hesitate to try photo printing online as it is fast, efficient and affordable! Maybe my Australia pictures? I'm going next month hehe!!!

If u want to join the Blogger's Review Program click here to read how: Blogger's Review Program Part 1 - Online Photo Printing here. EOE gives each successful participant free online photo printing where u can print 50 x 4R & 2 x 8R photos and delivered to your house absolutely FREE. They had a few contests already and if you're not too late, joined the current one or upcoming one to get a taste of Online Photo Printing at your fingertips.


  1. how's their 4R photo printing quality? is it good? as good as the one printed at shops?

  2. Hi, This site is cool. thanks for the head up! nice keep it up!


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