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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • Loreal Great Deals: Review


    Loreal Great Deals One Day Only

    Hola! I'm back from Loreal Great Deals One Day Sales! It's at the Park Royal Hotel, Kuala Lumpur (opposite Sg. Wang) 10am- 7pm. I went in as VIP guest 9am-10am bringing along 2 friends of mine sexymummy & Fatin. It was totally packed! from floor to floor until probably by noon the crowd has subside and the waiting line / Q outside was gone. SO TO U GIRLS WHO LIVE IN KL you can still make it to this sale untl 7pm! There's further discounts as well! Go CRAZY! Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil 150ml rm60 and 450ml rm150-180 (depending on type). Going in now is a breeze and paying line is fast. That's the best thing about Loreal Sales - the paying line is fast! I don't want to wait hours just to pay my stuffs sigh.

    8.30am jam packed hall! 10am open to public
    (this is what we all do for great deals!)

    my personal shopping haul

    sneak peak at some of my haul


    I went mad over Shu Uemura's eye lashes! ever since I started using them I am now heads over heels with falsies!!! WHY WHY WHY? bcoz i have tiny asian eyes! and I realize putting on falsies is so darn easy and it makes me look so pretty! (after make up). My eyes are bigger and I look so sexy hohohohoho (day dreaming). From rm15-rm55 everyone was grabbing the falsies! this year there's so many choices! I went MAD SERIOUSLY.

    individual falsies - one of each type!
    (i din buy all types only thouse i fancy)

    brush sets were vanishing! dun wait just take it!
    (I go the last 2!!! rm110)

    adorable lip gloss set!!! yummy!!! rm80

    got the last mini eye curler rm30!

    manage to grab this last piece of fancy eyelash! rm55

    i like this feathery premium eyelash!

    this is nice too, i got the last one

    i figure i can use this for new year party?

    maybe when I wanna enter a butterfly/moth contest

    u must be wondering wth is this? it's face crystals! rm20

    actually i was tempted to buy this eyelash
    to do my pringles makeover! lol

    pretty might come in handy for some costume party

    oh these r pretty too!! maybe for cny or wedding dinner

    i have blue star blitz n these 2 babies compliment the collection!
    don't underestimate mini falsies! they are cute when apply
    at the end of your eyes!

    got the last piece of this black feathery one!
    for red carpet/attention whore events/parties lol

    this by far looks like the most natural n sexy wan
    i got the last one T_T

    this is close to natural but the bling bling makes it glam!

    anoher mini eyelash craze! this one is slightly green

    i think the best drama eyelash is this premium box! rm55
    Hand-crafted, soft feathered premium eyelashes in dark green and black.
    These lashes add a glamorous and dramatic impression.

    (I asked around & they told me it's either rm150 or rm200 over)
    i google and it's at usd50!!! omg

    gosh I'm seriously so in love with eyelashes now!
    look at how it changes the feel of your looks
    can't wait to try one of the glam falsies n see how nice
    must try with good reason, don't wanna waste falsies

    this is the difference with wearing fake eyelashes & not
    (i am wearing a simple natural falsie in this pic)

    Here's a picture of me at SASA Singapore where I went to buy fake eyelashes with Buaya Wing. The customer service in Singapore is SO GOOD that even at SASA the SA will help you put on fake eyelashes at no extra charge! seriously this is only my 2nd time using falsies and u can see why I am falling in love with them (tiny asian eyes goodbye!). The falsies enhance my eyes and looks like I have smoky eye make up (actually i am only using natural make up with Stila convertible eye liner in stone). I don't think I can live without falsies during glam nights/dinner events anymore! I AM ON A FALSIES ORGASM AT THE MOMENT!

    to be updated...

    perfumes in this sale is so $$ compare to other luxury perfume brands w.sales.

    Trick of Treat!

    H20 Beach Set worth rm99!
    (body shower gel, lip gloss, make up remover, moisturizer, cleanser)

    Halloween is coming! booooooooooooooo and since I will be away from Friday until Sunday to attend the Nuffnang Blogger's Award Event (think grammys for bloggers) here's something fun for you girls to do if you like to win this little pampering baby! It's so easy, even your next door neighbour can win! (pss I may not be around to publish comments so don't worry if it doesn't show!)

    To Enter:

    Leave a comment with your details (follower id, email) and complete this slogan:

    I love to read Plusizekitten's Blog because .... (in not more than 20 words).

    e.g: Miu tammylci@gmail.com "I love to read Plusizekitten's Blog because I am plus size too!"

    Terms & Conditions:
    1. This contest is strictly for followers of Plusizekitten. To become a follower just sign up under the follower button via gmail or yahoo (it's on the right hand corner of this blog, below).
    2. Only 1 follower per entry.
    3. This contest starts 22/10/09 - 31/10/09 (11.59pm)
    4. Incomplete entries will be disqualified.
    5. Judging will be done using a randomizer (Random selector).
    6. Please do not win prizes from my contest and recycle them for your own blog contest. If u wish to do that please refrain from telling the whole world. I will blacklist you.

    MAC Makeover Workshop


    click on image for larger view

    This is the MAC MAKEOVER WORKSHOP that I have been talking about from Nov's issue of Cleo Magazine (Malaysia). It's on the 14th Nov at The Westin. RM30 to participate and limited to 25 participants only! I do hope they have more Mac Workshops coz a lot of girls are crazy about MAC Cosmetics. SO who has sent out their forms and money order/cheque? I hope you get in! I am already confirmed into the workshop! muahhahahaha....

    Personal Shopper: Loreal Luxury Sales 31/10/09

    To those who need a personal shopper for this sale
    kindly email me tammylci@gmail.com

    for new customers - u can place an order but it will be subjected to my convenience, availability and funds at the time of sale.

    for regulars - u can place your shopping money with me , text me your shopping list (item, size, budget) and I will update you at the sale.

    My personal shopping charges apply and I am limited to buying 5 of the same items at this sale. I have the right to decline an order place by a new customer/stranger/suspicious customer/those on blacklist. You will need to email me to inquiry if I can shop for you and to agree on the shopping charges before I can start shopping. If you do not get a reply from me [due to short notice/not around/didn't see your e-mail] your order will not be taken up.

    E.g of Placing a shopping list order with me:

    My Shopping List.
    1. Ralph Lauren Romance 50ml rm100-150 buy
    2. Kiehl's lip balm below rm20 buy
    3. Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil 150ml below rm100 buy
    4. Buy any perfume gift set for men budget rm100
    5. Buy any lipgloss pinky color below rm20

    Back Up Shopping List [in event no.1/2/3 on shopping list unavailable]
    1. Lancome Miracle 30ml under rm100 buy
    2. Kiehl's Rare Earth Masque below rm50 buy
    3. Shu Uemura eye lashes below rm30 buy

    Deposit/Shopping Money:
    (priority shopping benefit for those who paid in advance/deposit)

    Contact No:
    Update via SMS: Yes / No

    Pick Up: TTDI or 1utama during my convenience
    Courier: Pos Laju
    Paid to meet up: KLCC/MV/PAV/Curve [pay me to meet here]

    *I am not responsible if you do not like any gift sets/color/cosmetics/products I buy if you do not specify specifically the item you want.

    Clarins Power To Try Workshop

    Power To Try Workshop 31/10/09 for my blog readers!

    Being a huge fan of Clarins and an advocate of all things girly and wonderful, I'm bringing sexy back (ok I mean this workshop by Clarins) to those who had missed out the Clarins Power To Try Workshop held exclusively for Plusizekitten followers/readers on 22/8/09. If you don't know what this workshop is about please check out my post here for a sneak peek at what's in store at this workshop for you. Big Thanks to Clarins for organizing this workshop for us again!

    previous workshop participants

    Hey Miu what tokin u? 'Apa Benda workshop ni?' For your info: This is a specially designed workshop for you to understand your skin as well as how to pamper your skin with love and care. The Trainer will also work on quick & easy steps for make up touch up which they called the "Clarins Magic"! It will be a 3 hour workshop compare to the previous Power To Try Workshop.

    must TRY the HydraQuench Cream Masque!

    SO ok I'm going to shut up now! this is the workshop details! Kindly blog about this workshop to spread the good news! Life is not always take & take from Plusizekitten, I make sure my readers & followers gets some fun too =^-^=

    by monorail

    the map of amoda @ bukit bintang
    (it's just opposite Berjaya Times Square and next to Lowyat)

    Date: 22nd August, 2009 (Sat)
    Venue: CLARINS Training Centre,
    Level 6, AMODA, 22 Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur

    Clarins Power To Try Workshop
    Venue: Clarins training Centre, Amoda Building, KL.
    (opposite Berjaya Times Square, behind Lowyat)
    Date: 31st Oct, 09 (Saturday)Sessions:
    Morning: 10.30am - 1.30pm 15 paxAfterNoon: 2.00pm - 5.00pm 15 paxWorkshop Fee: FOC & only by invitation to Plusizekitten followersF & B : not included
    Doorgifts: Yes + Complimentary makeover/Eyebrow Trimming + 50% discount on 1st Time Trial Facial Treament (only at KLCC Isetan Clarins).Learning: Skincare + Easy Make Up Touch Up "Clarin's Magic".

    This workshop is strictly for new participants only but don't be sad, those who participated in the previous workshop pls cheer up as Clarins will organized a follow-up workshop for you! either on makeup/bodycare/skincare. Stay tune on that!

    FYI the girls from Puspanita, Mosti's Clarins Workshop has snagged up the starter kits which was for sale on the spot after the workshop so bring cash alright if you are looking forward to buy these kits :) Starter kits range from RM45-rm88 and limited in stock. I will give you a sneak peek at some of the starter kits:

    The Power To Try Starter Kits RM68
    Trully Matte (oily/acne skin) & Hydra Quench (moisture)

    Clarin's Starter Kits for RM88 each
    Whitening Kit, Trully Matte Kit, HydraQuench kit
    and Make Up Kit rm45

    Instant Light Starter Kits for rm68.00

    *Only for workshop participants. Limited in quantity. While stock last. First come first serve.

    Cute Cute Blog Header!


    this header not the Halloween header!

    About last month I was approached by Katherin who offered to make a new header for my blog in exchange to advertised links in my blog. With discussions and emails back and forth, I finally got a cute header for my blog in which I will put in my picture and text later! What do u think about it? is it cute? Anyone interested to get a header done you can e-mail katherin003@gmail.com.

    *please note that i'm not liable for any links advertised in my blog :)
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