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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • Loreal Great Deals: Review


    Loreal Great Deals One Day Only

    Hola! I'm back from Loreal Great Deals One Day Sales! It's at the Park Royal Hotel, Kuala Lumpur (opposite Sg. Wang) 10am- 7pm. I went in as VIP guest 9am-10am bringing along 2 friends of mine sexymummy & Fatin. It was totally packed! from floor to floor until probably by noon the crowd has subside and the waiting line / Q outside was gone. SO TO U GIRLS WHO LIVE IN KL you can still make it to this sale untl 7pm! There's further discounts as well! Go CRAZY! Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil 150ml rm60 and 450ml rm150-180 (depending on type). Going in now is a breeze and paying line is fast. That's the best thing about Loreal Sales - the paying line is fast! I don't want to wait hours just to pay my stuffs sigh.

    8.30am jam packed hall! 10am open to public
    (this is what we all do for great deals!)

    my personal shopping haul

    sneak peak at some of my haul


    I went mad over Shu Uemura's eye lashes! ever since I started using them I am now heads over heels with falsies!!! WHY WHY WHY? bcoz i have tiny asian eyes! and I realize putting on falsies is so darn easy and it makes me look so pretty! (after make up). My eyes are bigger and I look so sexy hohohohoho (day dreaming). From rm15-rm55 everyone was grabbing the falsies! this year there's so many choices! I went MAD SERIOUSLY.

    individual falsies - one of each type!
    (i din buy all types only thouse i fancy)

    brush sets were vanishing! dun wait just take it!
    (I go the last 2!!! rm110)

    adorable lip gloss set!!! yummy!!! rm80

    got the last mini eye curler rm30!

    manage to grab this last piece of fancy eyelash! rm55

    i like this feathery premium eyelash!

    this is nice too, i got the last one

    i figure i can use this for new year party?

    maybe when I wanna enter a butterfly/moth contest

    u must be wondering wth is this? it's face crystals! rm20

    actually i was tempted to buy this eyelash
    to do my pringles makeover! lol

    pretty might come in handy for some costume party

    oh these r pretty too!! maybe for cny or wedding dinner

    i have blue star blitz n these 2 babies compliment the collection!
    don't underestimate mini falsies! they are cute when apply
    at the end of your eyes!

    got the last piece of this black feathery one!
    for red carpet/attention whore events/parties lol

    this by far looks like the most natural n sexy wan
    i got the last one T_T

    this is close to natural but the bling bling makes it glam!

    anoher mini eyelash craze! this one is slightly green

    i think the best drama eyelash is this premium box! rm55
    Hand-crafted, soft feathered premium eyelashes in dark green and black.
    These lashes add a glamorous and dramatic impression.

    (I asked around & they told me it's either rm150 or rm200 over)
    i google and it's at usd50!!! omg

    gosh I'm seriously so in love with eyelashes now!
    look at how it changes the feel of your looks
    can't wait to try one of the glam falsies n see how nice
    must try with good reason, don't wanna waste falsies

    this is the difference with wearing fake eyelashes & not
    (i am wearing a simple natural falsie in this pic)

    Here's a picture of me at SASA Singapore where I went to buy fake eyelashes with Buaya Wing. The customer service in Singapore is SO GOOD that even at SASA the SA will help you put on fake eyelashes at no extra charge! seriously this is only my 2nd time using falsies and u can see why I am falling in love with them (tiny asian eyes goodbye!). The falsies enhance my eyes and looks like I have smoky eye make up (actually i am only using natural make up with Stila convertible eye liner in stone). I don't think I can live without falsies during glam nights/dinner events anymore! I AM ON A FALSIES ORGASM AT THE MOMENT!

    to be updated...

    perfumes in this sale is so $$ compare to other luxury perfume brands w.sales.


    1. hi miu, if u 1 2 let go the shu uemura eye curler rm30, let me know..i interested. :)

    2. OMG!I AM SO JEALOUS!!!!Lucky u!-davina

    3. wahaha.. I think you fall in love using faux now :) great haul

      wah..so many ppl.

    4. i went there too! about 5pm.. not much crowd, manage to luckily get myself a 08 mfg date lancome toner and some falsies! ^.^

    5. ~ miu! tqs for today sms on GA makeup! wudnt make it without u! ;;) ~

    6. huhuh....nice nice eyelashes...
      hm..can't wait to see others haul..photo plsss!!heehe

    7. wow wow!nice haul! so many unique n pretty eyelashes. can't wait to see u put them on ;) i dunno how to put on myself. sob sob. i'm here waiting for ur updates. also get excited even by just seeing ur haul :P jealous jealous

    8. nice nice...i wanna c other pix!!!
      fast fast blog abt it!!!

    9. nice nice...i wanna c other pix!!!
      fast fast blog abt it!!!

    10. ally: i will let u know, currently they are for someone.

      davina: wei dun jealous!

      sherry: i am, ever since i used my first star-blitz (shu uemura) which i got free & ask Lilian (RMK) make up n put on for me, i find that using fake eyelashes so much fun and glamorous. It definitely change your looks! yes bling wan very nice!!!

      kaka: wah lucky u :D

      baby: there's value for money falsies, low quality falsies, everyday regular use falsies.. and there's the Shu Uemura falsies. They r so expensive at SU counters, now so cheap, i just had to get it but i choose the glam glam types :D and types I can attend parties with. Shu Uemura falsies can use up to 10times or more if care properly.

      anngel: u r welcome ann!

      Dorin: do u wear falsies? dorin

      cuna: yeah so nice lah.. i am so in love with falsies now.. u can buy 1 and ask lilian put on for u.. but then again ur eyelashes are already long n nice after putting on mascara! (look like falsies without wearing falsies!)

    11. WOW! That's a great collection of fancy and artistic falsies! Shu Uemera's false lashes are the most popular, so i think it's worth investing. No wonder didn't get to see you at the workshop, must be really busy that time hahaha...anyway, looking forward for more updates ;)

    12. i bought the shu mika brush set at RM 100 during the last sale... and it wasnt selling very well somemore =.=

    13. it was being snatched n sold out already in the morning. my price tag shows rm110!!!

    14. This falsies infatuation is infectious! ;p

    15. Miu,

      You've got ferns, spiders and forests to put on your eyelids LOL

      When u use them, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put the photos up for us to ogle k.

      I like the psychedelic multi loops falsies the best :-), so 70's, can wear for 70's disco party! (Did u buy these? U said u were tempted, not sure if u bought them.)

    16. can share the Kiehls bottle in the pic? izit the mask?

    17. This is great items.. Love the false.. It really does make a huge different! ^_^

    18. i'm not miss it..just that currently out of KL for my study...:( wish to go sooooooooo much but cant go...Y.Y

      please ...if u really want to let out some of the false eyelashes...i love the pic with the photo caption of "this is close to natural but the bling bling makes it glam!"

      just do let me know if any...thx...

      do add me in my msn > e.ling209@hotmail.com...:)


    19. wah!!! so jealous!! i didn't managed to grab the lashes coz people was pushing here and even the guys were pushing to grab shu uemura...till the tables being push to the back...i only managed to grab blusher,face mist and eyeliner...sob sob sob....

    20. Good grief woman, u really did go eyelash crazy, didn't you?? Hehehe. Awesome haul, btw... super funky!

      Actually i'm just jealous that you can wear falsies at all.. i have absolutely no clue how to wear them, the only time i have EVER used falsies was at my own wedding, and it was preddy traumatic, too!

      The make-up artist had quite a problem trying to put them on me back then... by the end of the ordeal my eye was red and irritated... huhu. I just couldn't wait to take them off!

      Perhaps you could make a mini-tutorial on how to put on falsies for newbies like me? Just an idea... ;)

    21. these eye lashes are gorgeous and you really bought lots. Wonder if you are going to put it on???

    22. the lace falsies is so preeeetyyyy, i will kill to have your falsies collection, heheheh =P

    23. Ayna: i am reporting u to the police now.. if i am missing suddenly they know who to find..

      the curious case of eyelashes..

      Debbie: oh yes!!!! but for special events! coz these babies r so glam n $$.

      Haze: i am having a Lash-Orgasm now.. muahaha.. i wanan try all types.. n i realize can be great for contests n doing post on certain subjects. HMM u know my 1st time wearing falsies is when Lilian (RMK) put them on for me after my RMK makeover. It was done in a few seconds n i feel no pain or no discomfort whatsoever! there's a difference in my eyes.. and i feel sexier hohhoho... now i am HOOK on lashes n learning to put them on. Faceshop sellin rm8.90 with glue for natural lookin eyelash. I will try to do a demo :D

      :( sad to hear ur ordeal is tramatic! must be no skill lah the person :( u try to go Lilian n do makeover n put on eyelash? she did mine so fast n so easy.. i felt.. stupid not trying falsies. Back home i just use Shu Uemura cleansing oil to wash the eyelashes off. It drop after I wash my face a few times. Don't tug it :D

      Pink Princess: must be the first morning? coz i went there about nearly 10am n only manage to get a few last good ones. The rest was bought from noon-2pm.. i was just deciding deciding.. the mini ones r so cheap i can't believe noone wanna buy??? rm15 only!

      I heard the MC said dun push dun push.. i was busy at Perfumes counters.. lucky din get hentam by crowd at Shu.

    24. Eeling: i email u already :D

      the falsies so nice.. i know this is first time i see them letting go so many nice eyelashes..

      tangzi: yes it's the rare earth pore minimizer masque in old packaging 2008. There's only 4 tubs being sold at Kiehl's table. I got the last 3.

      Pigita: lol.. the way u describe so funny.. i will put up ah.. but i duwan use them for normal occasions as once use, the longevity of falsies will decrease. Especially the really glam one.. i won't know how to make it not destroyed after taking it off! (the blackbox glam feathery one).

      All the pics of eyelashes u see here, i bought them! so that includes the rainbow one u're talking lol.....

      Fatin: i will make it infectious!

      Shan: i gave up my seat for newbies to go, which was a blessing in disguise bcoz the sale came up and i could go to the sale instead :D

      definitely great to be able to buy Shu Uemura falsies.. they're like the branded eyelashes and very creative and artistic. I wanna keep some... for display..

    25. wah......sure sayang wana use all those fancy fancy falsie.....so nice lei....drooling drooling......when use slowy put.....dont let da glue kena the bulu >_<"" if nt sayang liao....or bring to shop ask them put for u kekekkee.....cant imagine.....u wear the LIMITED edition one....on bed room and u play SEXY CAT to ur bf kekekkee.......wah darling so long bulu ar.......kekekkeke geng hor the falsie.......suggest u mai use keep for collection kekekkee

      tutu J

    26. arghh so drooling over ur haul lar!! so niceeeee...

    27. checked my mail...but i didn't receive ur email inside my inbox...:(
      or u try to email to my gmail
      > e.ling209@gmail.com...


    28. ee ling: ok will email u again

    29. tutu: wow tutu your imagination really.. beh tahan hebat.. is this what u do also?! kekeke..

    30. i didnt go ler.. need to save $$ huhu im so broke

    31. lucky u din go..

      look what happen to me.. haha

    32. I reckon it's worth the "blessing" :p

    33. lol!! i don't know.. hmm hmm u girls got 5 samples and this time u could use your facial at institute at rm100 right? (and free eye luminious!!!)

      hmm tough .. T_T i wonder which is better..


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